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Bob Owens

“Open carry is better suited for rural areas where animal attackers are a greater concern than human predators and you can have better awareness of who is around you. Want to open carry a .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum while hiking in bear country? I’m right there with you. You want to carry it while grocery shopping? People are going to look at you like you’re an idiot, and unless there are reports of a grizzly in the produce department, their assumption probably isn’t that far off.” – Bob Owens in Is Being Anti-Open Carry Anti-Second Amendment? [via]


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    • I generally have had respect for Bob, but as I was reading this article yesterday, I couldn’t help but think how ridiculous it was. He is basically saying that he doesn’t believe anyone should open carry without lots and lots of specialized training, and he bases that opinion on advice from firearms instructors. You know, the folks who make their livings from selling you lots and lots of specialized training…..

  1. He is, however, apparently a fan of grossly overweight and obsolete cheese-grater hand guards on his tacticool rifle.

    • It’s pretty disturbing, especially when you find out that rifle was custom made for him. It’s not like he bought it that way and is going to upgrade it later, he actually pointed at the catalog and said “that one! The sharp, heavy, ugly one! Give me that!”

  2. From a tactical perspective, I personally can’t agree more. Forget all the “normalization” stuff, this is about not making yourself a target for bad actors. Most cops I know carry two back-up guns for scenarios where they have lost control of their duty weapon. Those two are concealed, not on the bat-belt.

    OC in an urban/suburban environment makes as much sense to me as walking around the mall with a few hundies stuffed in clear plastic pit-pass holder around your neck. Sooner or later you’re going to garner unwanted attention. And no matter what kind of super mall-ninja you fancy yourself to be, there will be three of them, one of you, they’ll have the jump on you, and they’ll be relieving you of that fine carry piece.

    But still, your life, make your own decisions.

    Oh yeah. Who the hell is this guy anyway? Should I have heard of him?

    • There’s open carry and then there’s open carry. Don’t forget that a lot of states will charge you if someone so much as catches a glimpse of your gun. That’s retarded.

      I like OWB holsters, when I can use them, because they don’t turn every trip to the head into a juggling exercise. On top of that, they are far more comfortable when you wear your gun all day (home carry people).

      For those concerned about mobs of hoodlums relieving you of your GAT… Well… Why are you somewhere where that’s an issue? More importantly, retention holsters are a thing.

      Bottom line… There is no excuse for making open carry illegal.

      • Agreed that OWB carry is excellent (why did I ever cram a pistol inside my pants and up against my hip like that?!) and OC should be as legal as anything else; there shouldn’t be a single law on the books regarding any type of carry anywhere.

        However, even with OWB carry I’ve got a shirt over it to keep it concealed most of the time. Blatant OC, like you see Dean Weingarten sporting at the gas pump in his pith hat, is obnoxious and unnecessary. Why advertise? I don’t visit the hood, yet I’d rather some whacko not noticing me in the crowd. Better to retain surprise or maintain an option to casually retreat if the situation dictates, than volunteer myself to be the obvious target of aggression.

      • “For those concerned about mobs of hoodlums relieving you of your GAT”
        it only takes one dude, damn, think.

        “Why are you somewhere where that’s an issue? ”
        not to mention you are basically saying here that you personally know the intentions of every person you have ever been around in public. a truly ludicrous statement. if you KNEW not to go to places where your gun might get grabbed, why not just not go places where you need a gun?????
        see how your logic failed miserably? probably not.

        • If you think a lone hoodlum can just grab a gun from a retention holster, you’re either pants on head retarded or have no idea what you’re talking about.

        • It’s not really about where you are it’s about the type of people around you and CC fails from time to time. If it fails when some idiot is near you might end up in a struggle anyway.

          • I’m afraid I would have killed that asshole. CC guy didn’t put up much of a fight. Obviously this man was carrying a gun to compensate for an inability to neutralize empty handed threats. Which is quite alright. But if you are going to carry a gun to save yourself from such an attack, then know how to draw it in a fight. Or at least prevent it from being taken from you.
            Pro tip: Your gun isn’t a Talisman. You may need to throw some punches and employ escape moves. Desire to fight is as important as technique.

        • Michael:

          The takeaway here is that you never know exactly who is going to attack you, how they’re going to do it or why. Such an attack demands and immediate lethal or incapacitating response because you don’t know why you’re being attacked.

          Yeah, the guy needs a BJJ class but in reality it probably wouldn’t help him once the second guy gets involved. He’s attacked from behind, taken by surprise and it’s only nine seconds from the initial take down to the time a second person is on top of him.

