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Enter the best caption for this photo in the comments by midnight Sunday and you’ll win a Black Arch Protos or Ace-1 Gen 2 holster. What are you waiting for?

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  1. you walk in see her gaze, and her pistol…..your thoughts wander………..did I take my Viagra?
    her gaze tells you…………… best have not forgotten………..

    the saga continues…….

  2. Ah, welcome Georg! That fellow Johann Browning with his 9mm Kurz just wan’t man enough, so I am glad to wee you!

  3. I will ask you again, and this time think very cerefully about your answer. “Does this dress make my butt look big?”

  4. Natasha before she let that retard Boris talk her into spending her life in a fruitless chase for a cartoon moose and squirrel.

  5. While it’s not capable of full auto, I’m happy to set for selective fire, and always hope for a high pressure output.

  6. Tonight, I’m telling *you* what your limit on schnitzengruben is, got it?


    It’s simple- either you give me “la petite mort” or I give you the big version, right between the eyes.

  7. And then she heard a wrapping, a wrapping, gently tapping at her chamber door.
    Quoth the Maiden,

    “Step through and I’ll show you Nevermore!”

  8. The first Bond woman getting into character in her dressing room.

    (“Bond woman”, as in supporting actress to James Bond 007.)

  9. That’s the look you get on your face when you realise, as the sirens draw closer, that you just shot some dumbass tweaker with your classic Luger and now it’s going to the evidence locker. Never to be seen again.

    Shoulda bought that Sigma and stashed the luger in a safe.

  10. She: “Am I teasing you? Does that make you uneasy?”

    He: “All the better…”

    She: “I know what it takes to make you happy.”

    He: “Aren’t you the precocious one?”

    She: “What I know will make the other girls blush.”

    He: “I’m starting to think you’re a double agent.”

    She: “Just look into my eyes and tell me what you see…”

  11. What?! Bill and the dumbocrat gang is in town for a Hillary rally?! Better lock up the house, hide the children and arm the women.

  12. Some days you just don’t want to clean your damn Luger. And the dishwasher is busted so she has to do it by hand.

  13. You think this is impressive?
    – I have a martini rifle & 500 rounds under here.
    Hows that for concealed carry mien capitan.

  14. “Dear I simply must insist on something in a stainless steel finish next time. Blued steel clashes horribly with my silk and satin gowns.”


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