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The Founder of BLM Sacramento put a message out on the group’s Facebook page asking for sponsors to pay for 10 people to get firearm training. The money would go towards anyone in the black community that is looking to sign up to learn about gun safety. The course would cover teaching everything from how to hold, clean, safely store and shoot a gun.

“I want us to be independent from the system and I want us to be educated and informed on what we are doing,” she explained.

[Tanya] Faison says gun education has nothing to do with their protest efforts, but she feels a necessary step for protection in situations including someone breaking into your home or attacks from white supremacists, for those who choose to apply for a concealed carry license.

“We need to be armed, we need to be safe, we are citizens here, we have equal rights here, the second amendment is our right too,” she said.

– Velena Jones in BLM Sacramento Founder Wants Gun Training For Black Community: ‘We Need To Be Armed, We Need To Be Safe’

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      • Not so fast BLM…Your website says your org. is marxist based therefore cease being picky and follow your communist manifesto guidelines. After trashing the Founding of America suddenly there is “use” for The United States Constitution and everyone is supposed to roll over and ignore the BLM platform and its slanderous, libelous and divisive rhetoric?

        Besides the aforementioned firearm based hypocrisy BLM is in camp with the Jim Crow Gun Control democRat joe biden et al. If joe and hunter biden are not too busy counting their ill gained millions from China, Russia and Ukraine perhaps BLM can drop to its knees and beg their democRat Party slave masters to let BLM keep some guns. Otherwise with biden/harris there maybe Jack Booted Thugs coming around to kick doors in and take BLM guns. Think history cannot repeat itself? Think again.

        Frankly BLM…Your org. holds hands with the democRat Party and feeds gullible Black Youth hate for America. The fact is what a few bad cops did that stirred the pot actually was minuscule when compared to what history shows your very own democRat Party did to Blacks for centuries. Why the KKK was the Gun Control Wing of the democRat Party and their first job was to see to it Blacks did not have guns, etc.

        Bottom line…A Black American belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party.

        TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • The Second Amendment covers every American, period. If you are a Marxist or a Republican. Stupid idiots don’t get to decide who is covered by the Bill of Rights.

        • knee jerk patrick hall…The 2A does not cover every American “period.” Some Americans forfeit rights because they made the choice to break the law or they want to overthrow the US Government, etc.
          BLM wants to defund law enforcement and according to their website they are a marxist based org. that has no use for the US Constitution. That stupidity does not disqualify BLM from from owning firearms however their hypocrisy is as clear as day. If your head was not stuck up your politically inept behind you’d know that and stfu…period.

        • The Democrats AND BLM each see each other as “useful fools” who will be discarded when the revolution nears its end.

          No matter how much they try to say they will do their revolution differently and with less blood, Marxists keep falling back on their history.

  1. Yes, Any Law Abiding US Citizen has the absolute right to own any gun/weapon of their choice without any government interference. The NRA has great Safety Classes. Join the NRA and you can make sure your gun owners are educated and informed on gun safety. Don’t ever use your weapons in a crime, that is evil and you will rot in prison. Use the weapons legally, in self defense, against government tyranny, but don’t commit crimes, riot, loot destroy property, trespass, break and enter when you are armed.

    • Bruh the NRA? They sold out a long time ago. They don’t give fuckall about you or your ‘gun rights’. They exist to clothe Cames’ nephew WLP and his minions in resplendence.

      Trump/Pence 2020

      • The NRA certainly has their problems, but that does not negate all the good they do. Their firearm safety and training programs are still excellent sources for new gun owners, communities and schools. Also, the NRA has always stood for equality in firearms ownership and training. Let’s not condemn the entire organization or its members for the selfish acts a few of its “leaders”.

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        • “Well ‘Tired of the bs’ (aka James Campbell)”

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    • The government tyranny thing will no doubt be a crime. Get ready to be labeled a criminal. I shall persevere with the label

      • Any certified training course I’ve ever investigated or actually taken require background checks, so I suppose the proposed low count of 10 people is because all the others have criminal rap sheets???

        • Is that a California thing or hit and miss nationwide. Thus far I haven’t had that come up outside of joining the army but I haven’t been to more than a handful of classes.

        • “…so I suppose the proposed low count of 10 people is because all the others have criminal rap sheets???”

          In their delusion, BLM/Antifa are thinking ‘Gun Training’.

          And when I hear that from them, I’m thinking “Battlefield Pick-ups”.

          There’s a whole more to it than load, aim, and shoot… 😉

    • Communists and Marxist are not entitled to any Constitutional rights. Everything they believe and everything they do antithetical to God given rights not to mention they live and breathe to take yours away.

