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Two civilian disarmament advocacy groups are teaming up to hold what they’re calling the nation’s first ever presidential forum dedicated to tacking the problem of “gun violence” in America. The Giffords gun control operation is teaming up with March for our Lives, the AstroTurf gun-grabbing group that magically sprung up after the Parkland shooting.

They’ll be holding their made-for-the-media dog and pony show with Democrat candidates in October in Las Vegas on the two-year anniversary of the Mandalay Bay shooting.

CDC leading causes of death
Courtesy Centers for Disease Control

We’re sure similar aggregations of Democrat candidates will be staged in the coming months to tackle all of the leading causes of death.

Because what Americans really need in order to make an informed decision next fall is to hear Bernie Sanders’ thoughts on how we should deal with the ongoing nephritis plague in this nation. And who doesn’t want to hear Pete Buttigieg’s thoughts on waging the war on accidental injuries?

“Never before has our country had a presidential forum singularly dedicated to the issue of addressing gun violence, but this year, we’re changing that,” Giffords said. “If we’re serious about tackling the biggest problems facing our country, we need serious conversations about solutions.”

David Hogg, co-founder of March for Our Lives, said, “It’s our hope that the candidates come to Las Vegas prepared to discuss bold and holistic plans, like restorative justice, to end gun violence epidemic and its root causes. We have to look at the totality of the problem, not just mass shootings that too often capture the media’s attention, but suicides and other forms of gun violence that go unreported.”

– Gabriella Benavidez in Presidential forum on gun safety to take place on Oct. 2 in Las Vegas


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    • It means besides trying to criminalize us, they will also be trying to wage propaganda campaigns that malign us in pop culture media.

    • “Holistic Gun Control” is like “Holistic Medicine”. Some self-proclaimed “expert”, who stands to make money off his/her claims and can produce marginal evidence that it might have worked in some cases (but don’t examine the empirical method behind those claims very closely) tells you that they have discovered the miracle cure for one ailment or another and urges you to buy it from them…usually at an exhorbitant price.
      In this case when you have Giffords and Hogg advocating for it, you can be assure it is Snake Oil being sold by top-of-the-line charlatans looking to line their pockets with other peoples’ money.

      • These people need to stop screwing around and start arming up to protect themselves and their love ones. Nothing they do will EVER MAKE A DIFFERENCE. The only thing you can do now is to learn how to shoot and protect yourself and quit whining about living in a gun society. This is the way of the world now and you can either be a victim or non-victim.

    • Preventing crime through the use of energy crystals and essential oils, I think.

      LOL, even people that use the term “holistic” positively, use it as a stand-in for “bullshit.”

    • It’s like saying Green and Eco gun control. (That’s coming.) It makes you sound more “progressive” and it will definitely save the planet.

      • lol, no kidding. My employer is a global manufacturer/supplier of certain products, and we are *literally* talking about this right now and preparing for a new line to launch for 2020.

        Our fearless Marketing Dept (insert sarcasm here) is duplicating an existing line of products, wrapping them in a new cover, and adding the single word “Green” to the name. No joke…that’s it. The same products, but with the new name, and with a higher selling price.

        “Green” is the new “blockchain”.

    • What is “Restorative Justice”
      Unless it’s a return to fair single tier justice system for all *cough-cough, lock her up.
      They can blow their holistic air out their ass.

      • “What is “Restorative Justice””

        That’s when you find a beat-to-hell old gun in the classifieds or a pawn shop and spend hours returning it to its former mechanical glory, of course!

    • Holistic gun control? It’s the ability to place all your bullets into one ragged hole.

    • Just another desperate attempt by the Globalist supported Stooges like Giffords and her egg-headed idiot husband to disarm us. See New Zealand.

  1. Presidential forum? LOL. If only any of those in attendance will ever be president.

    If they wanted to save lives, they would be looking to slow down medical misadventures which are what, the #2 cause of death in America today?

    As for these left-wing fringe candidates in the Democrat party? Yeah.

    Free health care for illegal aliens? What about millions of real Americans don’t have health care coverage?

    Free education for illegal aliens? What about fixing lousy schools for real Americans?

    And “climate change”? What a load of crap. Climate change isn’t real, but it is junk science. And idiots like Yang or Chang or whatever his name is proclaiming that “it’s too late” to save the earth (we should move to higher ground)… right oh. I remember learning in my EEE105 course (a requirement to graduate) at the University of Illinois that the world would virtually exhausted our supply of oil by the year 2000.

    I’m glad I’ve got my guns and my carbon. And I delight in burning cardboard to recycle it instead of “recycling” it conventionally. And when visitors ask where my recycling can is located, I point at the trash can.

    • Andrew Yang doesn’t actually believe a word of what he’s saying. If he thinks everyone should move to higher ground, then why does he live in New York City? Democrats use environmental issues the same way they use race, as a way to gain power.

    • I remember back in the 1980s in college when teachers and their lack assistants were telling us as we sat in the lecture Halls that there would be water wars by 2000. They were convinced that the United States would be at war with other countries for water resources.

