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Josh and Sarah Bowmar

Josh and Sarah Bowmar are featured in a new interview at Wide Open Spaces. In response to questions about the ethics of spear hunting they relate that the bear that Josh took ran about sixty yards before collapsing and dying within, at most, ten seconds after getting impaled by a massive broadhead on the end of a seven-food spear.

The couple also expressed their thoughts about the subsequent move by Baltimore-based Under Armour to dump Sarah as the lead in Under Armour’s first women’s hunting gear campaign entitled “The Women of Will.”

“Why even have a hunt brand if you are not going to stand up for your hunters?” Sarah asked.

As you might imagine, Josh, who the company didn’t sponsor, is no longer a fan of the company. As he told Wide Open Spaces:

Josh, a huge advocate of Under Armour gear at the time, wore and supported Under Armour for no financial gain. He told us that after the stipend Under Armour gave them, they spent thousands of dollars of their own money on Under Armour gear.

“…we thought that [Under Armour] would have our back. We thought that we could trust them and we were going to be with them forever it just blows my mind and actually just hurts my soul.” said Josh.

They closed by saying they will never stop hunting. The only question that remains: will Under Armour ever stop folding to the pitchfork mafia?

The Hunting Couple Josh and Sarah Bowmar are in love.

Hunters are standing behind the couple who love one another and love to hunt. As for Under Armour…not so much.



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  1. I will never again support UA. I refuse to give my money to a company that won’t stand behind us hunters!

    • I stopped supporting them years ago when I felt the quality of their merchandize started eroding. Their UA shirt prices were going through the roof while quality went down. I went with Champion stuff instead.

    • Let me get this straight. UA has a hunting line. The sponsor hunters. They dropped one of their hunters because her husband killed an animal during a lawful and ethical hunt. And they did so because a small group of anti-hunting, do-gooders raised hell on the internet. That’s courage and consistency in action, isn’t it? What a worthless company. I looked at buying some of their golf shirts earlier this year but they were grossly over priced. Wouldn’t buy from them n ow if they cut the price 50%.

      • The fact that these weezers even make ‘golf shirts’ speaks volumes about them. They are nothing but a bunch of Liberal money grubbers who probably spend their coffee breaks sitting around Starbucks “Gun Free Zone’ environment sipping double mocha lattes and bragging about their IRAs.

      • The “lawful” part is objective and true, but the “ethical” part is very much subjective. Looks like UA doesn’t consider hunting bears with a spear ethical. Quite a few people would agree with them, including many hunters.

  2. It’s a shame when companies reveal their sorry nature, so quick to want to appease an overly vocal fringe.

    Was talking about this to a loony lefter, and the anti hunting diatribe got cut off when I asked, “Are people allowed to have any fun in ways the left doesn’t advocate?”

    SJW’s are a sad occurence in society today, with Presumptive Cankle in the drivers seat, I am sure we will see some SJW’s in cabinet positions. Ugh /(

    • They are there now. That high in politics, though, and they tend to be smart enough to be a bit covert about how full-retard they have gone.

  3. We can argue about whether hunting bear with a spear crosses a line or not. However what seems self-evident is that this act is debatable. Different people will see this act in different ways. Many reasonable people will see it as unethical, distasteful.

    The following is from NSSF:

    Non-hunters are critically important to the future of hunting. Most non-hunters are tolerant, but will be less so if forced to confront displays of dead game or see people in hunting clothes behaving in disrespectful ways. Ethical hunters are defined by their own sense of respect, honor, safety and fairness. Hunters who behave irresponsibly pose a greater threat to the future of hunting than any anti-hunting group. Bad impressions are difficult to change.

    Two types of law govern the ethical hunter’s actions. One is written — the other is not. One is governmentally enforced — the second is based on morality. Both types of law apply with equal force to all hunters.
    The amount of game taken, for example, is limited by formal regulation, as well as by self-restraint. Those who break the written law by poaching must be reported. Those who break the unwritten law by shooting at excessively long range, using inadequate equipment or neglecting to prepare themselves for the hunt must be corrected.

    • The Bowmars took that bear ethically, morally and legally.

      Just because hunting by spear isn’t common, doesn’t make it unethical.

      In fact, given the size of the broadhead, I’d say it was a very clean kill.

      Unlike in Hollywood’s world, animals don’t drop like a sack of potatoes when you harvest them.

      That doesn’t stop the social justice warriors and the anti-hunting pitchfork mafia from expressing their ignorant indignation.

      Good spear, Josh. And you’ve got a big pair for doing that. I hope someone had a backup tool to save your ass had you missed your target.


      • Great job, Josh! Spear hunting has now been banned in Alberta. Maybe you can video other types of hunting and get them banned also! [<- sarcasm]

        Reminder from NSSF: Non-hunters are critically important to the future of hunting. Most non-hunters are tolerant, but will be less so if forced to confront displays of dead game or see people in hunting clothes behaving in disrespectful ways.

        • Ugh. That entire article is nothing but bambi-lover virtue-signaling.

          Apparently you’re not allowed to really enjoy hunting. You’ve got to do it stoically, maybe shedding a tear for the spirit of the dead animal.

        • Cloudbuster, non-hunters have voices. Alberta has banned spear hunting.

          Now, do we want people who have perceptions other than our own to ban other forms of hunting? It is up to us. Do we want videos posted which will repel and disgust people with perceptions other than our own?

          We can repeat “but this was ethical and legal,” but this statement will not influence many in our societies. Or we can try to be less controversial and hope to either bring more into our fold, or at the least, not turn them against us. It is our choice.

          It’s kind of like the open carry issue. Do we want open carry extremists to result in more anti gun laws being passed?

        • That mentality only gets you steamrolled.
          It’s not like hunters parade through public covered in carcasses and entrails.
          But everyone has to respect gay pride parades and the spectacle that goes hand in hand. Give me a break.

