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After some Hamlet-like hemming and hawing, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has decided to let a campus carry half-measure bill become law without his signature. “The bill allows full-time faculty, staff and other employees of Tennessee’s public colleges and universities who have handgun-carry permits to carry their guns on campus….” So faculty and staff will have full civil rights, but students are still SOL. Still, a step in the right direction. Speaking of once unthinkable political outcomes . . .

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Donald Trump Wins Indiana in a Crushing Blow to Ted Cruz – And Cruz has now “suspended” his campaign. So it’s come down to Hillary vs. The Donald. Or soon will. If you’re voting your guns, is there even a question?

In light of the above, it probably doesn’t matter much any more, but our hoplophobic friends at “report” that, Ted Cruz Is Wrong: Owning Guns Doesn’t Make Women Safer – Really? America sees over 50,000 defensive gun uses a year (conservatively speaking), but women aren’t any safer? Haruka Weiser was unavailable for comment.

Syren, the women-specific brand from Caesar Guerini and Fabarm.

How many guns were stolen from Central Coast police? – California cops can’t seem to hold onto their weapons.

The Myths and Secret Lives of the Men and Companies That Make Our Millions of Guns “The gun business, as a business, remains invisible, a secret in the closet of the gun culture. Although guns are bought every day, in locations from Walmart to gun shows, we imagine a gun “owner,” not a gun “consumer”: In America, we don’t buy guns, we have guns. We own them.” What does that even mean? In desperately trying to demonize guns and the gun business, Pamela Haag is mostly just incoherent.


Advantage Tactical Sights say their new Dark Diamond Night Sight is the first iron sight that enables one to make an accurate shot, in total darkness, at distance, using only a glowing front sight.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 7.28.17 PM

This is why 5.11 invented tactical yoga pants. Apparently. (click image above to view video of them in action – on Diana Hufstedler – at Facebook).

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  1. I cannot vote for the imbecile called trump. He is so morally wrong that he disgusts me. And i can’t vote for a disgusting monster named clinton cause she shouldn’t even be running. so it looks like i wont be voting this year. this is essentially what our choices are:

    • So just let Hitlery win? That is one of the worst ideas I’ve heard in awhile. I am no Trump fan, but I will gladly take him over another Clinton in the white house. She will get to nominate anywhere from 1-3 supreme court justices in the guaranteed eight years she would be in office. They will probably sit on the bench for 1-2 decades each. That will screw more than just gun rights over for the total authoritarians she will appoint. I doubt Trump would do worse in his nominations.

      • Unless the orange Trumpster fire pushes his short list of real conservative candidates to fill the Court’s current open seat during the general election campaign, often and high visibility, in other words, he makes a big issue of it in the general, then I’ll come around. Just blurting out two names when it was a news story in the wake of Scalia’s death means nothing. He likely threw out Sykes and Prior as the proverbial “boo bait for the bubbas” as it was in the midst of the primary. Given his track record of saying one thing one day, then the opposite thing the next day, I have no reason to believe he’d nominate either of the two mentioned or find another Scalia type.

        As it stands currently, it doesn’t matter. The next Justice is going to be nominated by an anti-gun President regardless if the name is Obama, Clinton or Trump. Enjoy your gun rights this next year or two, it’s going to be some real dark times ahead.

        • We just survived eight years of dark times. We cannot survive another eight. Either vote for Trump and take your chances or just send your guns to the shredder. But whatever you do, please stop pontificating. It’s getting old.

        • Another 8? What makes you think a 74 year old woman who dresses like Dr. Evil can get reelected?

        • Way to miss the point Upchuck!

          The guns are going to the shredder under President Clinton OR President Trump. You said “take your chances”. That implies their may be a difference on guns. That is wishful thinking, aka denial.

          Trump is a New York City elite. He’s not DeBlasio bat guano crazy, but he gets his information from the New York Times and New York Daily News.

          He has a long history of anti gun commentary. Only recently did he begrudgingly say he would not change any federal gun laws, but he still doesn’t like guns besides his own (a status symbol for him in NYC since only elites get permits in NYC).

