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“The somewhat cavalier approach that this state and our nation as a whole are taking in the light of the epidemic of gun related violence and death is appalling. We must redouble our effort to require licensing, competency, education and training of any and all purchases of firearms.” – Rev. Willie Brisco in New report: Children killed by guns in Wisconsin on the rise [at]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: An American Conversion on Guns">Previous Post
Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Harriet Tubman, Gun Owner, Coming to $20 Bill">Next Post


  1. These idiots need to look at WHY “children” are being killed WITH guns… Looking at the four examples cited by the original report? Gang related shootings.

    What’s the solution?


    Open season on gang members.

    • I think we should be licensing these gangs and inner city thugs. If children in inner cities are dying from gang and thug “gun” violence, it makes more sense to register and license thugs than Joe, the average gun owner.

      Epidemic? What epidemic? Just because they say it is an epidemic doesn’t mean it is… Every year the overall crime rate of the US falls lower than last year.

    • Bumper sticker seen in Orange County, CA a few years back:

      Shoot back – don’t miss

  2. What does licensing do to prevent or stop crime? People commuting the crimes are not going to go through licensing. So let’s punish people not involved in criminal activity by forcing them to be licensed, at great cost to the people. Even if the licensing is cheap for the individual, it’s a money sink to tax money, that could go towards fighting criminals.

  3. When blather like this I always wonder if they are willfully or purposely ignorant about how gangs get guns. Sometimes I wonder if they are just mouthpieces for some pol. For all the talk, I see zero efforts from these same people to keep kids away from gangs.

  4. Fine, as long as this nation requires a license for: Free Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures…. see a pattern?

      • You know what chaps my ass more than 2A infringements? TAXES! Since we already have hoops to jump through just to carry guns, I wouldn’t mind a compromise under our terms. I will get trained and licensed to have guns but you can not say what guns I can own and I will not have to pay for that training or licensing. Also, welfare and Obamacare will be abolished and the revenue will go towards gun licensing.

      • I am so tired of tripping over their red coats lying around.
        Tired of Downton Abbey reruns and kidney stew.
        Warm beer? If we needed another reason to revolt…..
        I do enjoy the target practice with their muskets however. 🙂

        • To be fair I am tired of having to listen to British blowhards winge about our politics and Constitutional rights. How many more revolutions to get rid of all the Piers Morgans of the world?

  5. Considering that the 12 year incumbent mayor and all but 1 aldermen were reelected by residents like Rev Brown (or maybe it should be Rev Green as in money) and his congregation, I’d say you get the city you deserve.

    Just think of those children like you think of the co-sleeping deaths or ultra late term abortions. Now get back to lining your pockets with cash like most the other inner city pastors.

  6. We don’t have a “gun violence” problem. What we have, is a black violence problem. But we can’t say that in this country. It’s not Politically Correct.

  7. 57% of these “children” are 16 or 17 year olds in the most populated area of Wisconsin, oh and they are mostly African American. These are their statistics from their link. More gang violence is what they want to push for more gun control, which doesn’t work!

    • Are you saying these teenaage truants won’t comply with his new law and get the proper training and license? And wait until they’re 21?

      • I guess they are proposing that these 17 year old gang members are buying guns online and having them shipped to their house (Sean Payton) or maybe they are going into FFL’s and buying new guns for retail value and not doing a background check (Bloomberg) OR they are buying guns that came from states that have less restrictive carry laws like Vernmont (HiLIARy).

        All of these straw men aside, if 92% of the Meth seized in New Hampshire came across the Mexican Border, is there any doubt where the drug traffickers and dealers get their weapons from??!! (Hint: it’s not Facebook gun sales)

  8. Hey, at least he said “Gun related violence” {my emphasis} rather than just “Gun Violence.”

    Not sure why I find that tidbit entertaining, but I do. Now we get to endlessly debate what “related” means and how any given act of violence is “related” to guns.

