“Gun accidents happen because we live in close proximity to machines designed to kill; they eventually will do what they were made to do, though perhaps not at a time our choosing. Whenever this happens, the true culprit is obvious: A culture that refuses to learn the lessons of its past.” – Peter Manseau in Guns are designed to kill. So why do we express shock when they do? [at]



  1. per·son·i·fi·ca·tion.


    The attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something nonhuman or inanimate.

  2. So he’s SPECIFICALLY referring to death by gun accidents. Those run ~550 a year. Yet automobile accidents claim ~35,000 lives a year. Sounds like he wants to ban the wrong thing if saving lives is REALLY what he’s after.


    • Per the CDC in 2013, there were 130,557 unintentional deaths in the United States. Of the thirteen specified categories, unintentional firearm deaths was 11th. Here’s the categories from highest to lowest:
      1.) Poisoning – 38,851
      2.) Transport – 37,184
      3.) Falling – 30,208
      4.) Other or Unspecified – 7,906
      5.) Suffocation – 6,601
      6.) Drowning – 3,391
      7.) Fire – 2,818
      8.) Natural / Environmental – 1,535
      9.) Struck by Object – 823
      10.) Machinery – 588
      11.) Firearm – 505
      12.) Cut/Pierce – 134
      13.) Overexertion – 13

      • Wait! You’re; telling me out of 130,556 accidental deaths by all means, 505 of them are by firearms?

        That is unacceptable!! We must outlaw all guns, it’s for the children!!

        Oh, and the other 130,051 accidental deaths? Oh, well, that’s just life. Accidents happen.

        • 2asux would say… This is the truth about guns, not the truth about drowning or falls. It is deflection to address other methods of death and their existence doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to reduce gun deaths.

          He’ll make no mention of priorities or the number of acceptable deaths are worth a free society, etc. then he’ll talk about his right to safety (laugh) and how it’s unacceptable for him to die by unintentional firearms discharge.

        • I have a fire extinguisher And I don’t want my kitchen to go up in a grease fire. I just am prepared in case a fire does start out same with my hand guns I don’t hope to use them I have them just in case I have to use them.

      • Did any one else catch that “Machinery” (presumably not designed to kill) was responsible for more accidental deaths than “machines designed to kill”?

        Maybe we should start using guns instead of power tools, farm machinery, and manufacturing equipment. It’d be safer.

        • So what you’re saying on no uncertain terms that I have more chance of getting my ball sack caught in a piece of machinery and pulling myself into it and getting myself completely mangled Then being accidentally shot By someone or myself And a firearm. Laughing my ass off That is so funny and it’s so funny that they never mention these lists that are available to the general public over the internet That show There are so many more dangerous things In this country And on this planet than firearms And yet they fixate on them Crazily Style Just nuts straight up freaking nuts. What is wrong with these people??

        • So what follows from your line of thinking that, say, something like cars which kill thousands should be threaten le guns. No oversight that they function safety. If the manufacturer failed to issue a recall or knowingly marketed guns that were unsafe t9 the owners, they by an act of congress were immune from liabity?

      • Seems like my (6 year old) son has a very keen awareness of relative danger; he is constantly worried about #1 (poisoning), always asking if this or that has chemicals on it before he will touch it (or, God forbid, eat off it). But he loves to go shooting with me. 🙂

    • “Falling accidents happen because we live in close proximity to massive bodies designed to attract; they eventually will do what they were made to do, though perhaps not at a time our choosing. Whenever this happens, the true culprit is obvious: A culture that refuses to learn the lessons of its past.” – Peter Manseau in Gravity is designed to kill. So why do we express shock when it does?


      • This guy If he really wants to help people He should investigate how many malpractice deaths that occur Every year especially since the Obama Care Program has been enacted. Malpractice suits Over deaths in this country in 2010 Was Somewhere around a hundred thousand deaths caused by doctors and nurses that made mistakes During treatment of patients in hospitals. 2015 stats Over a half a million people killed by malpractice Mistakes done by doctors and nurses in the hospital care system. They are killing off The sick and elderly Faster than the Nazis did the Jewish community In the forties. And they’re worried about fucking guns. Absolutely ridiculous.

        • That’s just it. These people don’t want to help people. They want to help themselves feel morally righteous and superior. From their perspective they feel guns is the path of least resistance to that end. Because you are absolutely right, if they truly wanted to do the most good, for the most people, they would look at the areas with the most preventable deaths…like medical malpractice.