          Besides, he can do anything he wants and get away with it, like shoot someone on 5th Avenue or say he supports gun rights today and push for UBCs, mag limits, assault weapon bans, and gun registration tomorrow.

          Shortlist – Supreme Court candidates. Make it a big issue, otherwise the “choice” is illusionary.

        • Clinton will ABSOLUTELY NOT be nominating anybody who is even the tiniest bit conservative on any subject. But you keep thinking Trump may not nominate anybody who meets *your* criteria. Learning again how to shoot yourself in the foot.

          One candidate promises gun confiscation on national TV, brags about it. The other promises no more gun control than we have now, and you choose the one who promises confiscation? That is simply irrational.

        • It’s a crapshoot who Trump would nominate to the USSC – could be good, could be bad, could be crazy.

          It’s a dead-bang certainty what sorts of judges Shrillary would nominate.

          Honestly, it’s probably judicial appointments that will have me holding my nose and voting for Trump.

      • ‘I doubt Trump would do worse in his nominations.’

        If I had your blind optimism I’d probably vote for Thedonald. But I don’t.

    • It’s certainly your right not to vote. However, remember Hillary outright hates everything we stand for, while Trump will accommodate us to at least shore up his bid for the hot seat. I’d rather negotiate with Trump than fight someone who hates me.

    • It is stupid to stay home in November. If you don’t want to vote for Trump so be it but you need to go out and vote down ticket to make sure the Republicans control at least one house of congress so our gun rights can remain intact.

      I am not a single issue voter but this year I will be. We have a choice between one big government liberal versus another big government liberal. The big government liberal running as a Republican is untrustworthy on the Second Amendment but we have a better chance of hanging on to our guns with him the White House. I am voting for big government liberal (R) on that basis alone.

      And now a word about everyone’s favorite Texan, Ted Cruz. Cruz has done more damage to the conservative movement and the Republican Party than Richard Nixon. Cruz may be a real conservative but he ran as Populist and Populism is nothing more than using big government to take things from people you don’t like. It is the antithesis of conservatism. Cruz came to Washington to stir up the Populist mob and he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. So much so, that a smarter guy from NYC capitalized on it and took the nomination from him. Cruz is just another Ivy League know-it-all who doesn’t really know much at all.

      • You see, I can’t even do that 🙁 The Republican senator I can vote for is openly anti gun. I’ll probably actually vote Democrat in order to try to force him out for another candidate, at the very least third party.

        • What state are you in?

          Here in PA I have good ol’ Pat Toomey, who had a pretty good pro-gun voting record until that execrable assault weapons bill he tried to push through a couple years ago. I wrote Everett Stern in for the primary, but of course that didn’t even move the needle. I’m voting for him as a third party come the general though.

    • I’ll just write in cruz. cause ***k both of them. and who honestly thinks that hildebeast stands a chance against trump? regarding how his fans were like fricken sharks who tore anyone who disagreed to shreds.

      and btw thank you for helping me succeed in my goal of starting a comment war.

      • It would have been effortless for Cruz to co-sponser the Hearing Protection Act, but he never did. You can’t trust him to be pro second amendment when he can’t take even the most basic action to oppose gun control.

    • Choosing the lesser of two evils is making the best of a lousy situation. Abstaining is allowing the lousy situation to run completely out of control, out of a misguided desire not to get one’s hands dirty. Pontius Pilate abstained.

      Hillary Clinton (or Bernie Sanders, if she is indicted) must not be allowed to run our country. This Constitutional Republic can not survive 4 more years of radical communist ideologies, whether they call it Progressivism or “Democratic Socialism”. Donald Trump is much better than either of the Democrats, and the only one who has any chance of beating them. Voting for anyone else is a vote against the USA.

