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“Nothing is more powerful than the gun lobby. This is an issue I am so profoundly disturbed about. We have to take on the gun lobby. The gun lobby really intimidates elected officials. We have got to make this a voting issue.” – Hillary! Clinton in Clinton: ‘Nothing is more powerful than the gun lobby’ [at]


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  1. by gun lobby Hillary of course means freedom-loving people who can think for themselves these people must be stopped

    • The gun-lobby, as in the predominance of the people who will stop her major donor China.

      If you take $0.0000000000001 in foreign $ to overthrow the Constitution, that is sedition.

    • More disgusting!

      From the GA Gov.

      “As a lifetime defender and staunch supporter of Second Amendment rights, Gov. Deal has signed every pro-gun bill to reach his desk. However, he believes legitimate points have been made in regards to certain aspects of the ‘campus carry’ bill and he calls on the General Assembly to address these concerns in related legislation before Sine Die. Specifically, these areas of concern include dually enrolled k-12 students who leave school to attend classes at a university or technical college campus, as well as daycare centers on these same campuses.”

      In other words: “Look at this baby!”

      With friends like this, who need Hillarys?

  2. Thank you. That statement gives me profound personal value.

    I am proud to be part of “THE MOST POWERFUL” lobby.

  3. The gun lobby is powerful, if it is so, because it is doing the will of the people. Any org that is doing the will of the people is a direct threat to the hildabeast.

    She/it will lose.

    • You hit it on the head – it’s the people behind the lobby, not the lobby itself. They/she/it are missing this fact and it is why they are losing the argument. Look at the lobbying $$ spent. NRA spends several million but that pales in comparison to other SIG’s. Politicians are more apt to work with the NRA because of the VOTES, not the $$ spent on them.

    • NRA spent $3.6 million in 2015 on lobbying, AARP spent $7.6 million. So old people must be at least twice as evil right?

      • I’ve been noticing that news outlets, MSN and new media alike, tend to shy away from showing zeroes. I like to see the zeroes, it helps people who can’t math see the scale of the numbers we’re talking about…..

        So, the NRA. 5,000,000 members. Dues are around $25 per, depending on discounts, life memberships, etc. Not counting donations and life members, that’s $125,000,000 annually.

        If my assumptions are half wrong, $62,500,000.

        $62,500,000 annual budget.
        $3,600,000 spent on lobbying.

        Looks an awful lot like 6% of that grossly underestimated budget spent on lobbying.

        The only conclusion we can draw is that they are clearly an extra evil organization spending all their money on lobbying efforts.

  4. Last night Bernie Sanders lost big time. At least he vowed not to drive the gun industry out of business. Now it looks like the next President will Be Hillary who is every bit as anti-gun as her Husband was and is and Slick Willy will be cheering her on to totally destroy the Second Amendment. Lets face cold hard facts, the Republican party has disintegrated due to infighting and has not got a snowballs chance in hell of winning the Presidential election and if they lose big time in the following years Congressional elections we can kiss our guns goodbye. When you couple all this bad news with the out house Morons who are too cheap, stingy and totally ignorant to support the NRA it does not look good for gun owners.

    • Just being a realist….or a glass half empty guy…..she will be our next president. Switching to glass half full, she IS a habitual liar, so I have to think she will not follow through on her promises.

      • I hope your right but I rather think she will follow through on the gun issue because her husband Slick Willie will be pushing be pushing her to ban all modern weapons at least for round one.

  5. I would be willing to wager that the “gun lobby” in total (including the NRA and all other orgs and companies) spends less money on lobbying than many single pharmaceutical, agribusiness, and oil companies do. So if the “gun lobby” is so powerful, maybe it’s because they can mobilize millions of voters who support them. You know, kind of like how the system is supposed to work – the people hold the power and all that old-fashioned shit.

  6. Remember hillery, if your rhetoric becomes anything more, consent to be governed will be withdrawn, and you will find yourself on the wrong side of history, as a lesson to your successor of what not to do.

  7. Hillary for Prison 2016.

    I AM the Gun Lobby and I vote. Just come out against us gun owners. We make up the gun lobby so stop hiding behind the faceless-nameless boogeyman you attack and tell us what you really think.

  8. Let me be the first to note that, in the picture above, Hillary bears a striking resemblance to the infamous Dr. Evil…

  9. “The gun lobby really intimidates elected officials.”

