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“But with fame came death threats from insurgents and (Niloofar Rahmani) routinely faced contempt from her male colleagues in a conservative nation where many still believe that a woman does not belong outside the home. In an interview in Kabul last year, Rahmani said she always carried a pistol for her protection and though she has grown accustomed to the ogling eyes of men, she never left her airbase in uniform, lest it make her a target.” – Tyler Durden in “She Betrayed Our Country” – Afghan “Top Gun” Pilot Seeks US Asylum, Sparks Domestic Outrage [via]

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  1. Is the country Islamic? Yes? Then it is exactly what the Quran commands – a primitive shithole, with no regard to what Western Civilization views as ‘rights’. This is very simply the battle for civilization being played out on the world stage, albeit a bit slowly. There is not a single country populated by Islamists that meets any basic tests of being civilized. Never has been, never can be.

    It appears that Europe has not only lost this fight, but has done so semi-willingly. I do have some hope, the Euros have done it before, but it’s rather obvious that they no longer see the big picture. Germans being propagandized that they still carry some sort of cultural “guilt” for WWII is also a problem. That war is long over, please move on, there is the new battle for your very existence to worry about. If you think Hitler was bad, lemme tell ya ’bout Muslims and what’s commanded in their book of nonsense…

    • “There is not a single country populated by Islamists that meets any basic tests of being civilized.”

      Indonesia, Morocco, etc. to name a few. They are a small bunch but they “do” exist.

        • No kidding, Indonesia? (Let alone Morocco…) I’m always amazed (though never truly surprised) at how some people have absolutely no clue about what is going on in the larger world.

        • I get the impression you have never been to Indonesia, and are not well informed regarding the country. A member of my family married a nice Indonesian Christian woman, I can tell you right now that the major cities in Indonesia are becoming a lot like Singapore with a splash of Bangkok. When you go to visit you must declare a Religion to the customs folks over there. There are only three options: Buddhism, Christianity, or Islam, you must declare yourself to be one of those three. I can tell you right now that if you don’t pick “Islam” you will probably never be able to hold a position in public office. That’s about it. It’s a fast growing nation, with quite a bit of tourism, and it is actually pretty nice. It is also probably the most liberal majority Muslim country out there. Seriously, in the adult entertainment area it is like Bangkok. The current president is a pretty good guy.

        • For those of you not looking for a fluff piece to confirm what you saw on the Travel Channel, here’s just a touch of what’s really happening in Indonesia…

          I could put up links to actual news all day. I have friends and aquaints who travel and are from all over the world, IRL. I try to be well-read, or at least topically informed. The suggestion that the “tolerant” Indonesia remains a reality in this century, borders on the ludicrous. Sure, there are those who have the means, or locale to ignore what is going on all around them. There are tourists and dillettantes, who sell the story you’re selling. They are the same people who proclaim there are no such things as ‘no-go zones’ or ‘Muslim Patrols’ throughout Europe, despite the ready availability of hundreds of hours of uncontestable video.

          The future is here, putting your head in the sand really doesn’t work.

        • And a bunch of news stories doesn’t tell the whole story. We, as gun owners and 2A advocates, should know that very well.

          I have well over 100+ stamps/visa spread out over several passport books both officially and with the “tourist” book. I am definitely one that has not traveled the regular beaten path (example… I found myself drinking tea with locals in the mountains of Turkey and snowboarding the in the same region just last season). While there are definitely places I would not visit again, a region’s dominant religion is not a reason to prevent a revisit.

      • Was that a serious statement? I literally can’t tell.

        Indonesia and Morocco = “Civilized”?? In what universe?

        • Having lived in both (wife is French speaking American – hence Morocco), currently in Europe, and working for good old uncle sam representing the USA, I can guarantee you that the countries I listed are far more “liberal” than any other Islam-based country (I’ve been or lived in every single ME country except for Dubai – which will be added to my list February 2017).

          And sometimes I feel like more Americans should get out of their houses and experience the world more…

      • i believe the quote WAS “ANY basic tests,” not “the specific standard that i describe that will always eliminate Muslim countries.”

    • I find it quite interesting that the Mohemmedans have found the perfect strategy for disarming their detractors. While on the one hand loudly proclaiming that the holocaust never happened they will immediately claim victim status and use European (and to some extent American) guilt over the genocide of Jews in Germany during WW II to claim that every opposition to their presence or actions is an attempt at religious persecution and potential genocide!

      It is an ingenious strategy and unfortunately it seems to be very effective.

      The problem is, of course, that all of the anti-Semetic claims made by the Third Reich against Judaism were patent falsehoods while in the case of the Mohammedans they are in fact attempting to take over the entire world by whatever means necessary. In this conflict they really ARE the enemy, with the exception of those who are not really committed to the Caliphate, which makes them apostates in the eyes of true Mohammedans, and subject to the same fate as any other infidel. The real problem then becomes, how do you tell which tiger will eat you and your babies, and which one just wants to be left alone?

    • Having spent a great deal of time in Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan, the West Bank and a few other Islamic countries, I can tell you that Muslims in those countries are savages. Period. No mitigating circumstances, no half measures. Savages. period.