    • The only votes wasted are those not cast and those cast while holding your nose.
      Since “none of the above” isn’t an option*, why not choose a third party candidate (or write in someone) with whom you agree on the issues most important to you?
      Voting is merely a tool of communication. If you don’t vote the message received is “I’m ok with the status quo of our political system” whether that’s true or not. If you vote R or D you send the message that you’re ok with what that party is/has been doing. If you vote 3rd party, at the very least, you’re sending the message that you’re not ok with the status quo.

      *Too bad we don’t have a system where if “none of the above” wins, the parties must submit a new roster of candidates to vote on.

  2. And that’s how Hitlery will win. I’m no fan of Trump but . . .

    Enjoy your moral high ground. It IS your right.

    • Precisely. A non-vote by an otherwise GOP voter is a vote for Clinton. It’s important to recognize the evil of two lessers. Then again, no one can make you vote. Just be prepared to live with the outcome.

      • There has never been a perfect candidate for public office. You are looking for utopia if you think there is a perfect person for office.
        Ted Cruz is better on 2A.
        Rand Paul is better on freedom.
        But Donald Trump can beat hillary the National socialist gun grabber.

      • I wish that people voting for Trump would have thought about the consequences of their vote as well.

        One of those consequences will be a lot of lost votes from people who don’t want to put someone in officer who probably wouldn’t mind being a dictator.

        • You can say the same about any candidate, really; any politician will alienate somebody or some group at some point.

    • Trumps numbers have already started to improve against the beast. One even having him surpass her when they leave out the butthurt that stay home. The numbers will likley continue to improve, as Trump can move away from a very ugly primary and focus on the left. Honestly, if I had to bet on anyone, I’d bet on Trump. He’s proven everyone wrong thus far.

    • As a Cruz supporter and a Tennesseean, I have two things to say,

      1. If Trump is the Republican nominee after the convention, we have to vote for him. Going third party won’t matter, most states won’t award electoral college delegates to a third party candidate anyway. We can not allow Clinton to choose the next three supreme court justices, swallow your pride POTG. Remember, Mitten’s lost in 2012 because republicans stayed home not because democraps came out.
      2. Bill Haslam, Bob Corker, Lamar Alexander, Charles Sargent & their ilk are prime examples of why its more important than ever to pay attention to state and local politics. These guys are the most liberal, big government go along to get along guys around today. We in Tennessee have a republican super majority in the legislature and we are still having to fight off National Popular Vote legislation and gas tax increases. This Campus carry bill is a gutted, lame excuse for a pro 2A bill. The original version actually included language the required the colleges to keep a list of who was carrying on campus at any given time… Basically, just because somebody has a R next to their name, doesn’t mean they are one of us.

      • A survey of Tennessee voters showed 74% overall support for the idea that the President of the United States should be the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states.

        By political affiliation, support for a national popular vote for President was 68% among Republicans, 81% among Democrats, and 74% among independents/others.
        By gender, support was 80% among women and 67% among men.
        By age, support was 71% among 18-29 year olds, 70% among 30-45 year olds, 77% among 46-65 year olds, and 73% for those older than 65.

        Most Americans don’t ultimately care whether their presidential candidate wins or loses in their state . . . they care whether he/she wins the White House. Voters want to know, that even if they were on the losing side, their vote actually was equally counted and mattered to their candidate. Most Americans think it is wrong that the candidate with the most popular votes can lose. We don’t allow this in any other election in our representative republic.

        The National Popular Vote bill has passed 34 state legislative chambers in 23 rural, small, medium, large, Democratic, Republican and purple states with 261 electoral votes, including one house in Arizona (11), Arkansas (6), Maine (4), Michigan (16), Nevada (6), New Mexico (5), North Carolina (15), and Oklahoma (7), and both houses in Colorado (9).
        The bill has been enacted by 11 small, medium, and large jurisdictions with 165 electoral votes – 61% of the 270 necessary to go into effect.


  3. Hopefully Clayton Cramer will smack down this Haag lady who has been making the rounds just like he did with Bellesiles and Arming America.

    • Boy, that lady sure demonstrated how your brain has to work before you think gun control is a good idea.

