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Clinton quote. Or Not. (courtesy

“Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton explicitly stated her plans to ‘shut down’ the National Rifle Association and expressed hope at banning handguns in an interview with The Des Moines Register last summer,” The Register reports. Wait! No it didn’t! “The quote is wholly fabricated,” the Hawkeye State paper insists. “Clinton was never quoted in the Register making that statement, and it appears she has not made such a statement anywhere else.” But it’s showing up everywhere else: Facebook, Instagram, etc. The question is: is she thinking it? Why else would it go viral?

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    • Starting it is easy, surviving after starting it is hard, and winning that would be harder still. I say go ahead granny pantsuit. I’ve always wondered if the American people could recreate the Benito picture where he’s hanging upside down but with a Klinton…

  1. Just how do you get a private organization shut down? How does she think she is some skank dictator? And she calls Trump a tyrant. She is a tyrant herself.

    • Look at these idiots in the comments section. They don’t get that it isn’t real. They have the right to vote.

      • Hillary hates the NRA and has compared them to terrorists. Therefore this isn’t much of a stretch. Hillary will clearly appoint anti-gun SCOTUS judges if she evades prison. I understand if you can’t reply because your mom needs to use her computer.

        • Find the evidence. If she has stated she hates the NRA, show us. Though aside from that, who cares if she hates the NRA? The posters you replied to are making the point that all of these commenters are believing a quote that has been circulating and erroneously tied to HC for some time. The blogger wonders why it’s circulating everywhere if it’s fake. The answer is most of the people posting here, who either believe it outright, or believe that it’s close enough to their opinion of what she would say, so it’s worth sharing. I don’t care if you hate her, just hate her for things that are real.

    • I absolutely hate Hillary Clinton! I wouldn’t cross the street to piss on her if she was on fire! She’s a freaking liar And a murderer I would just ask her a couple of questions the first one being Why did you do what you didn’t do in Benghazi 911 2012? Left all those people to die Promise them a bunch of help and gave them nothing Let them be slaughtered.

        • That may well be the single most troubling thing she has ever said, and I remember well Vince Foster and all the ‘trouble’ her hubby went through in the 90’s.


      • After she left those folks to die in Libya, it makes you wonder how many Secret Service agents would actually take a bullet for her.

        • Yeah if I was one of those Secret Service men or women attached to her detail I would seriously not risk my life protecting such a piece of garbage Not to mention she’s a friggin socialist!

        • I am sure all of them would, if only because they have the personal conviction and integrity to properly do the job that they were assigned to do, unlike Mrs. Clinton.

        • “I am sure all of them would, if only because they have the personal conviction and integrity to properly do the job that they were assigned to do”

          That’s what I was thinking. No doubt that they far, far, far surpass the integrity of the person they’d give their lives for.

          And, she’d never give a moment’s thought to that, which is equally troubling.

        • That’s not the half of it, she use the Secret Service At her political Riley’s lately as bouncers to kick out people who were questioning her Ability to run as president.

        • I dunno, from the latest group of Secret Service SNAFUs that we have been seeing; the whole security thing is questionable.

        • There are folks on her secret service detail who – how shall I put this – don’t hold her in high regard. I could be far more specific on this point, but I will not.

  2. Parody is often rooted in fact. Hillary would love to ban handguns and shut down the NRA. But she knows she can’t. So she’s going for the low-hanging fruit (rifles) and pledging to “take on” the NRA, whatever that means.

    If she were to ban handguns, you’d see a huge case of Irish democracy break out. No one would comply.

    Handguns are way more numerous than rifles, and can be easily concealed and hidden.

  3. As the media hacks say, “Too good to check.” It does sound exactly like something she would say. The media is so in the tank for Hillary that their denials just make me think she probably did say it and they are trying to cover for her.

  4. Is she thinking it? off course she is. How soon we forget Feinstein’s 1994 “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the senate, Mr & Mrs America hand them all in” comment. You have to know it’s people like us (the American gun owner) that have these tyrants waking up in a cold sweat, they fear us and this fear is always going to be projected in ways as demonstrated above.

  5. Who cares if she said it; sell that shit! If it get fuddy mclumpkin off his ass to vote against her, do it.

    Winners write the truth.

  6. She probably does want to ban all handguns, all autoloading rifles with magazines over 10 rounds and can accept a bayonet, folding stock, etc. etc. etc.

    That leaves shotguns and pump/bolt/lever/single shot rifles and autoloading rifles with detachable mags 10 rounds and under.

    It won’t stop there, but in every anti’s mind you have to start somewhere.

