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The Truth About Guns has a spot in President-elect Donald J. Trump’s new Second Amendment Coalition. I’m looking forward to advising and assisting the Trump transition team and later his administration on gun rights issues in the coming weeks and months as a co-chair of his Second Amendment Coalition team.

Trump is surrounding himself with a lot of good people (if I do say so myself) to help guide his firearms policy decision-making once he takes office. With a Republican-controlled House and Senate, and at least a few Democrats who are pro-gun, I’m looking forward to the Trump team’s work to advance and expand our 2A rights with meaningful legislation in the new year.

The coalition has been in the works for a couple of months now and was quietly announced last week with the new president’s son leading the group. Breitbart picked up on it.

On November 3 Donald Trump launched the “Second Amendment Coalition,” featuring pro-gun U.S. Congressmen, the NRA-ILA’s Chris Cox, and gun manufacturers like Jesse James and Daniel Defense’s Marty Daniel.

The coalition is being chaired by Donald Trump Jr., an avid hunter and outspoken defender of the right to keep and bear arms, and Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA-ILA.

Breitbart News has the announcement issued by the Trump/Pence campaign in which co-chairman Donald Jr. introduces the coalition, saying:

My father defends the Second Amendment, so that you and I and your spouse and your children can take care of themselves when someone much stronger, much meaner and much more vicious than them tries to break into their home. It’s not just a hobby or something I do on the weekends. It’s a lifestyle, and as my father often says, “It’s about self-defense, plain and simple.”

Chris Cox added:

This election isn’t about the next four years. It’s about the next forty years, so voting for Hillary Clinton, or not voting, is simply not an option. The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that we have a fundamental, individual right to protect ourselves and our families with a firearm in our own homes. [But] Clinton said, “the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment.’ A Clinton Supreme Court means your right to own a firearm is gone.

In addition to Donald Jr. and Cox, the Second Amendment Coalition has 62 co-chairs who will continue to advise Trump and Pence during their time in the White House. Those co-chairs are:

The Honorable Jim Gilmore
U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop
U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer
U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson
U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer
U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock
U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise
Ron Adams
Thomas Alibrando
Paul Babaz
Diane Bahnson
Ronnie Barrett
Dan Berger
John Boch
Eli Bremer
Dave Butz
Bob Callan
Bill Chapman
Richard Childress
Allan Cors
Marty Daniel
Carrie-Lee Early
Kelli A. Emerick
Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D.
Dennis Feldpusch
Casey Flack
Alex Flint
John Green
Matthew Haller
Donna Head
Antonio Hernandez
Graham Hill
Kevin Hogan
Susan Howard
Jesse James
Larsen Jensen
Brad Johnson
Michael Kassnar
Doug Koenig
George Kollitides
Willis Lee
Brian V. McCormack
James B. “Jay” McDonald, III Esq.
Wally McLallen
Carolyn Meadows
Dale A. Miller
Craig Morgan
Don Peay
Judson W. Phillips
Kim Rhode
Barbara Rumpel
Michelle Scott, Esq.
Reinhard Seipp
Christopher Shields
Kevin “Kip” Talley
James W. Tobin, III
Rob Unkovic
Theresa Vail
Daniel Volkmuth
Joshua Waldron
Linda Walker
Tom Yackley

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    • Not necessarily. As a photographer, I know photos can be deceiving. If you look carefully at the rifle you’ll see that the muzzle is actually angled in between the two gentlemen.

      • I just wonder where in the priority list any gun-related legislation will end up. We got illegals, wall-building, Obama-care, and numerous other issues. Trump has a huge swamp to drain in Washington. Gun control is just one of the multitude of unpleasant swamp critters.

        • Well, he’s already tossed out the wall and a repeal of Obama Care so protecting gun rights should be about the top of what’s left.

      • Actually, this first comment speaks volumes about our community, the PotG. On a thread devoted to the lifeblood of our concern, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Gun safety!
        Who is it, again, that is really interested in gun safety? The Moms? Everytown? Bloomberg? Joyce? No.
        It’s the every-day common man who is more interested in preventing a tragic accident than anything else.

        • +1
          I saw a picture of Steven Colbert with a pistol in his mouth…finger on the trigger…and I thought “A POTG would not even JOKE.”

  1. This is an interesting surprise and seems to heartily dispel claims that President Elect Donald Trump has no intention of supporting the Second Amendment.

    I am concerned that 62 members seems like too many people. I suppose it depends on how that coalition will actually function.

    • This nice development will cause much distress among many of the TTAG #NeverTrump bitchez around here that love them some doom and gloom.

      Deal with it.