          Honestly, in this situation my immediate thought wouldn’t be to go for my gun but rather to bring this guy down to my level on my terms and then ruin his day in whatever way is easiest and fastest. A choke, strangle or breaking his arm sounds appealing because none of them is lethal or something that will permanently fuck him up but I’m not above putting my thumb two joints deep in his eye or crushing his windpipe if that’s what’s immediately available, especially if I see that he’s about to get backup.

          Failing by ability to simply outmaneuver him nearly immediately I’m going for my knife. I would worry about a struggle for the gun harming a bystander when this idiot does something idiots do. Mr. Grabby will be a lot less grabby when he has 2-3″ of stainless penetrating his his chest cavity repeatedly or otherwise just cutting the hell out of him. Such action will also hopefully deter the second guy from getting involved because knives scare the shit out of people.

      • “Don’t forget that a lot of states will charge you if someone so much as catches a glimpse of your gun.”

        That was supposedly the case in TX, tho I never actually heard of it happening, it was briefed in several classes. And of course that does complicate carrying where prohibited, but nobody’s caught me or even come close in over 15 years, and now the penalty is a $200 fine, big deal.

    • Tend to agree. This isn’t about the legality of it, I don’t think it should be illegal, I just find it unnecessary and attention seeking. I’ve had friends that have OC’d while waiting for their CCW to clear or whatnot, but GENERALLY I find the people open carrying I see doing it to get attention in some way or another. It’s like driving a bright red car cheap sports car with a fart cannon exhaust….it might be legal, but it probably doesn’t make sense and it’s going to get you the wrong kind of attention.

      In a scenario with an aggressor, they’re going to go after the guy with the visible weapon before the CCW carrier.

      • In a scenario with an aggressor, they’re going to go after the guy with the visible weapon before the CCW carrier.

        Evidence? Statistics?

        In reality, exactly the opposite is true, for two reasons:

        1) The common criminal picks the easy mark – the path of least resistance. A gun is evidence of active resistance and greater risk to the intended crime, and therefore says, “pick another mark”.

        2) The common criminal tends to have tunnel vision, focusing only on his objective. When robbing a bank, conve ience store, fast food restaurant, etc., the criminal will be focused on the cashier, and will not be likely to notice that a bystander is carrying openly.

        • No way Chip. Criminals, when presented with a choice between the two, always target the person they know has a gun versus someone that doesn’t. Come on, man! It just makes sense!

          • No way Chip. Criminals, when presented with a choice between the two, always target the person they know has a gun instead of attacking someone that doesn’t. Come on man. It just makes sense!

            I’m not sure if you’re being serious, or if you’ve articulated sarcasm so successfully that it sounds as if you’re serious. (I think it’s the latter?)

            If it’s the latter: well done. If it’s the former: show me the statistics.

        • People conceal guns so they can bait an aggressor into a fight without them knowing the high stakes at play, or to get the drop on a victim. No God fearing man of righteous temperament would go about his business wielding a deadly weapon so deceitfully.

          See, I can make up retarded bullcrap about CC, too (and this attitude has a lot more historical precedent than your attitude about open carry)

        • @barnbwt Can’t tell if your comment is directed at me. If so, sarcasm brother. Learn it, know it. If not, carry on.

        • “Evidence?”
          The Naval Yard mass shooter.
          Came in armed with only a shotgun.
          First thing he did was shoot the two armed guards and to acquire their firearms.
          Then he went on his mass shooting spree.

          • “Evidence?”
            The Naval Yard mass shooter.

            First of all: the plural of “anecdote” is not “data”. I asked for data.

            Second: that anecdote is the best you’ve got? A) It’s a terrorist attack, not the action of a common criminal, and B) the target was a LEO/agent of the state, not an ordinary citizen going about his affairs.

    • I’m still waiting for someone to provide some statistics to support the otherwise-specious assertion that open carriers are at greater risk of being targeted by common criminals.

      • Chip, If you really want some hard science to back-up what is simple common sense, please reach out next time you’re passing through STL. I’ll pick you up at the airport and we’ll take the short drive to the Near North Side.

        Strap up and let’s go for a walk.

        Anecdotally, if you haven’t read about OC’ers relieved of their guns, you’re not paying attention.

        • Which is why all cops and government agents constantly have their guns stolen from them, right? Wait, that doesn’t happen and when a perp does get their gun, it’s during a fist fight.

        • I assume North Side Seattle is a dangerous ghetto, so;
          1) Why would you go there?
          2) Why would you go there unarmed?
          3) Why would you pretend to be unarmed?

          See the paradox of CC in dangerous areas? How often are OCing cops mugged (not attacked/disarmed in the course of an arrest, but mugged as a target of opportunity)? How often are unarmed citizens mugged?

