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Albert Almeida (courtesy

New Jersey Second Amendment Society press release [via]

After dealing with years of life-threatening situations from violent gang members in Newark, and battling almost three years in New Jersey’s courts for his basic constitutional and human rights, Albert Almeida [above] has been issued his concealed carry permit.

Albert, a father of two girls, owns a property management company which collects rent from many buildings in Newark and surrounding areas. After having his life threatened several times by tenants who were known gang members and convicted violent felons, he sought a conceal carry permit which requires approval from his local police chief and a Superior Court Judge.

After his permit application was denied due to not satisfying the albatross of justifiable need, he filed a lawsuit against the State.

Albert spent years in court to exercise his constitutional and natural right to protect himself–a basic right which is exercised by tens of millions in other states, including 11 states which do not require any form of permit (Constitutional carry).

“Only in New Jersey do the Prosecutors and Judges claim the reason why they plea bargain with violent felons (by providing reduced sentencing and dropping the worst offenses) is because the courts are overwhelmed, but then simultaneously fight honest law-abiding citizens to the fullest extent.

New Jersey citizens want nothing more than to protect themselves against the same violent felons which the courts plea bargain with and release from prisons early under compassionate release programs” said Alexander Roubian, President of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society.

Albert’s lead attorney, Stephen Stamboulieh, said: “It is a fantastic result, given that Mr. Almeida has waited years to exercise his Second Amendment rights in New Jersey, only to be forced to file a federal lawsuit to be vindicated.

While this process is slow and takes a considerable amount of time, energy and resources, we are pleased that New Jersey finally admitted Mr. Almeida met justifiable need; something it knew back when it first denied his permit in October, 2013 and gave him three options: which included to shut down his business, conduct his private business in a different manner, or hire a private armed security guard.”

Albert’s organization, the Party of Six, the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, and attorneys Stephen Stamboulieh, Ryan Watson, and Alan Beck, will continue to work for New Jerseyans and seek to restore their Second Amendment rights through strategic litigation.

About New Jersey Second Amendment Society:

Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families.

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  1. The officials in New Jersey who violate their oaths to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution are the criminals here, and every one of them who violated their oath need to be impeached & removed for malfeasance.

      • Nah.
        Just move them out of their gated communities and force them to live in the rotten stinkholes they’ve created without their private security- let THEM go through their own hoops to get the protection they want.
        Imagine obama being forced to live in section 8 housing in the south side of Chiraq, but he’s allowed to keep all the nice things he’s gotten over the years(except any type of security).

  2. Why is it that the citizens always need to prove a justifiable need to do something and the government never needs to prove a justifiable need to restrict something? Justifiable need is ridiculous. The government should need to prove that he is likely to abuse a right, not the other way around.

      • No. That’s just a backward concept. Everyone knows the government is innocent and competent and almost always right, but we have no idea if this land lord is actually planning on carrying a gun so he…. can…. uh…. rob a store or murder someone, but he went through the trouble of getting a permit to legally carry the tool which he planed to use to commit a criminal act because…. maybe while on the way to commit this act, the police would see him and arrest him for carrying without a license and catch him before he did it….. Okay… I’m starting to think that justifiable need is just there to give the government absolute control over who gets a permit to carry.

    • Thank the Supreme Court which, in all cases that come to it initially “assumes” that federal laws are Constitutional, unless proven otherwise. This same presumption of Constitutionality has filtered down through all district and state courts, so that it is very difficult to get a court to review the fundamental Constitutionality of any laws. Cases usually get stalled at whether the law uses the least restrictive means to further the goals of the law (which is still assuming that the goal of the law itself is legitimate).

  3. Is there any way we can set up a donation page for stuff like this? God forbid I ever have to use my firearm but I know I couldn’t afford it if I did. Can we maybe set up some sort of fund for people like this? People who need money to fight for their rights/freedom? The TTAG Collective treasury would certainly help in plenty of instances

    • I’d love to see something like that, a fund for people just trying to exercise their rights and defend themselves, but I’d be worried about someone running off with it if it’s all in one place ahead of time.

      On the other hand, if TTAG had a place to advertise GoFundMe links or something…

    • Guys, I think you’re looking for USCCA, google that and look into it, it has an insurance plan which includes legal defense if you are required to use your weapon, complete with lawyer network and ability to meet and select the attorney you want. No, I do not represent the organization, I am just a member. The magazine ain’t bad, either.

    • As far as using your firearm, or any available weapon, join the USCCA–up to 1 million $ insurance that is very affordable–check it out–like any insurance, you hope not to need it, but if you do……

  4. If a judge in New Jersey wanted a concealed carry permit – he’d get it immediately – no questions asked. But most Jersey people feel guns are so bad, they are willing to accept extreme double standards to combat gun ownership.

  5. Let me get this straight. They denied his “justifiable need” but said he could hire an armed security guard to keep him safe. Sounds like they would not admit to an actual unsafe circumstance in their happy non-violent state. He just FELT unsafe, silly man!

    Didn’t the judge in the IL municipal “assault weapons” ban say that even if it didn’t actually have any effect on crime, if it made the citizens “feel” safer, that was a legitimate justification for the ban?

    Thank god we have our feelings to fall back on as the backbone (or lack thereof) of American jurisprudence.

  6. “Only in New Jersey do the Prosecutors and Judges claim the reason why they plea bargain with violent felons (by providing reduced sentencing and dropping the worst offenses) is because the courts are overwhelmed, but then simultaneously fight honest law-abiding citizens to the fullest extent.”

    This is way guns laws have no validity. The bigger question is why. The only reason is the courts can extract cash from a law abiding citizen not a criminal.

    This must end.

  7. Good for him.

    However, I note that it likely would have been faster for him to become a security guard and get his permit that way.

    NJ is so screwed up, I’m glad 95% of my extended family saw the writing on the wall and left years ago.

    • Exactly this…through his company, hire himself as armed security, so that he is effectively wearing two hats.
      Government sucks.

  8. As a resident of NJ I can tell you out of a population of 9 million people there are less than 2,000 CCW permits in circulation. The state uses “justifiable need” to prevent anyone from getting a permit. It is a scam and it’s illegal. We are fighting against it but it is a long road we are surrounded and out numbered by the anti gun left.

    • I would love to see the list. I bet it’s a who’s who of influential people in the garden state.

  9. Lest we forget …. N . J. Senators , in lock step with Loretta Weinberg and NJSP , want to Confiscate our lawfully owned property. By any means.

  10. Am I correct to infer that the state dropped their opposition after the suit was filed, rather than losing in federal court?

    That was smart of them, lest they make case law that works against their cause.


  11. Can’t say the same to other innocent victims of NJ’s absurd gun laws.

    One wonders how many innocent people fallen victim to the constant intentional stalling of people’s permits.

  12. The obvious idiocy of NJ aside, why would anyone allow felons and gang members to rent property from them? There’s a reason that you run background checks on every potential tenant – to make sure that they aren’t felons and gang members. The again, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that NJ has a renter’s protection law that could be used to force you to have criminals account for a certain percentage of your total rent roll.

  13. Don’t forget that Mr Almeida is a landlord – in the view of many liberals he’s a “slumlord” and a rich one at that. So he lives to oppress and rip off the masses and therefore deserves anything that happens to him. He either owns property or works for somebody who does and we all know that anybody who owns anything and tries to make a profit from that property is evil (unless he “donates” some of that profit back into the Democratic party). Rich evil landlords should expect no sympathy in the People’s Republics.

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