      Do we want them taking over America as they are taking over Europe?

  2. The country condones a society where women, regardless of professional (or non-professional) function, will never be equal to even the lowest male beggar on the streets. Until they destroy this concept, some ME countries will continue to live in the Stone Ages.

    • Every ME country lives in the stone age. Shiny towers and gold-plated Lambos don’t make you civilized.

      Come to grips with the reality that Islam is the society, and that has never been good, from the day the child-raping warlord started his ‘religion’, to right this second.

    • Three relatively small (but highly radioactive) nukes, one for each of the oilfields in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran, maybe one extra for Libya, and we would probably never hear from the Mohammedans again. They have only gained strength due to the influx of cash for oil. Without that cash they would be forced to return to their mud huts and try to survive growing opium poppies.

      • “They have only gained strength due to the influx of cash for oil. Without that cash they would be forced to return to their mud huts and try to survive growing opium poppies.”

        THAT is the root problem. The United States and the rest of the world have poured TRILLIONS of dollars into those Middle Eastern countries in the last 80 or so years. That has enabled them to strengthen and metastasize a million times faster than their previous 1,400 years. Unfortunately, they have enough cash reserves in the bank right now (how many hundreds of billions of dollars do their ruling class have on hand right now?) to create mass havoc for the next 200 years without any additional revenue.

        Even if the whole world stopped buying all petroleum from the Middle East forever, they have enough cash on hand to fund a global guerilla war the likes of which the world has never seen. Short of truly isolating the region and preventing all people from leaving and being able to export their violence (which would be cost prohibitive), turning the whole area into glass might be the only way to stop the cancer.

        • True historically BUT the current problem is the US is NOT pouring petro$ into the Mideast as, shazam we have vast quantities of oil under our own soil. Thus the Saudis (in particular) have negative in cash and facing real problems in continuing to buy peace from the radicialized lower class they created over the last 50years. BIG problem for the entire area (or world).

  3. The first thing anyone should do after discovering their society views them as “less than” is arm up. You live behind enemy lines. You can’t even pretend the law/government will protect you from anything at that point. If anything they will actively work to marginalize you further.

    • Hence the reason I, as a white male practicing a religion other than neoliberal statism, has a need to arm up in the gold ‘ole USA.

      The message is being sent loud and clear: We are “less than” just about anyone else.

    • ^^^^^ … what the hobbit said.

      If the point of having a govt is to live better, once you’re the fodder for someone else’s “better”, the machinery becomes a problem, not a solution.

      It ain’t a mutual protection pact if you’re protected, n I’m lunch.

    • Curtis in IL,

      I do not recall whether you are a person of faith or eschew Christianity. Either way, I hope you will appreciate the GIANT pearl of wisdom (paraphrased) from the Christian Bible, “You can tell whether something is good or bad by the fruit that it bears.”

      Progressives, our mainstream media (but I repeat myself), and Muslims will tell us that Islam is a religion of peace, harmony, and progress. And to that I respond, “Anyone can say anything. What fruit does Islam produce?”

      And your link is just one of millions of examples of the type of fruit that Islam produces … and virtually all of it is bad in my worldview. Applying that verse from the Bible, the fruit of Islam is overwhelmingly bad. Therefore, Islam is bad.

      Speaking of, is there any other religion or philosophy that demands its followers kill everyone who fails to embrace that religion of philosophy? I cannot think of any off the top of my head.

      • Indeed. Matthew 7 contains this:
        15Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16By their fruit you will recognize them. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.…

        Luke 6 is quite similar:
        43No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. 44For each tree is known by its own fruit. Indeed, people do not gather figs from thornbushes, or grapes from brambles…

      • It is a sad truth.
        It doesn’t matter how much education a Muslim has. Their religion comands them to perform the most violent acts.
        When the London underground was bombed several years ago, the Muslims who did it where all immigrant medical doctors.

        Technology is only a tool to carry out gods will.
        Any religion that has not had some form of reformation is a danger to the civilized world.

        • I politely disagree w/ you. Islam had a reformation. We are seeing its fruit.

          Some believed the Tariq (history) & Tafsir (commentary) that pervade Islamic jurisprudence, as well as western influence, watered-down Islam from the pure faith that it was. Some sought to go back to the earliest sources: the Koran, the hadith, and the biographies of Muhammad. They believed that Muslims needed to shore up Muslim lands and kick out the infidels. The architect and greatest proponent of this primitivist, going-back-to-the-original brand of Islam was a guy by the name of:

          Thus wahhabism was born. It seeks to be the purest expression of Islam and is thus its most violent. It became the sect of the house of Saud and then exported via oil money all over the world. New Mosques in the western world are overwhelmingly Wahhabi. The closer you get to the lifestyle (sunnah) of Muhammad the more violence you get. Not all ideologies are the same reformation or no.

          Surah 2:216 Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.

        • Samurai chatter
          You and I will politely just have to disagree. Islam in the Phillipines, Indonesia, Egypt, and other nations with different languages, different customs, and different histories, have all produced mass murders all from the same religion.