  3. Actually, I don’t express shock. Eventually, the story comes out that the incident was entirely preventable, because some person, NOT THE GUN, chose to act irresponsibly with a firearm. Other than an undetected material defect in the firearm or ammunition, this is how it goes every single time.

    • I don’t think even he is shocked. I suspect it is just his preferred way of implying that other people, people not involved with his favorite advocacy, are stupid.

  4. And not a word, of course, about the millions of us who would probably be dead – by whatever weapon or bare hands – if we had not used a gun to defend ourselves. Even when no shots were fired.

  5. “Gun accidents happen because we live in close proximity to machines designed to kill; they eventually will do what they were made to do”

    If this tool can name me one, just one gun, that has killed any museum patron out of nowhere from its preservation encasing, then I’ll beginning to believe his premise.

    Instead it is just another ludicrous example of a simpleton that cannot engage in rational or logical thought.

    • No, another example of a control freak statist (likely leftist) who wants YOU (and me) disarmed, so that the almighty political state can tell us exactly how to live down to the last little detail without the least bit of worry.

  6. Wow, my guns have never lurched up and killed somebody or me. They must be defective. I guess I need some new ones.

  7. 3 hundred million guns, approximately, in the US currently.

    6 hundred people are killed accidentally each year, due to negligent firearm discharge.

    If guns are “designed to kill”, and if that design is responsible for “gun accidents”, then their design fails to meet their intended use – and quite miserably so.

    • Indeed.

      Considering passenger vehicles, which are specifically engineered and fabricated expressly *not* to kill, slaughter 30,000 yearly, the 500 or so lost lives to gun accidents pales in comparison…

  8. “A culture that refuses to learn the lessons of its past.” — Peter Manseau

    Now that’s rich. Mr. Manseau himself seems to forget lessons from the past, like, oh, I don’t know … governments setting out to kill millions of their own citizens (Nazi Germany) or governments recently being unable to protect citizens from well armed drug cartels operating in Southern Arizona.*

    * Reference Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu’s comments that this deputies are outgunned and outmanned in 2010:

    • I only clicked to comment for that reason. Apparently he and I went to two totally different history classes. Learning from the past doesn’t mean watching news clips from December 2012.

  9. “they [guns] eventually will [kill]”

    Here is a man who doesn’t do statistics. Or math at all. What a stupid, stupid thing to say.

  10. He wants to relieve all the pain and suffering of accidental discharges by guns for 600 people annually. I propose a common core objective of gun handling with all children in the US concurrent with a DMV requirement that before issuing a license to drive, the applicant demonstrate proper storage & handling of revolvers, semi auto pistols, shotguns and rifles. And to make weapons handling training safe a gun room be installed at each facility or on the drive route.

    That’s how you fix it, everyone endures for the weapons safety challenged few.

  11. “Guns are designed to kill” Bullsh*t !!! Guns are designed to shoot! Whether they shoot a paper target or a person is dependent upon the intent of a human finger on the trigger.
    My guns have shot a lot of paper targets over the years, all were destroyed, none killed.

  12. HELP!!!!!! I am very concerned that the SR9 which is on my right hip will “do what it was made to do”, perhaps at a time I don’t choose. She (Flaming Rose) has been so well behaved, what if she decides “WTF, I’m popping off “? Oh, woe is me………snap back to reality…….Rose cannot flame without getting fingered, bit of a drawback that inanimate thing…….

  13. Another well-to-do, white liberal attempting to grab the reins of society for their idea of a greater good… Clearly, he wants to oppress the culture of people, which he believes are lesser than himself.

    The poor, minorities, crippled children, pansexual horses, cisgendered circus clowns named Phillis, and the list goes on – what bigotry.

  14. Doesn’t this guy look like one of the kids from Columbine?? Why do all these anti-gun Men and women look like they’re deranged and needs psychological help?? This guy’s talking about learning from history in the past Obviously he has not learned it from reading or taking American history class. What an asshat. Needs to learn the true meaning of the word freedom. Just because you don’t like something in this country does not give you The right to take away A constitutionally-protected freedom. Just because you want to feel safer. Gun control has been proven not to work whatsoever. Here in the State of Florida we have 1.7 million concealed weapon permit holders And our crime Levels Are less than the rest of the country. And they continue to drop. Accidental discharges with firearms that cause injury and fatality in this country hasn’t been this low since 1962. This guy is an ass hat clown Needs to do a little bit more research before opening his ignorant mouth.

