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“[Chicago police officers are] cautious about the national narrative that’s out there right now, so they’re careful about how they do police. But at the same time the biggest reason for this spike is because our repeat guys just don’t fear the judicial system.” – Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson in Gun Deaths In Chicago Reach Startling Number As Year Closes [via]

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    • I wonder, is anyone tracking Obama’s commutees for repeat offenses? Every time one of them commits a murder or other violent crime and winds up back in jail, Obama should receive a thank you card from society…

  1. Uh oh. Someone is getting called into a closed door meeting soon. That’s too much truth for the Chicago machine.

    And how did NPR let this slip through. Get them a copy of the narrative memo like Peter Gibbons and the TPS report memo.

  2. If Shitcago’s police chief had any sense, he would be doing what Detroit’s police chief did, and telling law-abiding citizens to ARM THEMSELVES!. But, of course Shitcago, beloved home of the Daleycrats, has gun control, and that is why it has such a LOW rate of gun violence compared to Detroit…

      • I can give you multiple examples. In order to acquire a firearm and possess it with the blessing of the Chicago and Illinois political masters, you must:
        (1) Obtain an F.O.I.D. card with the attendant expenses.
        (2) Obtain a concealed carry license with considerable attendant expenses.
        (3) Drive outside of Chicago to purchase a firearm at a gun store.*
        (4) Disarm before passing in/through the 21 “gun-free” zones defined in Illinois’ concealed carry law.

        And if you are not an Illinois resident, you must acquire a non-resident concealed carry license at a cost of, what, $400?

        What else did I miss? Did Chicago manage to ban military style semi-auto rifles? Does Illinois graciously allow you to own short barreled rifles and suppressors? Are there any limits to how many firearms you can purchase in a day, week, or month? Any mandatory waiting periods?

        * You must drive outside of Chicago to purchase a firearm at a gun store because there are no gun stores in Chicago city limits thanks to zoning laws and other shenanigans that the City of Chicago has pulled in order to drive out gun stores. This is important to understand since a city resident of meager financial means who only uses public transportation cannot legally carry their handgun back from a gun store in the suburbs on public transportation … they would be forced to take a taxi at considerable expense.

        • Not to mention, it doesn’t matter if your own state trusts you to carry a concealed handgun, with or without a permit. If your state does not have the same ever-so-perfect and lofty standards as Obamastan (aka Illinois), they won’t honor your permit, and won’t give you a non-resident permit. Which means that most citizens of other states are vulnerable if they travel to Obamastan, and especially crime-ridden Shitcago. Hopefully, the new Congress and President Trump will pass a national reciprocity law!

        • Oh, apparently there are more gun-control laws in Chicago and/or Illinois:
          (1) You cannot purchase ammunition without an F.O.I.D. card in Illinois.
          (2) You apparently cannot have a folding or collapsible stock on a rifle in Chicago.
          (3) You apparently cannot have a magazine which holds more than 10 rounds in Chicago.

        • As long as the firearm is in a case you can “transport” it on bus or taxi or Metra. FOID card is $10 for 10 years and you can apply online. CCL costs and time are exactly twice Texas (actually a little less as you DON’T need fingerprints). Lots of exceptions to cut the training down to half. (Cost me less time and money to get my Illinois CCL then my Florida/Utah.) NO restrictions on handguns. SBRs in Illinois require you also have your 03 FFL, I know, its a little crazy, but $30 for 3 years I think, but you can’t CCL long guns. One nice side effect of FOID, is gang members can see if they are good to go purchasing a gun even before they go to the gun store. Yes there is a 24/72 hour waiting period, but most FFLs consider that to start when when they receive purchase confirmation (I usually purchase online) Long gun rules are a real mess, with what is enforced and what exactly the law is and what was actually registered when registration was required. The only real solid is 15 round restriction ON LONG GUNS, NO RESTRICTION ON PISTOL MAGAZINES, in Chicago (but you can transport anything legal in the state).
          As for any tourist who is stupid (and yes I said stupid) to go to the south or west sides, well….

        • So Chicago prohibits gun shops and you need drive to somewhere with a lower sales tax rate to buy your gun. Otherwise, the laws you cited are state laws.

          The rest of Illinois doesn’t have Chicago’s violent crime problem (though some other Democrat-controlled shitholes are pretty bad). So regardless of your views on gun control laws, it’s pretty obvious those laws aren’t what’s causing Chicago’s descension into a war zone.

        • Binder?

          Not sure where you get your information (mine comes from the Illinois State Police and the Tx DPS), but…..

          License cost is $150 in Illinois, $140 in Texas. (Tx has bills filed this session to eliminate that fee.)

          Illinois requires 16 hours of training. Tx requires 4 to 6 hours.