          Seattle’s also a lot colder than Texas, so wearing a big coat to conceal a large, effective full size pistol is actually more convenient than open carry most of the year. CC is great from a lifestyle perspective, since it is hidden & becomes a non-issue apart from the discomfort. OC is more practical overall from a use perspective, especially those where danger is more likely. There are places where OC simply is not an option, though.

        • Chipo, If you really want some hard science to back-up what is simple common sense…

          If it is such “simple common sense”, then there must be volumes of data to support the assertion.

          …please reach out next time your passing through STL. I’ll pick you up at the airport and we’ll take the short drive to the Near North Side.

          Strap up and let’s go for a walk.

          Straw man. One is more likely to be a target in North STL, with or without a gun. Stupid People. Stupid Places. Stupid Things.

          Anecdotally, if you haven’t read about OC’ers relieved of their guns, you’re not paying attention.

          Anecdote is all that anyone making this assertion has. Show me the statistics.

          As for people OCers being relieved of their guns: generally speaking, it is not because they are open carrying, per se, but because they are displaying sufficiently poor situational awareness that they make themselves out to be an easy mark, or else they are exhibiting the behavior of stupid people, in stupid places, doing stupid things. In both cases, it has nothing to do with the firearm. They would similarly be relieved of a Rolex or a brand new pair of Air Jordans.

        • @brnbwt, STL = “St. Louis, MO.” Sorry, bad habit I got into back when I was a corporate road warrior, most folks I chatted with used the airport code shorthand to identify every city they went to. If you haven’t heard, we’re in close competition in murders per capita with Chicago. Just like Chicago they are almost all black-on-black gang/drug related.

          @Chip, There is no definitive national “study” that I’m aware of or could find noodling around for a minute. What I can easily find is hundreds of unique OC’ers losing their sidearm to attacker(s). Use da Google and “open carry gun taken” or something like it. I’m not posting a page of links.

          Like I have said time and again, your life, your risk, your business. But I don’t need a study to prove that knowing if bad people see you flashing a roll of c-notes you’re drastically increasing your odds of getting hit. Advertising what you have in front of people who want it, and see some opportunity to relieve you of it, drastically improves your odds of being relieved of it.

      • See my story above about he well-known Naval Yard mass shooter and what he did.
        Common sense really.
        I can see open carrying under some circumstances and it should be legal.
        I open carry a sidearm while fishing and hunting (one of the few places it is legal in CA except in a state parks). I can see that camping as well. Maybe rural places. Crowded city? No way for me. But that is just my choice..

        • The Naval Yard shooting is no more analogous to a common criminal targeting an ordinary citizen going about his normal affairs (such as grocery shopping) than someone attacking a police officer, or an armed Brinks driver.

          And anecdote is not data. Those who argue for the deterrence of open carry can match you anecdote-for-anecdote, and then some.

      • I strongly doubt there are any -real- stats promoting one or another. So we’re left with opinions. I made mine, you made yours. My thought process is in a bank robbery, mass shooting, or even stick-em-up scenario the aggressor has the advantage of surprise against you in nearly every situation so your best bet for self defense is NOT making yourself a target in a first place so you can regain tactical advantage. Stick up guy at the carryout sees you have gun hanging off your hip visibly and puts one in the back of your head or makes a move for it before you have a chance to assess the situation.

        Police are in a whole different league…they probably SHOULDN’T be, but the that’s just not the reality. Of course they open carry and don’t get mugged routinely because they’re freaking police. The punishment and likelihood of arrest from making a move on an officer’s gun or god forbid shooting them is leaps and bounds more than someone stealing YOUR weapon. Police guns are registered, traced, serialed….YOURS probably isn’t depending on where you live and would be much easier to sell. And frankly police can draw down in situations where your average citizen would get crucified.

        I get it’s a loaded subject…odds are neither side is “right”. There are no doubt situations where being OC deters people, and there’s situations were CC is more appropriate. But all I can go off of is MY observation which is that most OC dudes are really attention seeking.

        • “the aggressor has the advantage of surprise against you in nearly every situation”

          Spoken like a dude that lives his life in Condition White.

          CC or OC…no aggressor should have the advantage of surprise. If that’s the case, having a gun, CC or OC, is not really likely to save you unless you are nothing more than lucky.

        • For some common sense which cannot be checked for accuracy, I contend that a great majority of actual criminals will simply walk away from someone OC’ing where they would have attacked if they had not seen the gun. Criminals (as opposed to terrorists like Navy Yard) are looking for some cash to buy some drugs. They’re not looking for a gunfight. The next guy to come along looks like a better bet than the one who is clearly armed and alert.

