As Summer Starts, Remember the Real Reason for the Holiday

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  1. I have to say that one of my hot button issues is the mistreatment of our veterans by both our government and people who live in this Country who don’t realize what sacrifices our military has made to keep this Country free. I am 77 years old and have had many of my relatives serve in the armed forces and as law enforcement as well. I lost an uncle in WWII at the battle of Leyte Gulf where American destroyers had to fight off Japanese Battleships. His son, my cousin, who was born while his father was serving our Country never got to know or meet his father. I grew up at a time where we respected our veterans, our Country and our Constitution, our freedom and our way of life. Today too many people take all of that for granted and do nothing but try to destroy the Country I grew up to love. I have no patience or respect for our current Federal Government not the radical left who have all 9 principles of Saul Alinsky’s formula for a socialist state in play in this Country at the moment.

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      • Your agency should screen candidates for intelligence — starting with spelling.

        • Dont start with the “you’re” stuff.
          I just learned english two weeks before your president hired me.

        • “Your agency should screen candidates for intelligence — starting with spelling.”

          Uh, when English is a secondary language, they’re probably doing better than can be expected.

        • Darkman,

          You think no name is a grammar Nazi? Well, personally, I prefer the appellation “alt-write”, but you do you.

          On the other hand, one might refer to no name as “literate”, which you clearly are not. Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son. Illiterate is even worse; it’s like wearing the “Kick Me” sign on your back, that you don’t even know is there. Be proud of your ignorance; you earned it.

  2. They shall not grow old, as we are left grow old;
    Age shall not weary then, nor the years condemn.
    We will remember them.

    Lest we forget.

  3. Memorial Day is especially deeply felt by my family.

    On 28 May 1944, a B-24 Liberator of Chennault’s 14th Air Force was returning to its base following a mission. The plane went down in the mountains of south central China; all 11 aboard perished. My uncle, a combat veteran of 53 missions, was the pilot. My father received the telegram informing the family of his brother’s sacrifice on 6 June — D-Day.

        • Jethro, Geoff, and Garth. Ya’ll shouldn’t concern yourselves with the squeaking of vermin, nor the utterances of sub-human filth.

        • . A dead Skunk on a piano or a diseased Beaver on an organ, nobody wants either one. Well now wait, it is 2023 so I could be wrong on that.
          Let’s Go Brandon

      • You know what’s really hilarious, fascist ‘wolfie’?

        The mental image I have right now of what your face would look like when you get put up against the wall.

        I bet you would crap your pants and beg for your life that’s about to end… 🙂

        • Yep. If he’d only ever read a history book, or even learned to read at all, then he’d know what happens to Useful Idiots like him once they’ve outlived their usefulness.

    • we don’t really forget ’em…how could we?…we just need a little annual reminder….

  4. Grace, were Robert and Willa your grandparents?

  5. Only 2 people have ever volunteered to die for you. Jesus for your sins and the American Veteran for your freedom.
    Honor and thank them both.

    • ehhhh, I dont know about that. Of course I cant ask the dead veterans but most of the undead vets fought pretty hard to stay that way.
      You’ve no idea how hard of a time I’m having getting volunteers to light the fuse on my UniversEndingPerpetualFussionNuetrinoBlomb. The raffle tickets are not selling as fast as I’d thought they would. Maybe I should try a “Guess how many gumn balls are in the jar”
      I’d ask Jesus but I’ve not found him yet.

  6. Lost a very dear friend of mine in 2006 in Iraq to an IED. He was only 20. Godspeed amigo, Semper Fi, and I’ll be seeing you again one day in the Kingdom.

  7. Maybe I was raised weird or something, but my earliest memories of Memorial Day are of our family treating it as a solemn occasion. We spent the day traveling to various cemeteries, where family members who had lost their lives during a conflict were interred. Once I began Piping in my teens, my Bagpipes went with me, and a hymn and Flowers o’ the Forest were played as we solemnly offered our thanks and prayers at each cemetery.
    I did the same when my kids were born, and yesterday, did the same with my Grandchildren. Yes, we had a meal prepared on the grill, but it remains a solemn holiday for my family to this day. Not a drunken Rowdy party.

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