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“[Hillary] will be very, very likely do her level best to erode gun rights. There is no question in our minds. There is no question in our customers’ minds.”- Justin Anderson of Hyatt Guns in After Obama, gun sellers may also love Hillary Clinton [at]


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  1. Hillary already said she plans on Banning so-called assault weapons, Even though that term is bullcrap. So they very well be put out of business the civilian manufacturers of AR-15s. It’s really a double-edged sword. If she does get elected There will be multiple attempts To ban assault weapons such as Home Defense shotguns AR-15s And other Rifles and shotguns that appear Evil, LOL.She could literally put Any manufacturer of AR15 receivers completely out of business if they don’t have a Department of Defense contract to make military Receivers.

  2. “will be very, very likely do her level best to erode gun rights”

    Why don’t people understand, rights are rights. Even if you are not a gun guy, there must be some rights you value. A politician who will work to erode your rights in one area will work to erode all of them, it’s just a matter of time and priorities.

    Don’t our fellow citizens like rights at all? Apparently not.

    • There are some people that do so little with their lives that they don’t care for, or have use of, “rights.”

      • Of course, and the use of rights requires effort, knowledge and morals. Many people are content to give up all these responsibilities simply because it’s easier.

      • Samuel Beckett would agree with you. He understood that many consider rights too much a burden and responsibility. He illustrated what results from that avoidance.

        From “Waiting For Godot”: 

        Your Worship wishes to assert his prerogatives?
        We’ve no rights any more?

        **Laugh of Vladimir, stifled as before, less the smile.**
        You’d make me laugh if it wasn’t prohibited.
        We’ve lost our rights?
        (distinctly). We got rid of them.

        **Silence. They remain motionless, arms dangling, heads sunk, sagging at the knees.**

    • They like their rights just fine. Problem is they hate your rights.
      Gallup polling has shown recently the electorate is more libertarian than ever. So why is it that both major political parties are running authoritarians?

      My thought is that each household is becoming an frightened island where neighbors fear neighbors and want government to control them but figure whatever they do among themselves in their own homes won’t be affected because who’ll rat them out?

      It’s a sick mix of individuals wanted to be free themselves and not trusting others with that same freedom. And of course if they can use the government guns to get free shit that’s a plus.

      Folks who support authoritarians usually figure they’ll never get caught doing the things they don’t want anyone else doing. I cite every politician ever who has gotten caught doing anything they’ve fought to demonize.

      The nation is at a crossroads. Either folks will get that their neighbors diddling the same sex or growing a pot plant won’t bring about the end times or irrational fear will get the better of them and the police state will swell so much that there is no such thing as “behind closed doors” and everyone is made an enemy of the state.

      • It’s a sick mix of individuals want[ing] to be free themselves and not trusting others with that same freedom. And of course if they can use the government guns to get free shit that’s a plus.

        That there my friends is one heck of a poignant and true statement.

        The decline in our politicians simply reflects the decline in our populous.

      • Even so-called libertarians will vote authoritarian if they feel threatened ( Many of the people who support gun rights feel threatened by: lack of jobs, the Muslim invasion of Europe and the US government’s desire to bring multiple thousands here, demographic decline and replacement by Central and South Americans, etc. etc.

        When it comes to order versus liberty, order is more important. An ordered liberty is achievable in high trust predominantly European societies, but usually not anywhere else. We have a massive police state because we live in a multicultural hell that breeds crime and conflict. Rather than pause immigration and take a couple decades to absorb and assimilate those we can, like we used to do historically, we just tell them it’s fine to keep their own habits and culture. Something is horribly wrong when I’m surrounded by Mexicans waving Mexican flags in America, don’t look like anyone else, and can’t understand their language. Many people in the majority white flyover states don’t seem to get it, but come on down to the South and and get some experience with our diversity. It’s an extremely alienating experience.

        Given these conditions, they will vote authoritarian and it’s easy to understand why. If we had actually leaders who cared about the nation instead of just taking money from rootless multinational companies, industry heads, socialist scum, and special interests they would’ve never let it get this bad. We could be having a debate over these things and libertarian-leaning republicans might actually get somewhere. However, they did not and now they cannot. With the absence of security and order, libertarian ideals go right out the window.

        I write this assuming that you’re of course not speaking about purist libertarians, who never won anything and whose ideas have never caught on because the average man knows nature better than libertarians. They reject the idea of a Hobbesian state of nature or don’t understand it. Oddly, many also reject Lockean views due to their own personal atheism. They also have a penchant for confusing liberty and license.

        • A friend of mine standing in line at convinient store loadly states, ” So now I know how Jim Bowie felt at the Allamo.” ….