    • Bottom line – I have no problem with someone saying “I’m not a fan of…”, and even of speaking out about their position and the reasons for it, BUT I have a big problem with people telling me what I should or should not do. Give me your advice, then leave me the hell alone.

    • Your problem is that you’re already dripping with contempt. Batbelt? Mall ninjas? That level of discourse exposes a lack of good faith in addressing the issue and blinds you to the nuances.

      You’re picturing some super hero wannabe, overly kitted out, traipsing about not only encouraging attention, but inviting participation in his fantasy. That’s just clownish. Such caricatures are inherently unrepresentative of the issue.

      Someone may choose open carry precisely so they don’t carry. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s easier, and safer, to remove or reholster a firearm in an OWB holster than an IWB. Someone who needs to disarm and rearm as they make different stops throughout the day would find it very convenient.

      Moreover, most OC scenarios do not entail a massive thigh holster or Cowboy style left/right holster with ammo around the belt. Good grief. Most OC is just an inconspicuous OWB holster largely covered by an untucked shirt, but more accessible than an IWB holster. No one even sees, let alone notices.

      Then there’s OC for non-OC’s sake, which is concealed carry, but without legal trouble in the event if inadvertent display. Carry concealed, if that’s your tactical and personal preference, but OC legality saves you if you reach for the top shelf at the store and someone sees your sidearm as your shirt tail slightly rises.

      Batman, Rambo, and John Wayne don’t enter into it.

      • Huh? Please re-read what I wrote.

        In cities in which I know some coppers, the “duty belt” with cuffs, taser, holster, etc on it is jokingly referred to as the “bat belt”. This may vary by officer age, and your geographical location. How using a common (that I know of) slang term is anything other than using a slang term?

        As for the “mall ninja” reference, you missed the point. Perhaps I should have said “operator\” or “bad mofo”. The point is that anyone can always be targeted and surprised with a very high degree of success. Not to mention the bad guy knows exactly what you have and where it is. I had a combat vet employee, he would say the only things that scared him were the ones he couldn’t know, and could never prepare for. Every corner, everydoorway, alley, room, whatever. If you have something that someone else wants, they will likely take it from you. Especially when they care not one whit about life.

        Feel free to google the hundreds of OC’ers who have learned this lesson. There are times and places for OC, suburban, let alone urban environments are generally not. If you value not being a target anyway.

        As always, your life, if it’s legal where you are, it’s completely your choice. I have no desire to remove that choice from you. But if you can’t see how wearing a sign that says “I’ve got $500 cash in my pocket!” or having a gun on your side wouldn’t be a temptation that some bad guys won’t resist, there’s nothing I can say to change your mind. Hopefully, you don’t learn this lesson the hard way.

        • So 16V, I googled “Open Carry gun taken, stolen” and went about 14 pages into the Google records and read each of the linked articles and found 1 incident of an OC gun taken referenced maybe a dozen times, A William Coleman III of Gresham at 2am with a Walther P-22 smokin a cigarette, another guy at a Mcdonalds getting a gun stolen from his back pocket referenced a few times, some guy with a AR- 15, one or two other instances and that’s about it.

          Nothing that even comes close to ” hundreds of times”, for hundreds of different OC’ers.

          As it stands, just from reading the Googles search as stated, OC is a very safe way to carry a firearm. Which makes sense. A predator looks for a easy target; a person OC’ing with good situational awareness is not an easy target. and each of the instances listed were of OC’ers that were not showing good S.A.

          So unless you can actually make some links to these “hundreds of instances”, I figure you were just being lazy and didn’t actually read each of the linked articles.

        • Everything will go much easier for you,Thomas, if you just don’t argue with cops. Be polite, give them what they ask for, and be on your way.

  3. What if you’re open carrying a .357 magnum in the grocery store? And what if you’re in the meat department where everyone knows it can get pretty gristly?

    • Good point! Additionally, what about if you are shopping somewhere like San Fran and there is a high likelihood of running into a bear almost anywhere?

    • Do you really need a .357 for a little gristly?

      However, except for the Mexican carry in the appendix position:

  4. Well, I live in a rural area, and I’ve had problems with stray dogs in the past, but I’m opening carrying now because I’m worried about being attacked by Frog People like the one in the above picture.

  5. Guess what? As long as nobody gets hurt, it is their right to make decisions you think are idiotic. You remain free to judge all manner of other activities and educate us all about how idiotic you are, I mean they are…

  6. “You want to carry it while grocery shopping? People are going to look at you like you’re an idiot…

    Unless you are an off duty cop in plain clothes – then it’s ok. You are human just like everyone else, but that tiny little badge makes all the difference.