    • Yep. Gun control, unchecked, never stops somewhere. Even if there’s no real reason to push for it, people always do. Look at Australia. After Port Arthur, they got all the gun control their hearts could potentially desire, and it still wasn’t enough. Since then they’ve restricted and reclassified further – to the Australian gun controllers, a lever-action shotgun is an assault weapon. Google the Adler controversy from last year.

      UK, not much better. Every so often, regardless, they pass new restrictions.

      • Yet the Australia gun ban and confiscation/buy back didn’t do anything.

        A 2008 University of Melbourne study concluded that “[a]lthough gun buybacks appear to be a logical and sensible policy that helps to placate the public’s fears, the evidence so far suggests that in the Australian context, the high expenditure incurred to fund the 1996 gun buyback has not translated into any tangible reductions in terms of firearm deaths.”

        A 2006 study published in the British Journal of Criminology that studied Australia similarly noted, “There is insufficient evidence to support the simple premise that reducing the stockpile of licitly held civilian firearms will result in a reduction in either firearm or overall sudden death rates.”

        In a 2014 report to the Parliament of Australia on the ability of Australian law enforcement authorities to eliminate gun-related violence in the community, it was shown that the 1996 and 2002 gun control laws had no effect on crime.

        A retired Australian chief inspector of police said “It’s become very, very obvious that the expenditure of half a billion dollars has done absolutely nothing to reduce crime.”

        • Look at Canada – they invested billions in a long gun registry, and it solved zero issues. They shut it down starting in 2012, with Quebec holding out until last year. The issue was that there were too many long guns in circulation to be tracked and most people didn’t comply.

          The only reason their pistol registry maybe-sorta keeps track of things is because they were doing it since 1934 when numbers were low.

          If you’re gonna try gun control, you gotta start early in your nation’s evolution. And nowadays, that won’t work either.

          We had a chance for gun control in say, the early 1800s. If we wanted it to work, we should have done it then. Anything after that is just political pandering to a fearful subset of the population.

          I read an article based on the Small Arms Survey that took educated guesses at registration of firearms around the world. In many nations with registration, non-compliance outnumbers compliance significantly.

        • Close, but it was this one:

          “Well, says the Small Arms Survey, a research outfit established by the Swiss government, the United Kingdom, with just shy of 1.8 million legal firearms, has about four million illegal guns. Belgium, with about 458,000 legal firearms, has roughly two million illegal guns. In Germany, the number is 7.2 million legal guns and between 17 and 20 million off-the-books examples of things that go “bang” (a figure with which the German Police Union very publicly agrees). France, says the Survey, has 15-17 million unlawful firearms in a nation where 2.8 million weapons are held in compliance with the law.”

    • Unfortunately, it will be Mexicans, Hondurans, Nicaraguans, and El Salvadorans who decide whether Hilary is the next El Chica Presidente or not.

  7. Let’s see her deny it. In the flint, MI debate, she did not deny Bernie’s accusation regarding the PLCAA and “ending firearms manufacturing” in the US. Let’s see her deny this quote. I bet she wouldn’t. Gun banning lunatics are her following.

    • The good thing about FB is it gives everyone a platform to voice opinions.

      The bad thing about FB is it gives everyone a platform to voice opinions.

  8. Well, let’s get it going then. The most reliable anti-Obama voting block has been the NRA followed by the Tea Party folks, often one in the same. So I guess I gotta open my wallet to harpoon in the Hillary Beast; money well spent.

    BTW, I will never regret the money I donated to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

    • “Let us not bear false witness.”

      I agree. And that is why I am happy to let someone else bear false witness against Hillary.

      Next thing you know we will be hearing about an alleged Hillary sex tape from the 1980s or something of that nature. Yuckkkkkk! Where is the brain bleach?!?!?

  9. In order for a tyrant to be successful, he/she cannot tell the people his/her plans until he/she is strong enough to repel his/her opposition. Once elected, she will go after the NRA and she will outlaw firearms ownership for anyone who could oppose her.

  10. I am reminded of the saying, “a lie will circle the globe before the truth can get it’s shoes on.” It went viral because it is inflammatory.

    However, whether or not she said it (and I don’t doubt she might have) is immaterial. I have no doubt she would do it in a heartbeat if she could.

  11. Well, I’m curious who had this inspiration. It can’t have been “The Stupid Party.” Not only are they congenitally politically crippled, but they are hopeless with communication technology, modern popular culture and the online world. They are on the way to being hijacked by a guy who hates everything they stand for, and they hate him, and they won’t even score patronage should he get it.