    • I share the concern about so many people on this committee. In my (considerable) experience with committees, most of the work gets done by just a few people.
      I am pleased to see that TTAG has a seat at the table. He should be able to provide a flow of information about what’s really happening. However, he will be constrained by the rule against “telling tales out of school”.
      I would like to suggest that TTAG appoint a different staffer who could play the independent role of investigative reporter monitoring what this committee is actually doing, what they are considering, and what their motivations are.
      If committee-members are to make a meaningful contribution I expect that they will have to play their cards somewhat close-to-the-vest. At the same time, I’m concerned that some faction might capture control of the workings and steer it off-the-track. E.g., suppose the congressional contingent were to concentrate on what they view is best for the GOP rather than what is best to preserve the 2A.
      Unlike any of the “institutional” representatives of our interests, I take TTAG to be a relatively neutral and honest broker of ideas from the community of PotG. As such, an “investigative reporter” from TTAG ought to be able to tell us whether, e.g., AOW, is being discussed by the committee; and, if not, just why is it that they deem this agenda item is deemed less auspicious than some other agenda item such as BIDS.
      Each of us has our own list of favorite priorities; and they will differ. It is counter-productive for Trump to be urged to pursue items that are politically ill-chosen. Politics is the science of the possible.
      What ought to be best for the long-run health of the 2A? How can we figure that out? This committee might be able to do that. If they do this well and explain their reasoning to us then we ought to get behind them. Every one of us needs to “keep those cards and letters” filling the mail boxes of our Senators and Representatives.

    • Echoed from NJ. Let’s pray the republicans don’t screw this up. Realistically, we only get two years to appoint good judges and enact national reciprocity.

      NFA rollbacks would be nice (for those who can have fun stuff like that to begin with), but CCW rights for all are a priority. Even if only out of staters can legally carry in our home states, it still puts the pressure on our legislators to go shall-issue. Hopefully we get enough good judges so this becomes a moot point.

      • I agree. The long run health of the 2A depends on normalizing guns-in-polite-company. As long as NYC, DC, NJ, MD, MA, RI, and the populous counties of CA remain infected with hoplophobia the 2A will remain under democratic threat.
        National-Reciprocity is so much like nation-wide recognition of driver’s and marriage licenses that it is (I believe) politically digestible. That is, a non-gun owner might not support the idea, but s/he can easily reason that gun-NR is consistent with the full-faith-and-credit clause of the Constitution.
        The commerce-clause is a good basis as-applied to, e.g., over-the-road truck-drivers. Is it really a brilliant idea to have a tanker of LNG crossing state lines with a dis-armed driver?
        More generally, I’d like to see NR based on full-faith-and-credit. That basis would – over time – entrench guns in the same category as driver’s and marriage licenses. Once so entrenched, it would be difficult to roll-back. (Conversely, Congress is free to pass/rescind commerce-clause legislation at whim).

        • If you want to normalize guns in this country, offer your liberal neighbor to assist them in picking a gun for self-defense and learning to shoot it. With the kind of stuff that folks are seeing on social media right now, it shouldn’t be all that hard to sell that idea.

    • Agreed. Constitutional carry is a definite core idea. Establish that and everything supporting gun rights flows from that. We need absolute, permanent solutions.

      • Or at least national CCW reciprocity. I could see that being a good “compromise” position after the Dems panic at the idea of national constitutional carry. Start big — possibly overreach — and scale back to a compromise that’s also a big win. At least, isn’t that how they often do it? I don’t think the super-majority is there for something like national constitutional carry or the complete repeal of the NFA or the Hughes Amendment, etc. However, could the Hearing Protection Act pass to get silencers removed from the NFA and maybe make some other changes to these laws? Sure. I certainly hope so!

        …of course, Bush had R house and R senate from like 2003-2006 and we did see the AWB die but unless I’m forgetting something, not a whole lot else changed Federally 2A-wise, right? I do think, though, that the atmosphere is even better for it this time around. Firearms regulation is a higher priority nationally with politicians on both sides of the political spectrum and with the people, and liberty in general plus the massive pushback against big government going on right now. Politicians trying to ingratiate themselves with the anti-establishment, get-Gov-out-of-my-life movement would be wise to hop on the expand-2A-freedoms train…if not lead the charge.

        • George W. was almost useless.

          We got PLCAA, and SCOTUS. That’s about it. Then Bush decided to spend insane amounts of money on wars and then tried to take down social security. I hold him DIRECTLY responsible for creating a backlash climate that allowed both for Obama AND Obama’s congressional control.

          But to Mr. Boch (and if you want to raise his attention, I’d appreciate it Jeremy!)-

          Please bail out California and New York! I’m in California, and it’s terrible!

          But beyond selfish reasons- if you look at assholes like Bloomberg- they really ARE coming for your rights, sponsoring things, hunting other states- the only way to truly secure the rights is to start a culture change in California and New York. Otherwise, we’re going to keep funding, keep fighting, and always be the bogeyman ready to take guns away.

          Occupy New York and California with the national guard to restore rights. It was proved necessary during civil rights in 1964, and it will be proved right in 2016. Otherwise, the horror movie villain is just going to keep coming.

        • I agree with your approach. We have a political problem, not a philosophical problem.
          What we think should always be guided by our principles; and, we must never lose sight of those guiding lights. What we DO in political forums must be also guided by what we can accomplish; and, it what sequence. Pick the wrong tactics and we could lose not only the battle but also the war.
          Conversely, if we have the right strategy we will pursue tactics that build a protective wall around the 2A that will endure and become a part of the broadly-felt sentiment of what American-ism really means.
          Imagine making the 2A as sacred as the 1A or Miranda. Never mind that American sentiment on these two topics was sparked by SCOTUS decisions; it is no longer the courts that enforce these rights. Rather, it is that they are now regarded as sacred by consensus.

        • ” . . .after the Dems panic at the idea of national constitutional carry. . .”