      • It’s a fundamental problem for which I have no solution. Yes, the rights apply to everyone. And yes, authoritarians and totalitarians of every stripe will use that against us in their long-term efforts to take those rights away from everyone who does not bow to them. There’s certainly a part of me that would love to send thugs in to disarm the Marxists. But, yes, it is still authoritarianism when we do it. So I can’t support it. Sooner or later, it will cost us either our blood, our freedom, or both, I acknowledge that freely.

      • Everyone is afforded constitutional rights. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter if they like our constitution or not. The Constitution and the Second Amendment specially just protects a pre-existing right to self-defense.

        That right is for everyone. It won’t matter in the long run as BLM and Antifa will eventually run out of gas.

      • Everyone is afforded constitutional rights. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter if they like our constitution or not. The Constitution and the Second Amendment specifically just protects a pre-existing right to self-defense.

        That right is for everyone. It won’t matter in the long run as BLM and Antifa will eventually run out of gas.

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  3. So the violent actors want to be able to protect themselves from law-abiding citizens defending themselves against the very same violent actors? Do I have that correct?

  4. Communists only intend to use their arms to assert their own power and place the rest of us in camps. Their lip service to the 2nd Amendment does not make them our allies.

    • Well said. Commies don’t want equality, they want control and will justify any means to that end.

      • Absolutely. But it would still be authoritarian to preemptively disarm them, as much as that sucks (for people who hate authoritarianism).

    • They will have to open there eyes and learn how to think for themselves before that happens I just pray our country lasts that long Go Trump 2020

    • “Sooner or later they are going to realize they’re just victims of another leftist con.”

      That’s not the way it usually goes, according to history.

      Think 1930s Germany. Those alarmed at what was happening were told it can’t possibly get any worse, that someone would put a stop to the madness.

      Listen to Waylon Jennings :

    • If the leftists succeed in taking power, the people out rioting, burning, and looting will have outlived their usefulness. Not hard to guess what will happen to many of them then.

  5. correct.. it is your right…it will also be your right to get shot if your group doesn’t tread Lightly exercising it..

  6. I think every law abiding citizen of age should take gun/self defense training, even if they do not own a gun. Understanding self defense law will cut down on the number of bad outcomes, and save lives. Carrying a gun makes one less inclined to engage in violence due to the consequences. The wider the support for gun rights the better for the current gun community.

  7. I’m going to make a prediction here. Lots of shooting and attempted intimidation about to happen…

    • You can’t put all people of color in the same place. Many believe what the BLM says(or at least some of it, based on personal experience), but are responsible people who just want the best for their families. Many believe that society has failed them and want to make a better world for their families, many are consumed with anger.
      It is our right to believe and legally try to change our government. The illegal tactics are wrong, but there are plenty of good people of color that just might want to carry in their church, just in case some minority hating individual comes in with a gun to kill them.
      All people need to be able to defend themselves and those they hold dear.

        • actually yes, it’s supposed to be a free country where the people have the ultimate power. the federal and state constitutions bar illegal laws that would be implemented by communists, marxists, socialists, fascists, nazis, muslims, democrats, bolsheviks, and their ilk, things like ponzi scheme health care, gun bans, etc. are impossible because they’re illegal.

          it works on the presumption that normal people will always outnumber the idiots, and that corruption will be suppressed by enforcement of all these good laws we have.

      • Here’s the problem.
        Many of those people you’re referring to buy BLM propaganda hook line and sinker. They believe the world is systemically racist, they are oppressed, and any action by the “oppressive state” is inherently unjust. This is why no matter how justified the arrest or necessary the shooting of a violent criminal the racist demagogues and their marxist allies at BLM will still turn out to burn loot and murder. So those people, regardless of how “responsible” or “good” you think they are, are dangerous ideologues. Especially if they are “consumed with anger.” The KKK is not going door to door. There is no reason to be creating militant groups based on race. It’s no different than militant white supremacism. It’s deeply unhealthy, unpatriotic and dangerous. I am all for the individual learning to exercise their right to armed self defense. I am deeply opposed to radicalized groups (Redneck Revolt, Black Panthers, White Supremacists, etc) arming themselves. That is literally the precursor to civil war.

