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“Voters who for a decade encouraged the [Democratic] party to make room for pro-gun politicians are by and large no longer Democrats. Strickland won the Ohio governorship in 2006 — when he boasted an A+ rating from the NRA — with strong support from rural, blue collar voters. But he can’t rely on these voters to elect him to the Senate this year. He needs a more urban, white collar coalition, such as those that gave President Obama key wins in the state and elected the unabashedly liberal Sherrod Brown to the state’s other Senate seat.” – The Key Senate Race That Shows How Much Democrats Have Changed on Guns [at]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Why Do Anti-Gunners Want to Leave Us All Defenseless?">Previous Post
Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Hillary May Be As Good for Guns as Obama">Next Post


  1. A quick google search show that every election in recent history where Democrats passed or supported gun control, has resulted in losses for said Democrats. Some were huge losses. But hey, why pay any attention to history? Not like it can teach us anything right?

    • From their view history cannot teach them anything. Because those lessons are on the wrong side of history and therefore wrong themselves.

      • Here’s a free clue for Democrats:

        You know those pro-gun blue-collar Democrats?

        They’re voting for Trump.

        In *DROVES*.

        (That is both a good thing and bad thing, but that’s for later discussion.)

    • Really? So you’re saying the democrats in the NY legislature lost their majority after the SAFE act?
      Or that Dan Malloy lost his job in CT or Hickenlooper in CO?

  2. They don’t care anymore.
    One of the byproducts of the last 7 years of the current regime is the loss of many so-called ‘blue-dog’ democrats. The far left crowd didn’t lose too many seats as they typically represent districts that like that kind of crap. I used to wonder if BHO knew what he was doing to his party. But I am now convinced that he not only knows but approves…get the ‘moderates’ out of the party, reset the democratic ‘middle’ to something far to the left of reality, and move the country left. Anyone formerly considered ‘moderate’ is not right of his new center.
    Look at Jim Webb as an example…no room for him in the current democratic party.

    • Yeah. Jim Webb would have overall been a great president. Exactly the kind of thoughtful, experienced person, who actually respects the constitution, has actual knowledge, and is not crazy.

      Zero room for him in either party.

    • For me, the great irony is I have developed a more liberal position as I’ve gotten older. While I ran for state office as a Republican many years ago (FYI, beaten like a drum), I might have joined the blue-dog camp. It is disappointing to be too moderate for either party.

      • “It is disappointing to be too moderate for either party.”

        Don’t be disappointed, wear it as a badge of honor. Neither party actually stands for any kind of principles anymore, they have simply calcified into knee-jerk resistance to each other on a set of issues that they and the collusive media have agreed to make divisive.

        If my beliefs were in line with either party today, I hope I’d have the sense to take a long look at myself and figure out what went wrong…

  3. I’m a liberal ex-Democrat independent who voted for Strickland for governor because he had a MUCH more pro-gun record than Kasich.

    Between eight years of Obama, and Strickland turning his coat on a so-called “assault weapon” ban, I’m NEVER voting for another Democrat as long as I live. I’m done.

    • Blue Force Gear has no input or influence on our choice of editorial content. None. Nor have they asked for same.

      Blue Force Gear are supporting TTAG financially, which helps us tell the truth about guns.

      • No complaints here about this kind of ad revenue generation…

        But, IMHO, the low IQ clip bait in the middle of the main page needs to be deep-sixed. You know, the Asian girl BJ lips, legal steriods, perfectly timed person get hit in the head pictures, how many times Kate Middleton showed some skin, and all that jazz.

        Every website which has those ads, and only the websites which has those ads, causes refresh errors on my phone, constantly.

        It’s your sandbox, but I’m just throwing my 2 bits out there – it causes errors on my phone and it’s National Enquirer-esque.

        • Odd: none of those adds show up on my computer or on my phone when I visit TTAG.

          I don’t know what kind of crazy internet browsing you do in your free time, and it isn’t my business, but just a friendly tip that you may want to clear your cache and delete your cookies from time to time.

        • Robert has every right to generate revenue.

          Internet users have tools like AdBlock to streamline the web browsing process and reduce chances of picking up data-mining cookies and ad bots.

        • John, I don’t think anyone is saying TTAG shouldn’t have ads. But the lowbrow clickbait ads really hurt the site’s image, if you ask me. People *do* judge books by their cover, and TTAG’s cover is pretty trashy. And the fact that the ads from these sources often include security risks, trackers, and autoplay videos really drag down the end-user experience. If TTAG had better ads, I would unblock them. As it is, I and many, many others are blocking everything that’s not directly content-related, and therefore not contributing to that revenue at all.