          Keep in mind that a lot of Dems have been 2nd amendment supporters who are also backed and approved by the NRA. They’d support constitutional carry, I’d think. If they didn’t and the NRA pulled it’s support from them, their gun owning constituents would leave them in a minute. The NRA has been plowing those fields for decades . . .

    • I think the best way to accomplish that (restoring rights in California and New York) is to appoint U.S. Supreme Court Justices who will enforce the obvious, plain, and original intent of the Second Amendment. To be sure, having to go through the U.S. Supreme Court will take longer and be more painful. It is also more permanent than a federal law which a Democrat controlled federal government could repeal in four years.

      Yes, a future Supreme Court could overturn this Supreme Court’s ruling. That alone is extremely rare. More importantly, it would realistically take something like 20+ years before the U.S. Supreme Court might have a Progressive majority that could overturn a previous ruling. Meanwhile, we would have 20+ years of ACTUAL HARD DATA which demonstrates that firearm (including “short barreled” shotgun and rifles) and suppressor ownership does not cause crime — thus removing any possible “public safety” or “government interest” rationale for overturning previous rulings and reinstating bans.

      • “I think the best way to accomplish that (restoring rights in California and New York) is to appoint U.S. Supreme Court Justices who will enforce the obvious, plain, and original intent of the Second Amendment.”


        As good Americans, we should take an interest in the health of the *very* elderly SCOTUS Justices, and encourage them to get lots of fresh air and vigorous exercise, like, you know, snow shoveling driveways and sidewalks in sub-zero weather….

      • It sounds good, but we didn’t get here without the court already failing us.

        We need congress AND the court. The idea is called “defense in depth”- basically, no one critical component can fail and destroy everything, but you have multiple redundancies. Go ahead and google it.

        Look at abortion rights. For 40 years, the ONLY think protecting abortion (nationally) has been SCOTUS. All it takes is SCOTUS to turn and national abortion goes bye bye. Same thing with gun rights. To TRULY secure the future, you need to have as large, numerous, and tedious a framework as possible- it makes pulling it down that much harder.

        For object lessons on why having a single “impregnable defense” is a bad way to go, ask the Trojans how great the wall was, or the Titanic passengers how unnecessary lifeboats were.

        • Absolutely correct. We should be skeptical of the prudence of any “quick” and “universal” fix. Federal preemption of State gun laws sounds really appealing; until, you start to contemplate how such a precedent could easily be turned against gun rights.
          We probably need at least 2, preferably 3 new SCOTUS justices before we can expect to get great case-law. We also need good Circuit judges; until we get some turnover at the District and Circuit levels we aren’t going to get good cases to the level when they can be presented to the Supremes.
          We need to think about propositions that will – when successful – insinuate themselves into the American culture. To illustrate, consider NFA items: Silencers; vs. Destructive Devices. I could make a principled argument that any militiaman has a right to a Howitzer. So, suppose we get DDs removed from the NFA. So what! A few rich Artillery vets could buy Howitzers to shoot off in the desert. No impact on general sentiment. In contrast, getting silencers out of NFA would make them very popular. Good PR with non-gun-owning range neighbors.
          National-Reciprocity based on full-faith-and-credit would be harder to reverse than NR based on commerce-clause.

    • This cannot be said enough. Hearing protection act, then try to de-reg sbr/sbs. HPA would be great way to gain momentum.

      Also, congrats John.

    • We need to go farther than that. Get sbrs and sbss off as well. Machine guns may be a lost cause but we have to at least reduce the stupid to a bare minimum.

      • If we can’t repeal the NFA at least modify the 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act to add more MG’s to the list and also an NFA amnesty.

        • I would like to see suppressors removed completely from the NRA, and then Section 922(o) repealed so that we can buy new full autos. I’d really like the whole NFA repealed, but that isn’t realistic. Then national carry reciprocity.

  2. I know everyone is focused on national CCW and the hearing protection act. I can’t wait for those either. However I do ask pease don’t forget the executive orders or state department decsions that have stopped the import of so many firearms and ammunition. Saiga, 7n6, HK243, Korean M1 Garand & Carbine, Daewoo K1, and SVT-40 to name a few. I feel that this is an easily doable thing (executive order after all) that could be ignored until its to late. I remember when we asked hunters to stand by MSR owners. All gun owners standing together after all. Now I ask those who’s focus is getting national CCW to please not forget your fellow gun owners with the foreign tastes. After all we ask for such a little and easily doable thing.

    • This could be an easy win for The POTUS – review and rescind every Obama administration anti-gun Executive Order. Easily done in the first 100 days.

    • Yes, this, the executive orders of Bush sr, Obama, and ATF rulings need to be thrown out. I was going to say the same thing, banning so called armor piercing ammo, non-sporting rifle import bans, pistol import points and design limitations and designations like what defines a pistol vs shot gun vs rifle, 922 us required parts lists… Imported suppressor ban, import barrel bans…If this went away, we could start to see some really interesting innovation and options too. Right now most innovation is how to structure things to get customers what they want by squeezing around the silly regs. Thus imported “pistols” eg stockless rifles, arm braces, certain models of guns not allowed when other countries like Canada or Europe can freely purchase. Imagine if you could make a pistol and sell it with a folding stock if you wanted. Or sell standard 14″ or less ARs without classifying as pistols, sbr. Or go crazy… Why does a gun need a 16″ barrel and a certain overall length and certain design features. Maybe it can have a 12 inch and combo 7 inch and bull pup configuration with small over all length? Most guns are 50-100 year old designs, and a lot of it is due to regulations… And of course nostalgia. Anyway, less regulation and freedom to innovate would be great!