        • Those are not the facets of the current propaganda which worry me the most. My main problem is the largely successful push of the concept that a black man can not succeed due to racism, therefore they will not try. There are so damn MANY examples which prove that is wrong, it is really difficult to believe, and yet it is so pervasive that people still believe it. I’m thinking of the earliest one I know of, Daniel “Chappie” James, walked off the sharecropper farm of his parents in Alabama and on to the Tuskegee base at the beginning of WWII and became one of the Tuskegee Airmen, a pilot in the Army Air Corps. I guess nobody had told him he didn’t have a chance. After the war he stayed in, served in Korea and was a full Colonel in Vietnam commanding a wing of fighter pilots, most of whom were white. He ended up a 3-star General, one of the most respected officers in the AF. Today, he would just quit, his entire upbringing would have him trained to know he had no chance to succeed. And STILL, so many calls are for free stuff, because the poor blacks can’t possibly make it on their own. Bullshit, they can make it just as easily as anyone else, witness Ben Carson and Charles Payne. We need to end all racist entitlements, otherwise known as Affirmative Action, plus quotas.

          • There are so damn MANY examples which prove that is wrong

            You mean like the black guy that was elected to the office of President of the United States… TWICE???

        • it’s worse than that. they are telling themselves a lie, and they know it, and they “believe” it. because it’s going to get them what they want.

          and they will try to force you to “believe” the same lie, in the same false way they do.

          they whine and cry and bitch and groan about being oppressed and downtrodden, and some day after they finally get what they want, sitting on a pile of cash smoking all the crack they want and not having to lift a finger for the rest of their lives thanks to welfare and food stamps for all the members of their race (since it was a racial thing and not about economic class)

          they’ll laugh like donkeys at the white man for believing them. such fools!

  8. Yeah it was always an option and you always had that right, you’re welcome for all the work the rest of have done in protecting it for you before you came along and discovered it.

    • I never took a Dale Carnegie course but I still don’t think that kind of attitude is going to win people over and in the end that’s what this is all about.

      • If you think there’s a worthwhile percentage of fence sitters who can be won over with logic and reason, then I have an amazing piece of beachfront property in Oklahoma to sell you

    • Wake up DUDE….. these people HATE America….. and they HATE the ancestors of the founders…..
      These people are hateful ungrateful animals….
      This story is about another SLAP IN THE FACE TO WHITE PEOPLE….. PLAIN AND SIMPLE….
      Some kind of animalistic veiled threat….



      • “another SLAP IN THE FACE TO WHITE PEOPLE….. ”

        Yes, you poor white people have had it so rough what with that 350 years of slavery and all… Oh wait, that was the minorities who suffered under the yoke of oppression and felt the bite of the whip wielded by their white overseers.

        Another Appalachian hill-billy, George Clooney, on the confederate flag:

        “When I was growing up, I didn’t pay much attention to the Confederate flag,” he said. “Hell, The Dukes of Hazzard had it on the top of their car. “But the truth of the matter is, if I was Black I would have known exactly what it is,” he continued. “It shows you how different the experiences are. We were big liberals in Kentucky, you know, and still we were missing the point. I wasn’t flying a Confederate flag, for chrissakes, but now you look at it and go, ‘Okay, guys, you’re defending the flag of a group of people, an entire section of this country that were traitors to the country, who went to war against our country and lost. With that flag! And they went to war for slavery—and lost.’ So you don’t just get to fly that fucking flag.”

        • Appalachian hillbilly. Mighty tolerant of you there, miner.

          How about the traitors taking to the streets in armed and open conflict with the .gov? Your heroes, antifa? These traitors are a little more recent than the civil war.

          While I agree that the confederacy was wrong, in all ways, that is getting on to ancient history now.

          If you were truly the noble and enlightened white man you proclaim yourself to be you would put your house and your job up to a deserving family of color. Lead by example and start the reparations off.

          But you’re just another fascist looking for a way into power.

        • “Yes, you poor white people have had it so rough what with that 350 years of slavery and all… Oh wait, that was the minorities who suffered under the yoke of oppression and felt the bite of the whip wielded by their white overseers.”

          Slavery ended about 155 years ago, but if you know any black people still being whipped by white overseers I’ll be happy to drive out and spread the good news. Better late than never.

          Every single man or woman alive today had plenty of ancestors who suffered, some more than others. The only thing concerning me is what I am suffering or how I’m causing anyone else to suffer. I sleep like a baby.

        • “I sleep like a baby.”

          What, crying and bitching until you fall asleep and then wake up with your pants full of poop?

          Sorry Cootie, I just had to hit on your straight line…

  9. Of course if you defund the police you’re going to need a gun for protection, but why bother to get a carry permit? There won’t be any cops to enforce those laws either.

  10. Your rights end when your crimes begin.
    You can’t attack the Constitution, and then use it as crutch.

  11. So BlackLootersMurder folk want guns for non-existent white boy’s tryin’ to kill ’em? I forsee a few straw purchases😎😏😕

  12. “The money would go towards anyone in the black community that is looking to sign up to learn about gun safety.”