        • We are aware of these issues. We’re redesigning the site and working hard to eliminate all auto-play ads. Your patience is most appreciated.

        • We are aware of these issues. We’re redesigning the site and working hard to eliminate all auto-play ads. Your patience is most appreciated.

        • Peter,

          Well, between the pan-sexual horse porn and my constant searching on the Internet for Japanese girls on steriods named Kate, I can now see where these ads come from…

          Man, it all makes sense, now!

        • Aren’t having to use ad blockers against the whole point of marketing and consumer driven ad revenue generations… For instance, if the run-mill-consumer doesn’t care about the ads and has no interest in the product or purpose for the ad, enough to block it from view, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the ads being there in the first place?

          I mean, call me crazy, but shouldn’t ads and marketing be based on consumer interest, demand, and perception?

        • I’ve said it here many times: Add a subscription option.
          People will pay a few dollars a year for good content.
          And for those who don’t: Ads about Kate Middleton’s steroid lips. (I don’t know who she is, but I assume the lips are quite impressive).

        • RF, just remember to let us know when we can try turning off our ad blockers and see if the site has become somewhere we can send fence sitters for information, or if we need to continue to refrain due to embarrassment.

  4. I know plenty of pro-gun D’s. The only problem is none of them are in office.

    I know plenty of anti-gun R’s. Good thing none of them are in office.

  5. Pro gun democrats?….What happened to the democratic party in general? It has been hijacked by socialists disguised as progressives, calling themselves liberals, but registered as democrats.

    • Same thing that happened to the, now, big G loving, furtherest thing from Conservatism, Corporatist-welfare R’s, it became a former shadow of itself from being bought, sold, and paid for at the expense of the many, to the benefit of a few…

      One of the only things I can respect about the Socialist is they’re at least honest about wanting to expand Gov’t. The “Conservatives” say they want limited Gov’t, but, in reality, expanded it right alongside the Socialist.

      R’s and D’s are like those two trashy girls who fight, which each other, over the same Dbag dude, who cheated on both of them at the same time –it’s comical, really.

      • ” The “Conservatives” say they want limited Gov’t, but, in reality, expanded it right alongside the Socialist. “

        I read other forums on different (but sorta related) topics, and some of the most staunch, hardcore, rabid “pro-government-solution” Statists around are “Conservatives.”

        They are the “Law and Ordah” crowd that is fine with .gov intrusion in our lives so long as that government intrusion fits “improving” their pet hobby. Indeed, some of these guys are adamant about .gov promoting their hobby/recreation, even at the expense of that same .gov intrusion destroying local jobs.

        It is all very fascinating. People really don’t see their own hypocrisy / cognitive dissonance / Dunning-Kruger-esque failures.

        And boy oh boy, woe be to you if you DARE to point out their internal inconsistency in regard wanting big gov for THEIR purposes…why, that just makes you one of them-there 60’s Hippy Liberals! How DARE ya!

        People ARE strange…

        • Don’t I know it!

          When you take off the lense of Subjectiveness and look at things Objectively, the big picture becomes clearer… The regular folks like you and me always lose with big gov’t, it’s just what we are losing, based on who is in power, at that particular time.

          In the end, gov’t is just a monopoly on the initiation of force, so when gov’t grows, freedom dies. Doesn’t matter who is in power.

      • That’s the root of the republican party. The short flirtation with limited government was never their core ideology. The party started as a reorganization of the whig party. Their first elected president was a former railroad lobbyist who spent his entire presidency expanding government and enriching his corporate masters. He also laid the groundwork for central banking (good for corporate welfare and politicians, terrible for the people) by promoting and signing the National Bank Acts, banning competing currencies and forcing everyone to use worthless “greenbacks” (which he then printed into near hyperinflation).

        • Bankers donate more money to both parties in one year, than most of us could imagine making in a life time, and we are supposed to believe the politicians work for the people…

          Jefferson had it right – the Central Bank is worse than any standing army.

  6. Democrats/progressives; the party of those that choose to be powerless, helpless and dependant; and they will use the gun in the hands of the government enforcers to make sure the rest of us join the party, or they’ll make us die trying.

  7. “The Trace” is that Bloomberg-backed, gun bashing rag, right? I’d forgotten it exists, but I was easily reminded by wat of their terminology.

    They sarcastically describe Strickland’s gun record, which include past A+ ratings from the NRA, as “less-than-perfect.” That expediently positions their own anti-gun political views as a paragon, and any deviations from orthodoxy as being failings.