  15. It’s amazing how many people die from traffic accidents, despite cars not being designed to kill. Or how many people die from simple slips and falls in the bathtub, which certainly wasn’t designed to kill. Or how many people die from drugs or medical procedures, from faulty space heaters, house fires, or swimming pools, none of which were designed to kill.

    Why, it’s almost as if nature doesn’t give a toss what some human had in mind for a thing. It stubbornly applies the same laws of physics and biology regardless of our intentions. That, too, is a lesson of history.

    • My gun was not designed to kill. It was designed to make holes in paper and make noise.

      Using it in defense of self would be a last resort, and were there no gun a hammer would as well be used if needed (also, not designed to kill). In such case the gun would end up saving lives best case, and the absolute last thing I would ever want to see my guns do would be to take a life.

      Abso-fucking-loutely the last thing my guns would ever do.

      Not designed to kill, based on use pattern, make freaking holes in paper and produce noise, and fun.

      • Your guns were not designed to make holes in paper. They were designed to propel a small object at great speed out of a tube. The time, place and target for that object, the bullet, is totally in the control of the person holding the gun and pulling the trigger.

  16. OMG, you guys! My gun for real went off in my safe last night! Then all the others started going off! It was a chain reaction of autonomous killing machines!

    • You are right sir I have noticed lately That might carry pistol has been withdrawing itself out of its holster and pointing itself at me while I’m sleeping next to it in my bed with my wife. Laughing my ass off. How freaking retarded.These people Are absolutely retarded that come up with this stupid shit. Why don’t you investigate How many kids get killed On swing sets and swimming pools Just in the State of Florida you would be absolutely flabbergasted at how many kids died On swing sets And park playgrounds not to mention drowned in swimming pools rivers lakes ocean And water parks. This guy is a nut job.

  17. …they eventually will do what they were made to do, though perhaps not at a time our choosing….

    (Looks suspiciously at his guns). I’ve got my eye on you guys. Don’t think I’m fooled by that old “inanimate object” propaganda!

  18. I think the reason that so many people react so viscerally to the idea of a gun accident is due to the startling gulf between the careless act and the potential consequences – such a minor act can have devastatingly huge consequences. Given that the walls of our lives have become so padded-out that in most cases even overtly stupid acts hare mostly less than fatal, if not in fact, negligible in outcomes. So, the stark contrast in culture between those that accept and manage that risk/disparity well, and those that for whatever reasons don’t or cannot, is laid bare.

    Yet in the end it comes down to familiarity and knowledge. The typical Anti has no familiarity with firearms and so balks at their lethality, but that same Anti will then casually get in a car and pull out onto the streets, confident that they can manage any risk to their lives responsibly.

  19. “Whenever this happens, the true culprit is obvious: A culture that refuses to learn the lessons of its past.” – Peter Manseau in Guns are designed to kill.”

    FU to the constant strained ignorance of the numbnutted LEFT.

    NOT EVEN “THE PLAGUE” kills like your a-hole neighbor who needed a job, got one from your gov’t, and became a dictator. Nothing is more surmountable. If you want to “protect” anyone (and we know you don’t) START THERE dipsh_t. And you do that by promoting an armed Society (and all the other bulwarks of society that you instead try to contradict).

    F the desparate commy (D).

  20. So, by this logic, since my mop was designed to clean the floor, it eventually will?
    I don’t care if its “at a time of my choosing”. I just want it to clean the floor without my input.

      • Oh no he can’t sell exercise equipment that would be considered as Machinery that would be too dangerous for him to even stand on I’m thinking more like exercise videos Where you’re grinding off weight to the oldies Period LMAO

  21. Blah blah blah-another metrosexual(is that still a thing) ?And what’s all this then about 2Asux? Nobody cared until RF posted an “article” alleged to be by “him”…

  22. Perhaps the true culprits are hipster d-bags with too much time on their hands and an overabundance of derp.

  23. Car accidents happen because we live in close proximity to machines designed to move; they eventually will do what they were made to do, though perhaps not at a time our choosing. Whenever this happens, the true culprit is obvious: A culture that refuses to learn the lessons of its past.

    See, I can make stupid arguments too! I should totally work for the Times!


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