        • W,

          The NDP government would love to ban all forms of hunting. If they could get away with it they would. The only problem is that after screwing the oil industry, the power companies, and the farmers they’re running out of revenue sources.

          While the video itself will be ammo for their little war against ordinary country folks, I guarantee you the only thing it did was save them some time in manufacturing outrage by themselves.

          And frankly, if we are going to talk about problem hunting in Alberta/Canada, there are bigger ones than a lone spear hunter. Namely certain folks who are above the law and shoot whatever they want whenever they want whereever they want, and don’t properly process the carcasses- when they even bother tracking them.

        • So now you’re blaming a hunter who hunted legally and with great sportsmanship for a Liberal reaction? So, you’re going to try to convince us that hunting with a spear or bow or black powder rifle is somehow less ethical than a 300 yd shot with a 375 magnum and 12 power scope? Go back to Tumblr where you will fit in perfectly with the rest of the 13 year olds.

        • @ W
          The people who had a hissy fit over this find and form of hunting objectionable period.
          BTW what perhaps you care to enlighten us what is this “excessively long range” that there is supposedly some universal unwritten consensus about?

        • Well, *my* definition of an unwritten rule concerning “excessively long range” would be about attempting a kill beyond the range that I can reliably hit my target accurately enough that the loading of the weapon I’m using will reliably result in an ethical kill. That may be 50 yards if I’m bowhunting, or 1000+ yards if I’m hunting grizzly with a .50 BMG. IOW, what W said in that regard is not necessarily stupid. He did not say “beyond 200 yards” or such, cut him some slack!

        • LarryinTX,

          Thanks. For the record, I was merely quoting an ethics statement from NSSF.

          Generally speaking, I am thankful for the many people coming to appreciate and participate in firearms ownership and hunting. As NSSF would say, our rights are dependent upon bringing people in to our sports. They really do.

          However, there is a very real danger. If new shooters don’t embrace safety, they can have accidents which may hurt them or others and may result in more gun laws. If new owners act like belligerents (parade through Starbucks with AKs at the ready), their actions may result in restrictions on all of us. If undisciplined hunters act like yahoos, the end effect may be more regulations on all of us.

          It’s too bad that the author of this piece wants to play a short game (boycott Under Armour) and is apparently ignorant of longer term strategies. We need those in the middle and on the fence to accept hunting. We should work to prevent them from turning against us and supporting anti gun, anti hunting politicians and legislations.

          I will repeat. after Bowmar’s Youtube antics, Alberta banned spear hunting. Now we can debate Under Armour’s acts, but they don’t amount to a hill of beans. One more time. After Bowmar’s Youtube “look at me” video, Alberta banned a form of hunting. Alberta’s actions had nothing to do with Under Armour.

        • Remember what they said when those young girls went on safari in Africa, or when that Midwestern dentist shot “Cecil” the lion? The libbies were all shouting crap like “there’s no challenge when you just pull a trigger on a killing machine like a gun! and sending the hunters death threats. There is no pleasing these people. Personally I’m a fan of bowhunting. At least if you miss there’s a chance the animal won’t go running away because of the gunshot (suppressors can be good for that too if you’ve got a big, heavy, subsonic boolit), and I don’t want to be anywhere close to a live, angry bear or wild pig at all if I can help it. Spearhunting is a real man’s man’s form of hunting. I applaud his courage (or insanity) for getting so close to that thing.

      • Exactly my thought. Hope off-camera there was an outstanding rifleman with lightning reflexes ready for the save.

        • Thought the same, would hate to see it suffer. If the animal truly died within 60 yards & 10 seconds why didn’t they leave that in the video? You’d think he’d want to show how ethical the kill truly was. It might be a large spear point but I have my doubts.

        • You missed completely. Gay pride couldn’t be more in your face with some of their antics. Every public display is celebrated, and with great enthusiasm. Hunters, meanwhile, must act in shame. Any photos or videos of hunting automatically cause scorn and derision from the same individuals on the left who celebrate gay pride in every form. Ironically, the left also celebrates Islam, which is markedly intolerant of homosexuality. But I digress.

          Who does the trendy hipster hate these days without consequence? The white, Christian, NRA member, male shooter. Own an evil AR 15? That’s even worse. If you are the member of one of those groups, the other characteristics may automatically be ascribed to you, whether true or not. Along with heaps of scorn.

        • It wasn’t an anti gay comment. He was pointing out that is has become offensive to be against homosexuality, but okay to be anti hunting. If we’re going to be tolerant, why shouldn’t it be okay to be a hunter? It’s not like hunters are out shooting gay people like Muslim extremists are. Think about that one for a minute.

      • Yes he did, but he is acting like a moron (gently said) on these videos, paying no respect to the harvested animal. This is like when you buddy take his crazy idiot friend with you on a hunting trip. He does it for a sport and money, not for a passion and conservation. And, my friends, there is no taste for that anymore, and not only in this country.
        The way the moron acts when he sees the bear’s guts, I have to assume he never gutted, cleaned, and skinned any animal. I watched some of his other videos, and no, there is no hunting passion, the guy is just a goof, a moron. Watch please for yourself.

    • The spear was used for hundreds of years by man to hunt large game, and it is effective. This bear died quickly, and with far less distress then others I have seen shot and chased by dogs. This was an ethical kill, it was a legal kill. Now as far as perception, it is very true people ignorant of hunting may think spear hunting is cruel, but they need to be educated and informed so they don’t remain ignorant.

    • I’ve written most of what I’m going to write about that sociopathic-jackhole-millenial-raised-by-wolves-punk in the last post.

      I will just say one more time – that was not a hunt, that was a cull. Killing a baited black bear, who was so accustomed to humans as to pretty much wander up to him, then dance around like he’s some kind of mighty warrior for this pathetic shit? Not to mention the gopro on the spear is indicative of, well, let’s just say his wife should be watch her back.

