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Burglar attacks homeowner in Bloomington, IL

When a burglar advances on a drawn gun, it’s never a good sign for the homeowner. Or the homeowner’s daughter, if she’s the one holding the gun. But that’s what happened recently in normally quiet Bloomington, Illinois. A burglar in the garage tripped an alarm in the middle of the night. From there, things quickly got exciting for all involved.

When they heard their burglar alarm trip, two women visiting their parents for dad’s 75th birthday went out to the garage to investigate. Thankfully, the mother gave one of the daughters a little .32 revolver, just in case. It turns out that little act might have saved all their lives.

As the two ladies walked out into the garage, they encountered a brazen burglar. Mykale Davis, according to police, hadn’t only poked around looking through drawers, but he’d helped himself to a soft drink from the refrigerator. When confronted with a woman armed with a revolver and another woman with a pipe, he charged the woman with the gun.

He tackled her and at some point, the woman managed to shoot him. The gunshot provided the young hoodlum with sufficient motivation to abandon his attack and flee. Police showed up a couple of minutes later after the burglar fled.

It didn’t take long to find him. Our young punk got two blocks before he called for an ambulance. When asked, of course, he didn’t know who shot him or why. The cops put two and two together

The Bloomington Pantagraph covered the story.

“Anything could have happened by just the way he lunged at me, and I had the gun in his face and told him not to come out because I would shoot,” said Kim Sinnott of Hamilton, Ohio. “He probably thought I wouldn’t shoot.” …

“I told him that I had a gun. I was standing there looking at him with the gun pointing at him,” said Sinnott. “I told him a hundred times not to come out because I had a gun and that I would shoot and that we were waiting for the cops, that we had the cops on the line right now.”

The intruder opened up the overhead garage door and “lunged at me and tackled me, and we wrestled all the way over to my sister’s car,” said Sinnott.

“He grabbed me and pulled me down and that’s when I shot (him), and he ran off that way,” she said, pointing to the 900 block of Clayton Street where police apprehended the suspect.

“When he grabbed me and pulled me down I was fearing for my life,” said Sinnott. “I shot him just for him to let me go. I don’t know if it was in the leg or in the foot. I was scared to death.”

Mykale Davis
Mykale Davis

The suspect, 21-year-old Mykale B. Davis of Bloomington, was taken to a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, authorities said. He has been charged with one count of burglary and one count of battery.

If Mr. Davis chose to attack someone pointing a gun at him, imagine what might have happened if Ms. Sinnott hadn’t been armed. The only thing that stops a bad person with evil in their hearts is a good guy (or gal) with a gun.

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  1. Gee my son graduated from UI in Bloomington. Sad to see the dindu nuffin’ bunch going wild. Wellplaced shot lady. I applaud you…

          • So you’re pretending you don’t understand, in order to call the person who says “young black men” a racist.

            So go ahead, say I’m a racist.

        • I’m not pretending anything. Is that what he’s talking about? Black people? That’s a new one on me, “dindu nuffin”. If he is talking about black people, what does that have to do with anything in this story? Can you explain for me? I’m having a hard time following.

          • The perp was black. If you didn’t scroll far enough down, the name Mykale should have done the trick. Dindu nuffin is an eye-dialect rendering of “didn’t do nothing,” which is always what the family members claim about the obviously guilty, usually rightfully dead, perp.

      • You need to watch the news more.
        The “I dindu nuffin’” excuse is used far too often, by people caught in the act, and has become a catchphrase.
        If you want to see it used even more often, watch “Cops.”

      • How much nuffin did a dindu do if a dindu didn’t do nuffin.

        That should explain it all.

    • Your son went to The University of Illinois at Bloomington?
      I’ve heard of UI Chitcago and UI Urbana-Champaign, but I’ve never heard of that one.

      University of INDIANA does have a Bloomington campus, but it’s not in Bloomington Illinois.