    Um, it should, and that was by design when the 2nd amendment was drafted. It is that “when the government fears the people” thing. I wonder who she paid off to get her JD.

    • Good point … Hillary may have just worked in an extremely clever double entendre there.

      “The gun lobby really intimidates elected officials.” … could refer to the voting power of gun-rights supporters … and it could also refer to the raw power of gun-rights supporters to forcefully eliminate a tyrannical government.

      Of course, either way, she wants to get rid of the gun lobby.

    • Because we live in a democracy. Captain Obvious in the commercial told me so while I was getting ready for work this very morning.

      • Not sure if you were being sarcastic. We actually live in a constitutional republic, not a democracy, and rights, by definition, are not subject to the voting process. Apologies if I misconstrued your comment.

        • Yep. It was 100% sarcasm. That and a jab at people who get their education/knowledge/information from the television. Captain Obvious said we live in a democracy so it MUST BE TRUE!!!

  10. Hey Hildabeast,

    The gun lobby never left 4 men to die in a foreign country, to be killed by terrorists.

    The gun lobby wants to arm citizens for self defense…you left a US Consulate effectively dis-armed.

    The gun lobby never has access to Top Secret or Classified material…but we follow the law and hold people accountable.

    (Ambassador Stevens unavailable for comment)

    • Thank-you.

      Came here to post that I find it interesting that what she finds “profoundly disturbing” is the Gun Lobby…not going to prison. She’s not worried about that?

      I’m still scratching my head about how she can even be RUNNING for President of the United States while she is “actively” under investigation and should be facing indictment.

      But then I think back to her husband’s presidency and the total farce of the Office that was made. And she was part of it.

      So, I find myself scratching my head AGAIN wondering…is that REALLY what half the country wants again?

      It is a fascinating commentary on American culture and group psychology.

      • JR_in_NC,

        Hillary clearly violated federal law (not to mention common sense) when she routed U.S. government e-mail through her personal e-mail server that she installed in her home. Before she began work as Secretary of State, the Federal Bureau of Investigation sat down with her and explained basic government documentation/communications integrity/security requirements and laws … which did not allow for a personal e-mail account on a personal e-mail server in her home. This is a slam dunk case of felony criminal activity.

        The two main problems:
        (1) Less than 1% of the U.S. population knows that Hillary committed a serious felony.
        (2) The Obama Administration runs the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department — Obama is most certainly NOT going to prosecute Hillary for her crime. And even if the Justice Department did successfully prosecute Hillary, Obama would pardon her before the words “We the jury find the defendant guilty …” had stopped echoing in the courtroom that was trying her.

        • Only one small problem. She needs to win in november. She isn’t the only candidate, this isn’t a democratic city or state with 9 of 10 people registered as democrats.
          Let’s stop presuming she is already president. With her health issues she might have a stroke this summer.

      • And for anyone who poo-poos Hillary’s choice to operate an e-mail server in her home and route government e-mail through it, here are the problems with her choice:
        (1) Site security.
        Spies would have a much easier time slipping into her home to physically surveil her e-mail server than they would a secured server room in a secured government building.
        (2) Wireless security.
        If Hillary had a wireless network in her home (which is virtually guaranteed), spies could easily crack her wireless security and monitor all of her activity safely from beyond her property. This should not be possible in a government facility if their IT staff does their job correctly.
        (3) Transit security.
        Spies could also position themselves easily and safely beyond her property and intercept her information on the wires between her home and her Internet provider’s closest hardware cabinet. This would be much more difficult for a government server room since the server room would connect via optical fiber to a nearby Internet service provider’s equipment. (“Tapping” a fiber is a LOT more challenging than tapping phone lines or cable television lines for various reasons.)

        In summary Hillary really screwed up.

      • I think even in this day and age most people are not aware of two things. The first is that there is a two tiered social system in all countries. There are the super rich who are totally above the law and who always exempt themselves from gun ban laws (and taxes). If I had started a riot at a political meeting I would be in jail for years. Trump just waves his hand and laughs it off. If I had sent unsecured e-mails that were highly classified I would now be in jail. Hillary makes jokes about white out on a computer screen.

        The second point is that your Constitution is a joke and always has been a joke. You do not have Constitutional rights, you never did. The Rich make up their rights as they go along because they are above the law and have the Military to back them up and you do not. Now think about that reality.

  11. “Nothing is more powerful than the gun lobby.” — Hillary Clinton

    The real gun lobby — the 25 million or so voters who faithfully and reliably vote for our right to keep and bear arms — is indeed a powerful “lobby”.

