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I was kinda hoping this would be an instructional video on how to make a Gummy NERF gun. It isn’t. It’s a simple celebration of fatherhood. And guns! And an accent that’s totes adorbs. With Father’s Day approaching, I thought I’d share this video with TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia to give you a heads-up on our June Father’s Day contest. We’ll be giving away a gun [TBA] for the best father-daughter / father-son pic which shows the love that dare speak its name. Namely firearms freedom. So get snapping!

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  1. Man your site is screwed up. It took 4 tries to get going. My 4 sons are all growed up. I just want the 2 younguns to leave…they have no real interest in guns. Or getting a job…Happy Fadder’s Day to you’all!

  2. I wish I could get my dad to do take some pictures with me. He doesn’t like guns very much and definitely dislikes his picture taken.

    • I have no idea what that’s even supposed to mean. But my oldest is in second grade, so I’m out of the loop when it comes to hip sayings. And I’m grateful for that.

      • You’ve got about five years to enjoy that state. Then you’ll get it, right between the eyes, and it will be worse than what we have now.

    • I knew a pour soul that uttered this exact phrase, out loud into a mirror once. Turned him gay it did, on the very spot he stood.

  3. I got six of ’em .And they all love guns. 5 are still at home ,getting them together to take a picture may be a little difficult if I tell them what its for ,I know the boys are going to think that’s dumb and won’t want to .But I might try it

  4. I wish I had a picture of my father with his gun (guns, actually). He was born in 1886, in the Dakota Territory before it was a state. He grew up on a ranch near a reservation, and hunted with his own father, brother and many of the AmerInd folk. After leaving the ranch, he worked as a contract hunter for the Great Northern Railroad across the border with Canada, supplying meat for the crews that built the rails. He held numerous jobs after that, though none involving a gun that I know of. He died in 1950, shortly after my 4th birthday.

    No pictures, but by the stories I was told by my family, I can see him in a misty dawn, patiently waiting for the deer to come down from the hills, or setting himself in a blind to take a moose or elk in the cool of the evening as they move in the softening light…

    Yes indeed… I do wish I had some pictures.

  5. So, as long as this is a “Housekeeping” topic…what word on the new site design that is only days away (and was only days away, weeks ago)?

  6. Quick question: does it have to be a real gun? I own plenty of real guns, but one of my favorite pics of my son and me is from last Halloween, and his gun in that is a heavily modified Nerf gun.

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