  4. A choice huh? A turd samiche and a douchebag. Maybe dRump’s great white hunter kids can make him toe the 2A line. I’m stocking up…not that a democrat a few years ago is any better than a hildebeast…sigh.

    • You say that like the man who refused to support the Hearing Protection Act while pushing the anti-gun TPP (until he was suddenly always against it) would be better.

  5. In other news: Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, prevaricating, bottom feeding, back stabbing, skanky ass politician that he is has today vetoed campus carry!

    I don’t know that Nathan Deal will ever run for anything again but I will be spending money, time, and effort for anyone who runs against him in any primary and if he is nominated for anything I may just sit out the entire election as a reminder to the GOPe that they need us far more than we need them! If a Democrat ran on a pro campus carry message I would vote for him if for no other reason than to spit in the face of the GOPe. I think that bunch is entirely clueless as to just how angry they have made the base, either that or they are just arrogant enough to believe we will never hold them to account for their repeated betrayals!

      • It’s Hildebeest. The animal is a wildebeest not a wildebeast. Also, it’s a half a vote for Hildebeest, not a full vote.

      • I see you are a fan of the two party system and lack the ability to think on your own. unless you are actually a fan of this wind bag and in which case I apologize.

        • Being a “fan” of the two party system is irrelevant. Anyone who thinks a vote for any third party candidate does anything other than hand votes to the Democrats is a cretin.

  6. My vote is anyone but Hillary, and I hope that Trump will move toward normalcy now that he more or less has the nomination in the bag. They both have to nominate a VP candidate, although Obama did not until much later in the game. They both have to nominate someone from the west or southwest because they are both totally identified with the east coast. That would suggest a nightmare pick by Hillary, something like the male version of Kamala Harris, most likely Hispanic. On the other hand, it would be a huge opportunity for Trump to pick someone with credentials more like Cruz, and there should be plenty in the west or southwest, perhaps of Hispanic background as well. We all know how she will pick. His pick will say a lot about his position on many issues.

    • Trump is not going to pick Cruz. Get over it. There will be no Trump-Cruz co-Presidency. In one last screw up Cruz took Fiorina out of the running as Trump VP. I don’t think she would have accepted but she is probably the one candidate that Trump has respect for. She stood up to him while Cruz sucked up to him. Besides, Trump isn’t a conservative so why would he pick Cruz.
      Prediction: Cruz will resign from the Senate after the election.

      • Prediction; Cruz will not be reelected in TX. OTOH, he might be nominated to SCOTUS.

  7. Oh campus carry is approved…Well, I’m not going to be surprised if they’re is constant spree shootings due to the law passed by fascist NRA controlled government. I feel so “safe”.

    Violent crimes and gun crimes are not the same thing.
    Explain why if guns are so safe that the US has had 10 times as many mass shootings ( 4 people killed) than Britain, Japan, Canada, and Australia combined since 1997?
    Explain why the US regularly has 30,000 gun deaths per year for EVERY year going back to 2001? More gun accidents AND gun murders and gun suicides are happening here than any other Democratic 1st world country on Earth.

    You can offer no proof that guns prevented ANY crime, and since it is impossible to prove a negative what would stop you from saying your gun has stopped 5 crimes every second for the last 20 years? it is as similarly absurd to say the US Army has deterred Canada from invading the US… can I prove Canada would NOT have invaded if the US did not have the most powerful military? It is a fantasy.

    • Go read the studies FLAME DELETED. Even your gun grabber buddies come up with numbers in the 50k range. Then go FLAME DELETED.

      • I will agree with you on the vote. If my options are~ that candidate running against the person/ideology I despise, or his/her opponent………..I will vote against that which I loathe, as opposed to sitting it out, then crying over spilt milk. One can bitch about the office holders, or candidates, but doing NOTHING in the process, then yammering on about the result, your whining will and should fall on deaf ears.

    • “You can offer no proof that guns prevented ANY crime…” To paraphrase a certain anti-gun president: Yes. We. Can.