          Illinois does indeed require fingerprinting of applicants, which runs as high as $62. Texas cost is $10.

        • Jonathan,
          Fingerprints are not required for either a FOID card or a CCL in Illinois. They sort of suggest that if you submit fingerprints you’ll get your CCL quicker. I did not provide fingerprints to get my CCL.

        • Jonathan, you can lower the training to 8 hours with other “training” NRA pistol class, hunting safety class, DD214 are a few, check current rules. Also I thought that Texas was $75. I just look at it as one day for Texas, and 2 for Illinois (I did it in one)
          Curtis in IL, most places in Chicago are safe. I don’t hang out on the west and south sides. Yes I carry. Outside of downtown, is is much like Texas in terms of what is posted for no-carry. I even have been “made” by CPD once or twice. Eye contact and a smile was all that it took to relax the cop.

      • Curtis, now you’re being disingenuous. Your challenge was to “Give me an example of a gun control law currently in effect in Chicago.” All of the stated laws for Illinois are in effect in Chicago.

        • Rich and uncommon_sense won on a technicality. Of course Chicago has gun control. By the same rationale, Wyoming has gun control because federal gun control laws apply there (NFA, GCA, FOPA etc.).

          In reality, since I have jumped through the hoops of infringement here in Illinois, I can walk down the street in Chicago with my concealed Glock 26 (not that I would, if I could avoid it).

          I’m continuously baffled by the amount of ink TTAG dedicates to reporting on Chicago violence. It’s not about guns. We know that, and the changing narrative from the Chicago politicians indicates that they know that, too.

        • Curtis, you are incorrect. Technically, and in every other way, the assault weapon ban and magazine limit are chicago laws, not state laws. I can cite chapter and verse if needed.

    • We all know what is meant by the term “bad neighborhoods”, but no one wants to come right out and say it. When 13% of the general population commits the majority of the violent crime it’s time to take action. You’re not going to rehabilitate these ghetto rats. Let’s round them all up and put them in camps.

      • Really dude? Yeah, because nobody with that skin color deserves to live, right? Fvck off and die. Best option is to rebuild the family, change the culture, encourage actual work, connect people with work that’s actually rewarding, improve the general opportunities, suppress the gangs, and engage in massive youth outreach to prevent kids from joining these gangs in the first place. I do agree that it is significant that these are almost exclusively the problems of a particular demographic, but the answer is to change the culture rather than condemn everybody.

        • You’re kidding, aren’t you Red? Do you expect the mongoloid level I.Q. hicks from Illinois who let NRA state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde put Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties in state Rep. Brandon Phelps “NRA backed” concealed carry bill to care about black people in Chicago?

          Check the retards bragging about how great Illinois’ carry bill is- for them. They don’t care about black people standing on a bus stop. Blacks like Otis McDonald exist to be used as cannon fodder for NRA lawsuits.

          Since Vandermyde and the insane clown posse from southern Illinois bestowed their great carry bill upon us in 2013, they have not moved an inch to remove the Duty to Inform, the ban on CTA carry, the criminal penalties, the unelected Star Chamber concealed carry review board, or the hundreds of gun-free zones. That stuff only effects black people, not good old boys who suck police ass. Thanks Todd!

  3. Maybe the Chicago PD read Dean Weingarten’s article from Dec 8 and the proverbial “lightbulb” went on:

    VICE TV’s series “BLACK MARKET”, episode “Iron Pipieline” included video recordings of “prohibited persons” buying illegal guns from illegal sellers who stated they had to have guns to have a chance to survive in the street and one interviewee was shot to death in the street one and one-half hours after his interview was recorded for the episode.

    So, yeah, Chicago PD, you are in a No-Win Possible situation because you cannot legally punish people, who are certain they will die if they don’t have firearms, severely enough to offset their perceived alternative. Now that you finally see the problem, how can you resolve it?

    • Well we could encourage the CPD to be a lot more trigger happy. Give the perps something other than the incompetent judicial system to fear.

      • A well armed populace would be something else to fear. Perpetrators killed in the act won’t be repeat offenders.

  4. For another perspective go to You can see how the rank and file think about it. Another fun trip would be visiting It “illustrates Chicago values”.

  5. “…the biggest reason for this spike is because our repeat guys just don’t fear the judicial system.”

    Well if that isn’t a segue to Stalin-esque ruling with an iron fist, I don’t know what is.

    Could have been worse, though. At least he didn’t play the “lax gun laws of neighboring states” card.

    • Truth is many gun charges get plea bargained away, dropped, or thrown out by the court. Those convicted for gun crimes often get light sentences. They are then eligible for time off for good behavior, released due to over crowding, etc.
      Were gun crimes prosecuted (no plea bargains, maximum sentencs). There would be a huge outcry over the cost and how so many men of one race are being jailed.