  2. A .32 revolver? No vest? No Krav Maga? No hours at a tactikewl training academy being taught the way by ex navy seals. And she survived?

    Didn’t happen. I’ve been told by too many experts on this interwebz thingie that it’s unpossible.

    • Beat me to it. A .380 is barely acceptable for self defense. Surely that .32 does not have sufficient penetration or expansion capabilities. Oh, that must be why the injury was not life threatening.

      • It being non-life-threatening is more a function of shot placement and ammo/bullet design than just the caliber itself. There’s plenty people who get shot with FMJ ammo in most of the recommended pistol calibers and end up with non-life-threatening injuries.

        • The expansion characteristics of .32 ACP ammo is not generally considered good; I’d think that a .32 S&W Long would be even worse with lower velocity. That says nothing of the penetration characteristics of it if it did expand; I’d think ball would be okay for this caliber in many circumstances.

        • For any cartridge under .380 ACP/.38 Special I’d actually recommend ball over hollowpoints. Hollowpoints of that size run the risk of expanding on impact with a jacket, doing little to no harm.

          Plenty of people have been killed in Europe with tiny cartridges such as the .32 and .25, or the .30 Luger. The first rule is “have a gun” (and I carry a big one, so I’m not saying that because guns are heavy). That gun would have done no good sitting in a drawer.

        • Personally, I wouldn’t want to get shot with a pellet gun. A .32 is definitely on my “do not try” list.
          We can argue which caliber, with which loading and bullet, is best, and cite FBI and Youtube gel tests all day long, but the actual fact is this: you do not want to get shot. By any caliber in any loading with any bullet.
          You could argue that you’d rather be shot with a .32 than a .45, but the logical counter is that you’d really rather not get shot at all.
          So don’t do stupid stuff that puts you in danger of being shot.
          The young man who took the bullet in this story chose poorly, and suffered the consequences.

    • Some sort of training (or common sense) might have helped her out with not getting tackled in the first place.

      • I agree but in the end most people don’t really want to shoot or kill someone even when threatened.

    • I’ll bet that not one garment she wore was marked with the super tactical Under Armor logo. You’ve got to be dressed to kill don’t you know?

  3. Mykale? Mykale? Either someone spent too much time playing Final Fantasy V, or the idiot has a cousin name Mycollardgreens.

  4. It’s the home owners fault! If they would have stayed inside, called 911 and let the “poor gun violence victim” drink his Coke, steal their possessions and leave to victimize another home, none of this would have happened! Why can’t you gun lovers see that! Geeez!

    • He WAS unarmed after all. Were her possessions really worth his life?


      I’d say he made that choice

  5. Saw the name Mykale.

    “That’s a white fellow,” said I. “Likely Irish, at least on his mother’s side.”

    Color me surprised, when upon scrolling down, he happens to be a young gentlemen of distant African extraction!

      • Oh, I see, Mr. Politically Correct Sensitive Baby Boy deleted his comment, and somehow also my follow-up about Eppolito and Caracappa. If anyone cares, google it, and note that you don’t feel all that much surprise when it turns out a couple of half-Arab/half-Greek dagos (my people, in other words) in the NYPD are undercover hitters for the Five Families.

  6. Think of the violent horror that would have destroyed these women were they unarmed and helpless. If you’re an unarmed potential victim, change that situation now. Carry a gun, 24/7, 365 days a year, everywhere.

  7. Ok, I’ll throw you a bone. You think my comment is RACISS. Got it.

    Imagine, instead, we are commenting on this article:

    “NYPD Mafia Cops Convicted of Murders”

    I might say something like: “Caracappa and Eppolito? Must be those Dutchmen I keep hearing about. Always mobbed up, can’t trust ’em.”

    I’m Sicilian and about to enter a police academy, and 11 years ago, I read that story and thought, “figures, couple of dago cops are mobbed up.”

  8. I would never leave the house and confront someone outside, much less shoot them outdoors. Great way to get charged with defense of mere property

    • Although it varies, I believe most jurisdictions consider an attached garage as part of the house, whether the door to the garage is open or not.