      • “Yes, this, the executive orders of Bush sr, Obama, and ATF rulings need to be thrown out. . . .”

        The committee is a good start with the right people on board who are capable enough to see just these kinds of changes carried out. This is more than symbolic “show votes” (which I’m suspicious of, btw). I’d also like to see the overhaul, dismemberment of complete agencies. Do we really need Homeland Security having 2400 MRAPS, and the BLM having its own SWAT teams? And ATF just needs to be disbanded.

        Oh, yeah. Congratulations, John. Do good.

    • YES THIS!!

      I have been shouting this from the rooftops and should be the easiest to accomplish since they were all done by executive order.

      All need to repealed then a law made that prevents any future presidents from using executive orders to repeat this.

  3. Repeal NFA or, at a minimum, exempt suppressors, SBRs, and SBS from registration. It is asinine that suppressors are legal and in common usage in Europe but are subject to restriction here.

      • Absolutely agree 1000%. From a pragmatic standpoint however, if repeal of the NFA is unfeasible, then the Hearing Protection Act, as well as removal of the SBR/SBS/AOWs is an excellent start. I am sure nearly all of us would want the Hughes Amendment immediately repealed (talk about stimulating the economy, hoo!), even if it meant that machine guns remained on the NFA. I would also add that either establishment of ATF with it’s duties rolled into the FBI (especially along with some streaming of the paperwork/electronic submissions to make verification quick and easy) would go a LONG way.

        • Just getting the bill out is a huge victory. The main tactic of the disarmament crowd has been to make people think everything is a “machine gun” with terms like “assault weapon” or “military style weapon”. Them fighting against NFA repeal requires admitting these aren’t true.

          Plus weren’t we told the Republican party can’t win on conservative politics and the “pragmatic” choice was to make them into democrat party 2?

        • No what we thought was the Republican Party should stop alienating gay people, women, minorities, and non-Evangelical Christians by engaging in the culture wars instead of fighting for conservative economic principles, limited government, and protection of individual rights. When they argue for limiting the rights of the LGBTQ people, banning a religious group, banning “weed” or mass surveillance, it smacks of hippocracy when they then argue for protecting other individual rights like our right to bear arms. The only group truly out to protect all individual rights regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, etc. from the government these days seems to be the Libertarians.

  4. Reaching out to constituent groups is one thing and grand. A president should seek counsel from varied sources.

    I’m wary of unelected, unconfirmed, unaccountable individuals cooking up policy proposals in private, however. That’s how we got Obamacare, which you had to pass in order to find out what’s in it. I prefer transparency in government, even on a topic where supposedly only good can come of it.

    • I respectfully offer that this is the wrong mandate. I would say: John, we are holding you personally responsible for using your best judgement to advance the cause of defending the 2A in the most prudent and effective manner possible.

      I don’t presume to know whether my pet list of gun rights is the most important; or, merely of secondary importance. I caution against hubris in any other member of our community.

      It is our duty to voice our vote for what each of us thinks is important, viable, useful, and personally interesting. Nevertheless, we ought to be sober enough to recognize that some popular proposals (e.g., repeal all gun laws) are apt to be so politically non-viable as to undermine the rest of our agenda.

      • No, I believe you’re being too cautious.

        Taking Suppressors, SBR/SBS/AOW ( because the AR15 pistols et al. have displayed the absurdity of these restrictions ) out of the purview of the NFA and repealing 18 USC 922 (o) the ‘Hughes’ amendment that banned new mgs for private citizens is within striking distance.

        The next step is to rework GCA68 to remove the “sporting purpose” test. Simply referring to the fact that most of the GCA is a copy of the Nazi gun control laws (yell ‘Nazi!’ and make it stick) won’t hurt either.

  5. Excellent John,
    This is great for us. I have followed you from Guns Saves Lives. I don’t always completely agree with you but I know enough to believe you will be a valuable resource for those you serve. I’m glad your in. Congrats.

  6. Allowing “normalized” sales of SBR’s & suppressors would be awesome.
    I’m a states rights supporter, so I have mixed feelings on ordering CA & MA to “stand down”.

    • Yeah, okay…first try living in one of those states..Or our “infringed” fellow Americans in Connecticut, NJ, MD. NY, etc….Secondly, “so-called states rights”, that’s a contrivance! States are empowered, rights are delegated to the people !

    • The Privileges or Immunities Clause is Amendment XIV, Section 1, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution. Along with the rest of the Fourteenth Amendment, this clause became part of the Constitution on July 9, 1868.

      The clause states:

      No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States….

    • A right is a a right. MA or CA banning or regulating anything at all to do with the 2nd should be treated as if Kentucky locked up for ten years anyone caught with an unregistered copy of The Origin of Species. Nobody would let that nonsense stand so why do we tolerate it when it comes to the 2nd?

    • I’m a states rights supporter, so I have mixed feelings on ordering CA & MA to “stand down”.


      States have certain powers left to them by the Constitution, true, but NEVER should that be construed as allowing a state to violate its citizens’ rights.