  9. And while we’re at it, a “literacy” test for voting too, right? I hope he reads Sanskit…

    A Black man calling for gun control is like a Jew calling for the wearing of yellow stars.

    I’m old enough to remember when someone would have been embarrassed to be that ignorant…

    • The reference was received before you posted the link. But the it would be more accurate to say endemic as these areas that have higher rates of violence are urban and not exactly wide spread.

    • Well, if you’re talking about the criminal violence and murder, (some of which is committed by a firearm) by young black men, then one could probably call it an epidemic; but the disease vector would be the culture that glorifies and gives these young men “respect” for being a “gangsta”. and vilifies those blacks that act like “whitey” by getting a decent education, speaking grammatical English and getting a degree or a good blue collar job.

      Until then, blaming an inanimate object for the choices made by these young adults, (not children), is the heights of insanity.

  10. Epidemic: “a sudden, widespread occurrence of a particular undesirable phenomenon.” courtesy of google.

    How does that apply at all to the constantly falling numbers of violence in this nation? Oh right. It doesn’t.

    Thanks for playing our game. Come back when you can say something of substance.

  11. We must redouble or efforts to require licensing, competency, education and training of any and all voters.

    See how that works? You don’t like the free execise of my Constitutional rights, maybe I don’t like your rights either.

    • We must redouble our effort to require licensing, competency, education and training of any and all practitioners of religion.

      We must redouble our effort to require licensing, competency, education and training of any and all protesters.

      Just add your favorite First Amendment protection and see how that works. 😉

      • They think the Bill of Rights is there to protect the rights they approve of, not the rights they don’t approve of.


    Puh-Leese. I could go on and on. It’s Lord of the Flies in the Milwaukee inner city and it is spreading to the suburbs. Teen crime and murder is sky high. Illegally possessed guns by kids as young as 12 in Milwaukee is a given. The police are handcuffed by the BLM activists and the catch-and-release liberal judges. It’s very unfortunate that law abiding citizens have been forced to get their CCW permits and arm up to defend themselves from violent “kids”, because there will be more dead gangbanger “children” before these kids get the word that violent crime is not a good choice.

  13. If someone is that intent on committing murder with a firearm, they will jump through every bureaucratic hoop backwards, blindfolded, and on a unicycle to obtain their weapon of choice; the fact that names and serial numbers are on some list among a sea of bureaucratic paperwork means absolutely nothing and sure as hell won’t suddenly make them think twice about committing murder once they have the weapon in hand.

    The supposedly infallible complex of lists and registries as crime deterrents aren’t actually so in the minds of people who call for them, either. Whittle down their excuses enough in debate and the truth, “We need to keep a list of who has what so confiscation is easier,” comes out in spades. I’ve gotten 2nd Amendment “moderates” and hard core antis to admit those words with boring frequency.

  14. I have a thought: what ALL gun owners were to show up first at the state assemblies and set to rights the notion that we need their permissions for anything at all. Then, we meet up at D.C. and send the same message. 80-100 million armed protestors would sway policy, don’t you think?

  15. Amendment II

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    That is my “license” to own firearms.

  16. Where does this idea come from that a government license magically makes something “safe”?

    What if sexual assaults, sexually transmitted diseases, and/or pregnancies were skyrocketing … and in response government mandated “sex” licenses for all adults who wanted to engage in sexual activity? How would a sex license reduce sexual assaults, promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, and pregnancies?

    • “Where does this idea come from that a government license magically makes something “safe”?”

      Public Education.

    • Mindless mandatory court appointed monthly weekend lectures about sex education you have to pay for, showing sixteen hours of slideshows of sexually transmitted diseases.

      That might lead to a downward trend, exception being that aircraft carrier porting in the Phillippines.

      • Since sex is not one of the protected rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights I might be okay with government mandated 8 hours of training on a weekend at maybe $100. Provided there was a further proficiency requirement before licensing.

  17. So will the gangbangers be able to put the cost of the training course, the background check and the licensing fee on their EBT cards?