  7. FLAME DELETED I’m not a fan of open carry, that’s MY opinion, broadcast in my brain bucket and demonstrated with concealed carry in a 3 foot radius around my fat ass.

    To entertain rural vs suburban, centers you in restricting and regulating shall not be infringed. I have epoxy foam and feathers if anyone feels the need. FLAME DELETED

  8. If you are against open carry for tactical reasons you are not anti Second Amendment. If you think it should be against the law then you are.

    I don’t see Owens saying it should be outlawed in urban areas. Draw your own conclusions.

    • “Hey Mr. Sikh, I don’t think there should be a law, but I’m against you wearing your dastaar and carrying your kirpan in public. People are going to look at you like you’re an idiot, and…their assumption probably isn’t that far off.”

      “Hey Mrs. Muslim, I don’t think there should be a law, but I’m against you wearing your burqa in public. People are going to look at you like you’re an idiot, and…their assumption probably isn’t that far off. ”

      “Hey homosexual couple, I don’t think there should be a law, but I’m against you holding hands and kissing in public. People are going to look at you like you’re an idiot, and…their assumption probably isn’t that far off.”

        • Strawman nothing. He perfectly makes the point about how silly what Mr. Owens said is. It’s not a strawman argument when you replace “own a gun” with “vote” or “free speech” to make a point about Constitutional infringement and it isn’t in his examples either.

        • Heah, Chippy, Sikhs carry their knife concealed, not openly. Fail.


          Chippy can’t help himself. He was abused as a child.
          (extra points for the movie reference)

      • Open carry is a conscious choice.

        One’s faith, perhaps, could be regarded as a choice, but most people regard their faith as having found and infused them. The accoutrements of their faith, therefore, are not mere fashion choices, but divine obligations. As for homosexuality, let’s go with the “born that way” thesis for now. Perhaps holding hands is a conscious act, but love is not. Innumerable manifestations of orientation and affection are subconscious and irrepressible.

        So, no, I would not consider them valid analogs. Nevertheless, even if they were, so what? Some people do look stupid doing certain things, even if driven by faith or sexuality. That’s that. Your invalid arguments are just a manipulative and tacky attempt to PC-shame this guy. Good grief.

        • Open carry is a conscious choice.

          Self-defense is a natural right, derived from the right to life; and open carry of a firearm is a moral and perfectly valid choice in how one exercises that right.

          One’s faith, perhaps, could be regarded as a choice, but most people regard their faith as having found and infused them. The accoutrements of their faith, therefore, are not mere fashion choices, but divine obligations.

          Nor is open carry versus concealed carry merely a “fashion choice”.

          As for homosexuality, let’s go with the “born that way” thesis for now. Perhaps holding hands is a conscious act, but love is not. Innumerable manifestations of orientation and affection are subconscious and irrepressible.

          Differentiating between the choice of how to express oneself, in terms of exercising the natural rights of association and religious belief, and the choice of how one exercises the natural right to life, on this basis bears little difference with those who argue that one does not “need” an AR15 or a magazine capacity of more than 10 rounds.

          So, no, I would not consider them valid analogs. Nevertheless, even if they were, so what? Some people do look stupid doing certain things, even if driven by faith or sexuality. That’s that.

          Those who truly support individual liberty champion the freedom to exercise all rights in a lawful manner, regardless of anyone else’s opinion on the matter. That is the point.

          Your invalid arguments are just a manipulative and tacky attempt to PC-shame this guy. Good grief.

          I sense a bit of psychological projection in this conclusion.

  9. People are going to look at you like you’re an idiot, and unless there are reports of a grizzly in the produce department, their assumption probably isn’t that far off.


    Unlike the law-abiding open carriers minding their own business while freely exercising their rights, and whom you’ve summarily insulted, people don’t need to assume you’re an idiot. You’ve already opened your mouth, and removed any doubt.

  10. Is being anti open carry being anti second amendment? Wrong question.

    Is being anti open carry,based on your preference, an opinion with which other can debate? Now you’re starting to ask the right questions.

    Given the fact that Bobby had to concoct a somewhat plausible, but unlikely over the top scenario to sell his point show just how little research for actual fact and how much personal feelz he based his comments on.

    I don’t open carry because I prefer to try to keep the lowest profile possible, but many do and are outstanding ambassadors for the gun owning community. Why paint with the overly broad brush other than your feelz.

  11. If you think there’s something wrong with somebody exercising their rights under the 2A in a manner you didn’t get to choose for them, then yes, you’re anti-2A.

    If you think there’s something tactically/technically wrong with a certain method of carry, that’s a different matter. Bob’s problem might be letting the 2nd type of thinking devolve into the 1st type.

