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I was kinda hoping this would be an instructional video on how to make a Gummy NERF gun. It isn’t. It’s a simple celebration of fatherhood. And guns! And an accent that’s totes adorbs. With Father’s Day approaching, I thought I’d share this video with TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia to give you a heads-up on our June Father’s Day contest. We’ll be giving away a gun [TBA] for the best father-daughter / father-son pic which shows the love that dare speak its name. Namely firearms freedom. So get snapping!

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  1. Man your site is screwed up. It took 4 tries to get going. My 4 sons are all growed up. I just want the 2 younguns to leave…they have no real interest in guns. Or getting a job…Happy Fadder’s Day to you’all!

  2. I wish I could get my dad to do take some pictures with me. He doesn’t like guns very much and definitely dislikes his picture taken.

  3. I got six of ’em .And they all love guns. 5 are still at home ,getting them together to take a picture may be a little difficult if I tell them what its for ,I know the boys are going to think that’s dumb and won’t want to .But I might try it

  4. I wish I had a picture of my father with his gun (guns, actually). He was born in 1886, in the Dakota Territory before it was a state. He grew up on a ranch near a reservation, and hunted with his own father, brother and many of the AmerInd folk. After leaving the ranch, he worked as a contract hunter for the Great Northern Railroad across the border with Canada, supplying meat for the crews that built the rails. He held numerous jobs after that, though none involving a gun that I know of. He died in 1950, shortly after my 4th birthday.

    No pictures, but by the stories I was told by my family, I can see him in a misty dawn, patiently waiting for the deer to come down from the hills, or setting himself in a blind to take a moose or elk in the cool of the evening as they move in the softening light…

    Yes indeed… I do wish I had some pictures.

  5. So, as long as this is a “Housekeeping” topic…what word on the new site design that is only days away (and was only days away, weeks ago)?

  6. Quick question: does it have to be a real gun? I own plenty of real guns, but one of my favorite pics of my son and me is from last Halloween, and his gun in that is a heavily modified Nerf gun.


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