      • 16V, that is my read also. These young ones did not learn respect for game. They are more interested in showing off with Youtube videos than having a real relationship with nature. The Daily Mail piece shows them laughing and behaving like clowns after beheading a turkey. Here, one is reminded of the contrast with the ethos of the American Indian hunter who felt respect for game and sorrow in its necessary taking.

        Perhaps we should be sad that they have embraced the act of hunting but were not taught its proper meaning. They are incomplete, perhaps through no fault of their own.

        Now, I have empathy for those who feel that pro gunners, pro hunters are too often under attack and need to “circle their wagons” and protect their own. As a strong 2A advocate, I often feel the same. Yet somehow we need to convince those not already on our side that we are moral, ethical, responsible people. We are not merely thrill seekers who think nothing of the life that was just taken in Canada. That it was as valuable as a cockroach being stepped on in Texas.

        • W, good comments. As someone who has hunted successfully and unsuccessfully I take great pride in the activity itself. I’ve watched some of these TV shows and have always found it “odd” when the dramatics are quite overdone, especially given the stalk or hunting blind ambush which lead to the shot was not that much.

          Antics for the camera are probably best left on the cutting room floor

      • I will just say one more time – that was not a hunt, that was a cull.

        Fine. Are you over it now?

        BTW: Hunting (n) 1.pursue and kill (a wild animal) for sport or food.

      • This incident is nothing more than an exercise in vapid vanity, a dynamic duo of true narsicists at work. Ethical? not by a long shot, Under armour reacted appropriately, it is their brand and to see it soiled by the acts of imbeciles must have stirred things up real good. I ran a hunting operation, stalkers are hunters, baiters are weak kneed pussies afraid of the forest, say or pretend to believe otherwise if you want but you know you’re lying.

        • I ran a hunting operation, stalkers are hunters, baiters are weak kneed pussies afraid of the forest, say or pretend to believe otherwise if you want but you know you’re lying.

          I don’t care what you ran – unsubstantiated assertion based within the realm of opinion. That is what this statement delivered.

        • Wow Chris, you ran a hunting operation? What was the name of it, ‘We Pretend To Be Outfitters’…

          It’s pretty obvious you know nothing of ethical hunting whatsoever, otherwise you’d be in full favor of baiting bear in those conditions, and you should probably be banned from any form of sport and firearms ownership. Ignorance is not bliss, and it’s pretty safe to assume your ignorance would cause the wounding, loss, and subsequent suffering of many bear in quite a lot of North America if you were permitted to hunt them.

    • Ethics have more to do with environment than anything…

      One might consider hunting a bear with a spear as unethical, but that same person would likely feel otherwise if starving while lost in the woods.

      If easy to bitch about ethics with a full belly and grocery store around the corner

      • that response has no logic. some of you gun guys are a little too happy. compensating, perhaps?

        • Are you compensating for your lack of grammar skills and inability to properly write a sentence?

        • So you’re saying that it’s okay to go out and spear a bear if you have a big dick and you’re not compensating. Talk about no logic.

      • Of course. But these guys weren’t lost in the woods and starving. They went there on purpose, to do this specific thing. It was not a necessity.

    • None of your unwritten laws or actual law was broken in this scenario. This was simply more feel good activism from the ones who don’t know where their food comes from.

    • People find ANY and EVERY act debatable. I’ve seen rifle shots where the animal didn’t die as quickly. The only difference with a spear is that less people do it. But it obviously is just as effective seeing how quickly the bear died. These people who hate hunting in general will go after anything they can. This hunt was done legally, and ethically, and the bear died quickly. If it were something other than that UA might have a reason. But they did flow all laws and it was not reckless. If they give in to something because it’s “debateable” they may as well give up all hunting.

    • Yes, we can argue about whether the spearhunting was ok.

      But what can’t be argued is the wrongness of cancelling her deal with UA when she wasn’t the one doing it. Its like having the DMV pull your license when your sister was driving drunk. Its not right.

      • That’s right. UA should have called her and tell her to get rid of that stupid moron would be the only way they’d continue dealing with her.

    • I can’t believe people are so naive about the spear. I bow hunt, and I feel the arrow is just a mini spear, with a broad head. I can not see any difference. Plus, I can see an advantage of a spear such as used. It must been so heavy that it might be more efficient at close range than a arrow flying and 300 fps. I emailed Under Armour, and stated I will be not purchasing any items from them for their cowardice.

      • Beat me to it. Outside of a seven foot spear or a graphite shafted arrow with a surgical steer broad head launched from a bow, what’s the difference?

        Geez, no wonder hormone replacement therapy is becoming so popular. The testosterone levels have been diluted by liberals.

      • One suspects that bows and arrows are much more accurate than spears.
        In comments sections, one finds out that this difference is lost upon a great many.

        • Which weapon is more accurate is highly dependent on the hands the weapon is in. If you can kill a bear with a spear, I think it’s safe to say you have practiced adequately and know what you are doing. I don’t hear a lot of novice hunters saying “I think I’ll go bear hunting with a spear”. Let me know the next time you hear someone say that.

    • Lots of problems with your argument. The first is you are letting the antis define what is acceptable hunting equipment. You argued against the spear because some found spear kills distasteful. If we follow that logic, then we should ban modern sporting rifles completely, because some on the Left find them distasteful.

      Second is your definition of what constitutes an ethical kill. In the real world, animals don’t die instantly when hit. If the spear is inadequate, then the bow and crossbow must also be ruled inadequate. We could go further and deem all guns below some arbitrary power level as inadequate. Or we could rule that you must shoot the animal in the head, with a weapon powerful enough to punch through, so that it’s instantly “lights out” for the animal. How far do you want to take it?

      Third is allowing the antis to shame us so that we can’t enjoy our sport, or at least can’t admit to enjoying it. I have no tolerance for unethical hunters who wound game and cause unnecessary suffering, or who trash the great outdoors while they hunt. That said, an ethical and responsible hunter should be free to enjoy their sport. If they want to make TV shows or videos, that is their right. If they want to post pictures on social media, that is their right. If a person is offended or upset by seeing animals killed, there is a very simple solution for them: don’t look or watch.