    They characterize as “gun friendly” the federal law that bars holding gun manufacturers legally responsible for criminals who commit crimes with guns. What’s friendly about such a law? It’s just a dispassionate and objective law treating the gun manufacturers the same as everybody else who had nothing to do with the crime.

    It isn’t gun friendly, it’s just gun normal. The law wouldn’t even be necessary were there not so many anti-gun judges and juries who choose to ignore the Constitution and impose their own perverse personal opinions on others.

  8. See Montana anti gun hardline communist Steve Bullock have an A+ rating from nra ………..

    – no campus carry
    – no blade limit from 4 to 6 inches
    – no constitutional carry
    – suppressor hunting only after created state crime

    What an lot of lost time white that guy

    Don t give a fuck of something the nra rhinos say !!

  9. What happened to the other quote of the day? I’m certain I read a totally different quote like an hour ago. Or did I have a stroke?

  10. What happened to pro-gun Democrats?

    Our nation’s prosperity from the 1950s through roughly 2005 (give or take a few years), as well as our nation’s government handouts from the 1960s through today, has produced three generations of people that expect to feel good and have a cushy life.

    In other words over 60 years of prosperity and government handouts have created a LOT of people whose entire lives are based on entitlement, where feelings are supreme. And since it doesn’t feel good to think about violent crime, to be responsible for your own self-defense, and to carry firearms, those same people support a platform that advocates removing firearms from the equation. Of course what I just described is the core of support for the Democrat Party. That is why there are no pro-gun Democrats.

  11. Lots of blue collar people are Democrats only because they perceive that party to be the one that will save and protect their labor unions. They are gun owners who hate the idea of gun control just as much as any other gun owner. But fear of losing their union power keep them voting D.

    Fear is a powerful tool.

    • This Saturday the United Brotherhood of Carpenters is putting on a rally, for Hillary, in Renton WA. Douglas McCarron, our General President, will be the keynote speaker. They’re going to go knock on doors afterwards.
      Interestingly, last Saturday, Washington Carpenters Local 41 voted to not endorse Hillary. One could tell that this did not sit well with our local leaders. We, also, voted to not endorse Bernie.
      A friend of mine is a business agent for Washington Local 30. He told me he’s getting more negative responses than positive regarding the upcoming rally.
      I’m sure the local leadership is embarrassed. Especially, with the “Grand Poobah” coming to town. I’m proud of the rank and file members for standing up for what we believe.

      • In Illinois, union members are fearful of pulling a Republican ballot in a primary. This is public information and the union retribution can be swift.

  12. “…when he boasted an A+ rating from the NRA — with strong support from rural, blue collar voters.” Sounds like a description of the inbred trailer dwelling losers from southern Illinois who vote for Brandon Phelps. Democrat Illinois state Rep. Brandon Phelps is the NRA lapdog who sponsored the HB183 concealed carry bill passed in June 2013.

    Use of the term “concealed carry bill” loosely here. With criminal penalties of 6 MONTHS or 1 YEAR in jail for hundreds of gun-free zones, an unelected Star Chamber licensing review board where any cop from any jurisdiction in IL can object to an application ANONYMOUSLY, and of course the newly created “crime” of Duty to Inform, so police criminals can set up and murder armed citizens with legal cover.

    Phelps district goes from his hometown of Harrisburg on Route 13 to the southern tip of Illinois in Cairo. One of the poorest districts in the state, that’s why NRA was able to own him like a whore for an NRA contribution of $3,000 in one year. NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde reports back to Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at NRA-ILA that Phelps has been a good hick and put Duty to Inform in the “NRA backed” carry bill, and ILA cuts the check.

    The juvenile prison in Harrisburg is a big employer, so if Phelps has to sell out Otis McDonald, so what? He gets the “law and order” vote from the screws and police unions. The racist hicks in southern IL who vote for Phelps know that DTI is designed to be used as Stop and Frisk against blacks in Chicago, not good old boys like Phelps who know the secret Klan handshake. The police are their friends. Why wouldn’t you want to tell the cops you’re packing? That’s downright un-American! We’re all “on the same side!”

    Yes, the NRA retards really are that stupid. The problem with gun laws in America isn’t party labels of Democrat or Republican. The problem with gun laws is liars, rats, sellouts and whores like Brandon Phelps, Todd Vandermyde, and the people who pay them.

    • Penalty for violating the Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act, including the provisions on prohibited areas, is a Class B Misdemeanor.