    • I read the article and see no such devolution. He is just saying that it is not tactically smart. The argument that LEOs do it so must be ok is wrong. LEOs carry the authority of law with them. It the post-Ferguson world I am not sure that holds any more.

      • Not tactically smart… he’s in agreement with James Yeager… not a good place to be.

        Mall Ninja As Fuck award of the day for him.

      • I didn’t read the linked article, but I have read some of Bob-O’s snide thoughts about OCers on over the years.
        He has clearly stepped over the line into anti-2A territory on more than one occasion.

    • Please do – I haven’t the time at the moment. His article was ridiculous relying continually on the appeal to authority fallacy.

      This one made me throw up a little:

      Sadly, I could not find concrete examples of open carriers deterring violent crime by their mere presence, as “common wisdom” holds.

      I was really surprised he couldn’t understand this. Obviously, there wouldn’t be any. If the violent crime didn’t take place due to an open carry, how would it even have been documented as an example? It’s kind of the – “if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it – did it really happen?” – kind of story.

      Which is what most of his article was. His opinion. His so called experts opinions, and zero evidence, zero proof whatsoever. If he is going to pose the argument, he should make an attempt to provide more evidence than his and his buddies’ opinions. Very disappointed at “”

    • He’s a blogger, and he needs you to care what he thinks so you will click on his blog and comment, because he needs the ad revenue so he can buy cool attachments to mount on the three miles of Pic rail he has on that gun.

  12. When I see someone at the grocery store openly carrying, I’m looking to see what type of gun he or she carries. It rarely happens, although I know a lot of folks who have permits. Prefer concealed carry, myself, but don’t care if someone prefers open.

  13. Meh…no open carry in Illinois. I see it in-God forbid! urban areas of Indiana nearby. AND nothing happens, Except sissies get bunched up panties…personal choice and I’d LOVE to have that choice.

  14. Hardly anybody notices open carry of a pistol and when they do they default to assuming you’re a cop or something.
    Hell I doubt open carrying even in a hostile place like NJ wouldn’t get you any second glances as long as you weren’t being a dick or drawing attention to yourself somehow.

    • I like to OC in Dallas in the summer when it is 100deg and wearing a duster could be considered ‘suspicious’.
      We live right in the middle of the Dallas – which is a sanctuary city and went Democrat about 12 years ago. As my wife says – ‘we live in the inner city’. To quote some of our Sudanese friends – ‘the dangers here are different than Sudan’ – yes and no – we don’t have crocodiles, but we have other violent predators and a growing number of Muslims – those that killed their parents, drove them out of their country and enslaved their brothers.

      I only OC a small 9mm black gun – not a Dirty Harry 44magnum. For the last year or so since OC has been legal in Texas – like 38 other states – I think I have only had 3 people notice.

      • I took a sudanese guy on his first hunt. He was shocked at how easy it was to buy a legal gun here. And pleased. apparently being armed in the sudan could get you killed. His exposure to gunlaws in the states has been in CA, what we natives figure is a slave state, and he’s tickled at how painless it is to buy a gun.

  15. I think a lot of people can agree with his sentiments, and no, it doesn’t make you anti-2nd….Unless you think your preferences should be enforced by law on those that disagree. Carry on.

    • But to say that people will look at you like you are an idiot is projection. Looking like an idiot proves nothing. Saying idiotic things is more telling. I used to read Bearing Arms but half of what Bob says would leave me SMH. It’s not worth my time going through all his FUDDery to get to a good article. To many other good sources out there.

  16. I see lots of people open carry here in Alaska. …most common thought that goes through my mind is “how did that guy get through a NICS?” Just saying.

    • Open carry versus concealed carry should be at the carrier’s discretion. Period.
      I would open carry in Alaska or Idaho, I would not in Las Vegas, St. Louis, Minneapolis, or Philly (provided it was legal there. For me, it is cc in urban environments and some subruban ones, oc in rural where I live and in some sparse suburbs and at home.
      BTW, I have a long Aeroprecision 12″ hand guard on my 6.8 SPC because Wilson Combat put a long gas tube on it 5 inches from the threads or so and I consider it a must to cover the gas tube and adjustable gasport with some kind of guard and The 9″ didn’t cover the gas port. It weighs 1.68 oz more than the 9″. Never notice it.

  17. I am a fan of carry. If the only legal means is open carry then do that. In Virginia we have constitutional open carry or beg the permission of the state for concealed permits. Open carry is legal at 18. Oncealed isn’t an option before age 21.

    If the only option is open carry. Have a good holster and open carry.

  18. What the fuck? TTAG is just deleting comments willy-nilly.

    Your site, your rules, but you often behave like an aggrieved toddler.