    In terms of gun control, this is the fatal flaw for the leftists: They see no difference between a criminal and a law-abiding citizen.

    • “[Leftists] see no difference between a criminal and a law-abiding citizen.”

      Profoundly true … and yet for a different reason than most would expect. A Leftist sees a law-abiding citizen the same as a criminal because both criminals and law abiding citizens stand in the Leftists’ way of stealing everything and being in control of everything.

  18. “Encouraging families to talk to their doctor about gun safety and storage.”

    I’ll talk to the various insurance appointed doctors about why my right hip is deteriorating, slight spine curavature pinching nerves limiting movement in my right arm. Even have a full on discussion about a reduction in a morning urine stream or a persistent big toe fungus.

    Ask me about my armaments, how they’re stored and poke about my wife & kids, keep in mind we’re in an tight enclosed room and you might loose your balance bruising your forehead on that swab cabinet.

  19. According to the linked study, 40% of the “epidemic” is in Milwaukee County, and half of the “epidemic” is children ages 15 to 17. African American children are anywhere from three to over six times more likely than any other race to be killed by firearm, and essentially 90% of African American and Hispanic children who die by gun in Wisconsin are homicide related. Half of the Asian children who die by gun are homicide related and 20% of white/non-Hispanic are.

    The study then concludes that “Smart Gun” technology, “safe storage” laws, and “keeping guns out of the hands of those who will do harm” are ways to combat this “growing problem.”

    Rev. Willie needs to explain how training, registration, and licensing of all the adults in Wisconsin is going to impact this “epidemic” in a meaningful way.

  20. I wonder how cost effective it would be for a city like this to provide a firearm and training to all of their law abiding citizens who are willing to sign a statement that they will, to the very best of their ability, carry that firearm everywhere they go. Would such a cost be offset by the obvious reduction in crime?

  21. it amazes me that they think a piece of paper, kinda like a law, is going to stop bad people from doing bad things with things that aren’t bad.

  22. “We must redouble our effort to require licensing, competency, education and training of any and all parents.”

    There, I fixed it for you. I bet 90% of society’s ills could be corrected with such a Utopian program.

  23. That guy’s a Reverend? I don’t know…. we can’t just let anyone be a Reverend can we? We really need to rethink our cavalier attitude about this sort of thing, I’m not sure he’s qualified to be in such a position. Has he taken the proper state sanctioned training? Did he miss the part about religious leaders staying out of political discussions?

    (Of course none of my tongue in cheek blathering here would be even remotely possible unless he has his way curbing our gun rights….)

    • It’s wild how many “reverends” there are in the inner-city. They are just as bad as Dindu because they mask their parasitic entitlement behind religion. Young black men are killing each other off, get the government involved to curtail the rights of all of us, force us to obey, while the thugs get to play by different rules. Reverends, what a laugh. I passed a billboard in Eastern NC the other day advertising some reverend’s AME church, and pictured with him was his wife with the title “prophetess”. Prophetess! These are the folks that encourage protest, riots, frivolous lawsuits over “feelings”. And the Dems, progs, statist all cater to and enable this. Hell, NC’s NAACP President, (you guessed it) Rev. William Barber got kicked off of a plane earlier this week because his widdle feewings got hurt when another passenger commented on his girth requiring two airline seats.

  24. I’m going to say something I have 1st hand knowledge about. The black church. My sainted late mother-in-law was a minister on the westside of Chicago. She always had a gun(not legal but moral). Places like Chicago and little Chiraq(Milwaukee) are infested with anti-gun,democrat,let’s live on the plantation, let’s all ask the massa’ for our “rights”,let’s vote for obama for our “day of Jubilee” black “ministers”. 100 and more years in the cities and it’s worse than ever. Yes-I’m saying YOU are the problem rev Willie and your ilk. Why oh why don’t you get it? A good guy(or gal) with a gun trumps a gangbanger with one. I also KNOW everyone knows who commits the vast # of “gun violence”. Their son,daughter,nephew,uncle, baby daddy(another issue), themselves…so man up,arm up and STFU “reverend”…

  25. Minorities should be trained, licensed and permitted prior to being allowed to have children. Nearly all of them are incompetent parents.