      States’ Rights is not an excuse for slavery, nor is it an excuse for letting them run rampant with “gun control.”

      • This “States’ rights” thing is a delicate issue to balance. The urge “I want it all and I want it right now” makes us vulnerable to look to Congress to legislate against the several States’ rights to police their domestic affairs.
        Take, for example, Constitutional-Carry vs. a Carry-Permit. Wouldn’t it be lovely for Congress to legislate C-C? But remember, what Congress giveth, a subsequent Congress can just as easily take-away. The widely loathed C-P might be one of our greatest defenses. As long as we hold that the means of carry is a matter of local concern (not a foreign or inter-state) concern then we can hold that the States can legislate – consistent with the 2A and 14A – “the Right” to “bear” arms. VT’s legislators have chosen benign neglect. A few States have chosen C-C; most others have chosen Shall-Issue.
        The most prudent strategy would be to carefully probe May-Issue laws as – in practice – a violation of the 14A. Once SCOTUS rules to that effect, then we preserve the States as a barrier of defense of the 2A against the Feds while, at the same time, advancing the equal protection of the law to the single-mother working a 2’nd shift in NYC (co-equally as the President-elect’s and the publisher of the NYT).

    • Deliberately pissing people off may not be the best plan. It seems like some well placed ads pointing out Chicago’s status as murder capital of America while guns were effectively prohibited might go a long way towards demonstrating that state/city government has been on the wrong track, and needs to be replaced with someone who can get results.

  7. Absolutely wonderful!!! The American people have spoken, and they want the Bill of Rights back. This coalition sounds like one of the first steps.

  8. Congratulations John. I can’t wait to see what Mr. Trump will do for POTG. I really hope suppressors will be easier to acquire.

    • I would be happy if buying MGs were as tough as buying SBRs and suppressors is now, since I would really like a Sig MPX and I made it through the maze for a suppressed SBR already.

  9. Mr. Boch,

    I implore the Second Amendment Coalition to advocate hard for restoring the Second Amendment in the United States and resist the temptation to “compromise” with gun-control politicians … especially given the fact that “compromise” over the last 80+ years has almost exclusively meant implementing gun-control at a slower pace than gun-control proponents have wanted. It almost never involves repealing gun-control laws.

    The only gun-rights gains in the last 80+ years at the federal level have been allowing the 1993 “assault weapons” ban to expire and opening up national parks to open/concealed carry according to state laws. And before anyone claims that the Firearm Owners Protection Act was a gain they will have to explain its failure to prevent repeated arrests and prosecutions of people traveling with firearms through New Jersey and New York.

    • Mostly fellow pro-gun rich dudes. At least a few of them have direct ties to the gun industry either via retailers/FLLs or actual manufacturing. Googling their names could probably get you more details. I’m sure most of them donated sizable sums to his campaign and/or the NRA-ILA.

      Hears to hoping they manage to get some of the BS regulations out of the way and tighten up those that work. The more current laws actually succeed in preventing firearms from reaching criminals and or imprisoning them the better it will be for us law abiding gun owners.

      • “Mostly fellow pro-gun rich dudes. . . ” AKA 2nd amendment supporters who have the business and political connections to actually get things done. In a class-based society social position can have a strong influence on one’s ability to influence political and social change. That said, I’d like to see representation expanded to include some subsistence hunters . . .

        • Didn’t mean that necessarily as an insult to those men. Its just a fairly accurate analysis as far as I can see, and it does show you that despite his arguing that Hillary was corrupt because money shouldn’t help people gain influence, those who donated a lot to organizations that helped get him elected will now have greater influence over his policy positions in this instance. It is not at all surprising. That would have been the case with Hillary, Johnson, etc. as well. Trump has been a major speaker at the last few NRA annual conventions and his son his very active with the NRA-ILA. I do worry about the NRA’s influence only because they have a tendency to represent the interests of gun companies more than our own and they have a tendency to get off track. The 2nd Amendment isn’t unclear. No reason to go into justifying things that do not need to be justified.

        • I hope there are some importers in there as well.

          I hope they do not use their influence to shut out imports and keep those executive orders intact to protect their bottom line aka cronyism.

      • Rich guy? Nope. Very wealthy in friendships. But financially well off? LOL. I work part time for Guns Save Life and quarter time for TTAG.

        Donor? Nope. Only overt publicity and some behind the scenes stuff that shall remain nameless. Critical cog? Not even close. Illinois went for Trump, for cryin’ out loud (thanks primarily to Cook County).

        It’s an honor to serve in this tinyrole in the new administration.

  10. He is STILL pissing off all the right people in my book…

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to head down to Lowe’s and pick up some shovels and buckets – we gotta started on this wall.

      • It really is pretty stupid. Asking someone to explain “why” might be all it takes. Also, where does the ban on someone in TX selling a Californian an item prohibited in California come from? If selling it to someone from Oklahoma is legal, that should be the end of it. TX dealers have no reason to learn, much less honor, stupid laws made in CA.

  11. Have the attorney general declare all arms built by an individual who makes less than 12 guns a year as “experimental” for 922r. Declaring guns “experimental” is an explicit power given to the AG by 922r, and hobbyists who build a gun from parts are the ones 922r makes the least sense for (and unlikely to be enforced for anyways).