      From the Illinois Criminal Code:
      (730 ILCS 5/5-4.5-60)
      Sec. 5-4.5-60. CLASS B MISDEMEANORS; SENTENCE. For a Class B misdemeanor:
      (a) TERM. The sentence of imprisonment shall be a determinate sentence of not more than 6 months.

      First offenders usually get probation, community service or some other punishment that doesn’t clog up our crowded jails.

      There’s plenty to dislike about our Concealed Carry statute, especially the prohibited areas. But it is a shall-issue statute with state preemption, and is the envy of gun owners in the liberal utopias of the east and west coasts.

      • “First offenders usually get probation, community service or some other punishment that doesn’t clog up our crowded jails.” Oh, okay then! Where do I sign the unlimited privacy waiver so I can have a piece of plastic in my wallet?

        So an armed citizen in Illinois is ONLY facing SIX MONTHS sitting in jail because the cop lied and told the judge you didn’t answer when he asked if you were armed? Next comes the letter in the mail from the State Police revoking your FOID, your CCL, then breaking your door down to get your guns..

        Now I’m glad that NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde cut the deal with the anti-gun Chiefs of Police to put Duty to Inform in Illinois carry bill. The IL Chiefs opposed concealed carry for FORTY years, but police are our friends now.

        It’s only six months, or maybe some probation if you’re white, a Klan member, or a Freemason like Richard Pearson who knows the secret handshake. You must be one of the good old boys. You should be happy to give up your right to remain silent and right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty with DTI if that’s what the cops want. Yee-haw!
        You got backstabbed by a rat. Grow a brain.

    • Don’t forget about the PC Nazis –believing anyone who disagrees and/or offends should have their life, reputation, and finances ruined…

      Good times!

  13. When she was in the House, Kirsten Gillebrand was a Blue Dog Dem with an NRA “A” rating.

    Then Charles Schumer tapped her (figuratively speaking of course) for the Senate and now she’s rabidly anti-gun.

    So where are the Blue Dog Dems? They’re over there, with the Purple Unicorns.

  14. Yeah what happened? NOTHING in my neighborhood. I have dealt/argued/tried to persuade black demoncrats that they’re voting for the party that hates their 2A rights. “Barack ain’t takin’ my gunz”-you raciss lyin’. You predudice…I guess in Southern Illinois there are some so-called pro-gun democrats but when they need $ I know what side they’ll choose. The JFK thing is dead. The last good democrat?

  15. Increased politicization through districting means that anyone who doesn’t obey the party line gets primary-ed. On both sides.

  16. Things are going down in America, and the globalists need the Second Amendment scrapped before they proceed.

  17. What happened to the Democrats? They’ve been taken over by the hard left, anti-American wing of their party. These were the clowns that used to be on the fringes of politics in the US – the Weathermen Underground, et al. The working class whites have left the Democrats, especially the males, leaving them with a party of screeching feminists, minority grievance-mongers and rent-seeking grifters as their base.

    Now they’re running for POTUS both a Menshevik who makes no apologies for his positions, and a castrating shake-down harridan who wears Chairman Mao fashions and gets away with it because too many kids today know nothing of history.

  18. I retired a few years back from “a large government agency” that will remain nameless (but think the guys in the white trucks who put Bass Pro catalogs in your mailbox). Many of my co-workers were hard core union members and paid their dues to unions that solidly supported liberal anit-gun politicians. Many of these co-workers were also military veterans and to the man (and woman) owned guns enjoyed hunting and were pretty conservative in their philosophy. These are the people who have American flag decals and “terrorist hunting permit” stickers on their US branded pickup trucks. Why do these otherwise solid patriotic deer hunters give their money to the Democrat party that wants to disarm them? The issue is economic. The Democrats have convinced people that they are the party of the “working man”. Republicans are the party of the bosses and rich people. There’s a significant disconnect here that Reagan was the last Republican to see – Republicans have to look at gun issues but they also have to look at the issues of economic security,worker’s rights and decency and respect for all.

  19. Reagan was NOT pro gun and was NOT for the working man. “Trickle down” means we get what was already used and the yellow smell is still there. The only Republican to do more damage to working Americans was Nixon, when he opened up China. There is no way fopr free nations to compete with Communist nations that control prices and wages and set prices to party members with factories for labor and materials much lower than any free country could. China has been using its people and resourses aginst the west ever since.
    The true cost is suplimented by the government, that is the reason manufacturing for export is not nation wide, but in a very small “free state”.


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