        • It’s really a depressing feeling. We don’t even try to assimilate different peoples or make then conform to our standards anymore. Hell, English isn’t even the official language of the U.S.

        • Libertarians would not vote for Donald Trump. If they would they wouldn’t be libertarians. I don’t know what group you think you’re talking about here, but probably some type of republican I guess.

          And purist libertarians, as you call them, can also be called classical liberals. So yeah, there was a time when liberal meant libertarian and not the socialist totalitarianism it means now.

    • People don’t want rights, anymore.

      They want feels, lots of wonderfully, blissful feels. I want to feel safe, I want to feel happy, I want feel good, I want to feel like I am part of a winning group, I want to feel comfortable, I want to feel like I am helping, etc.

      It’s all just looking for the next dopamine hit to the brain.

  3. That is assuming she doesn’t have a compliant congress who is willing to fight her anti-gun agenda. If she gets the White House, the polarity of Congress has the potential to change 4 times during her term(s). If the liberals take both houses, or if enough conservatives don’t care enough, say goodbye to your right to own guns. Also, if either liberal gets elected to the White House, their Supreme Court nominations will almost certainly be anti-2nd Amendment. So Heller gets overturned, and you better believe they won’t make the mistake of letting the interpretation of the 2nd Amendment be up in the air for years like they did before. They will misinterprete it as being a collective right instead of an individual right.

  4. This is a buyers market for AR-15 type rifles and their magazines. Lots of dealers sitting on inventory that they back ordered in 2012 and 2013. LGS close to me sells sporter ARs for $479 and mil spec ones for $600ish.

    Anyone who has been putting off buying one for themselves really should in the next couple months. Perhaps even buy one or two to put away for family members or as a investment.

    • As an FFL, my sales have increased dramatically with Obama, and now with this weird election season as well. What I am seeing lately is another major trend toward AR rifles, to the extent that availability is being affected. My advise – if you have been thinking about purchasing an AR you better get ’em while you can.

  5. If we let Hilary win POTUS, we deserve to have our gun rights eroded…if we give her a Democrat controlled COTUS we will have our gun rights eroded, but that may become a lesser of our problems.

  6. This is what will happen if Hillary wins the White House:
    (1) Most of those people who will have voted for Hillary will have also voted for Democrats in the Senate and House of Representatives. In other words Democrats riding her electoral coat tails will achieve a thin majority in both the Senate and House of Representatives.
    (2) Democrats will immediately install a gun-grabber in the United States Supreme Court to fill Justice Scalia’s vacancy.
    (3) Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg will immediately retire and Democrats will immediately install another gun-grabber to fill her vacancy, thus cementing a gun-grabbing core on the Supreme Court that will be in place for decades.
    (4) Congress, at Hillary’s request, will immediately ban the ownership of various military style semi-automatic firearms and magazines with capacities in excess of 10 rounds. Of course Hillary will promptly sign such a measure into law.
    (5) After the military-style semi-automatic firearms and magazine ban becomes law, Hillary and Congress will enact a steep tax on ammunition and begin the process to ban other classes of what the consider to be “dangerous or unusual” firearms.

    Seriously, you can take this to the bank. “Universal healthcare” (ObamaCare), every socialist’s dream, is already on the books. Welfare programs are already on the books. There are no big carrots left dangling before Democrats other than firearms. They will seize the opportunity. And they will seize it BIG TIME because they will also have a majority on the U.S. Supreme Court that will NOT overturn any of their gun grabs.

    Oh, and if you think the new bans will only prohibit future sales and allow us to keep what we already have, you are mistaken. The new bans, without any fear of interference from the U.S. Supreme Court, will require us to “turn ’em all in Mr. and Mrs. America”.

    So, yeah, gun sales will be great for the first 6 months or so of a Hillary White House and then they will come to an abrupt halt after they pass their gun bans.

      • I’ve crossed the geazer threshold and giggle myself occasionally, broad reach to white water perhaps….help me out here.

      • There will also be a surge in side-scan sonar sales — especially to government entities in/around the Great Lakes as well as the Missouri, Mississippi, and Ohio rivers — to recover all the firearms lost in boating accidents. Just think of the environmental catastrophe that will result from all those firearms rusting at the bottom of Great Lakes and our great rivers!

        Of course the environmental catastrophe angle will simply be the justification for the search activity. The real impetus will be proving that none of those boating accidents ever happened and justifying in-your-face confiscation.

        • They won’t need a sonar. They can march right in and take every gun I own, that will be their first mistake. Then they’ll ban cold steel, that will be there second mistake. Then they’ll ban trees. The rocks to sharpen sticks, then rocks. Then speech, then sign language, then air.

