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“To a cer­tain ex­tent, people like me have to be will­ing to put them­selves on the line to the point of death so my chil­dren don’t have the same fuck­ing con­ver­sa­tion 20 years from now, you know what I mean? Hav­ing a fire­arm does not make you a bad guy.” – Maj Toure in Under the Gun: Advocacy group aims to arm & train blacks [via]


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    • I’d like to leave this country a stronger and freer place for my children and their children. However, that prospect is becoming less likely with each passing year of Obama’s deconstruction of America and the likely election of the most corrupt politician of our time. .

      • In what way has Obama deconstructed America ? Putting though a republican heather care plan? I can’t agree

        Keeping the republican patriot act stuff alive? I agree but he isn’t the primary one to blame

        • @Lib lurker — In what way hasn’t Ovomit deconstructed America, is the better question. Putting through a DemoKKKratik health care plan, which was from the beginning designed to fail, was one way. Making The PATRIOT Act DemoKKKratik by expanding it is another.

          Not to mention unarguably deepening the previously-healing racial divide in this country from the word “go” with his identitarian politics, which only breeds demonstrable lies about race across the board. Not to mention refusing — outright, vehemently REFUSING — to secure our southern border and allow illegal immigrants to pour in by the millions and leech us dry, and wanting to grant them amnesty for the exclusive purpose of adding 30 million+ DemoKKKrats to the voter rolls.

          I can keep going, y’know.

        • Last time I checked, the Democratic leadership pushed the renewal of the Patriot Act along with Obama. At least Bush left the expiration in the first bill, as flawed as it may be.

          The mandate was just one terrible piece of an overall terrible bill known as Obamacare. Did you actually read the bill, page to page? I have, it was a mess and just another slush fund for cronyism that the Democrats and some Republicans love to push on the masses. But hey, your boy Obama is so dang smart, he had no problem associating his name to that trainwreck.

  1. What is that on the gentleman’s right wrist?

    Oh, and of course, I agree with his sentiment. I just wish we didn’t have to keep having the conversation ad absurdum.

  2. Unfortunately what happens is that in making a world a better place for our children, the children do not grow up living with the issues and hardships that drove the decision making process and dooms them to repeat it.

    To reference a line I use a lot.

    I always hear people say “Unions are whats wrong with this country, unions shouldn’t exist and it should be illegal to start one!”

    To that I reply, “Says the man who didn’t mine for coal for a living and purchase all his goods from a company owned store after working 20 hours 7 days a week in a death hole to earn just enough money to show up for work next week…..”

    This is why we have such issues, things like “war is bad, we shouldn’t do it at all, people shouldn’t kill other people, no matter what…”
    Again, easy to say when its not your family they are coming to slaughter.

    Truth is, the good fight will always have to be fought.
    What I want to pass down to my children is why we fight…….

    • There is a difference between modern unions and turn of the 20th century unions. The latter were a rational response to systematic abuse. The former are corrupt institutions that destroy the representative nature of our Republic.

      Let’s not pretend that things that use the same name are the same things. Do we need to talk about the difference between early 20th century feminists and modern “third wave” “feminists”?

      • Of course it has become corrupt, but to state that it is no longer needed and never will be is entirely incorrect.

        The point was, if people would learn where things came from, such as early unions, it would better serve the current situations, less corrupt unions.
        Same for gun control, they say we don’t need guns because this isn’t the wild west anymore, but by removing all guns we may have to repeat the process…

        • Whether they are needed is not as important as it is their right to associate as they will and negotiate contracts. Of course, they are trying as much as they can to establish a monopoly on the labor available to a company. The important thing is whether or not they use unethical tactics in their efforts. Public sector unions may be a different matter.

    • Even though I’ve never belonged to one, I have no problem with Unions as long as they limit themselves to organizing & representing workers. My problem with them and with Corporations is allowing them to funnel money to politicians and political causes. I think if Citizens United is overturned, the union practice of setting up PACS for candidates and issues should be banned as well. I would like to see us adopt the British practice of the “Silly Season” where campaigns are limited to six weeks and huge media outlays are banned. Perhaps if candidates had to address issues instead of producing ads attacking their opponents, we might be better off. I would like to see Bloomberg; et al no longer able to buy anti-gun legislation instead of by legitimate debate.

  3. When people love their children more than they fear the gangs, when getting an education is not frowned upon as “selling out,” then the conversation will change.

  4. Interesting article, I liked the part of having an NRA certified firearms instructor present as well as the declination to “brandishing firearms” solely for a press photo op.