    • Or donated the meat to others, especially the poor, to eat. In which case he would truly be a saint.

    • I don’t know. He impaled it with a seven-food spear. He might have turned it into more spears.

    • By law in Alberta he has to process the meat- he can’t just leave the carcass out there. Given that he hasn’t been charged with anything, I have to assume that he did so.

      • that is incorrect. On page 30 of the Alberta regs it states
        It is unlawful to

        6. abandon, destroy or allow the edible meat of any game bird or big game
        animal (except cougar or bear), to become unfit for human consumption.

        Now in BC you must take the meat. BC’s regs state

        It’s unlawful to,

        37. To kill wildlife (with the exception of Grizzly
        Bear, Cougar, or a fur bearing animal other than a Black Bear) and fail to remove
        from the carcass the edible portions (see
        definitions section) to the person’s normal
        dwelling place or to a meat cutter or the
        owner or operator of a cold storage plant

      • Good question. Why would someone follow a hunting story if they weren’t a hunter except to spout a loft of Liberal PETA BS?

    • Just like many progressives, it’s all about the $$. Unlike hunters, who DO have sense of honor and dignity, UA says “Sorry, let’s move on, seemed like a good idea at the time, but SJWs aren’t happy, so now that’s in the past.” Time for hunters to say UA seemed like a good idea at the time, now that’s in the past (although I won’t burn any shirts, just won’t buy any more)

    • Brick, this UA shirt doesn’t surprise me, most of the employees at UA are probably millennials with limited knowledge of history or military service.

  4. A meer 4800 signatures on the petition from SJWs got them to cave. Did they do an analysis on how many of them will actually wear UA and go outside and pursue life’s endeavors vs. staying at their keyboards? Bad risk/cost analysis I should say. I will no longer wear or buy UA, will urge my local Bass Pro Shop and Cabella’s to stop carrying UA, and no longer recommend UA when asked by friends what to wear for their mud runs, endurance events, or tactical training.

  5. Let’s ban spear hunting of bears because some people were offended and didn’t enjoy what happened. All we need is 51%. Let’s do it. Live and let live? F that.

  6. After you have already bought it, burning it (assuming it is not something like incense or fuel) seems a bit stupid to me. I posit it is better to act rationally rather than emotionally in public.

    • It’s the principle of the matter. He no longer supports UA so he certainly isn’t going to wear their product. Actions speak louder than words.

    • Donate your UA gear to a homeless shelter. Enough panhandlers show up in UA and the trendy crowd will quit buying it.

      UA takes a massive loss.

  7. APM, actinv emotionally is what caused this whole thing in the first place. Personally i never wore UA, now i never will.

  8. Myself , family, and friends are blown away that UA would fold to this liberal agenda, and that said I will not purchase another product from them unless they change their views.

    • Just a quick note:

      UA also sells its products outside the U.S., where support for hunting is significantly less. For example, the company sponsors Tottenham Hotspurs. As you’d expect, this was a business decision. The free market will decide if they made the right call, financially speaking.

  9. Ban assault rifles they have no place …. Oh wait sorry, ban spear hunting or at least those black ones . Spears should have wood handles and flint knapped heads, just like my Granddad’s

    This is nothing but the low hanging fruit, the same few folks that got AU to drop them hate bow hunting just as much. Hunters should take note how fast AU folded .

    Speaking of which that hunt sounded like a lot of bow hunters tales , shot deer, backed out came back later to find it 60 or 70 yards away

  10. What traditional hunters don’t get is that urbans and leftists hate them. Yes they do. And they will snuff out hunting as soon as they can, and hunting culture with it.

    The urban/left are already nibbling around the edges of hunting. Spears are out. Safaris are out. Millions of acres of federal land are out.

    Wake up and get off your high horses. The Bowmars got it in the neck and you’re next.

      • And child marriage is traditional marriage.

        Just because something is traditional, doesn’t make it good or desirable.

    • Yep the winky boys can’t handle manly men(or tough gals)killing anything. No hunting,fishing(fish feel pain!),no judging and no microaggresion…why the hell a big spear is worse than a boo-lit,a shotshell or an arrow is beyond my understanding. I never planned on buying UA anyway…

    • I am not a hunter, only own one very old gun, and slightly left of moderate. That said, I like to believe I am a practical person. As for killing most of hunting and hunting culture that is relatively easy to do and would make the people for gun control happy as well. Raise the taxes on bullets and gun powder until it reaches a point that crack dealers sell their bullets because it pays more than the crack. It is simple, practical, and does not touch the second admendment that only applies to weapons and not the ammuniton. Luckily the extreme left are so insane they can’t think of things like this and people like me don’t tell them this type of thing because we are smart enough to realize guns are a good thing.

    • Bingo. The only thing the left tolerates is more progressivism. That’s it. This wasn’t about a video alone, the fuel for that fire was already. Guess what? The left wanted to ban AR-15s before Sandy Hook. The British had the same idea at Lexington and Concord.

      This, fundamentally, is about the intolerance of the left. You MUST be a government worshiping, open border supporting, ban happy, Islam admiring, transgender happy free college disciple who is anti gun. Don’t forget your support of Black Lives Matter and mealy-mouthed acknowledgment of white privilege.

      Hunting, shouting, patriotism, and self reliance are obsolete. So is the Constitution. You need to get with the program. After the government has taken everything from you that threatens their authority, they’ll be happy to indoctrinate you.

      Appeasing the left is a fool’s errand.

  11. Under arm deserves everything Baltimore dishes out to them in the form of high taxes and a crime rate that makes Detroit look good.

