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“I think early on that we really wanted to have a serious conversation about the Second Amendment, but we found the kids weren’t very interested in that conversation. But they were very interested in the emotional impact that the shootings had on kids their age. So you can ask them to look at how many people died in Chicago due to gun violence, but that does not seem to resonate. What was working for those kids was to give them the sense that they were being heard, that they felt a little less isolated. So the question for me becomes, ‘How do you take that feeling you can offer them and then use it toward activism?” – Willa Taylor in Guns, Chicago theater and the power of empathy [courtesy]


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  1. Some of us learned, back when critical thinking was still taught in public schools, that emotional appeal is a marketing tactic and not an foundation for effective argument. Then again, since I’ve recently witnessed so many of my supposedly adult classmates do exactly that on FaceTwit, I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe we were not all paying attention…

    • Critical thinking, and logic were both classes I had as required in HS as well. But I did go to private schools (academic scholarships, thanks) in the ’80s – the last generation taught that it’s OK to have a brain.

      I do wonder how many public high schools even have a forensics program left, not that they’d be competitive since the response to any cross-ex would be “if you don’t agree with me ur-a-racist-homophobe,fascist!” and then they run off to a safe space. Does college debate even exist anymore? What possible topics could be SJW-proof enough to actually debate without some glasses-wearing-zher(?)-landwhale appearing mid-round to interrupt with bellowings about patriarchal oppression or some such rot?

      • I think it was Breitbart or maybe the Federalist that had a story about a nationally ranked college debate team, coming in 2d at nationals at some point in the last two years, that refuses to argue the topic and instead argues that debate is racist and the other team should lose on that basis.

        There was a documentary a few years ago on HS debate where a team out of CA was winning with the same approach.

        As an former CX debater I would just stop the round after their first speech and give them a loss for failure to address the topic… and then probably be thrown out of the tournament.

        • Eeee-effen-gads. Makes me want to send my rubies back to the NFL – they mean less than nothing in that environment.

          I quit judging a coupla decades ago, but apparently I need to get re-involved if fckwit-retard-level-SJW BS like this is tolerated for even a nanosecond. Arguing that S&D itself is racist is a definitive non sequitur, even if it were true. What pathetic soccer-mommy-unit flowed one single round that didn’t shut it down before the first C/X was over?

          Second only to actual law, it’s the most intellectual blood sport without direct violence in the Western World. Letting the SJW cretins take even a foothold is reprehensible, betrays the morays, and destroys the entire purpose of S&D.

        • Uhhhhhmmm, like, you know, nearly 500 profs and students at University of Virginia (founded by Thomas Jefferson) complained that the school president quoted TJ regards the aftermath of the recent election. Claimed TJ was white, racist, slave-owner, and something. Many stated they came to UV despite Jefferson, just to dishonor his memory and make UV become a safe space of diversity (and childishness?).

        • Yeah I saw that little bit of soul crushing on one of my aggregators. Didn’t read it completely through, too inherently depressing.

          The SJWs must be stopped….

  2. Thankfully stupid people aren’t called on to make the decision, and it’s already been made.

    Next one to cite Chicago public schools for anything other than WHAT NOT TO BE, they deserve a kick in the junk.

  3. Willa apparently assumes that the second amendment is responsible for Chicago children being raised poorly and then shooting each other.

  4. If asking kids if they want to concede personal liberty doesn’t get the result you want ask them if they want to stop being made to feel bad by emotional bullies in the media and the classroom and see if that works.

    • Well, ‘ya know…..”shall not” and “should not” both begin with the ‘sh’ consonant cluster….they’re really pretty close….so I’d say the 2nd amendment is basically null & void.

      Case closed.

  5. Violent criminals using guns to commit violent crimes is NOT the same thing as gun violence. There is nothing inherently violent about the metal, wood and polymer that makes up a firearm. It only becomes “violent” and becomes “gun violence” in the hands of criminals. This deliberate continuing liberal distortion of terms is where “re-education” is needed.