      • Yeah I’ve heard that too. With the exception of the water we have launched into space we have the same amount of water as when the dinosaurs walked the earth. The water doesn’t go away just because you drank it

      • There have been, and are, water wars. They happen in Africa. The birth rates there do not bode well.

  2. If the Gun Rights Community doesn’t start mobilizing to engage in (actual) grassroots efforts with things like Community Workshops and Townhalls, these Propaganda Pushes by the Anti-Gun Pigs will ultimately overrun us.

    Laugh at this all you want, but our side sitting around and doing nothing will result in our demise. The antis are in full throttled mode to take us out.

    • I agree. This is supposed to be the job of the NRA, but they’ve really dropped the ball lately.

    • J P, You are correct. I suggested something previously on here, and ” the powers that be ” didn’t seem to think it was worth printing. One of these days, the people who talk all their bullshit are going to wake up and say ” WTF HAPPENED ???”

      • I must disagree with several points. While they may be valid, on paper, there are several million well armed Americans who would disagree. Lead usually beats paper and rock and scissors.

  3. US: 80000000. Them: Squat. We’ll show some gun “safety”😄😊😏🇺🇸

  4. this article raises a lot of questions like:

    What is restorative justice?

    Where’s the president in this presidential summit? All I see are candidates most of whom are not going to run next year.

    Why are these navel gazing retards goin to suggest more gun bans when the ones in place aren’t even working?

    “Do you know the definition of insanity?” Vaas- Far Cry 3 antagonist R.I.P taken from us far too soon in game.

    • What is restorative justice? I have no idea, but it sounds pretty ominous coming out of his mouth.

      • Restorative = to restore to a previous state or condition.

        What this “previous” state is in their minds, I have no idea. The previous state of our nation was general acceptance of guns, with no restrictions whatsoever.

        • Restorative justice is trans generational guilt and trans generational revenge.

          If your great great great great great grandparent was a slave, or if none of your ancestors were slaves bu the dame color as some slaves, and you are a “D Student” you get the the slot at a university that an “A student” was to get, if even if that A students ancestors didn’t own slaves and fought int he civil war against slavery, either directly through quota, or through getting 255 points added to your SAT for minority status.

          If you have a victim card, either because you are a ethnic, sexual preference, gender or gender identity minority you get preferences. If not you are an oppressor and get penalized.

          David Hogg spent his entire life being indoctrinated that he has to go to the back of the line because by his ethnicity and gender he is per se an aggressor and victimimizer. His being a gun violence “victim,” despite never have been shot, means he gets a golden ticket into the new Americans Dream — being able to declare your identity group and therefore yourself — a victim.

    • “Restorative justice” = vengeance
      “Where’s the president” = laughing his ass off that despite being rather lackluster himself, he still gets to face off against opponents who are all somehow even worse than Hillary (including one who was once more popular than Hillary but has since betrayed his fan base)
      “Why suggest more bans” = they don’t know anything else, and they are growing crazy(er). Repetition of failure is a ‘sign’ of stupidity as well as insanity. “Ban-o-philia” is also a sign of an ignorant or immature mindset; ‘just make the bad things all go away.’

      • So President Trump’s invite got lost in the mail, popped hot for Anthrax, orrrr is this like they did with Hillary? Maybe if they call Crypt Keeper Joe and the Grave Diggers presidential enough times one of the botched abortions will actually BE President…

    • re·stor·a·tive jus·tice
      a system of criminal justice which focuses on the rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with victims and the community at large.

      I think the Hogg is confused.
      When I see this, my mind wanders to punishing gun owners either monetarily or through other channels when something happens.
      Maybe it’s just me.

  5. What,no Demanding Commie Mommys,were they left out of the B-Loon-Berg sponsored idiocy,Shannon must have hurt Feelz.

  6. Holistic gun control: they are coming for everybody’s whole lifestyle.

    Restorative justice: to make things better for people who shoot stuff up.

    Because guns.

  7. While your at it discuss who is actually coming to physically take them. I will not register or surrender my firearms. Make no mistake I will fight.

    Registration, Confiscation, Genocide the Marxist history of the Twentieth Century. I’m not going to a gulag.

    You should also discuss the inevitable Civil War.

    Listen to the words and watch the actions of these Marxist Millennials. You think these black shirted thugs like ANTIFA will not slaughter you? Look at the physical attacks on Trump supporters. Even if you don’t support Trump this level of violence should concern you.

    I will use lethal force to defend myself and the Republic.

    • For some, it is their job. The leaders of these activist groups are very well funded. The young foot soldiers are funded by their parents.

    • They certainly do have jobs. Expenses, per diemsand pre-buys of Hogg’s book by Bloomberg amount to much higher pay than the average high school grad.

      As far as the rest, the gun control lobby has about seven times as many professional PR flacks and lobbyists as the pro Second Amendment grops combined.

  8. As with many of the homicidal killers that use guns to kill multiple people, many of these gun control proponents have mental health issues.

    The US used to institutionalize people who were considered a threat to themselves or others, and then the ACLU decided that it would sue to get these people released.