  12. I hope your happy for yourselves…for dooming the united states and putting us at the mercy of an incompetent tyrant.

    I hope the NRA, the gun lobby and this website is proud of itself for increasing our violent crime and murder rates with it’s constantly debunked “more guns, less crime” manure it continues to spout everyday on the media and this hate site.

    I hope your proud for putting millions of innocent Americans such as African Americans, Latinos, Asians, LGBT people in genuine danger from crazed survivalist militia-nuts, violent supremacist groups and criminal organizations that proudly claimed in the media to voted for trump.

    I hope your proud for killing even more people when said incompetent dictator like trump will screw with our economy and healthcare.

    I hope your proud of turning our country into a third world hellhole.

    And Trump is a proven liar, with numerous scams to his name, a “charity” that got shut down for not being charitable (shocking), admitted to sexually assaulting women, was accused of sexually assaulting many others, didn’t pay taxes, insulted military families, spouted off racist and nationalistic rhetoric, and couldn’t stay on topic to save his life. So no…Clinton’s scandals aren’t why she lost. Trump has a hundred times the character flaws Clinton does. Trump won because he was anti-establishment. Clinton lost because she is the epitome of establishment politics. Its that simple

    • Yep, count me as one of those who helped. I’m not sure how someone can be so totally wrong about so much? I have to control myself from calling you worse than ignorant.

      • What was it Michelle Obama said?

        “For the first time, in as long as I can remember, I’m proud to call myself an american.”

        I don’t know, and really don’t care about the rest of Trump’s positions.

        His pro-2nd amendment is all I cared about.

        And yes, I’m EXCITED to contribute to putting guns in the streets, guns in schools, guns guns guns everywhere, without states having any right to say no!

        Heck, I want to make a gun HAT- a hat with real, actual GUNS on it just so I can open carry guns in the most visible way that people HAVE to pay attention to and see!

        Guns guns everywhere! The future is looking bright!

    • The cognitive dissonance is STRONG with this one….

      Nothing about legal gun ownership has increased crime. If anything, an armed citizenry has helped repress crime outside your cesspool urban centers.

      Contributors to the crime rate:
      – A lack of law enforcement.
      – Increased gang activity
      – Increased flow of drugs/drug money/mules
      – Breakdown in family values in CRIME RIDDEN URBAN AREAS
      – Lack of political will to enforce codified law
      – Corrupt politicians looking for levers of power for personal enrichment and a lush “base salary” paycheck for the position they’re abusing (Also known as “Pulling a DeBlasio”, “Pulling an HROD” or in verb form “Jarreting”)

      There I fixed your post for you. You’re welcome.

      • A bunch of manure that has no basis in reality,

        People like you don’t understand the world OR this nation very well. To get a feel how Trump will treat working class Americans, look at how he treats his OWN workers.

        I guess those “working class” Americans didn’t bother to research, did they?

        So unless someone is telling you that science is a hoax, wars are good and jesus will be here next week, everything else is brainwashing?

        Well, just looking at your post shows you don’t put much thought into your grammar, phrasing OR truth.

        Fixed it for you.

        • The fact that you stoop to insulting grammar on comments in a gun blog indicates that you’ve already lost your argument.

          I’m fairly certain that human behavior… TRUMPS…. eloquence. Most people DGAF about “grammar” outside business or education. In fact, if you’d like to get our your Chicago (hmmm) style, APA, or MLA reference and pick apart my comments, please feel free to waste your worthless time on it. I’ll be getting paid while you chase your tail.

          Your original argument is specious, incoherent, lacks facts, and your replies dive into personal attacks, which means you’ve lost your capacity to articulate an argument on the merits of your original claim. Further, attacking someone’s intelligence based off off-the-cuff comments on a website is possibly a poorer measure of merit than the MSM & “polling” outlets proved this election. Not all of us are “working class” either, fuxstick. You would be surprised how many highly educated, well-read individuals have fled your ivory tower. Most of us would rather see your tower burn than conform. Thats called individualism, or classical liberalism; a sophisticated nuance you’re unlikely to comprehend with a degree in social justice and a minor in Marxism. To continue, most of us are also very familiar with your attack methods which include strawman attacks, attempting to discredit/shame, and the repetition of emotionally appealing simplistic talking points which are nothing but authoritarian in basis and appeal to a more simple base.

          I’m fairly certain we all just observed the failure of your kind….. 306 to 232.

          In summation: I’m right. You’re wrong. You lost. You had 8 years and failed. Eat a big bag of sh*t and F__k the hell off troll.

          Fixed it for you.

    • Even crazed survivalist militia nuts haven’t posed a threat to any of those groups.

      Members of the Islamic State? Different story…

      • LAst time I checked, Your precious “gun rights” groups were responsible for arming those very same people that want to hurt us.

        The very same “gun rights” people like you that gave weapons to the Paris attackers.

        The same “gun rights” groups that armed the charlie hebdo attackers and the Sydney Australia martins place killer.

        Remember Nuts of Guns, wisdom and education is important. You appear to lack both.

        • Your anguish is my joy. Please don’t stop posting here. Every time you share your emotional torture, you brighten my day. You also reinforce why we voted against the b!tch.

        • Can you provide sources for your assertions?

          MLA or APA please. Points will be deducted for grammar and stylistic flaws.

        • “Remember Nuts of Guns, wisdom and education is important.”