    Not once in the original article are the words “criminal” or “illegal” mentioned. But “gun violence” is mentioned no fewer then eight (8) times. And in at least one instance “gun violence” is directly followed by “police shootings”

    According to Ms. Taylor, “gun violence” isn’t an issue of individual responsibility and criminal behavior. Rather it’s “inequality, racism and violence” or “the system is invested in keeping a level of dysfunction in certain neighborhoods that allows certain other parts of society to profit from that dysfunction” or , a ”culture of segregation has led to an uneven distribution of resources, love, hope poverty and some of the things that are causal factors toward the violence”

    Ms. Taylor, have a serious conversation about the Second Amendment, but first have a serious conversation about criminal violence and personal responsibility
    Senior Gun Owner 1950

    • Exactly.

      Baltimore Murders (by gun kinife, whatever): 91% of victims are criminals, a majority involved in a criminal activity when killed; 97% of killers have prior records. Chicago is without a doubt the same.

      US jurisdictions murder rate vary exactly by the number of prior violent criminals on the streets.

  6. “There is a preponderance of evidence about the efficacy of arts-based work when it comes to gun violence,” says Willa Taylor,

    After reading the complete article (don’t bother if you’re looking for critical thought), the above quote sticks out as the overall theme of the program, but no evidence is provided to substantiate the claim.

    • Whoever gets the “task” of “fixing” “gun-violence” gets the “$$$”. Many major schools, universities, and liberal_progressive_communist (D) anus-brain-trusts got huge grants to “study” “gun” “violence”. That $$$ will be returned to the (D)NC in the form of campaign contributions and honorary degrees/speaking engagements.

  7. Stated with no respect with what happens to these kids when they grow up and get smacked in the face with the realization that the world doesn’t give two shits about their feelz.

    • I think of this everytime I see the SJW crying on TV about the election. They believe that crying and protesting will get the result they want. They don’t seem to have even the slightest notion that is not how the real world works. A total break from reality.

  8. “the system is invested in keeping a level of dysfunction in certain neighborhoods that allows certain other parts of society to profit from that dysfunction”

    Oh! Oh! I can name the parts of society that profit from the dysfunction: Liberals and Progressives. Their “profit” is power and control over those same people, and ultimately, all of us.

  9. “I think early on that we really wanted to have a serious conversation about the responsibilities of premarital sex and sex education in general, but we found the kids weren’t very interested in that conversation. But they were very interested in pornography and the emotional impact that being the only virgin had on kids their age.”

    • Nicely played!

      You just jogged a recent memory with that: I read recently that the Millennial kids today are having substantially less sex than the Gen X or late Boomer kids.

      Since I doubt the public water supply is being spiked with ‘Horny-Away’, what is driving this? Is the glut of online porn becoming a replacement for one-on-one interaction?

      That could explain ‘Gun Porn’ driving the market for new shooters…

      • I would theorize simply that there are more distractions now compared to earlier generations. With more stuff to do less time to be bored and think about sex. Of course this is conjecture on my part.

  10. I had a teacher like this in HS. She said that the second amendment was for the militia not citizens. Wasn’t a fan and the feeling was mutual.

  11. Guns, Chicago theater and the power of empathy

    Makes perfect sense. Remember that time in WWII that the 34th Interpretive Dance Battalion drove back an entire Panzer Division?

    Yeah, neither do I.

  12. ‘How do you take that feeling you can offer them and then use it toward activism?”
    You take that ‘feeling’ and put it where the sun don’t shine!

  13. “How do you take that feeling you can offer them and then use it toward activism?”

    Simple. Give them lollipops and cocaine. Mostly cocaine.

  14. Of course kids feel better when you validate their opinions. But, the problem is that 2+2 is always actually 4, no matter what they think about it.

    Perhaps we should consider legislation that would allow for high school and college graduates to sue their former teachers and professors for suboptimal life outcomes.

    • “…2+2 is always actually 4, no matter what they think about it.”

      Not if I feel someone who is disadvantaged needed reassuring of making a good effort to arrive at 7.

      The result isn’t important, but that one tries and has a reasonable explanation.

  15. ‘How do you take that feeling you can offer them and then use it toward activism?” In other words “How do we brainwash the little bastards to do our bidding?”

  16. How can you teach kids to use that feeling toward activism? I would suggest monthly participation in 3-gun, but that may need weekly trips to the range, first, until they are competent with a variety of firearms. As a long term activist goal, they should be encouraged to be ready to stop criminal activity with minimal notice, may even want to beome police or military. Does that answer the question?

  17. But you know what the kids would REALLY be interested in?

    “Who wants to come out back with me and learn how to shoot this .22?”

    Oh dear, sez Willa, where all my kidz go?


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