  12. Here’s my take for what it is:

    -A ploy used against firearms hunters is “why not do it up close, it’s more fair to the animal?” Here you go, damned if you do damned if you don’t. (see below)
    -60 yards isn’t a huge distance. Would this even be controversial if it was done with a gun? I lean towards no.
    -The amount of animals killed with spears in total history is probably greater than the number killed with firearms. Yeah firearms are a lot more efficient but the spear hunters have had a few thousand year head start.

    That said I don’t think the whole gloating ass thing was appropriate.Show some sportsmanship.

    I will leave with a quote from PETA’s web page to think about.

    “Some hunting groups claim that by obeying laws and killing free-range animals in a manner that does not give humans an “improper advantage” over their prey, the activity constitutes “fair chase.” Of course, these same groups encourage hunters to shoot game with rifles, shotguns, and bows and arrows—weapons that no animal has any chance of outrunning, let alone fighting. “

    • Agree. This over-celebrating is pervasive in hunting shows and on YouTube. Making a successful kill on a targeted animal in the wild can (and should) be a highly challenging endeavor. The adrenaline rush is huge, in direct proportion to the difficulty of taking (in my case) a mature whitetail buck, especially with a bow. It’s hard to do (outside of high-fence lodges and canned hunts) and a tremendous amount of work and preparation goes into making it happen. I work year-round on my property to create a habitat that draws and keeps deer, and the one or two i harvest each year is the payoff. For hunters such as myself, it’s an incredible high, just as blowing it is a deep low that hangs around a while. But these guys on the TV shows, especially bowhunters, need to pump the brakes a bit on all this ‘SMOKED him!” bombast; to quote the current favored media/political term, it’s bad optics and just immature. While i care not at all about the “feelings” of the anti-hunters, i do imagine that seeing these excessive celebrations incenses them even more. WE don’t need to give them more ammo.
      In the right set of circumstances, hunting could be banned. Hunting with bow and guns of all types is my passion, one handed down to me by my father and grandfather and one i wish to pass on to my grandchildren, along with love and deep appreciation and respect for nature and the game being pursued. Excitement is understandable, but grandstanding is inappropriate. As the ol’ ball coach used to tell his players re. end zone celebrations, “act like you’ve been there before.”
      I own a lot of Under Armour hunting clothes, they’re overpriced but they last and are extremely comfortable and fitting for the task at hand. I like it a lot and can’t say i won’t buy more. They made a bad call here, but i don’t think I’ll make a purchase decision based on what some PR flack advised the CEO.
      I have no problem with spear hunting for those that can pull it off, but I dislike baiting. A truly wild bear in a natural situation wouldn’t have come within eyesight of that putz, who needs to get over himself.

  13. All hunting hating pussies are mere hypocritical maggots if they ever eat any meat whatsoever. No eggs, milk, cheese. No makeup, lotions, shampoos,etc. Any product that has any animal product in it at all. Hunt safely my friends. Bang! Bang!

  14. My family and I hunt and we have a large family even our children hunt and did use armor, we will joy longer be using armor anything… what is wrong with you people at armor you have messed up bug time the hunting communitis made your company what it is… now let’s see what happens now that you have list your biggest supporters

  15. I don’t hunt…FU*K that fancy underwear company. Didn’t need it 40 years ago, ain’t gonna buy it.

  16. 4,000 snowflake trolls online make multi million dollar company decision for Under Armor apparently.

    Good riddance.

  17. I sure ain’t ever gonna buy or use under armor again I couldn’t tell you how much money I have spent on them. But if they can’t support hunters in doing something legel and ethical I mean the best only went 60 yards that’s nothing but why should we support them in buying there cloths. I say no hunters should buy there cloths or anythin from them again till they take Sarah back on.

  18. Is Under Armour going to jettison it’s relationship with Notre Dame University because of the criminals, alleged criminals, and violators of training and academic policy displayed by members of ND’s athletics program?

  19. I don’t hunt, but I have no problem with hunting in general.
    Some still hunt for food, some for the sport.
    I don’t have a problem with hunting so long as the hunting is done
    in the most ethical manner (hint) and the species is not hunted to extinction.
    I understand that animals were hunted for thousands of years with spears, but
    would hunting a bear today be considered ethical?
    What’s the purpose in using a spear today anyway?
    To show that you are more macho or that you want to get in touch with the
    more “primitive”?
    While hunting with a spear may fall with in the scope of ethical,
    I don’t think it is the most ethical
    compared to a bullet through the heart.
    Therefore, I don’t consider hunting with a spear to be the most ethical.

    That being said, I will refuse to by any UA clothing until they have a change of heart.

    • Legislation wise – I support people hunting anyway they want. Bow, crossbow, spear. If they want to go out there and knife fight a bear, or spear them while they are eating out of a trash can, they are welcome to do it.

  20. Perfect, Magpul is really starting to branch out into clothing lines right now, so we have a great option to turn to.

  21. After reviewing a bunch of comments about this guys “perceived” offense and disrespect for the hunting community I have reached the following moral conclusion:

    Baiting is moral.

    1) baiting brings the animal in closer than otherwise for a clean humane kill rather than it running off to die from a wound.
    2) hunting or baiting – the end result is the same – a dead animal.
    3) if you buy a tag it is more likely you’ll get to use that tag. I would rather buy a kill than a chance of a kill right? Sounds more fair to me.
    4) 10000 years ago, people probably used bait and traps more than stalking. Sounds reasonable to me.

    Thanks guys. I had been contemplating this for a bit – but you wrapped it right up for me.

    • Baiting is not hunting. Baiting is lazy and for the amateur. You don’t pay for the right to kill either. A 10 year old can bait. That means you have no more skill, coordination or ability than a pre teen. You can feed your family that way but you can’t take pride in it or say your a hunter.

      • Whatever Joe, my baiting is more ethical than your hunting. I can take pride in my pretty much guaranteed quick kill. Who cares if they were eating out of a bucket while flashed in the face with flood lights. End result is the same – steak on a plate.