  26. A license to keep and bear arms a great idea. Now if there were only a piece of paper that enumerated that right….

    • I’ll have to dig through the vast piles of crap at home to find that slip of paper. I know it’s around here *somewhere.*

      At least, some of that crap is used targets.

  27. First stop Has anyone done a study to see The ethnicity of these children that are being killed??? If you look At the death toll Of children killed in the United States accidentally Supposedly accidentally Due to gun relatedDeath You would see That a lot of these younger people who are being killed by Firearms are actually gang members These people have extensive criminal past history And keep getting played Bargained down the pipe until they commit a crime that so horrific that the media covers it. I’m not saying that we can’t do better With gun safety you can always improve upon gun safety in America However If you’re including Gangbangers That don’t have any business owning a gun in the first place and criminals The actual amount of deaths that occur to use in this country Is very small compared to the population numbers.I do think education has a great deal to do with this. Most of these Younger people especially the gangbangers Have no family Their mother and father Had them at such a young age That they’re living with Grandma now Who’s in her fifties 60 years Years of age It’s absolutely ridiculous if you have a problem and your black community or your white Community or your Asian Community with gun violence Education is the key. And the simple fact that kids shouldn’t be raising kids Exclamation point We have a problem in this country that is for real and it is stupidity!

  28. If hes all about competency and education for safety why doesnt he offer his church building for free eddie eagle classes?

    Y’know, for the children

  29. As always when someone commits a crime with a gun they want to go after the people who abide by the law. Not only is it burdensome on the law-abiding, it does nothing to solve the problem.

  30. Future ACLU law suit

    “Licensing gun owners discriminates against poor minorities (not poor white people) just like requiring (free if indgent) state ID to vote.”

  31. OK I will go with this, just so long as all liberal speakers anywhere any time needs a license to speak as well.

  32. Typical gun banner logic. Criminals don’t follow rules, but let’s avoid the real issue of a savage Marxist-liberal distopia and create more rules that criminals won’t follow.

    Most of the thugs doing the shooting won’t work if welfare or drug options exist, or if immigrants have not only taken all the jobs, but are themselves on welfare because other immigrants took their jobs.

    Therefore, secure the border and decriminalize weed to kill the drug business. Get rid of welfare so people have to work. Take the money you were spending on welfare and incentivize unskilled work like fast food. Halt immigration and enforce everify so invaders leave.

  33. Let us give the anti-gun group’s everything they want, universal licensing and background checks as well as mandatory training.
    Licensing: When you get your state ID or driver license, they mark your license if you are prohibited. Everyone else is licensed.
    Background Checks: When you do a private sale, you can run the ID threw a website and put the approval code on you bill of sale so you can PROVE you did not sell to a prohibited person (just in case they did not turn in their old ID).
    Training: Firearm proficiency is required for naturalized citizens. (Is it too much to ask for citizenship?). And for everyone else, that’s what high school is for.

  34. Shouldn’t “reverend?” Willie Brisco be out skulking in the shadows, peeking in windows of females home alone after getting a bottle of Robitussin w/codeine, Arizona Watermelon drink and a bag of Skittles or roughing up a store clerk after stealing packages of Swisher Sweets instead of championing the harassment of law-abiding Americans?

  35. Every time I hear someone say this, I always get excited.

    I’d LOVE it if guns were licensed like driving. Get a little license, and now I can get any legal gun I want from any state, from any dealer or private citizen, with no magazine caps or state specific restrictions. And I know it’d be allowed anywhere in the country if I just flash my little ID.

    As soon as you put it that way though, they change their tune.

  36. Ok. Let’s also register all voters, require education and training before registration, and require competency exams at the polls. Wait, that’s unconstitutional you say? Mmm hmm…


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