    • I think it was a glitch. Some of mine went missing and there was nothing controversial about them.

  19. I have lived in Texas all my life. Born and raised in the panhandle then moved to the DFW area 26 years ago. I have worked in my current profession for 40 years as a auto trans rebuilder. I have open carried in my shops for that entire 40 years and dont remember as much as batting an eye about it. Now I only open carried only on the shop property then locked in the tool box after hours. Then I got my CHL and worn it concealed everywhere except at work where it was worn open. Texas went open carry Jan 1 this year and I as well as the wife have open carried everywhere since that day. Now I will tell you we get noticed on the average of 2 to 3 times a month. It has been a thumbs up to questions about licensing and how to go about getting it or questions about our carry piece itself. Nobody has been threating, been derogatory or has fainted. We go about our day the same as would not wearing at all.

    We do take the time to answer questions and give limited advice. We are more than glad to promote carry of all types and all methods when asked. Now just think about it. We are in the DFW area and open carry in Walmarts, Lowes, Aldi, Kroger, banks, registration office, restaurants and so on. We have yet to be met with any negativity at all. And we do see others open carry. White, black and brown. Male and female. Nothing has been on the News at 5.

  20. Oh, my goodness – whatever happened to his chin, the poor fellow? Overpressure-caused catastrophic chamber failure?

  21. Bob Owens is a smug, supercilious jerk. He’s Bearing Arms’ version of Dick Metcalf. Both of them are summer soldiers and the sunshine patriots.

  22. This issue is silly IMHO. It’s six of one half a dozen of the other.

    IME: OC doesn’t draw much attention if it’s a handgun on your hip. 90% of people straight-out don’t notice. 5% assume you’re a cop. 4% are nervous but only 1% are scared enough to call the police. I OC’ed for quite a while in Santa Fe, NM (the San Francisco of the South West btw, full of anti-gun hippies) and only had someone call the police on me once.

    They didn’t steal my gun as other posters have suggested. They approached me, talked to me politely about what I was doing, determined I wasn’t a threat and then sat there and BS’ed with me for 20 minutes about guns.

    On top of that when visiting my parents house outside Santa Fe I OC a rifle when walking the dogs. Coyotes, previous problems with neighbor’s dogs attacking people, mountain lions etc make this a wise idea. It’s still a reasonably well populated area and, like SF itself, is full of pearl clutchers. 0 problems, 0 calls to a LEO have been made. I’ve gotten some strange looks on the walking trails for having a rifle over my shoulder but no calls and no one has ever gotten uppity with me about it. I’ve spent many, many, many hours OCing in and around Santa Fe and had one issue that wasn’t even an issue and this isn’t a gun-friendly area.

    Similarly here in Colorado in a smallish town but still in the Denver Metro area I see people OCing at the grocery store and I’m basically the only person that even notices. Ditto in Aurora. Ditto in Littleton. Ditto in BOULDER.

    Further, each method of carry has it’s advantages and disadvantages. How you rank them will determine your method of carry. I tire of the “muh method is betta!” folks. Both methods have their place in the world and it’s up to the individual to weigh the option and pick which method works better for their situation.

    Oh, yeah, then there’s the issue that CCW doesn’t work 100% of the time and, even if you are concealed properly other POTG who pay attention generally know you have a gun if they watch you long enough.

    • Goodness, but that was well said.

      The money quote: “Further, each method of carry has it’s advantages and disadvantages. How you rank them will determine your method of carry. I tire of the “muh method is betta!” folks. “


      One question though. You actually see people OC in BOULDER?

      There might just be hope for the world yet.

      • I try to avoid going into Boulder but yes, I’ve seen it because I’ve done it (and I constantly preen in car mirrors). I wanted to see what would happen.

        Nothing did. The hippies were too high to notice and the self-important assholes at Whole Foods Paycheck were too busy deciding what brand of non-GMO hummus would go best with their white wine spritzer for their stupid little parties. I didn’t wander the streets like some of the OC protesters, I just OCed on my hip and did some shopping with the wife who was CCWing. (A drop-leg might have gotten some attention.) As far as I can tell I was never even noticed to be carrying. If I was, the person didn’t care enough to make a scene/call the cops.

    • Same here Strych9. I’ve OC’d down in Albuquerque and in Espanola over the last 8 years. Nary a problem from the police or the citizenry. Most don’t notice, those that do figure I’m a cop, at least those that ask, assume I am. And the few times a human predator has crossed my path, they always seem to remember they need to be somewhere else, once they see me watching them with my firearm visible.