    The results can be seen in the streets (in the number of homeless people), some of these killers (some of whom were known by pshrinks and health care professionals, but who were turf’ed down the road) and some of these bizarre and hysterical women shrieking for ‘gun control’ as a solution to mental health problems (ie, let’s make the entire world one huge padded room so that the crazies can continue to live among the sane population).

    We should campaign on mental health and control of the mentally disturbed people into institutions.

    • DG, you’re half right. In my sight, the killers are already known. The courts release these degenerates back into society far too soon.
      Armed robbery, in particular, is treated much too softly. This crime implicitly carries the threat of murder. Nevertheless, armed robbers are generally turned loose after 2-3 years of crime college.

  9. I’d personally like to invite advocates to take their “holistic approach” to North St. Louis, South Chicago, West Baltimore or South Dallas, I’m sure the locals would be most receptive to their persuasions……

    Oh wait, these lily white “advocates” never visit these locals.

  10. The ONLY items on the CDC list that grass roots MAY positively influence are accidents and intentional self harm.

    Focusing on a particular tool (firearm, automobile, knife, etc.) won’t be productive.

    It’s low-hanging fruit, for these self promoters to blame guns. It’s unfortunate that some people actually believe the crap.

  11. “Bold”, “serious”, “epidemic”, “conversation” – they just keep rearranging those with a few extra words.

  12. WHY do the NEVER suggest that such conferences are about crime control? Or they just after law-abiding citizens and the dupes following aren’t really aware of the true purpose? I’m sure all these women know how criminals think and can make useful suggestions. Have they considered what the drug problem will be if the Dems win and institute open borders? Or do they even know there is a connection between drugs and violence?

  13. It’s far better to be thought a fool, than to say things like Bold and Holistic Solutions, and remove all doubt…

  14. “Bold and Holistic” sounds like some sort of hippie hot sauce or a new flavor of Pringles meant solely to troll the public.

    • “Bold and Holistic” is the tile of the group Khymer Rough’s new comeback album (stylistically different from the defining album from their heyday: “To the Left: Further to the Left.”)

  15. So here we are. “Liberalism” in a nutshell.

    David Hogg, a borderline moron whose applications to the prestigious schools whose credentials he craved were rejected on the merits (specifically, their lack thereof), is given a bully pulpit and a bullhorn, feted by the powerful, and elevated by the tastemakers.

    Kyle Kashuv, a highly intelligent independent thinker, was accepted to the nation’s most prestigious university on the merits, only to have his acceptance revoked on a spurious pretext; since then he has been virtually unpersoned in the public arena, his reach limited to those few who manage to slip past the crowd-control fences.

    • Guess that’s the consequence of the social contract they never signed but everyone quietly understands somehow…..

  16. Pragmatically, this is ripe to judo them.

    “Bold and holistic.”

    Well, one way to reduce accidents with guns and harm from them is gun safety training. We should maybe do that. Safety training, first aid, water safety and similar might be good to have in general.

    One way to reduce mass shootings, or non-mass shootings is doing something about the self-identified whack jobs, perhaps holistically including “don’t let them shoot anybody” in responses to red flags or similar. (Like, I don’t know, if somebody’s on a “watch list”, maybe watch them, so you can stop them in the act.)

    There’s no justice in letting gang-bangers run amok in their bling, in essentially occupied turf where they sell, while folks who live there clean struggle to not get shot. There’s not a lot of justice in letting large-scale organized crime and cartels treat violence for enforcement and intimidation as just a cost of doing business. It’s a yuuuuuuge unjust cost on people just trying to get by, who happen to be in the wrong place. Maybe look at the “gun violence” effects of stepping harder on gangs, gang-bangers, and cartels; holistically, of course.

    If you want to look at things that have helped; people with presence of mind who move toward the carnage. Armed have more impact than the unarmed, but people do a lot of good with improvised arms, like, say a credit-card machine (Holistically position credit-card machines in every classroom? — Discuss.), and people do a lot of good with ballistic blankets, doors, or just their own bodies — but at a terrible price. All honor to them all. Maybe we can restore a little justice in their direction, too.

    Ban All the Things isn’t very holistic, systematically unjust, and any more not so bold — it’s been tried. So, yeah, we’re with you. Let’s try some other stuff.

    • I think maybe it’s time to be out of patience.

      They frame their whackadoodle nonsense in squishy, nice-feeling words. But their schtick enriches schysters, and solves nothing at all. Their stuff has been tried enough, it isn’t ignorance, or wishful thinking any more (if it ever was.)

  17. So much whining from so many people who have firepower. You people have threaten Mass Shootings, Civil War, and many other acts of stupidity which make gun owners look like idiots. No One is coming for Your Guns, They just don’t want to get shot by them. No suggestions on how to accomplish this? They’re worried about their kids in school being gunned down, aren’t we as responsible gun owners worried about their kids dying while in school too? I am and I believe we can give them background checks to keep people who have mental problems from having guns and you know who you are. Maybe people on the no fly list because they’re terrorist shouldn’t have guns. These ideas seem good to me.

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