    What about the conversation over childless military-aged males being imported by the evil (D)?

    What about Hillocrap’s U.S. State Department’s ITAR Part 121 and 122
    matching the UN Gun ban language

    ITAR 121 and 122 make it illegal for ANY U.S. Citizen to load/reload ONE ROUND (1) of ammunition without FIRST registering with U.S. State Department’s ITAR office, getting “approved” (but not “approved” to “do” anything), and paying the ITAR registration fee of $2,250.


    • “ITAR 121 and 122 make it illegal for ANY U.S. Citizen to load/reload ONE ROUND (1) of ammunition without FIRST registering with U.S. State Department’s ITAR office, getting “approved” (but not “approved” to “do” anything), and paying the ITAR registration fee of $2,250.”


      1. Registration not Required – Not Manufacturing:

      In response to questions from persons engaged in the business of gunsmithing, DDTC has found in specific cases that ITAR registration is not required because the following activities do not meet the ordinary, contemporary, common meaning of “manufacturing” that DDTC employs in implementing the ITAR and, therefore, do not constitute “manufacturing” for ITAR purposes:

      h) Manual loading or reloading of ammunition of .50 caliber or smaller.

      Are you off your meds, Joe?

      • If you look up “Manufacturing” (and, even though it does not legally apply in the same manner or weight as the previous term) “manufacture”, neither one requires that it is done for “business” or “for profit” purposes. So ITAR can slam the door on you if you “manufacture”. I.E., under ATF&E Rules, you (used to be able to) produce up to 1 round less than an “infinity” # of rounds for yourself (and can even give them away as personal property and make them for someone else as long as you are not reimbursed in a manner that could be construed to be a “sale”). NOW, under ITAR, if you manufacture [who the F knows what the limits of that word are] one (1) SME item you fall under ITAR regulations under Part 121 and 122. SME items include all ammunition for any semi-auto or fully auto weapon.

    • During the runup to Ws war in iraq military families with both parents serving and children in the picture asked rumsfeld to not deploy both parents so as not to create orphans. That punk told those parents to go pound sand. He was working for bush and cheney, two cowards who moved heaven and earth to stay out of Vietnam and whose children never served. At one point a reporter asked the bush twins why they did not sign up for their fathers war and they were having none of it. They preferred to hang out in South America partying and snorting blow. I guess it is easy to start a war and support a war when you have no skin in the game. It is cheap and easy to talk a good game while other peoples children are doing all the fighting and dying.

      • When is the last time you saw a Clinton serve? While I agree rumsfeld should have given it more thought, they signed up for it. Orders are orders.

        • I have to agree. Signing up in peacetime for the free money, relying on America’s historic reluctance to send women into combat, and then making the decision based on all those assumptions that having children would be a sweet idea and increase your family income as well (“with dependents”) so that when an actual fighting war comes along you can demand the service send people serving more honorably than you are to fight and die, while you sit home and tend the kiddies, still drawing pay? I think not.

      • Horace, I’m not exactly sure what your comments have to do with the article on BGM’s?

        BTW, we don’t have a draft so anyone is free to serve or not. Have you served in the US armed forces ? I have.

        • Plus, Horace, that was one of the MANY reasonable objections to permitting women in combat / combat support roles.

          All those in favor said “it’ll be rare” or “it’ll never happen”.

          HOWEVER, if you suck up your command’s funds in building up your own “readiness” and the readiness of your unit to make it “deployable” but CANNOT DEPLOY due to an intentional family issue, THEN YOU HAVE DEGRADED OR RUINED YOUR UNIT’S USEFULNESS AND COHESION.

          Donald Rumsfeld was (in this instance) absolutely correct, “tough sh_t” this ain’t tiddly-winks princess.

  6. I don’t believe that the world will be a better place after I leave it. I do believe that the world is a better place because I’m in it.

    Which is the way people should feel about their lives.

  7. people of power get to keep their firearms doesn’t matter their political flavor just give the powers that be a donation and bingo you get the jackpot minus a few favors, etc etc,
    as for my kids they have been trained to think for themselves, stash necessaries, especially TP. have a plan then follow through, become a serious pain in the side of the ruling cast if you can peaceably, if not go VC on their Ass no mercy to all who oppose you! My world now is not rosy so when I’m dead the Kids will have to carry on any way they can! in a lawless society their are no rules for either predator or prey! sort of like Obama and his Justice department!

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