      Check this article: which, if you’d rather not trust this website, includes a link to this site: (which is not a pro-gun site) lists 533 verified defensive uses so far in 2016. Those are all verified by police investigation as justifiable shootings — which means that they prevented rapes, armed robberies, and murders.

      So even the information provided by anti-gun organizations proves you wrong.

      Or maybe that was a bit of carefully chosen hyperbole on your part? So hard to tell when you sound so hysterical all the time.

    • Oh campus carry is approved…Well, I’m not going to be surprised if they’re is constant spree shootings due to the law passed by fascist NRA controlled government. I feel so “safe”.

      1) When the law stated no guns allowed – did that stop the spree shootings? What did it stop? Maybe law abiding citizens not being able to adequately defend themselves with the best tool possible?

      2) Please look up the definition of facist. Millions of voters influening the democratic voting system is not “facism.”

      3) Nobody cares about your safety, or your feelings of safety. You need to take responsibility of your life and to ensure your own safety. Despite that this website:

      tells me not to pop your psychological bubble. I’m going to do it anyways, and provide you the link to such.

      Violent crimes and gun crimes are not the same thing.

      What is different about them? A gun? LOL. So you get to set the narrative by separating the gun from the equation because you don’t like them?

      Explain why if guns are so safe that the US has had 10 times as many mass shootings ( 4 people killed) than Britain, Japan, Canada, and Australia combined since 1997?

      1) The united states has a higher population than all other countries combined.

      2) the united states has a lot of inner city corruption and gang violence, certainly moreso than those countries.

      Explain why if guns are so dangerous, that the suicide rate of japan is greater than the United States and they don’t use guns?
      Explain why if guns are so dangerous, that able bodied citizens of Switzerland have machine guns in their homes but their homicide rate with guns is like 0.6 / 100k. Maybe it isn’t the gun here? Maybe it is the actions of the individual?

      Explain why the US regularly has 30,000 gun deaths per year for EVERY year going back to 2001?

      I think we hit on that above. the US has a crime problem. A violent people problem. Not a gun problem.

      More gun accidents AND gun murders and gun suicides are happening here than any other Democratic 1st world country on Earth.

      Uh no. Gun suicides are higher in South Korea and Japan than in the US and gun ownership is outlawed there. There are around 500 gun accidents per year here in the US. About on par with lightening strike deaths. Death by falling is more likely than death by accidental gun discharge. A non-issue for a free country in my opinion. Gun murders are not better or worse than knife murders or poison murders or fist murders etc. I just call them murders. And they are a people problem, not a gun problem.

      You can offer no proof that guns prevented ANY crime, and since it is impossible to prove a negative what would stop you from saying your gun has stopped 5 crimes every second for the last 20 years? it is as similarly absurd to say the US Army has deterred Canada from invading the US… can I prove Canada would NOT have invaded if the US did not have the most powerful military? It is a fantasy.

      ING tore you a new one on this already. That said, no you cannot accurately put a number on how many defensive gun uses take place. That doesn’t mean they are a fantasy or are not happening however. I can see you are one of those people that believes that if a tree falls in the forest and no one heard it (Lunchmeat in particular) – it didn’t really happen. News flash lunchmeat. Trees and their branches are falling in the forest all the time. Just because you aren’t there, or because someone didn’t notify someone that it happened, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  8. Anybody who refuses to vote against Hitlary should just collect their thirty pieces of silver and box their guns up for the shredder.

    … And no, voting for a mythical “third party” does not get you a pass.

  9. Trump bothers me to no end, but it makes no sense to not vote and have Hillary win. Time for gun owners to actually vote for once. #AnyOneButHillary.

    This year more than any will be who can bring out the vote. Standing on principles just to loose makes zero sense. In order to change the rules first one must rule.

  10. Thedonald only won because all the Trumpies think Cruz is the Zodiac Killer and his father was a co-conspirator in the JFK assassination. In further internet rumor/news, turns out Hillary Clinton was a member of the Manson family.