    BUT THIS is genius. On the one hand it sounds exactly like something she would say. AND it’s *exactly* what a large swath of her supporters want – the very people who are still bothered by the current president being not aggressive enough on the “progressive agenda” they presumed him to have. Many of them are bugged that the coded commitments of the elections didn’t translate into the bold national(ization) initiatives they wanted to hear, so did.

    So, the strident folks want her to say this out loud, say it proud. On the other hand, it galvanizes the bejesus out of the fence-sitting, “Yeah, gun control is bad and wrong, but what are the gonna do about it, really?” folks. Everything they can. Half the low-info folks will hear this quote and never hear that it’s fabricated.

    The genius is it got enough traction that it became a meme, which means she’ll get asked about it. She’ll either have to back it up, or deny it, or fog around and hope nobody notices. Or just ignore it while other people talk about it, so it sits out there festering. Any of those is a losing move for her. Somebody was smart enough create a situation where every move is a losing move.

    Attribute the quote to a newspaper that will say it didn’t happen – genius. There’s another news cycle of the paper’s denials. Denying what, you might ask? Oh this presumptive-nominee Clinton quote here. Oh, how interesting. So, what is her position on this, for realz?

    And as a fake meme, there’s another round of “manipulating the story”, story yet to come. What story? Oh, the story about the fake quote about guns. Really, what’s her position on that, for realz?

    The only way for normal politicians to shut this kind of thing down is to have already established a strong, consistent position on the issue. Presumptive-nominee Clinton with her attempt to have it several ways on this issue has done no such thing.

    Meanwhile, even *not* taking a position works against her, as everyone fears that in the end she’ll do the other thing. This is what comes of prevaricating and back-tracking so much for so long.

    This is genius.

  12. Regardless if true or not, note her Super Tuesday 2 win speech.

    “We have to defend all our rights, civil rights, voting rights, workers rights, women rights, LGBT rights, and rights for people with disabilities.”

    These are legislative acts. Not one syllable uttered about the right to keep and bear arms. Nor the right to defend against harm, or defend others.

  13. Why would Hillary shut down the NRA when she can just work with them? NRA is already controlled opposition that consistently advances the criminal police state.

    NRA hired former Solicitor General Paul Clement to barge into the Otis McDonald case at the last minute and steal 10 minutes from attorney Alan Gura’s 30 minute oral argument time in front of the Supreme Court.

    When the U.S. Federal Appeals Court in Chicago struck down Illinois concealed weapons statute in 2012, it was NRA state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde that put Duty to Inform in Rep. Brandon Phelps “NRA backed” carry bill, NOT “Chicago Machine” politicians. NRA is corrupt, Hillary can work hand in hand with them to disarm Americans.

    • This ass is the reason the “Duty to inform” is in the law. I can see it already. Dumb ass leaves his gun in the center console (legal in Illinois, there is case law). Officer asks if there are any weapons in the car. “No officer” and then gets his registration out of the center console. Then what happens?

  14. She seems a lot like socialist who was in serious contention for PM in Australia but blew himself apart when giving an impromptu speech without his minders seeing it first. He came out as a raving left wing freak and lost badly.

    That aside I lost a Ruger 10/.22 in gun grab but now own more than before 1996. Spent the money for that on German target rifle

  15. Farago, I genuinely hope you read this. What you did is the most disgusting thing I have ever read on this site. You state that it is a completely made up quote and then wonder aloud if she believes it. That is akin to me saying Farago said “I want to shoot all children” then admitting it never happened and then questioning if you actually believed it. You can’t call yourselves “The Truth” about anything if your articles are based in fantasy and conjecture. This site has been leaning into fanatical territory with the election season and now you’re blatantly pandering to the more eccentric readers who somehow are responding as if Clinton actually said it. I’m done. I’ll get my firearm information from a source I can trust. You’ve abandoned the pretense of honesty so you’ve lost a reader.

    • Good riddance, Hillary has proven herself to be a liar With all the email she had supposedly erased accidentally or whatever the heck she tried to say Benghazi there’s been many Of things that she’s responsible for That she put her behind bars let alone be able to run for president of the United States If you support Hillary Or believe that she didn’t say that You’re a moron.

  16. I never said I wanted to make cats play the piano in tiaras.

    But there they are, all over the Internet, cats playing the piano in tiaras.

    Why did that happen? Was I able to make that happen with (gasp!) just my thoughts?


  17. If she won the office of president, first to be banned are AR15 pattern rifles, then severe restrictions on ammo, probably require licensing to purchase, then shotguns, then handguns; and we will be left with strongly worded screams as our only legal recourse.

    I feel bleak today.

    • Don’t worry too much. She can have those things outlawed, but actually confiscating them from citizens is an entirely different kettle of fish.