  12. Yeah… remember when the firearm industry started going under and the Dems and Repubs joined hands to declare it “Too big to fail!” and dumped hundreds of millions of taxpayer’s money into it?

    Oh wait… no that was the Automotive industry.

    Ok, well do you remember when the CEO’s of most of the major players in the firearms industries all got jobs at the regulatory agency that decides policy for the industry, and then were hired back at other firearms companies a few years later after making hundreds of changes beneficial to the corporations but harmful to the consumers?

    Oh wait… no that was the Agricultural industry.

    Well, do you remember when we went to war to secure the firearms industry’s supply of raw materials and we ended killing hundreds of thousands of people and created the world’s worst terrorist organization in the process?

    Oh wait… that was the Oil Industry.

    Forget this ignorant has-been. Buy her some cats to play with so she’ll stop bothering all the visitors to the retirement village.

    • Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let’s tap the brakes on that idea. We can’t subject cats to that kind of life!

  13. “[gun lobby] is an issue I am so profoundly disturbed about.” — Hillary Clinton

    Yeah, we cannot have “wrong headed” people assembling and voting.

    Another gun grabber lets the mask slip yet again. And it illustrates (yet again, still) that politicians who are willing to throw one right (to keep and bear arms) under the bus are willing to throw all the rest (such as voting) under the bus as well.

  14. The gun lobby is not what she despises, nor what she fears. It is WE THE PEOPLE that are the source of her agitation. We are the thorn in her side, that ache that never goes away. The People who value freedom more than safety. The People who value principle over expediency. The People who value rightness over correctness.

    We the People who claim our rights as citizens, who will fight to defend those rights, and abjectly refuse to become subjects of any government.

    Dear lord, but I do love it every time that woman and others of her ilk get annoyed. Makes me want to share the joy by getting another firearm or at least a box of ammo.

  15. “. . .The gun lobby really intimidates elected officials. We have got to make this a voting issue.”

    Uhhhh . . . the only way the gun lobby intimidates elected officials is with votes. The other major lobbies (auto, agri, pharm, oil, energy, etc.) do it with money, buying elected officials favor by lining their sheets with shady money. The gun lobby is just about the only one that does it with votes. Making a voting issue into a voting issue seems a lot like passing new laws to make things that are already illegal, illegaler.

  16. Alan Gottlieb prediction was correct. We will eventually get Universal Background Checks and it will happen in 2018 following the next round of elections. In 2017 will begin the demise of the 2a with the appointment of another Liberal anti-2a SCOTUS Judge.

    A round of applause for the Trump supporters. You done great!

    • I’m not a trump supporter, but your round of applause should go to Democratic Party members, not Trumo or Cruz supporters.

  17. The gun lobby really intimidates elected officials.

    Hillary, the gun lobby are voters. Millions of voters. You are intimidated by organized voters?

  18. ‘Nothing is more powerful than the gun lobby’- Norm Finklestein disagrees, he wrote that ‘AIPAC has lobbying power that would make the NRA blush’.

  19. When support for gun control is at or near record lows why is she and other candidates making it an issue? She isn’t really in competition with Bernie anymore. Anti gun people are not one tenth as motivated for the cause as pro gun people so it’s not like she’s reaching out to get otherwise non-D voters to vote D for gun control.

    Seems the smart thing to do for a banner would be lay low, let the pro gun folks fall asleep briefly enough to win the general election then ram through whatever asinine gun control regs you wanted provided the house and senate permit it.

    But actively harping on a cause whose own supporters cant be bothered to support doesnt make any sense to me.

    • I totally agree with you. What is even more moronic is that if she does run the gun companies out of business it is they that supply the arms and ammunition to our Military and our police. This would leave us to rely on foreign arms and ammo and we could be blackmailed very easily as to our foreign policy. We might not be able to keep invading and bombing foreign counties for the profit of the military industrial complex. No that would hurt the pockets of the extremely rich. We cannot let that happen.

      In all seriousness either Hillary is a moron or she has no intention of running the gun companies out of business but is using the rhetoric to get elected because she wrongly believes that more people will vote for her because she is anti-gun. Al Gore thought that too and later admitted it was the pro-gun people who got out and voted while the anti-gun people sat at home.

      • You are not a citizen, you don’t get a vote. And you are likely not fun at barbecues.