  11. At this point I think holding congress is a huge point. There’s a good chance if trump is elected it’ll be a lame duck mess anyways and not much will get done. I’m fairly okay with that quite frankly. If Hillary is elected there’s a chance Obama will wind up as a supreme court justice. I am not about that in the least.

    • I think that t would be wonderful if we could go four years without a single law being passed, because none were necessary. Even better would be repealing more than we pass. But congresscritters like to brag about passing their useless laws, so I doubt that will happen, even under Trump.

    • Know this. None of these bird-brains have our best interests in mind. They seek only one thing–more power and more influence. On the one hand, you have the Wall St. puppet, someone in the pockets of the big banks, investors and unions that got us into this predicament in the first place. On the other, you have one of the big billionaires that was up until recently pulling the strings of said political puppets.

      “Our” government is now “their” government. It listens to the deepest pockets, not the loudest voices. The military contractors, the banks, the Wall St. hedge funds, and the union bosses have deeper pockets than Joe the Plumber or Mary the Teacher or anybody else. We passed the point of no return a long time ago. No civilization can last forever. The Romans had their turn. The British had their turn. Now it’s our turn. All we can do is pray that whatever comes after us is more prosperous and successful than we were.

  12. What do you want to bet that Rump uh I mean Tramp, no that’s not it, oh yeah, The Don paid off Carson with a promise of the job as Surgeon General, and got Cruz to concede (in the face of imminent defeat) by offering him the job as Attorney General (which actually would be a pretty good job for Cruz. Whatever else one might say about him, he is a pretty damn good lawyer.)

  13. Go ahead and sit out this election just like the last one. How did that work out for you?
    The Donald does not like Cruz but does not want to face him as a challenger next election if he wins this one To get Cruz out of the running next time around, nominate Cruz for Supreme Court. Cruz ticks off the RINOs going all Constitutional on them, Senate would approve him just to get him out of their hair.
    I don’t know about you, but I’m voting for anyone BUT Clinton. With Thump, as gun owners, we might be toast.
    With Clinton, as gun owners, we ARE toast!!! I absolutely will not sit out this election, not a fan of Thump but the pant suit granny is absolute poison for 2nd. amendment rights

    • I would vote for the orange one if he declared Ted Cruz is his Supreme guy. Whatever-my vote for president never counts in Illinois…

      • Why? Cruz is pretty well established as AT LEAST complicit on gun control. He pushed the TPP which had lots of provisions for restricting gun imports, and never co-sponsored the HPA. He would never vote against the NFA or GCA or all but the most crazy gun control.

  14. Those Syren shotguns are mighty attractive, but not their web design. Off-white fonts on a white background? Egads. For as much as those scatterguns cost, I’d think they could afford to hire a decent website designer.

    • By the looks of their video, Syren shotties look like they are for young, attractive and wealthy women market…

      (Not that there’s *anything* wrong with young attractive women, etc…)

  15. As a Trump supporter from the beginning I am glad Cruz and the establishment finally stopped kidding themselves. If there aren’t enough conservatives left to nominate the most conservative candidate in decades then we need the libertarians to put us over the top.

    • ? Trump is not a Libertarian, nor have I seen proof that he has a monopoly on the Libertarian voters.

      I will vote Trump to keep Hillary out, but let’s not kid ourselves over Trump’s political views.

      • Most of Trump’s policies stick to the proper function of the federal government. National defense is not just a military issue, it’s also an economic issue.

        If war is the continuation of politics by other means then economics between nations is the continuation of war by other means.

  16. Oh man, I cannot wait to watch the Trump vs Hillary debates…

    He is going to slam her and likely Bill, as well. You know he is going to bring up all the dirt on her that no other candidate has the balls to bring up.

    It’s going to be hilarious. I hope he brings up Monica, the emails, the shady a$$ Clinton Foundation. All of it!

    Side note: I hope Trump selects Cruz as a running mate – they would decimate. Trump spoke very positively of Ted during his speech last night, let’s hope it’s an olive branch.

    • How can Trump slam her if she’s in the bathroom the whole time?