      Oh, and for those that go on and on about being targeted by a predator for ones firearm; for those with an ounce of situational awareness, predators on the hunt have what is essentially a flashing light on their heads, saying “Predator on the hunt!!”. It really is that obvious, if you know what to look for. Once those predators see that you are aware of them, are ready and are showing no fear, they go for an easier target. For those that don’t know what I’m talking about, just watch a cat stalk a bird across the lawn; it’s that type of intensity, of focus, of deadly purpose, is what a human predator shows as they hunt. It’s that easy.

      • +5

        Espanola really? Christ man, you’re taking your life in your hand just going into Rio Arriba county! LOL!

        • Ummm, Espanola! Highest per capita crime rate that rivals East LA. One of the central transhipment hubs for black tar heroin, and Marijuana from Mexico.

          G-d Bless America and the 2nd amendment! And O.C!

  23. What I hear when you speak I hear the voice of an opinionated mall ninja. Opinions are like anuses, we all have one. Get over yourself.

  24. This article has concluded in my mind that firearms blogging is an infinite endeavor. If you can make money at it then you are set for life. For every ten “gun gurus” out there giving one opinion, there are ten more contradicting that opinion. The good thing is, every five years or so, you can even contradict yourself and keep selling ad space.
    “Why I Changed My Mind and Switched Back to the 9mm”
    “.45 is Still King of the Auto Handgun” and so on.

    • You hit the nail on the head Michael.
      I for one couldn’t give a aeronautical intrecourse what that beady eyed weasel Owens thinks or says!
      I, like Harley, openly carry all around the DFW area and haven’t had one negative encounter since it’s legalization.
      Only smiles and a thumbs up, or averted eyes, if noticed at all.

  25. I carry OWB in a pancake holster under a shirt so I definitely print much of the time, which is legal where I live. I don’t open carry because I don’t want the hassle of someone potentially calling the cops for no legal reason and dealing with the aftermath just because someone was alarmed. It’s not that I’m worried about that particular person’s thoughts about open carry, really, I don’t want to take the chance that the cop won’t know the correct laws regarding open carrying/possession of a firearm.

    I would like to eventually open carry at times so I’m not in agreement with the author. But I do think we should be selective where we open carry. Open carrying an AR-15 near a school isn’t probably the best practice, even if you are within the law.

    That said, I almost walked into a store the other day open carrying, because I had pulled my shirt behind my gun for easy access while driving. I got out of the car and had started walking toward the store before remembering I was open carrying. I quickly covered it up without looking down at it and no one was the wiser. Maybe next time I’ll forget it was uncovered and walk in, and probably no one will notice.

  26. So often it seems people respond as if OC/CC is a permanent binary choice. I carry both ways depending on the situation and the weather. I OC a lot in the summer heat because it is far more comfortable. But I don’t OC in crowded/busy places, including most urban areas, for example, because it is just too difficult to keep track of people and too easy for a gun grab regardless of holster level or best intentions. IMO, even if you win a gun grab attempt you still lost because of the subsequent hassle involved. I’m usually CC in cooler/cold months because I’m usually already wearing a cover garment such as a jacket.

    I have seen people carry CC and print so badly and wearing such a flimsy cover they might as well have been OC but appeared to be condition white thinking their bad concealment was sufficient. I would say I catch far more people CC who are condition white than people OC, although I have seen some doozy of unawareness by people OC too. But just because some is CC doesn’t mean that it is a benefit over OC if they’re doing it badly.

    Now that’s all regarding sidearm OC/CC. Long arm carry is a different matter. I have never OC’d a long gun outside of the range or very rural hiking/hunting situations. Although I have carried a folded and stowed Sub 2000 in a day pack when I had to visit St. Louis near areas with post-Ferguson problems. But I wasn’t in a situation where I had to walk around with it nor leave it attended in my vehicle.

    So I think both OC/CC are appropriate at different times for different people in different situations. I also think that appearance has something, quite a bit of something, to do with reactions to OC, but that is another topic.

  27. What is up with all you retards that claim to be for the right to self defense but are against OC? A hoodlum could take your weapon? That’s your excuse? What lunacy, that’s the same damn argument anti-2A people make for why you can’t carry a gun period. Give me a break. If you don’t like OC, fine, don’t do it. If your irrational fear means you think others shouldn’t do it either, you better look hard in the damn mirror because you are proving that you are just another statist just like the anti-2A progressives.

  28. Bob Owens is the poster boy for why concealed carry should be banned and for why some people should not be allowed to even possess firearms, let alone to carry them in public.

    • You’re just as bad as Bob Owens, and as counter-productive to the advancement of our rights.

        • Your comment speaks for itself, Charles. But your attempts at insult would be lame for even a middle schooler. Try harder next time.

  29. Open carry is best done in civilized places where people are aware of and respect others’ rights.

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