          The most highly educated and worldly travelers have murdered school children in Russia, blown up people just because they were dancing.
          I could quote the Christian bible but there is no need to. Christians are not blowing people up or raping little boys.

          Islam has a serious problem the world needs to deal with. The least expensive way to deal with islam it not not let muslims into your country. It is not discrimination. No human has a right to travel to any nation.

          Only the three L’s, libertarians, liberals, and the Left, think it is a good idea to invite a imam to travel across the ocean to give a speech calling for the killing of homosexuals in America. And then later it happens in Orlando Florida.
          I think the three L’s are mentally ill. They lack reason.

        • I do not think we disagree. What I am pointing out is that Islam at its heart is violent. The closer you get to Muhammad the more violent the religion becomes. When Judaism or Christianity had their reformations you got something very different than what we see primitivist Islam. I am not sure how you got otherwise from what I wrote. Correct, do not let more Muslims into your country.

          As someone who does identify as a libertarian, I do not see how you can lump us/them in w/ communists bent on America’s destruction. Border enforcement is an historic purpose of government. If the Imam is not an American then yeah you can ban him from entering the country.

      • “Speaking of, is there any other religion or philosophy that demands its followers kill everyone who fails to embrace that religion of philosophy?”

        If the Progressives could get away with killing off conservatives , a lot of them would be just fine with it…

    • Anent the religion of peace:

      1: vowels don’t count in Arabic words
      2: arabic vowels can have consonants in them. their vowels are not direct counterparts of our vowels.
      3: related words use the same consonants.
      4: there is no upper and lower case in arabic.

      Words with the consonants SLM are related. because there is no upper and lower case in arabic I will use upper case to emphasize the similarity in these words:

      muSLiM, with an i: one who has surrendered to the will of allah as stated in the Quran
      iSLaM: was: surrender. changed to mean surrender to the will of allah
      SaLaam: peace
      SaLiM and SaLMa: complete, entire, intact, total
      muSaLaM: undisputed

      But: each word does not stand by itself. they are components in a stew. their juices mingle. each takes on some characteristics of the others.

      Islam is the religion of peace, but not peace as we know it. Their peace comes from abdicating personal responsibility by surrendering your will to the dictates of a god invented in the delusional mind of a person who imagined he talked to angels 1300 years ago. Their peace comes from surrendering your free will, and moral responsibility for your decisions and actions, completely and totally and without reservation or remorse, to an imaginary higher authority.

      the quran can not truly be translated. you must learn arabic in the form that was used in 632 AD to read the quran, so you understand that mingling of words thing. you can’t touch a quran ( per their rules ) if you are not a muslim. if you become a muslim, you sign on for eternity. they can kill you for backing out. so you have to agree that everything in the quran is the literally true word of allah, the supreme being, before you know what you are agreeing to.

      when the last person on earth converts to islam: Judgement day. they want that. killing people who have not converted to islam solves a problem for them.

      islam is the religion of their peace, not our peace. islam as a religion of peace makes as much sense as “support mental health or I will kill you”

      • BINGO! And thank you for stating it in a much more scholarly manner than I was planning.

        The “peace” advocated/sought by Mohammedans is the peace that comes when your enemies are either all dead or submit so thoroughly to your superiority that they have no will left to fight you. This brings us to the quote “I would rather die on my feet as a free man than live on my knees as a slave.” Notice that every devout Mohammedan takes to his knees five times a day in submission to Allah (as instructed by Mohammed). To question any part of the Quran is to invite death.

      • As a Christian, I am content to understand the “peace” means something different to me than it does to non-Christians. Most certainly it means something quite different to Muslims.

        We just need to remind non-Muslims, at every opportunity, that when Muslims say “peace,” it doesn’t mean what we think it means.

      • “if you become a muslim, you sign on for eternity. they can kill you for backing out.”

        I know two other organizations that work the same way: the Mafia and Mr. Lincoln’s Union.

      • “so you have to agree that everything in the quran is the literally true word of allah, the supreme being, before you know what you are agreeing to.”
        Reminds me of “We have to pass this bill, so we can see what is in it.”

  4. She has to look out for Honor Killing from her own Family, and Atheists say Christianity is Screwed up, basically Nuke em all let Allah sort it out, oh wait that’s what Obama planned for us, his being best buddies with Muslims like his half brother!

    • Obama’s final days in office are beginning to look ominously like Hitler’s final orders to Albert Speer, “Burn it down, blow it up, destroy everything! If the German people could not accomplish my dream of the Third Reich they do not deserve to survive!”

      Yes, Mr. Godwin, whoever you are, I went there.

  5. This is a really bad story to use as an example. Claims for asylum from Foreign Military Sales (FMS) students happen all the time. This defection claim was all planned out from day 1. She’s politically connected to have gotten the training slot in the first place. And no doubt, she never left the base without a pistol….And her families bodyguards accompanying her.

    There was never any intention for her to actually do anything in Afghanistan.

    Follow the money. I guarantee she’s going to be a funnel for her other relatives to get to the US and for the money they’ve skimmed from the US Govt. Find out who’s paying for her attorney.

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