    • In some States/localities using a firearm to defend your property is perfectly legal. Check your local laws.

      In this case she was only originally using the firearm to hold the burglar at bay until police arrived. At the time of the shooting she was defending herself, not the property.

    • Do what you think is best for you, but realize they didn’t go out to their garage with the intent or even knowledge they would be confronting a miscreant, for all they knew it could’ve been a raccoon or something that trip the alarm. They were checking it out and one of them was fortunately armed when she was attacked–big difference.

  9. We all this is not real.

    We have been told here on TTAG that small guns do not work for anyone but stone-cold operators who practice 120 hours a week to be proficient.

    Not even mentioning that someone shot with a puny caliber like 32 is actually invigorated by its lack of stopping power.

    Sarcasm over….Rule one .. Have gun.

    If there is a “next time”, I hope she caps them before they get to her.

    • Caliber wars aside, in the dark, in the heat of the moment, when a bullet enters your leg I doubt you are considering what caliber pistol sent it. All that registers is that you’ve been shot.

      Caliber wars NOT aside, let’s try not to encourage pistols under .380 for anything other than deep cover, ‘k?

      • I’ve told people often that 99.99% of criminals will be deterred by having holes poked in them, regardless of the size of the hole. Usually this is said to encourage someone who won’t carry something bigger to at least carry something.

      • I don’t have to recommend or advocate. They are already out there. And they can be used to good effect. H&Rs, iver johnson, even taurus. Doesn’t matter what I recommend, these are the guns handed down, traded for, and maybe even bought.

        I’m glad folks have a gun to defend themselves. Gotta start somewhere. Maybe even a highpoint. Or a 22.

        • For that matter I doubt anyone wants to be hit by 30 22lr rounds if someone has one of those keltec PMR-30 pistols.

          And honestly if had one, I unloaded all 30 rounds into him with a hit every time (if he wasn’t wearing heavy clothing) and he was still coming I may just help him load up my plasma tv and some other items. “Might I suggest my xbox one?”

  10. I applaud these ladies for protecting their parents, their parents’ property and themselves. A lesson in family values and civics.
    Guess Obozocare will be picking up the creep’s hospital tab?

  11. Given this happened in Illinois …

    Here’s hoping the parents have a FOID card to go with that gun. And while I’m not up on Illinois law, in particular, here’s also hoping there wasn’t anything illegal about mom lending her daughter the gun for the garage check.

    And, of course, here’s hoping the criminal doesn’t sue the victims for pain and suffering!

  12. When you place yourself to block the suspect’s only exit, and tell him the cops are coming and you’ll shoot him if he tries to leave, you have given him two choices, certain arrest or fighting you for his (and your) life. Don’t be surprised if some of them pick option #2.

    • Many years ago, when I was stationed at Ft. Gordon, I was part of CDOC (Civil Disorder Orientation Course) given there, for higher-ups in law enforcement. At the time (the 60s) our cities were erupting in riots.
      One of the lessons taught was to always leave an exit path for the participants in these activities. Cornered, pretty much any life form will do it’s best to fight. That includes, or course, people.
      So yes, if you stand in the only exit, you will invite a reaction.

  13. well since the victims aren’t white the liberal media with have to dig deeper to find some white people to blame.

  14. This whole story doesn’t sound right .. they just some white slobs who was aiming to shoot anybody black seeing that the man was comfortable enough to have a drink of soda in you’ll house il wondering if you’ll didn’t invite him in or what … it’s more to this story and I will get to the bottom of it and I sure will be at his court date etc… if u feared for your life in the beginning u would’ve been let them bullets loose why wait till he attacker attack to say u was scared !! And if the suspect was in the garage already how was it possible for him to have to lift the garage up to attack if he was already standing in the garage ! U guys offered this young black man a place to lay his head then turned against him after you’ll wanted him out !! Sad ass case white stinky people discuss me

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