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“If guns don’t kill people but people kill people, well if that’s the fact, then why don’t we have universal background checks to help people that don’t need to have the gun no longer have the gun?” – Pennsylvania State Representative Ed Gainey


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Under the Gun Producer Reveals His Anti-Gun Motivation">Previous Post
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    • Yeah. I had to check to see if this was the guy that said that the island of Guam would capsize and sink because of having to many marines stationed there.

      Nope , that was State GA rep. Hank Johnson, (Democrat, of course. ) The YouTube is hilarious!

      • On the positive side Hank Johnson uses very little of Washington D.C.’s limited oxygen supply. I’m sure his carbon footprint is quite small.

  1. Because we can conclusively say they don’t keep those bad people from having guns. Look at any page long rap sheet federally excluded from owning a firearm gang banger in Chicago that shoots someone even though they are on parole/probation.

  2. Q- If you were driving down the road in your canoe, and a wheel fell off. How many pancakes would fit in a garbage truck?

    A- Purple. Because ice cream doesn’t have bones.

    There. Now I too can run for office.

  3. “Me fail English. That’s umpossible.”

    Trying to argue on emotions, sometimes it’s just a plain confusing hot mess.

  4. The moron mayor of York City was there too. York has had a fairly bad problem recently of juvenile shooters. She is bleating about how we have to “do something” about all of the young people (read: gang members) and universal background checks will help. With juvenile gang members. Who already can’t possess firearms, but surprise, surprise, DO anyway! She’s so dumb she’d miss the ground if she fell.

  5. I live in PA, this is just another d-bag politician pandering. He has no chance of getting any legislation passed. The fact is UBCs do nothing. In PA you have to have a PICS check to purchase any firearms from a dealer. Private sales are allowed for long guns ONLY! Most of the crime is committed with handguns, not rifles or shotguns.

    So tell me again how UBCs prevent crime…

    • Indeed, and the critical part is at the end “we will not stop”.

      What that really means is “we ignore the fact that this is unconstitutional, we do not care about that and we will not stop until we succeed in disarming all of the people in this country.”

      THEY WILL NOT STOP. Isn’t that common sense? Isn’t that engaging and legislating and being fair and using reason? No. This is what tyranny looks like; they mean to have their way and that’s the only thing they care about. Compromise is fine as long as they get their way, they are perfectly willing to compromise, everyone is disarmed and everything else is negotiable.

      And they will not stop until this is done.

      It’s what comes after we are all disarmed is what I wonder about.

  6. If the NRA and it’s membership are personified by Charlton Heston (God rest his soul), then the gun control crowd would be the planet of the apes. They’re mindless monkeys chimping out over a fire they can’t control. They can only stomp and scream while throwing excrement.

    • Are you talking about the apes or the devolved humans? Because if I remember the book and the movie, the apes had it pretty well together….

      • John,
        I was speaking about the apes. While they had mastered basic english and were able to construct rudimentary tools and housing, when it came to conflict they were still apes. Grunting, groaning, and violent when they didn’t get their way.

  7. The nice thing about guns is if you don’t need one, you can sell it to someone else.

    We don’t need or want any help from the government for this.

    • “people that don’t need to have the gun”

      Really illuminates the ignorance of gun ownership of some of the anti-gun crowd.

      Since you bring it up, I think race is a factor here. People shouldn’t open their mouths on subjects they don’t understand, let alone pass law. But, assuming you aren’t black, you don’t come from a race of people that were historically never allowed to have guns. What do I mean? This is an older black man with clearly very limited knowledge on the subject of firearms, their ownership, their uses. You can be sure his father was just as ignorant, if not more so, and significantly more oppressed/had significantly less access. You can be sure HIS father was just as ignorant, if not more so, and significantly MORE oppressed/had significantly less access.

      We black people do need to “clean house.” But some mindsets are deeply ingrained and generational change doesn’t happen quickly. Still, individuals should be measured by their own deeds, and standing on a soap-box of ignorance is never good.

  8. Anyone notice that he said using background checks to take guns from those who no longer need to have them? That sounds like he’s advocating for confiscation to me.

    • More comprehensively, he would seem to be suggesting a system by which agents of the state are continuously checking people to see whether they have guns, and also running their ID to see if they’re allowed to have them.

      Sounds like “Stop And Frisk”. On steroids.

      • Incidentally this is how it works for gun licenses in Canada. Every morning by 8:30 am a background check is done on every licensed owner and if your name pops up from being arrested/warrant issued/restraining order then you can be damn sure by 8:31 am an RCMP SWAT team will be at your door doing a dynamic entry. This is the only thing ANY government anywhere has not only been able to do on time – they often finish early.

    • In some situations, I might agree with you on his ‘hidden’ agenda. This guy though, has very little knowledge of the PA gun laws and how they can be ‘changed’ to reduce gun crime and is simply ignorant. He is ignorant of his subject, and ignorant of how more laws simply don’t work. I would say that if confiscation were on the table, he’d be for it in a heartbeat.

    • Sounds like he’s saying use NICS records to track down felons who might still have guns illegally. Sounds good in principle, but definitely leads to a very slippery slope wherein the Feds can use NICS records to track who owns guns.

  9. “…why don’t we have universal background checks to help people that don’t need to have the gun no longer…”

    Does this idiot think that background checks are magically running on you 24/7 after you buy a gun?

    • It doesn’t apply to private sales of long guns. Never mind that this would have zero effect on criminal violence. It would just take away rights from you law abiding racists.

  10. Universal firearm purchase background checks will be about as successful at reducing violent crime as universal sexually transmitted disease checks will be at reducing sexual assault.

  11. Don’t be too tough on Ed Gainey. He just got his Mensa card and wanted to show off his profound intellect.

  12. Why don’t we have universal background checks? Sweet Jesus. Doesn’t this guy know that the seller and the buyer of the gun get together and call in to get a background check performed??

    If one criminal is selling a gun (likely stolen) to another criminal, do they really think he is going to call in for a background check???

    What if a law abiding gun owner calls in for a person he is selling the gun to. What if the background check fails? What if the criminal then assaults or murders the gun owner and takes his guns anyways.

    Everything about UBC’s puts the seller at risk and to make them responsible for the future criminal acts that another “could” do.

  13. Yeah, you should probably keep your stupid to yourself…..Cracks me up when they talk about “universal” background checks…As if there are no checks done whatsoever….I like how he conviently forgot to mention in probably every case the firearms used were not obtained legally, so yeah, no likely any checks would fix that, or that the individuals in these diseased communities are schwacking each other like the national past time…I tend to think it’s them and not the firearm..


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