      • You don’t pay for the right to kill either. A 10 year old can …

        Sure I do – whenever I buy a mouse or rat trap – then use bait to end their lives. Why not use for a larger and more tasty animal?

      • Ultimately, virtually all hunting is baiting. You put yourself between an animal and something it wants/needs – food plots (wild or cultivated) water, corn, other animals; doesn’t matter.
        Seldom does one just strike out into the wild until they just happen across some stray animal that they can then stalk and/or kill. The odds would seem astronomical for any success in killing (I’m not going to use the word ‘harvesting’) an animal in that manner.
        My family hunts with traditional longbows with wooden arrows; in Texas. Whitetail deer are pretty savvy and even with so called ‘baiting’ the success rate is very low. Look up the numbers of hunting licenses issued in Texas vs the number of whitetail deer taken. You will find that the deer are doing pretty good for themselves.

  22. This isn’t about hunting. It’s not about morals or ethics. It’s not about this particular hunt or respect for the animals. Those are all arguments that go on within the hunting community. Those arguments are respectable however, they have nothing to do with people outside the hunting community or the anti-hunters out there and therefore nothing to do with this story.

    Ultimately, as a political item and in reference to the pressure put on UA, (to which they folded like a mother’s day card) it’s about death. Specifically it’s about the fact that most people never learn to accept death as a natural part of life and therefore they fear it. Anti-hunting sentiment isn’t about ethics or morals. It’s about the anti’s inability to grasp that every living thing dies, themselves included. It’s about the feelz. As Tool said in their song Disgustipated “Life feeds on life feeds on life”. Well, that might be true but to many people it feelz icky.

    I grew up in a place where people were generally poor and many of my friends were in families where if the deer tags didn’t all get filled the family went hungry. It was kill or don’t eat for them. Deer season also coincided with “leafer” season. There was no shortage of idiots people from downstate or some city who were horrified by the scene of a pickup truck with dead deer trussed to the hood. They were even more horrified to see people erecting A frames all over the place and gutting deer in public. Children were involved! The fucking humanity! These people would totally freak over this. 8 year olds with hunting knives butchering Bambi in full view of the public! “How the fuck is this legal!?” I heard many a time. If you wanted to see their heads explode you explained that when a child killed a deer he had to take care of it. It’s a learning process. That animal died so that those people can eat. “You mean they let a CHILD kill that deer?!”. Yup, you don’t work you don’t eat. “But it’s a CHILD!”.

    You have to understand the sight of the dead deer, willfully killed by a person, was bad to them. Really, really, really bad. But things just got so much worse after that. They actually seemed to think that teaching a child to hunt was breeding a generation of serial killers. That somehow the kids were permanently damaged and deranged.

    These people are afraid of death and while they love that filet mignon they do NOT want to see how it’s made. They don’t want to think about how life feeds on life. They watch Animal Planet and the lions take down a water buffalo, well that’s just natural they’ll say. They don’t plan on ever getting close to a lion. But people killing things? Oh, that’s a bridge too damn far for them. They’ll tell you it’s gross and disgusting and uncivilized (I’m sure the cow feels that way too) but the fear, the raw naked fear in your eyes tells you that what really bothers them is the death. It gets them thinking about their own death, and generally I would surmise it gets them thinking about it in a very unhealthy way.

    • looks like these two get great pleasure from a murder, some nice people…
      of course they are not daring to face a bear in a fair fight, they kill like cowards… ambush and shoot
      wouldn’t mind seeing them teared by wild animals

      • Oh look, another misanthropic environmentalist wishing death on humans because his precious Winnie the Pooh got rekt. Pound Sand. Humans > all other species

      • Come on slash. Do you think any animal is on equal footing with a person? A fair fight?? Is shooting any animal anywhere a fair fight? Come on.

      • Hey slash go back and take a remedial course in second grade grammar, then brush up on your basic logic before you try to argue with the grown ups.

      • Murder is a concept that applies only to humans, both as the perpetrators and as the victims.

        No hunter has any obligation to hunt under some arbitrary minimum difficulty. As long as bag limits are respected, and game populations are maintained and extinction avoided, I don’t see any rational basis for an objection. Maybe animal suffering, but that’s a function of the actual kill shot/arrow/spearing and has nothing to do with how “fair” the hunt was.

        Don’t like it? Don’t do it that way.

    • Valid argument for the most part S9, however, your approach implicitly suggests that all hunters think, feel, or act as you do. I think you know this is not the case; I ran a high end hunting operation out west that catered to the monied among you and was staffed by guides that had none. The acts I bore witness to were as often as not reprehensible- killing waterfowl with no intent to process,distribute or eat, fever shots at questionable distance which resulted in late night elk hound assisted searches for wounded animals without the assistance of the so-called hunter, double kills on single tags and the deceitful acts that accompany such amateur actions are just a few examples. The web is chock a block full of videos just like the one this idiot posted and they all clearly indicate an absolute lack of respect, something that our ancestors definitely did have when then struck an animal with a spear or a rock or ran them over a cliff. There is a big difference between those people and contemporary hunters for the most part. I’m not saying there are no honourable hunters but I know plenty who are reprobates. In addition, baiting is not hunting, the two acts are mutually exclusive, one is honourable, the other is a lazy ass, no interest in skill, afraid of the forest act only a low life would engage in.

      • “…your approach implicitly suggests that all hunters think, feel, or act as you do.”

        I make no such claim implicit or explicit. I’ve seen people cry and pray over an animal they’ve killed just as I’ve seen people who show no emotion. It runs the gambit. Jackassery such as you describe can be found in any discipline or hobby.

        My point is that the UA issue doesn’t come from hunters who might feel he disrespected the animal or from any other argument that might occur within the hunting community. This comes from anti-hunters who are distinctly different from hunters and are anti-hunting in general, not just against one form of hunting or another.