  20. The most powerful lobby?
    Big Pharma’s lobbying budget makes the NRA’s look like a lemonade stand.
    The NRA’s strength is in the people. How many people feel aligned with Big Pharma, the Insurance companies, Big Agra or Big Auto? Do any of them represent us or just their profits?

  21. First off chuck Norris is part of the gun lobby so she’s right.

    Secondly intimidates elected officials ? Like into doing what the voters want ? Is that a bad thing ?

  22. Ive been shouting to anyone who listens. If hellory clinton is elected, we as gun owners r in major, major trouble. U can tell in her voice during rallies, debates. Its the only time her voice becomes passionate and lively, when discussing guns. Worst part is the fucking crowds go nuts in agreement with her. This will be the death of 2nd amendment. Mark my words.

    • Totally agree, we are looking at European style confiscation, mandatory buyback/turn-ins going from the 4473 registry, basically screwed once she gets crowned. Sucks, but perhaps that is what needs to happen; not that I approve or in any way condone it, but perhaps only once the storm has struck will the rest of the populace understand that the 2nd Amendment is as intrinsic to being an American as all of our other rights.

      Perhaps only after her heavy handedness on guns, when real people start having their homes invaded by court order/federal mandate to take their private property will we find more of our brothers and sisters start listening to the rest of us; or perhaps not.

      50/50 odds, and getting worse with each state she sucks up.

  23. Good idea Hellery. Go with that. Perhaps Algore can help you. Can it “The Third Rail Cyanide Plan”

  24. Sure, let’s make it a voting issue. But know this, we will make sure everybody knows it’s not the ‘Gun Lobby’ to be feared. It’s people like Hillary that want to take, take, take from us. They want to take our guns, our money, our ability to make decisions for ourselves, in short, they want to take our freedom. (What little freedom we have left…)

  25. Suuure, The gun lobby intimidates elected officials. That’s kind of the point of the second amendment. Intimidate the government so they won’t oppress the citizens.

    In all seriousness, this lie about the big scary gun lobby that merely wants to intimidate elected officials so they can sell guns to criminals and mentally unstable people to continue devouring the souls of murdered children is so ridiculous that I don’t know how uninformed she must think people are to believe it.

    If the gun lobby was just some greedy class of business men who cared about nothing but increasing their profits, then they would actually be in favor of certain gun control measures like, universal background checks, gun buy backs, and others that the NRA has opposed.

    Take universal background checks, for example. Without universal background checks, Americans can sell their guns privately without giving a cent to any third party, except the government for taxes. That’s probably millions of dollars being exchanged and absolutely none of it is going to the firearm industry. Now if you implement universal background checks, you force every single law abiding person to go to an FFL holder and pay a fee in order to sell a gun. The gun industry makes a fortune off this, yet this greedy gun lobby opposes it. Why would they do that? I thought they were supposed to be only interested in increasing their profits, even at the cost of human life.

    Supporting such measures would seem like a double win for them, if the majority of Americans support universal background checks. It would gain them profits and at the same time make it look more like they care about saving lives. Anyone who stops to think for a second about what Hilliary Clinton and other anti gun rights people are saying can realize that things just don’t add up. This is what leads me to trust that the NRA is generally honest and that gun grabbers are liars. The gun lobby is very consistent in their values and I just caught Hillary Clinton in a big fat lie.

  26. Shockingly, I find myself agreeing with presumptive – nominee Clinton on this one.

    I am appalled by the relentless “money in politics” lobbying “buy the mayors office” Bloomie and his fleet of astroturf groups is relentlessly imposing on the 30,000,000 or so peaceful gun owners across this country.

    His ourside money even has lawmakers running scared places he does not and will never live.

    Fortunately, he is opposed by the same 30,000,000 people he targets – citizens who check the influence of money on legislators by voting their preference.

  27. FLAME DELETED. What I said yesterday…btw a mal-ware attack message popped up on your site.

  28. Well, I joined the NRA a couple weeks ago after one of Hillary!’s tirades. I am the gun lobby, and the gun lobby is me. (I’ve been part of the gun lobby for a while, but now it’s officially official.)

    I hope to keep intimidating elected officials with my fellow gun lobby folks for a long time to come.

  29. “Nothing is more powerful than corrupt politicians. This is an issue I am so profoundly disturbed about. We have to take on these corrupt politicians. These corrupt politicians really intimidate the electorate. We have got to make this a voting issue.” – Me.

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