  6. Google “SOS” +”Chicago” + “police” to see why no Chicago cop has any credibility on this issue, or anything else.

  7. I think that the few good people stuck in Da hood should be able to carry. The problem here is that the “good” people live there because of friends and family, who may not “all” be good people. Living in a rough are makes you touch and usually you get let alone if you are old. Many of the victims that are old havd bad backgrounds or their S.O. does, so no guns for them. Youthful offenders, (15-25) should get a boot camp experiance and then get put to work on state parks and roads for the rest of thier sentence. A 2 year minimum will wake them up from gansta life. The ones that don’t can get “blanket parties” from the others.

  8. Whatever. It’s Chicago. Eddie won’t last long. They STILL trot out Garry “streetlight” McCarthy for that azzhole’s view. At least we have real CC in Illinois(and Chiraq). And no record for murder will be set this year…shootings OTOH.

  9. I read this article earlier…

    and have to laugh. She’s trying to bust the “myth” that Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the nation. Her counterargument is that the punishment for illegally possessing a firearm is slight thus they aren’t strict. While slight punishments are highly immoral in this case, it still does not account for the fact that it’s illegal. I want to follow the law and do my best to do so thus Illinois and Chicago laws are very restrictive on me and millions of law-abiding citizens. So, in summation, Chicago has the strictest gun laws for the LAW-ABIDING but is lax on the CRIMINALS. How much *#)%)*#^# sense does that make?

    • The handy chart in that article is a joke. It says you need a concealed carry permit in Chicago, NY City or Los Angeles. It doesn’t mention that Illinois actually issues such permits while NY City and L.A. almost never do.

  10. ” But at the same time the biggest reason for this spike is because our repeat guys just don’t fear the judicial system.”

    For a phony four star general, that’s a pretty concise summary of the situation in Chitcago.

  11. “they’re careful about how they do police”


    Funny coming from a police department that runs its own black site.

    • Don’t expect the hillbillies to know what a black site is, or care. The “good folks” who vote for state Rep. Brandon Phelps down in “Little Egypt” cheered on Phelps pet rat Todd Vandermyde when he put Duty to Inform with criminal penalties in their shit carry bill. Why wouldn’t you want to tell the police you’re armed? They are “the good guys” and the police are “on our side!”

      Yes, the retarded losers from southern Illinois really are that stupid. All that bad stuff in Illinois’ carry bill is designed to be used against blacks in Chicago, not good old boys who know the Klan handshake. Thanks Todd! Where do I sign up for NRA life membership?

  12. All this could be solved so cheaply.

    All you need is a kerosene lamp, a cow and an Irish woman milking said cow.

    A week later, the problem is solved.

  13. I forgot to post this, which will have some bearing on Chicago’s near-term future:

    The chart titled “Chicago Schools Pay a Premium” is the most telling. It shows that the bond market is losing patience with Chicago.

    The eventual outcome will include police and fire pensions being slashed, as well as public employee employment & compensation getting cut. I don’t think they can raise taxes high enough to impress the bond markets now.

    • Chicago’s usual game for debt management is to leech off the rest of us via the state legislature. But Illinois’ financial position isn’t any better.

      The financial situation here is worse than Greece. When critical mass is reached, there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth. It won’t be pretty, and it will be felt throughout the entire state.

  14. He’s right. Criminals used to fear two things: the courts and the cops. There’s not much reason to fear either now, short of exceptional cases.

    The funny thing is that as BLM and the ALCU et al go about their merry business they are essentially enacting ‘depolicing.’ And there are reasonable arguments for that- including some that many here would probably echo. With more policing comes less liberty. But there’s two problems coming up:
    1) We’re not having an honest conversation. We’re not actually debating the negatives and positives of policing. Instead hacks are demanding that the cops do everything possible and then throw them under the bus the minute they do just that. So that leads to…
    2) …not doing it the right way. If we want less policing it should be institutionalized, not haphazard. Jaywalking laws and vehicle equipment violations should be tossed out if you don’t want them enforced. But instead cops are just having to ‘wing it’ and decide whether the juice is worth the squeeze on a particular corner at a particular time. Nobody wins.

    And of course the reason the ALCU doesn’t want to have that honest conversation is that it’s uncomfortable. Because it’s much easier to just armchair quarterback and always be able to place the blame somewhere else. And that’s why I’m afraid it won’t change and the only thing that will eventually happen is that there will eventually be a strong backlash against the left which has completely conceded any semblance of caring about law and order and instead wants to give room to destroy.

    Er… or maybe I should say ‘another’ backlash.

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