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In the video below, bodybuilder Houston Jones challenges his friends to shoot his ripped physique with a potato gun. Like the recent fatal “experiment” — wherein an aspiring stunt man challenged his pregnant girlfriend to shoot him with a Desert Eagle — none of the participants here gave much thought to the forces unleashed by a ballistic device. Truth be told . . .

The number one result of a Google search “potato gun kill” unearthed a article that tells us that “Recent research found that if you take a potato to the head you have way more than a “50% risk of skull fracture.” Even taking a body shot could do some serious damage and has a good chance of killing you.”

Here’s proof: One Killed, Three Injured In Potato Gun Accident. OK, that one exploded. But keep in mind that an acetylene-fueled spud gun is capable of producing a muzzle velocity of over 300 mph (from US Air Force Measures Potato Cannon Muzzle Velocities).

For comparison, the average Major League pitcher throws the ball at just over 90 miles per hour. You wouldn’t want to stand in front of that, would you? Not even with a helmet.

The only reason Mr. Jones didn’t suffer more than a bruised body: the potato gun used by his “friends” didn’t generate sufficient muzzle velocity to damage his internal organs. If he decides to go big or go home, to do this again with a more powerful device, well, we won’t be seeing a lot of new videos on his channel.

Darwin. Guns. Connect the dots.

Jeremy Edit:

Remember the baseball cannon in our Mill Creek Shooting Resort review? Well, this seemed like an appropriate place to share the video footage. You do NOT want to be in front of this bad boy:

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    • I’m not sorry, he’s an idiot. And that potato gun is weak. The one we have would fu– him up.

      • That gun shoots baby potatoes.
        I built one with a 3″ bore – it shoots POTATOES!
        If you’re gonna make yourself look like a wuss to those who know what they’re doing, don’t put it on Youtube!

    • idiots have been breeding very rapidly, and are responsible for most population and voter demographics in city and urban areas since the mid 1800s.

      aka, the democratic party, the modern travesty of the party founded by Thomas Jefferson

      • There is absolutely nothing “democratic” about the party you have in mind!

        You seem to confuse “democratic” and democrat!
        That little “ic” makes all the difference in the world!

        The actual correct term for these SOBs, today, is “COMMIECRATS”!

        They havent been even “democrats”, since the 1960s, when they hi-jacked, or just plain stole the political platform of the CPUSA! That is when the party name should have been changed to the “Commiecrats”!

        (But it pisses them off to be called what they truly are!)
        As they say, “Tough Shjt”!
        COMMIECRATS, all!

        • I think the difference you are looking for is “democrat” vs “Democrat.”
          The first believes in democracy, the second believes in big government, and having that government control as many aspects of the “little people” and their lives as they can.

  1. Sadly, we as a society have gotten too good at keeping morons alive to reach reproductive age.

    • Are you willing to go to the trophy shop and pay for his Darwin Award?
      I’m not saying I’m against your idea, him not breeding would probably be a good thing…

      • If all I have to pay for is the actual award, sure, I’m your daisy. Awards are cheap.

      • “Are you willing to go to the trophy shop and pay for his Darwin Award?”

        I just wanna laugh my ass off at the look on his face when he experiences that white-hot bolt of pure pain…

  2. That’s a pretty weak Potato gun compared to some I’ve seen. They were using whittled down potatoes too, not full size, unpeeled Potatoes. I want to see him try it with a “real” Potato gun with full sized, unpeeled Idaho spuds. Then we can watch them cart Muscle Head off to the County Coroner’s Office. Cause of Death = Extreme Stupidity!

    • When my son was at Minnesota his lab built a potato gun and fired a spud across the Mississippi. I’d like to see him take a shot from that cannon.

      • Yeah. I built one with a 6′ long barrel. Getting potatoes out to 300 yards was routine.
        We shot a sheet of 1/2″ plywood and it punched right through.

  3. Remember the fat carnies that used to get shot in their bellies with a cannon? Good times. They quit doing that around 20 years ago or so.

  4. A perfect example of the Dunning–Kruger effect, which while often tragic, is quite entertaining.

  5. Well duh…muscle head indeed. Just saw the news where it was reported a kid got hit on top of his head by a dumbf##k shooting into the air-and he’s in serious condition(Hammond,IN). Mighty LOUD right now?

    • Oh shit…maybe a half mile? At least 700 yards. Not exactly sure but it was pretty GD far haha. They said at full pressure they’ve actually hit on the slope of that hill in the distance.

  6. I take issue with the term “ripped”.

    Ripped is a technical term for low body fat. While Houston jones is certainly in great shape, he is not “ripped” as in single digit body fat with abs.

    Instead, he is jacked- which has to do with size of muscles vs. crazy low body fat.

    Bruce lee was ripped (and sliced in some cases).

    Arnold was jacked, but never got to the ultra low body fats of today bodybuilders.

    Houston certainly isn’t fat, but he isn’t six pack without flexing.

  7. Another shot or two of hairspray would have changed that video quite a bit. For the better.

    • You can quickly reach the point of too much fuel, not enough air. Stoichiometry.
      A larger fuel/air chamber will require more fuel, and provide more propellant gasses, resulting in more velocity (as long as the plastic holds up).

  8. Like the recent fatal “experiment” — wherein an aspiring stunt man challenged his pregnant girlfriend to shoot him with a Desert Eagle — none of the participants here gave much thought to the forces unleashed by a ballistic device

    Were I to make a wager, I’d say the opposite is true – those boys most likely tested and de-tuned potato launcher.

  9. I’m not saying we kill all the stupid people. I say we just remove ALL warning labels, and let things sort themselves out.

  10. I’m wondering how much gas escapes around the potato in the bore. If the potato was “sized” through a circular cutter, leaving solid meat all the way around, I would think this would prevent velocity loss?
    This is assuming the potato was oversize to begin with.

  11. My tater gun would put that dumb ass in the morgue. Shot at a maple tree from 20 feet it removed the bark in a 6 inch circle.

  12. Agree he is not anywhere near ” ripped”, he would have been called , ” smooth ” back in my gym rat days . Smooth , cut , ripped .

    Ya know we complain about ” clips” and such yet use ” ripped” when it’s not even close .

  13. Growing up we had a tennis ball cannon that would put a deflated tennis ball through a sheet of OSB plywood.

    Also apparently White Rain hair spray gave us more velocity than straight ether. Ether just didn’t gum up our igniters…

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