          They have a long way to go, and when it happens, I’ll get ten.

          • We need to start by federally Prosecuting Hillary Clinton and putting her ass Behind Bars! Once we cut the head off the snake The rest of them will cave like cowards that they are! God Bless America And God bless Donald Trump for president! Make sure everybody votes in the primaries And come November please.

      • It will be necessary because all the guns lost in the waterways will raise the sea level a full foot.

    • Even if this comes to pass, which is unlikely as Democrats have a very poor shot at capturing the house, so what?

      New York and CT banned “assault rifles” and required their registration. The gun owners of those two states ignored them in large numbers. And the states responded by doing…


      A Hillary win would be awful, but if we all refuse to register, refuse to sell to the state, it will be very hard for them to do much of anything about it.

      • I think you are overlooking something here (maybe not)…legally purchased firearms are already registered. Remember that 4473 you filled out the last time you purchased a firearm? Those are the property of the feds. Yeah sure, they are currently being held by the FFLs, but the ATF can request them at any time. I have no doubt she will ban ARs immediately. If she decides to go the confiscation route all she has to do is go after the FFLs for their 4473s to find out who has what. The battle will start with the FFLs who refuse to hand over the paperwork. I don’t like being an alarmist, but fat Hill has already laid the groundwork. What WE haven’t done is developed a strategy based on her threats. It needs to happen soon and it needs to involve ALL POTG, not just the FFLs. It would be very easy for her to “divide and conquer” by pitting the gun owners against FFLs.

  7. Riders on the storm
    Into this house we’re born
    Into this world we’re thrown
    Like a dog without a bone
    An actor out alone
    Riders on the storm….

    Eight years of change, all some, some all but not all all. Landslide is coming, soon we’ll all breathe freedom.

  8. I don’t think you’ll love her so much once she makes everything you sell illegal.

  9. Let us hope the only “assualt weapon” Hillary will be worried about in 2016 is a shank.

    • Theres hope, and then there’s pipe dreams. And that sir, is one faaaar fetched pipe dream.

      • I’ve heard rumblings of offering staff immunity, which is only needed when seeking indictment.

        I know the system is step up to protect the “elites.” But, a man is allowed to dream.

        • The FBI can seek an indictment all it wants, but the DOJ will not issue one without Obama’s approval, which it won’t get. Obama owes the Clintons his presidency, and he will not stab them in the back. No indictment will issue unless a Republican wins the White House.

        • “The FBI can seek an indictment all it wants, but the DOJ will not issue one without Obama’s approval, which it won’t get.”

          Don’t be so sure about that.

          The *only* thing Obama wants is his legacy cemented in the next administration.

          Hillary is an incredibly weak candidate. Look at the voter enthusiasm in the primaries, there’s nearly none on the Dem side, and a strong surge on the R side.

          It doesn’t matter one whit that Trump is is a dishonest, lying, cheating toad. His voters will show up and elect him. The Millennials will sit this one out if the HildaBeast is the candidate.

          I will not be surprised if Obama comes to the conclusion Hillary is more of a liability than an asset.

          Obama ‘owes’ Hillary? What a joke. Obama is looking out for number one, *him*.

          To cement his legacy, he will toss her to the curb. Besides, there are apparently a number in the FBI who will be very unhappy if an indictment isn’t handed down.

          His hand may well be forced on this.

    • I have not read the article to know his intent, however, I will say this, some folks are really, really short sighted.

      I blame excessive parental coddling and a perceived over-abundance of resources. Or genetics, at times, it is all genetics.

      Some times, people do not know their limits because they were never forced to find them. Which lead to short sightedness. Other times, it’s just pure, unfiltered stupidity.

      • I can’t really say he’s being shortsighted from the article, although the article itself implies good times for gun sellers. I was mostly going by the smile in that photo accompanying the post.

  10. Does anyone think That possibly it’s because of the large influx Of foreigners into our country who come from countries that they don’t have rights in the first place. So they don’t mind living without them since they never had them before.

    • There’s a reason why they’re called Undocumented Democrats. They vote socialist because they want the gibsmedats. Constitutional rights and liberty are a luxury of low time preference people smart enough to understand and appreciate the concepts. In most low trust third world countries they don’t care about lofty ideals. They just care about what they can get from the government.

      • Taking welfare dollars and not learning English simply weren’t options for the majority of immigrants in American history, that’s why the ones who toughened up and stayed have had such a positive impact on the economy. They became Americans instead of remaining *insert ethnicity here* living in the U.S, and their incentive to remain the latter is amplified exponentially by today’s “Gimme my free shit!” culture and the entitlement dollars that nurture it. By dismantling welfare and forcing cultural assimilation (i.e. no more bilingual packaging), we’ll start getting the caliber of immigrants we used to from all over the world. The ones who can’t hack it will simply self-deport, no “Round ’em up and ship ’em out” police state tactics necessary. And it’s certainly cheaper than building a giant wall.