      I hope he doesn’t pick Cruz as a running mate. Cruz’s refusal to co-sponser the Hearing Protection Act, a zero effort act he could parade as an example of being pro-second amendment, does not endear him to me. The way he pushed the TPP and its arms import restrictions outright scares me.

      • After all the “Lyin’ Ted” comments (and Cruz’s responses) Trump cannot have Ted as his running mate, it would just look too hypocritical, and would be seized upon by the Dems. This isn’t Reagan and Bush in 1980 when things were a lot more civilized. Besides, I don’t see Cruz being a good VP or helping The Donald get the Establishment support (logistic, especially) that he’ll need. I do hope that Cruz turns over his data-collection and micro-targeting operation to Trump for the General. He’ll need it.

        Now in six months or so he could make Cruz AG, and later nominate him for the USSC (those should be some fun confirmation hearings!).

  17. Those balking at voting for Trump should review his recent Position Paper on his support for 2A. For a quick overview look here:

    Those balking at voting at all need to “do the math”. If you have 100 people voting who are split 50/50 on a candidate, it only takes ONE to abstain from voting to hand the win to the other side. It’s that simple.

    Many people supporting Trump are doing so mainly for economic reasons having nothing to do with gun rights, even (SURPRISE!) many gun owners. If Hilarhag Clinton wins this Election, she WILL kow-tow to the Far Left and do everything she can to disarm you.

    Take your damned blinders off and look at the whole picture for once! Hilarhag Clinton is not fit to be President of these United States and those who support her intend to take away much more than your gun rights…much, much more. Hilarhag will never be held accountable for her incompetence and criminality by the Federal Government. Only we, The People, can hold her accountable, and only by denying her sick Socialist-inspired dream of being POTUS can we ever bring to her the “Justice” she so richly deserves.

    We screwed up royally when we elected Barak Obama (twice!). I would gladly see a Woman as POTUS, but Hilarhag Clinton is NOT that woman.

  18. 5.11 needs to start offering those yoga pants in longer sizes. They look like capris on my wife.

  19. “Haruka Weiser was unavailable for comment.”

    When the anti-gunners do that, we get essays about “bloody shirt waving” and how it’s so reprehensible. But it’s cool when TTAG does it?

    • All’s fair in love and war. Make no mistake, we are at war with these scumbags.

      • If you want to use that tactic, fine. But don’t then bitch and moan when your enemy does the exact same thing. All I’m asking for is a little more intellectual consistency and less hypocrisy.

  20. If Drumpf gets elected, it’s going to be hilarious/sad to watch him show how he was just trolling Republicans the entire time. The guy was a solid New York liberal until, oh, a year ago. And you guys took it all, hook, line, sinker, and pole. Especially the pole.

    • Right… Because people can’t change… Especially given positive influences from their family.

      • Oh man, if you really believe Drumpf suddenly had a change in his convictions, you’ve gone beyond drinking the kool-aide.

  21. I’m voting Trump. If he we get Hrod, we’re likely to see Obama replace Scalia in SCOTUS. Let that marinate for a minute. I supported Rand Paul, gave money to Ted Cruz, and now Trump is it. Not that I’m particularly pro-Trump, I’m just extremely anti-Clinton.

    Also, I’d really like to annoy all those whiny, bitching POS liberal progressives who hate Trump so much. Al Sharpton and Rosie O’ Donnel having conniptions would be an added bonus.

    And since I have extra ballots, and there’s no voter ID in CA, it wouldn’t be hard for me to vote under multiple different names.

    I’d say vote for Trump (and vote him out in 4 years if it’s a disaster), and therefore make the strongest possible vote against Hillary. Hillary is a known anti-gun villain as well as a criminal at large. Trump is an unknown who hopefully will be pro gun. There’s really no comparison. Again I say vote for Trump, but a lot of people on this website voted for Obama in 2012 because “he won’t come after out guns.”

    But a lot of people will be too stupid to listen to me, Ralph, or RF just like they missed the boat and voted for Obama in 2012.

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