  18. I absolutely loathe those fake news sites that make up plausible-sounding stories for the gullible to post on social media, and then claim it’s done for the sake of satire when someone calls them out on it. Spreading false information to trick people and doing it without a single trace of humor is not “satire;” it’s just plain lying.

    That being said, the soulless, pantsuit-wearing revenant has made enough statements over the years to suggest that she may not have flat-out said that she wants to ban handguns and dismantle the NRA, but she sure is thinking it pretty goddamn loudly.

  19. Hey Team Blue! It’s sucks when the other side just makes stuff up, and it gets more traction than the truth eh?

  20. When Dan Blather used fake memos to push the line that GWB was a draft dodger, he defended it by saying that the story was still true (i.e., he was so certain that GWB was a draft dodger, it was OK to make up evidence to help other people “see” it).

    Anyone actually using this fabricated piece of shit to make a point about Clinton without *severely* qualifying it up front (“She never actually said this, but I believe it’s what she’s thinking”) is as big a motherfucking liar as Rather.

    • Why does anyone like this Clinton chick???She has lied time and time again! She’s a horrible person And a racist believe that? More and more topics keep popping up about her being Anti-black And has said racial things Including the n-word. In one of her last Appearances They had a couple of people who were asking her about her being a racist and she had the Secret Service kick them out. She’s a piece of garbage and needs to be arrested and put behind bars for Federal charges On a couple of different things!

  21. Uhhh excuse me. The banning of opposition political groups or leaders would make it MANDATORY to begin the next Revolution. Hell… Doing so is pretty much page one of the dictators play book. Does Clinton NOT think we can read enough to know about history?

  22. >> The question is: is she thinking it? Why else would it go viral?

    No, the question is: why would you repost it, knowing that it’s a fake?

    The reason why it would go viral is the same reason why shit like that normally goes viral (and eventually ends up on Snopes, but people still keep reposing it years later) – because it panders to the stereotypes that people have. It sounds like their mental picture of the target of the fake, and so they don’t bother to fact-check.

    Please don’t be one of the people perpetrating this.

  23. Really? I mean, REALLY? Why would it go viral? Same reason that Obama was so good for gun sales. People want to believe that the left is the bogeyman. 1st term: We can’t elect Obama, he’ll take our guns (no concrete evidence). Obama doesn’t take guns. 2nd term: We can’t re-elect Obama, surely he’ll take our guns this time (even weaker case). Next election: We can’t elect (Democrat), surely (Democrat) will take our guns. I don’t think there is anything special about Hillary in this case.

    • It’s not because of a lack of trying to take our guns! The only thing that kept Obama From serving an executive order Confiscating our guns Was because of all the people in this country That stood up and said no way Jose!He is not a fan of the Second Amendment He’s not a fan of the Bill of Rights. He’s a socialist Muslim That likes nothing more than to see our country get further in debt And lose our freedoms that this country was based on.This anti-gun movement Hasn’t had this much traction In the last 50 years This is all do To a change in people’s views due to the media And political leaders that don’t believe in the Constitution Which they took an oath to defend, still trying to get over that one!

    • Hey Pseudo- in case you haven’t noticed- OBlahBlah IS taking our guns! Not all of them- not all at once- but selectively singling out small groups of citizens to turn into “prohibited persons”. Groups like returning veterans, social security recipients. This gives the”feel-gooders”more feeling of safety, while disarming good, honest people, leaving them without any means to self-defense. Their only option at that point is to become an “illegally armed thug” like those they have tried to protect themselves from in the past. And I’m not just speaking of street thugs here. There are plenty out there wearing badges of many different agencies and carrying guns.

      • President Osama Is most definitely A left-wing Socialist Tyra nest Along with Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders!Their political agenda is it of the utmost bullshit that this country has ever seen in the last 225 plus years it’s been in existence!If we do not do something to stop this type of political Bullshit from continuing on in a country that’s built On freedoms of the people for the People by the people we are going to head into Troubled Waters Very very rapidly. If these characters tried to run for office 40 years ago They would have been hung as enemies of the state and a socialist. They are the upmost pieces of garbage on the face of the planet and really do deserve A job as a toll taker on the Brooklyn Bridge.