          Yeah, and *you* are gonna get schooled on *freedom* for the next 4 years.

          You better be crying like a little bitch, we have a HARD LOCK on SCOTUS for DECADES to come.

          Trump is going to toss out EVERY unconstitutional executive order Obama has ever signed, meaning a *FLOOD* of bargain-priced guns and ammo will be in American gun stores in short order.

          Law-abiding Americans with carry permits will be free to carry in every city and state in this great country, and violent crime will continue to plummet like it has over the past 20 years.

          Do yourself a favor and jump off a tall building, won’t you?


        • You are a liar.

          The Paris ISIS attackers did not get their guns from the US, nor did any American gun rights group have any impact either for or against the Paris ISIS attackers. Nor did the Charlie Hebdo attackers. Nor the Australian attackers.

          And the Paris truck ISIS attacker killed more people WITH A TRUCK than the worst mass shooting in American history. BTW, he was SHOT by GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS, ending his rampage.

          Tim McVeigh used fertilizer.

          9/11 hijackers used airplanes, and supposedly box cutters.

          NONE of these guys received any support from pro-gun organizations.

        • +100, Ralph. And, concerned nazi, I’m proud as hell at any part I played in getting that bitch unemployed.

    • Russia has stricter gun control than America. Their murder rate is about 4 times our national average.

      Brazil has stricter gun control than America. Their murder rate is about 5 times our national average.

      Jamaica imposed a near ban on handguns in 1967. Their murder rate is about 12 times our national average.

      South Korea is essentially gunless. Their suicide rate is over twice the US murder rate and suicide rate combined.

      You simply do not know what you are talking about.

    • Thank you. Never before in my adult life have I been more proud to see my fellow countrymen stand up and vote for a President who will defend the self-defense rights of every man and woman. One who recognizes that his own right-to-bear-arms is co-equal with that of every other peaceable citizen.

    • GUYS. IT HAPPENED. ConcernedTyrantsAgainstProGunAmericans was right about something.

      Trump won because he was anti-establishment. Clinton lost because she is the epitome of establishment politics.

      Now all we need is for PigFarmerBill to say something that isn’t literally insane, and we’ll have seen it all.

    • I’m using your Leftist tears and mixing it 50/50 with Ballistol to make a nice cleaner for my guns.

      I’ve been able to collect a bunch in the past couple days.

    • Hey AmericansAgainst…theConstitution, u mad, bro?

      You are going to have 8 years of heartburn. I just cured my 8 year pain two days ago. Ha ha, enjoy!

    • Yes I am proud I contributed. Also, I remember how I would be answering if I were part of your lying team, “see the shiny ball”, “it’s the RUSSIANS!!!”, or the ever popular “I do not recall!”. FOAD, troll.

  13. Please advocate on the hearing protection act, and to dismantle NFA sections on SBRs, SBSs, AOWs, and all that nonsense where the ATF has been defining and redefining what is legal or not (arm braces to shoulder, etc). We shouldn’t ever need to do an ATF form1 unless we’re transferring a firearm we’ve built. if we build it, it should be how we want it, in whatever length, and no one should need to know about it.

    Also, please work to reform NICS so that clients can preapply online online with their FFL, who can process the information before pick up. If thats not feasible, just drop the GCA1968 and GCA1986. And maybe that 1934 act too…


      • Just set everything up where you get a card with your name and a number, no other personal info, the next time you buy a gun at an FFL, then use the number whenever you want to run an NICS check on someone on a free NICS app, and the whole thing should work out.

        If you want to take this idea Mr. Boch, feel free.

      • Costs would escalate exponentially, with a continued record of zero accomplishments, if we just allowed anyone to query NICS. Maybe it would eventually help kill the entire stupid program, but seems overly expensive, to me.

  14. Best news I’ve heard all day. Let me chime in with priorities on HPA, de-listing SBRs and SBSs, and repealing the Hughes Amendment. In that order. 🙂

    While you’re at it, clean house at the ATF. Bring in John Dodson and have him name names.

    • Will Trump have a pen and a phone on January 21, 2017? Will he have a mandate to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed”? Amazing! If so, then I can’t think of a better place for him to start than the ATF.
      What is it about running guns down to Juarez that is consistent with the laws passed by Congress?
      Then, on the other hand, perhaps we ought to ask whether there really is a natural right to self-defense? For if there is, what would be wrong about running guns down to Michoacan so the Auto-Defensas could protect themselves, their daughters and livelihoods.

  15. Congratulations.

    What to do here is crafting the messaging, around whatever is proposed…

    – The Original Breitbart: “Politics is down-stream of culture.”

    – Lady Thatcher: “First you win the argument; then you win the election.”

    Given a reality-TV president (who won the media game; clearly not the wonkery game), work the culture … which incidentally plays into his base. It’s a civil rights issue that extends to everyone. It’s a self-reliance issue. It’s a disparate impact issue. Play out the contradictions of “No guns for you!” promoted by people who’s children go to school guarded by “large men with guns.”

    Legislation follows from the argument, which follows from the culture. While Trump Jr. is vocally pro-gun, and President-Elect Trump a CCW holder, they can make the argument. President-Elect Trump given his very particular set of skills, can quote the former First Lady saying she can see how some people have legit use for a gun, and frame the issue. The legislation gets discussed in that frame.

