Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Sheriff Clarke Has The Last Word on “Gun Free Zones”

“The only person that is safe in a gun-free zone is the criminal.” – Sheriff David Clarke [via]



  1. avatar Some Body says:

    Well, it doesn’t get any simpler than that!

  2. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    I love this guy – no homo.

    Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    1. avatar NYC2AZ says:

      +1 Costanza

    2. avatar Kevin says:

      I love Sheriff Clark too! He also has a weekly podcast/SoundCloud show that is like a Monday night action flick show that replaced 24. One can only wish he’s appointed for the Top Cop Attorney General under Trump Empire.

      1. avatar Mark N. says:

        The “top cop” heads the FBI. The top attorney heads the AG, since it is, after all, a prosecutors office.

        1. avatar WestCoast says:

          The FBI Director reports to the AG and the AG is known as america’s top Law Enforcement Officer.

  3. avatar Mr. 308 says:

    “We have plenty of gun laws in this country, alright, but we don’t enforce those gun laws. What I mean by we, is we can’t — we in law enforcement — can’t get criminal prosecutions when we bring these things forth. So if we want to reduce crime in America, if we want to reduce violence, if we want to put kids in a safer environment, then what we have to do is attack the criminal element, not law-abiding gun owners.”

    So the proggies want to take guns away from people who respect the law and other peoples rights, and yet they refuse to lock away people who break the law and commit violence.

    It’s not just about second amendment rights, it’s literally about your safety, and the safety of your families and neighbors.

    Why do we see everyday on the news that some new violent act occurred and the person responsible ends up with a criminal record including multiple violent felonies and yet is allowed back out on the street to terrorize our cities?

    It makes you think they want this violence to occur, for people to get hurt and killed.

    And all we hear from the politicians is ‘take more guns out of the hands of people who have committed no crimes’.

    Are they really trying to make cities more violent, because it’s hard to believe this is the case. But if you look at what the state is doing in the macro view, what other conclusion can be drawn?

    1. avatar Anonymous says:

      the proggies want to take guns away from people who respect the law and other peoples rights, and yet they refuse to lock away people who break the law and commit violence.

      Those are called democratic voters. They can’t vote in prison.

      1. avatar FormerWaterWalker says:

        You do understand good sheriff Clarke ran as a Democrat don’t you? There’s even a few south of Chicago. Very few…anywho good for him. He gets it.

        1. avatar Mr. 308 says:

          Heh heh. I’m a Democrat.

          Of course that’s only because around the end of 2012 I wanted to get out of the Republican party and I figured why not, what difference does it make?

    2. avatar Bob315 says:

      If a person pays attention, the end goal of the Progressives is very clear. An armed populace will not allow the Progressives to achieve their political goals of a tyrannical government, so the Progressives need to disarm the people.

  4. avatar Right to Arm Bears says:

    Truth in simplicity, spoken by an agent of the government. How rare and refreshing!

    1. avatar NJ2AZ says:

      in this instance i would refreshingly call him an agent of the people!

      1. avatar Scott in IA says:

        Typically, a sheriff is an agent of the people … elected by the people. Unlike police chiefs, who are appointed.

  5. avatar Binder says:

    The truth is America has higher crime problems are due to the limits set on the goverment by the bill of rights. The upside is that chances of the government oppressing the people are much lower than other places in the world. It is a question of safety vs freedom, and giving up freedom is no guarantee of safety.

    We could end drug abuse real quick, mandatory drug testing for all. Anyone for that?

  6. avatar Anonymous says:

    Hildabeast wants to make the entire United States a gun free zone (except for the secret service of course).

    1. avatar SteveInCO says:

      You forgot the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, Counterfeiting, Espionage and Socialism (BATFECES). They’d be armed too.

  7. avatar SteveInCO says:

    Dammit, Robert, you did NOT provide a trigger warning about Hillary being in that video.

  8. avatar Ovidio Gentiloni says:

    Well said!

  9. avatar SteveInCO says:

    This man has criticized the policies that created inner city neighborhoods. He must be raaaaacist.

    Oh, wait…

  10. avatar LHW says:

    Great, now how will the liberals criticize Sheriff Clark?

    1. avatar SteveInCO says:

      They’ll call him “Uncle Tom.”

      There’ve been quite a few blacks too intelligent to swallow the shit the left has shoveled at them (e.g., Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams) so they’ve already had to write something in their playbook to deal with it when it happens.

      1. avatar travisp says:

        They did the same with Colion Noir calling him an Uncle Tom and that he was owned by the NRA as if he hasn’t been making pro gun videos before he was hired by the NRA

        1. avatar Wiregrass says:

          You expect them to actually do research? And research that doesn’t fit the narrative at that?

        2. avatar SteveInCO says:


          I knew I was forgetting about someone. Thanks for reminding me re: Mr. Noir.

  11. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    Love the quote, hate the fact that “Media Matters” got the view since they are owned by the dummycrat bunch and essentially part of Clinton for prez. You did warn about the source, but I missed noticing (my fault).

  12. avatar Chris T from KY says:

    A law abiding black man with a gun is scary.
    A black sheriff telling everyone to get a gun to help him keep the peace is the most frightening thing to a white progressive.
    It is the freedom of the Internet that gets this message past the white liberal gate keepers.
    The first amendment is a threat to the liberals.

    1. avatar SteveInCO says:

      Hence now the recent push for making “hate speech” a thing…as well as safe spaces and the like, now visible at a college campus near you.

      By coincidence (well, no, not a coincidence) the same agenda as is being pushed in the name of Islam.

      1. avatar Chris T from KY says:

        As a black teenager in the 1970s I watched progressive white people support free speech. They were very proud to support KKK rallies.
        They supported armed Klansmen marching through black neighborhoods but they were and still are against blacks having guns.
        They even supported cross burning on private black property.

        The white progressive support only the free speech they agree with.

  13. avatar tdiinva (now in Wisconsin} says:

    Note that Hillary was addressing the “Trayvon Martin” Memorial Foundation. She is signaling that she supports inner city gangs.

    There is a lot rhetoric here about Progressives “government agents” to repress the population. This is a gross misunderstanding of how totalitarians operate. Even in Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany the police were there to keep the civil peace and order. Their role is no different than in an open society. Totalitarians create a parallel security apparatus to establish social control. These are the people carry out the repression. The Democratic Party has outsourced the role of maintaining social control to criminal gangs. Another property of totalitarian government is to insulate the agents responsible for social control from civil authorities. That is why they support BLM. BLM is a gang front established to prevent you and the civil police from interfering in gang activities. In theory if the Party can make it impossible for you to exercise the right of self-defense when attacked by gang members and gansta wannabes like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. They don’t even have to confiscate guns to establish that control.

    The Democrats want you to believe that the civil police are the threat to your rights because it diverts you from what they are really doing. Many of the armed intelligentsia are unwitting allies of the Party because they support efforts to restrict the police from operating against criminal gangs.

    1. avatar Andrew Lewis says:

      Wow that is disturbing.

  14. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Wow! That was refreshing. Can we clone this guy?

    1. avatar HP says:

      I’m thinking there should be a spot somewhere in Trump’s cabinet or maybe at the head of a federal law enforcement agency that the good sheriff could be recruited for. This guy is regularly spot-on and I like the cut of his jib.

    2. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “Can we clone this guy?”


      “Sheriff Clark – THX-1138”


      “”Sheriff Clark – ED-209”?

      1. avatar Andrew Lewis says:

        THX-1138 please.
        We want Sheriff Clarke to maintain his humanity not become a mindless automaton for our cause.

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