        Further, on the issue of baiting, I would say it depends. Our ancestors certainly used bait. This argument is akin to saying that spear fishing is the only “acceptable” form of fishing. Where I grew up people baited deer. Not because they were unskilled or afraid of the forest. It was because stalking was dangerous as hell. No, not because deer are a dangerous adversary but because of all the retards out of state folks who would show up, get shitfaced at deer camp and shoot at anything that moved. We had PSA’s telling people not to shoot power transformers FFS.

        Where safety is not such an issue I generally abhor baiting. However, in a situation where it’s the only safe option and you’re facing the family going hungry there’s no choice to be made. If you can’t afford weekly grocery trips you sure as hell can’t afford someone in the family with a GSW. Here in Colorado I would spit at someone who baits. Back where I grew up it was standard procedure and it was standard for a good goddamn reason.

        • I did some installations for a phone company out in New Mexico in some cabinets in the middle of nowhere.

          One had a bullet hole in it’s door and the path went straight through the equipment rack inside, specifically right where the signal cables had ran. It had long since been replaced, but it amazed me a bit that someone would have shot at it for no reason.

      • In addition, baiting is not hunting, the two acts are mutually exclusive, one is honourable, the other is a lazy ass, no interest in skill, afraid of the forest act only a low life would engage in.

        “…only a low life would engage in”

        Or a dude not so much interested in hunting, but more in a steak on a plate.

        This is what he wants:×630/cme/cme_public_images/www_livestrong_com/

        not the trek downwind or the smearing of mosquitos into sweaty foreheads. Some want pride. Others want steak.

        And lets get serious. Does the animal have a chance either way? Nope. They get speared while eating out of a trash can, or get shot from a 300 win mag equipped with a several thousand dollar optic. Animal is going to loose either way. But yea – take pride in it.

    • I don’t think this moron (Bowmar) needed a meat for his family. he’s just a goof with a video camera.

  23. Won’t spend a dime on their stuff anymore.The quality wasn’t worth the cost to begin with
    Now they don’t want to support hunters rights.They should close down their hunting clothes line.Cabelas and any other hinting store should boycott selling any of their clothes

  24. Do the idiots at UA not realize a spear makes a MASSIVE wound channel, bigger than any arrow can make?

    Will they speak out against bowhunting next?

    People live in fantasy land. I shot a deer through both lungs with a 50 caliber muzzleloader, and it ran about the same distance.

    Even if you brain shoot an animal, it will flop around for a few seconds due to nervous reflex.

    It looked like a clean, humane kill to me. A spear is as lethal as any rifle when the animal is in range.

  25. Guess I’m the minority but I couldn’t care less either way. Actually, apart from blogs about guns, hunting or bears I probably am not in the minority.

  26. You hunters sure are a bunch of whiney babies. Maybe get an education and some real jobs, you hicks?

    This loser couple deserves everything they’ve got. If you’re not PERSONALLY deconstructing the animal and using every part that you humanly can, then, like this guy, you’re just another pea-brained idiot who’s so insecure that they need to kill things that can’t defend themselves properly. Disgusting.

    Fucking hunters are such babies LOL.

    • Cry me a river. I don’t even hunt and I find this “You must hunt as the native peoples did and cry afterwards or you’re evil” tripe hilarious. It’s just another cog in the SJW agenda. Take your cultural masochism somewhere else.

    • “Maybe get an education and some real jobs, you hicks?”

      Sure lecture other people about getting an education when you obviously failed second grade grammar.
      I’m not even going to bother quoting that giant run on sentence that came after this. Please go back and finish grade school before you try to argue with the adults.

    • Since you don’t believe in hunting, surely your accept the fact that you have no place setting rules about what makes for an acceptable hunt.

    • So do you think the same way when you leave some chicken nuggets on the table because you couldn’t eat anymore, or because they didn’t taste the way you had hoped?

      Well, you better, or you didn’t use every part that you humanly could and therefore your a baby and a “pea brained idiot.” Right?

  27. Even if Under Armour reversed their decision, Ive bought my last piece of UA clothing or anything else. They are not worth wasting the money on!!

  28. “Maybe get an education and some real jobs, you hicks?”

    Sure lecture other people about getting an education when you obviously failed second grade grammar.
    I’m not even going to bother quoting that giant run on sentence that came after this. Please go back and finish grade school before you try to argue with the adults.

  29. UA is overpriced and not that good quality. I can’t boycott ’em because I never bought anything.
    I’m an ultrarunner. Nordic Track compression shorts, C9 shorts, smartwool socks, a shirt I got from a race, and New Balance or Brooks shoes. Total kit (shoes were on sale) $110.00.

  30. Humans have hunted with spears for hundreds, thousands, or millions of years depending on what theory you subscribe to. Firearms are a new invention in comparison, and if the grabbers have their way we will be back to using muscle propelled weapons again.

    • Well, they don’t like it when you use a muscle propelled weapon, but then they also don’t like you owning guns either. My guess is, they want you to be like them and buy your steak from the grocery and sweep under the rug any thoughts of where it comes from.

  31. But its ok to eat meat, where the animal was abused and pumped full of drugs. How the hell do these idiots think our ancestors used to eat?

    If there was only half as much outrage from progressives against child abuse.

    But there’s never any petitions, never any public outcry. This decade so far a shaken me to my core, I no longer value or trust about half of my “countrymen”.

  32. Wow! How come we can’t have “open season spear hunting ” in crime ridden Chicago, NYC, or Washington, DC…It would be “humane”, help the environment, economy, and make it a safer place for people to live in….If you want, and can afford it !

  33. Under Armour. What a joke! Dump all your hunting UA. They only want money. Maybe they can print their camo patterns on McDonalds wrappers or Ken and Barbie Jeeps. Gear made for the suburbs, not the field.

  34. I am not even a hunter and this saddens me. I do believe in hunting and raise my animals for meat which is my “own” kind of hunting. Will no longer buy UA. I am so tired. Of a few whiners that go to the grocery store and can eat whatever is on the shelves which is not treated humanely their whole lives but sit here and criticize hunters who are doing it legally and quickly.