  24. Hitlary go ahead and try. you don’t have what it takes and you will start something you will not like. Best thing for you to do is to get out of politics and be grandma to that baby. you have done enough damage lately

    • GOD forbid she takes care of THAT baby! Better she just goes off to an island with her gay lover. Babies don’t need to be taught about abortions and LBGT sickos

  25. While I don’t think she actually made the statement in question here, she has made plenty, that, added together, mean just exactly what was erroneously reported. Unlike many out here, I don’t believe every single thing I read in the paper, or see/ hear on the TV. Evidence strongly supports the probability that this IS what she hopes to accomplish if elected. Her stance on 2A and 1A has been made very clear. She sees them- as do a majority of leftist, progressives- as second class rights, impeding their agenda of social reform. Our only hope, if we wish this to remain one of the most free countries on the planet, is to not allow her election. Get every one you know with like mind to get off their azzes and vote. And discourage those progressives you know from voting. Don’t bother trying to convert them to conservatism. Won’t work. Just convince them they’re wasting their time, their vote doesn’t count anyway. Tell them the election has already been decided, and then flood the polls with the conservative vote. That’s the ploy the Dem’s have been using for decades!

  26. everyone knows she’s said it at one time or another she has made no bones about saying she is going to take away the second amendment when she becomes president and she also said not more than 2 months ago or less that the nra was a basically a group of terrorists that she was going to close down but the liberal media pukes are trying to hide the fact and cover it up just like they always do( clinton for prison 2016)

    • Mrs. Clinton is very much a liar and a half!She lied when she said that She was under Sniper attack fire when she was visiting a foreign country when the actual camera footage showed her getting off of the plane and being welcomed by hundreds if not thousands of people And absolutely no sniper fire no one’s shooting at her no one even protesting are. She’s the epitome of a tyrant socialist Marxist tyrant Maybe even a fascist. A horrible candidate for president Even worse than President Obama could ever be. She needs to be in prison for Benghazi September 11th 2012 To be exact!

      • +1000- she has lied under oath so many times that I doubt she would recognize the truth if it camped out on her ugly Maoist mug. She is a sickening excuse for a human being masquerading as a do-gooder, lying and stealing tax-payer dollars at every turn. She will sink this country into despotism if given the opportunity.

  27. After hillary Benghazi clinton is appointed as our next president many innocent American citizens are going to die. After our guns are confiscated by the hillary Benghazi clinton administration most of us are going to be terminated. Watch the U Tube “Innocents Betrayed” and also the “Clintons death toll documentary.” She is currently leading Donald Trump in the polls thus far by 8 points and after the gopRinos destroy Donald Trump, the gopRino who they run against her will be like “dust in the wind.”

    • I agree very much with what you’re saying She is one horrible human being Needs to be behind bars for the shit she pulled in Benghazi September 11th 2012. She is the most Unbelievable Lying sack of crap that has ever run for president In this country’s time.I am very scared if she goes into office what will happen to the civilian gun owners.

  28. I’d very much like to see the video of HC saying she would ban handguns. I have not been able to find it, or any evidence of it, but my husband tells me he saw it. Do you have a link, or access to it? It would be a big help! Thanks!

    • You must be kidding me, She spends hundreds of thousands of dollars Insecurities And erasing hard drives that federal courts have asked her to present. Do you think she can’t have an article Disappear? She said exactly what Your husband said he heard. She stated “I will disband the National Rifle Association Because I feel it is a terrorist organization” She also said I planned in the near future To “ban handguns in the United States”

  29. This is hilarious. I have sent this link to several people. The story explicitly states that Hillary Clinton DID NOT say these things, and 90% of the comments are about how wrong she was to have SAID IT! It’s like the commenters do not know the difference between “did not” and “did”.
    In Louisville, there is a gun dealer that runs a commercial that claims Obama is going to take your guns, so you need to buy as many as you can while you can. Of course Obama NEVER SAID THAT. He believes in the second amendment. He, like almost 90% of Americans believes in common sense gun laws.
    Keep in mind I’m a lifelong gun owner, collector and former competitive sport shooter. And when I say “collector”, I mean I am what other REAL gun collectors would call a “gun collector”. And I’m not talking pretend “assault weapons”, or big bore novelty hand cannons. I’m the gun owner who’s laughing on the inside when someone tells me they got a Bushmaster for home protection or hunting. (I refrain from asking are they ready to spend the extra $800+ it will take to make it at least nominally useful.) Just like if they told me they bought a Hummer as a family SUV, or a they’re stockpiling gold for the apocalypse.
    I assume most on this board are what I call “video game” gun owners. They bought a specific firearm because they used it when they played Gear of War. And think their 3000 hours of GOW is tactical training. These are the people that do buy high velocity firearms for home protection, because in the game, the rounds don’t go through walls and kill the people who live in the house with you when you panic fire 10 rounds around your living room at 3:00am because the cat knocked over a lamp.

    • Because pistol rounds never go through walls. And let’s ignore the extensive testing some LEO agencies have done on 5.56 being safer than pistol rounds inside a home.


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