  16. Dismantling the BATFE would be a *REAL* start. Also, Dismantling local ANTI-GUN (not ANTI-CRIME) groups like the CORRUPT LAPD “GUN UNIT” would also help a lot. Local groups like this is a HUGE problem. I’m sure other cities have their own corrupt anti-gun LE units.

  17. Congrats! Here’s my wish list:

    1. Hearing Portection Act passed
    2. Remove SBR/SBS/AOW from the NFA
    3. Legally redefine “sporting rifle” (or throw away that wretched wording) so imports can begin again (especially on M1s and Garands)
    4. Surplus 1911 distribution through the CMP
    5. National carry reciprocity (open or concealed)

  18. Step one: national CCW reciprocity
    Step two: hearing protection act
    Step three: remove sbr and sbs from nfa
    Step four: crack open a beer

  19. We’ll be watching from the wall Boch, don’t go Pod-people on us, don’t let them convert you.

    Remember your SAR speech.

    If you’re being held hostage, start your next post with the word “I” and we will take it from there.

    Keep your eyes closed and your mouth open only very slightly for when the flash-bangs go off, to equalize the pressure.

    I envision a night helo extraction in 92 days . . .

  20. National reciprocity and hearing protection act. Make these a thing asap. Then start normalizing guns so we can go for repealing more bad laws.

  21. Great to see that someone knowledgeable about guns is actually going to have a chance to do something for once. Kinda concerned about the number of people on this coalition, but if it can pass the Hearing Protection Act, it’s fine by me.

  22. Nationwide constitutional carry. Or a Federal gun permit that is good all across the nation. Revamp the atf so that they become an agency devoted to making sure every American gets their Federal permit on demand.

    • Revamp the ATF so that they become an agency devoted to making sure every American gets their Big Mac on demand. And there are no federal permits.

  23. Please add Congressman-elect Ted Budd, (R, NC-13) to the list. He is a gun shop owner, among other businesses, and won hands down against a perennial also-ran who would have been a rubber stamp for Hillary had the D’s been elected.

  24. Here’s one for the 2nd amendment coalition…Like I’ve said before…We the people need to make it a Capital Crime for any Politicians/Federal agency/ Law Enforcement/State officials/private business, etc…To infringe upon any part of the 2nd amendment—or any other amendment pertaining to We the People…”It will re-enforce our Bill of Rights, and restore confidence in our Republic as people living in a free country !

  25. How about pardons for the New Jersey victims. The most recent was trans-gender. Could go a long way towards dispelling RKBA=OFWG.

  26. As others have mentioned, please highlight the ridiculous policies and regulations over silencers and SBRs. This is our best chance to repeal some long-standing and unnecessary gun restrictions.

  27. Repeal 922o (Hughes Amendment) first, suppressors/SBR/SBS are still legal to make and add to the registry. Machine guns are not. I can’t afford a $25,000, 30 year old M16. But I can assemble a new one in my garage for $700.

  28. John,
    Congratulations on the honor of being a part of this 2A coalition. Here’s something you could present.
    In order for US citizens to receive the full protection of the 2nd Amendment, a first great step would be a simple bill signed into law. Here it is:
    All state firearm carry permits shall be recognized in every other state, territory and federal enclave of these United States of America regardless of permit holders residence or issuing authority.
    This wording would allow citizens of “may issue” places (i.e. HI, CA, MD, Wash DC, NJ, NY, MA) immediate relief and protection under the 2nd Amendment. Because “May Issue” laws usually mean no issue (failure to meet unconstitutional good cause or justifiable need standard), residents of these states can use non-resident permits from FL, VA & UT. It would also allow simple travel between states without fear of arrest and felony charges. Thanks.

    • I love the idea, but how do you deal with even a single Constitutional Carry state, since only one includes “permits” for every American. Such a law translates to an instant national constitutional carry law. As I said, I love the idea, but if that is what we want we should say so.

  29. I don’t think you could force CA, MA, MD etc. to adopt reasonable gun laws, fight will take a long time through the courts but-

    * Could you pass a law making any state/county/city government not issuing CCW as ‘shall issue’ liable for criminal damages/injury.
    Hit them in their funding– if they want a disarmed populace, put them on the hook for paying when any of those folks are injured.

    Kind of the point of the dissenting judge in Riss vs NYC:
    “What makes the City’s position particularly difficult to understand is that, in conformity to the dictates of the law, Linda did not carry any weapon for self-defense. Thus, by a rather bitter irony she was required to rely for protection on the City of New York which now denies all responsibility to her.”

    Take away that out- any state/county/city which is discretionary should be liable for damages and injury since they forced the individual to rely on police for protection- WHICH THEY CURRENTLY HAVE NO LIABILITY FOR FAILING TO PERFORM.

  30. Another idea for a law:

    Prohibit the sale/purchase by state/local governments of any handgun/rifle not available for sale to the general public in that state/jurisdiction. Limited exceptions for class 3 maybe…

    This would help CA, MA etc. as they would scream about their police, but, since the police only have weapons for self-defense-any weapon the state deems suitable for self-defense for the general public is adequate for LEOs.

  31. I truly hope that they have at least one person on this team who can make sure the rest of the team understands the meaning of the phrase “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” ,It is that last word that most gun haters have a problem with.


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