  35. For the people saying this isn’t hunting because he used bait. Well first off baiting is legal in certain states and Canada. Also I would like to see you go out there with a spear and throw it at a bear that’s 10 yards from you with no backup! He was excited that he got the kill he wasn’t acting stupid.

  36. I would also like to add that this couple donates meat for families and people that can’t afford to eat! I would bet money that the liberals could care less about the people that are starving. And also the liberals hate hunting but I would also put money on that most of them believe in abortions. Give me a break! It’s not ok to kill a animal for food cause they are a living creature but it’s ok to abort a living human child inside their mother!! What a joke!!!

  37. First and foremost let me put this out there. I DON’T HUNT. I never have and I doubt I ever will. I’ve to fish about 4 times and never caught anything….. I am NOT an outdoorsman. I have no issues with people that do hunt and enjoy it. I have, after seeing the video of what appears to be a spectacular take down of this awesome animal, decided that Under Armour will no longer see any of my hard earned money for motorcycle apperel, sports apparel or any of their products. I am a firm believer that if you supply a brand to specific groups YOU BACK THOSE PEOPLE!!! I am also a firm believer that a lot of “special interests groups” need to just shut the hell up! You don’t hunt? That’s your choice just like mine, leave the people that do alone…..they are not forcing you to hunt, they didn’t force you to watch the video.
    Under Armour I feel you have made a grave mistake based on people’s (who clearly have no clue about hunting) opinion on what is moral and ethical, and morally and ethically I can no longer support a company that will blatantly throw their supporters, and representatives under the bus like that because some 4000 people (who likely don’t buy your products) needed to get their panties in a bunch and have a little pity party and cry because someone leagally and ethically took down a bear in a manner that requires some serious guts? AGAIN I AM NOT A HUNTER, I don’t think I could ever be a hunter, but I am a supporter of people doing what makes them happy. To Josh and Sarah I am terribly sorry that Sarah was sponsored by idiots and I wish you all the best.

  38. OK, I hunt I eat what I kill, if I had the skill to spear hunt I would. But I would have to grow some bigger BALLS to try an spear A BEAR he was with in 20 yards it would take about 4 sec. for that Bear to get to him and if it did it could kill him/you in about the same time So im sure and seen he had the skill and the Balls. if you see after he speared the BEAR what a lot of you are taking for ( Prancing) or Gloating is him trying too figuring out if the Bear is going to come after him and if he should run or not. I myself do get Excited every time I take a DEER and I don’t hunt for the size of the Antlers I hunt for the meat. So if you want to get within 20 yards of a Bear with a gun or a bow on the ground not in a tree stand and shoot it, IT can still eat your ass. SO ANYONE THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAVE THERE BLOOD STREAMS FULL OF ADRENALINE AND EXCITED THAT YOU GOT A GOOD SHOOT ON THAT BEAR AND DIDN’T GET EATTING. I’LL CALL BULL SHIT ON ANYONE OF YOU. I didn’t like the Go Pro on the spear but did like the vidio. You would all need a Vidio BECAUSE WHEN YOU TOLD YOUR FRIENDS YOU KILLED A BEAR WITH A SPEAR, THEY WOULD CALL YOU A FUCKING LIER. SO YOU BETTER HAVE A VIDIO. FOR ALL YOU NON HUNTERS EVERY PICE OF MEAT THAT YOU EAT WAS KILLED SOME HOW AND I’M SURE THEY DIDN’T LIKE IT. PS. PLANTS HAVE FEELINGS TOOOOOOO.

    • I agree that I would need HUGE HUGE gonads to get that close to a bear with only a spear! I would have to wash out all my gear after that!

  39. I have thrown out all my UA gear… What I really have a problem with is the fact that Sarah isn’t the one that speared the bear! Her HUSBAND is! IF Sarah had been a well known hunter like say Jackie Bushman or the Landry’s would UA have pulled their sponsorship? I seriously doubt it! It’s because it was a WOMAN! She ought to file a discrimination lawsuit! Lots of us hunt & fish for our food and deer meat has NO CHOLESTEROL in it. I have very high cholesterol and choose not to use drugs that have horrible side affects. My table has meat that I know has not been caged, abused and shot up with drugs. If you don’t like it then don’t watch the video’s, don’t go hunting! No one is twisting your arm or putting a gun to your head! I agree with the posts that say we have to put up with all sorts of things shoved in our faces so get over it! I guarantee you that if you went just one time and either shot a deer or caught a fish you would be “hooked”! LOL PUN intended!

  40. What’s the point in killing a bear. You eating the bear? Trophy hunting is a pointless act. Serves zero purpose except to take a photo for intagram and put an animals head on your wall. Glad UA dumped them as they should dump all trophy hunters.

  41. There is an ethical hunting spectrum.

    Sitting at a baited site, waiting for a large intelligent animal who commonly roots through trash is not that far off from what goes on in a slaughterhouse. It’s on that end of the ethical spectrum.

    Let me ask how many of you would like to film yourself “harvesting” an animal in a slaughterhouse? Think much good is gonna come of that video? Then on top of that, make the hunt obviously only about gaining notoriety for the novelty of using a spear AND ATTACHING A CAMERA TO IT. Oh, and then have a weird faggy freak out reaction to spearing it.

    Ya that’s gonna be even better.

    So use some common sense for a change when you post hunting videos.

  42. Been a hunter all of my life just like my father and his father and still hunting the same family land where my family has farmed for 100 years.

    We belong to and were raised in a hunting culture that follows the Game Laws and has Respect for the humane taking of game animals.

    The Bowmars are POACHERS.

    They have admitted Guilt in order to get other violations they committed tossed out but which they were no less guilty of.

    This couple is exactly what the Time Honored American Hunting Culture and Tradition is NOT.

    They are attention Whores and POACHERS (The Lowest Life Forms to the Hunting Community).

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