        • We should do both. In fact, we should do a lot of things.

          Wall, no-platforming the illegals already here so they’ll go home, repealing the 1965 immigration act, and banning people who are simply incompatible with our culture from immigrating to the country.

          We should be more welcoming to expat Brits, Canadians, Aussies, and people from the Western world who want to come here to enjoy our rights. It’s insane and absurd that they want to legalize millions of Central and South Americans but make educated Westerners jump through a ton of hoops to get here.

    • I have thought of that. Then I thought, .why?”, why am I burying “stuff” what I am waiting on? When is the time to dig the “stuff” up?

      • My thoughts are, if they come for your guns, you won’t fight them off alone and live to tell about it. That’s not an effective resistance. Best to keep at least a few arms (give some up as a token to act like you’re cooperating) in reserve in order to fight with an organized resistance, which is a much better use of your life in my opinion, and less likely to waste it.

  11. The next President will probably have a Republican Senate and House to deal with. If it’s Hillary or Bernie or even The Donald, we can expect more gridlock. The one good thing about gridlock is that it limits the amount of damage a wrongheaded politician can do.

    Two of Hillary’s ideas, in combination, are particularly dangerous if she could get them through Congress. One is a mandatory background check for all firearms transfers. The other is removal of the three day deadline for rejecting a prospective transferee. With both of them in place, she could shut down transfers simply by underfunding and understaffing NICS.

  12. All she has to do is make gun makers liable for injury or death and they will close their doors. Cutting the supply chain with ease. Add in bans on anything imported.(ammo) With a few simple strokes of her pen….. the downfall of “gun rights” after that all AR’s/AK’s/Hipoint carbines,Glocks, S&W’s will achieve “Colt” status and price thus preventing us the “riff-raff” from ownership. And any of us “Riff-raff” that has these firearms will sell them for profit expecting the laws to relax and be able to buy them again for cheap in the future. Gun/ammo sales are going to go thru the roof.

    • Something else that would be easy to do is have insurance company’s drop coverage of homes that have firearms in them OR jack up the prices for homes with guns in them. I already pay more due to having more than a few firearms and my my wife has some jewerly. I’ll go with the latter because insurance company’s are scum bags who need more free $$$ for nothing. If you live in a “hurricane zone” you know exactly what I’m talking about. I sold my house near the gulf and bought a house about 30 miles north. My savings on insurance is about 1/4 of my mortgage payment EVERY MONTH. This would be very easy to do, just tack it onto another boring bill that nobody reads.

      If they can’t do it thru the front door they go in the back, just look at abortion clinics for a real world example. It’s coming folks.

      • This is very true I live in Florida And I live on the coast And we also get insurance increases if were in flood zones It’s a big scam insurance companies are the biggest rip-off artists In America! And don’t get me started on medical insurance and that frigging Obamacare bull crap!!! Absolutely horrid and ridiculous!

    • Yes our need for imported ammo is a concern. I do not think there are any lead smelting plants left in the U.S. That concerns me, also most if not all of our reloading powders are imported. A sanction of a country could pretty much stop firearms use and the sanction wouldnt have to be firearm related. Ive told my “gunnut” son, invest in ammo, youve got enuff guns.

  13. I don’t care if the FFLs think she is great for sales, as long as they don’t vote for her.

  14. Keep this in mind this election with how butthurt everyone on the right has been. Regardless of who wins the GOP, vote for them. Hillary will find a way to snake herself into a gun grab. She will choose extreme liberal justices. She may very well get the senate. Getting the house will be very difficult as its a vast GOP majority, and I don’t see them losing that soon. Remember the democrats hung on to the house for 40 years until the 90s. The GOP could do the same, but it could still flip. If it does, prepare for the union to be shattered, and your children to learn what it’s like to live in Somalia at 8 years old.

  15. It’s not a laughing matter. Looking at my rifle club, it’s almost all old guys like me. Probably half of us are going to either die, or stop shooting, in the next ten years. Unless we get a lot more young people into the gun culture, a two-term Hillary administration could easily succeed in seriously curtailing USA gun rights, because there will be less and less people defending those rights. And side from demographics, do not underestimate the leftward political shift underway in America. The schools, media and culture have been pushing “progressivism” for decades now, and leftism is ascendant.

    • Maybe your gun club is not inviting to anyone but the old guys. The ranges here in CA, the liberal bay area no less, are packed with young people and women.

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