    Is there really such a thing as ‘the black community’?
    Does this phrase make it seem like blacks are a monolithic group, that ain’t really black if not voting for Biden?

    Just asking.

    • Oh… gotcha…
      So if I wanna start a WHITE LIVES MATTER chapter, and then look for PEOPLE IN THE WHITE COMMUNITY to train for NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH training, that’s ok???
      Oh… good to know racism only goes one way….

      • ^This guy gets it.
        We can easily spot racism by flipping the colors around. Does it sounds racist if you say “white”? Then it is racist, no matter what skin color was originaly used.

        • Exactly this.
          Thank the Jim Crow demoKKKRats, the most racist organization EVER to exist on planet earth.
          Trump/Pence 2020
          Do it for the entertainment value that the leashed chimps TDS dances provide.
          Dance chimps, I command you. Soros 🤡, bloomturd 🤡, and your moms🦍🦍🦍….. are watching.

        • Uhhhh ohhhh slowjoe. You got some ‘splainin’ to do.

          Funny how the demoKKKRats like to depend on the black vote, then ignore them after elections.
          Intelligent Dems are waking up and leaving the demoKKKRatic plantations and the Jim Crow slavemasters.
          Trump/Pence 2020

          Com’on man, where’s my trooltools to push back on this stuff. This is worse then that time cornpop got that chain, and I got a my razor that I dulled up on a curb, then left outside in the rain so it got good and rusty, then I took that razor and snuck up behind cornpop like I do behind all the little girls before I sniff their hair and have them rub the hairs on my legs……….. -joe biden-

      • Dirty Criminals,

        Exactly. It seems to me there is no ‘black community’, no ‘white community’, no ‘Asian community’s, no ‘Latino community’. Phrases like these make it seem like everyone of a certain race or ethnicity must be the same. That sounds a lot like racism.

        • “Phrases like these make it seem like everyone of a certain race or ethnicity must be the same. That sounds a lot like racism.”

          If you don’t vote for me you ain’t black!
          Poor kids are just as smart as white kids!
          Unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things.

        • LifeSavor,

          I miss the good conversations several of us were having over the course of several weeks earlier this year. TTAG is currently being overrun by immature rabblerousers, and it’s getting tiresome.

          I like articles that discuss vintage guns and restorations, and the stories that accompany them. The one from last week (with all the photos) was fantastic. I understand that we’re currently in a hotly contested election cycle, but the trolls we have running about aren’t even skilled at instigating controversy. It’s only a form of low-level mudslinging, the kind that has in fact prompted me to refrain from commenting on most articles over the past month or so. Some is to be expected, but now there’s way too much bedlam.

          It isn’t so much the main troll here (Cames/Durrr/Chewboxa/Hail/whomever), who can easily be ignored, but rather the fact that several TTAG’ers immediately respond at the same embarrassing level and continue threads of mockery that stretch down the page.

          Dan, I’ll be waiting mostly on the sidelines and limiting my engagement here until the mess is cleaned up. TTAG is a great site, and I hope it sees some restoration of order.

        • Beat the racial identitarian drum long enough and people will start choosing sides. It seems we tried this once before and it didn’t work out so great. But whatever, let the dummies give it a go. It wasn’t my side that wound up picking cotton.

  13. “….someone breaking into your home or attacks from white supremacists,….”

    Show me these White Supremacists……..Just because a Caucasian fundamentally disagrees with your Marxist nonsense does not make them a White Supremacist.

    I would bet money that the writer and 99.99% of the BLM crowd has never laid eyes on a true White Supremacist.

    • They haven’t… they would tuck tail and run at the sight of real WHITE SUPREMACISTS….
      Unless of course it’s only one white SUPREMACIST and a group of them…. lol… typical

    • One quick way to spot someone who’s completely out of touch with reality is when they use the term ‘white supremacist’.

    • Every white person they lay eyes on is a white supremacist in their opinion.

      What about the young white folks who are “protesting” with BLM? Even BLM recognizes them as “useful fools” to be used now and disposed of later.

      • Every white person they lay eyes on is a white supremacist in their opinion.

        Therein lies the problem.. In THEIR view ALL whites are racist “White Supremacist’s”.. While White Supremacy IS a real thing (Arian Brotherhood, Neo Nazi’s, Skin Heads etc) not all white people adhere to those philosophies.. The Proud Boys is an example, they exist in opposition to the EXTREMELY fascist ANTIFA that uses fascist methodology to purportedly combat FASCISM… They are NOT about White Supremacy, they ARE White Nationalists, as much as ANY white American that loves and believes in the sovereign rights of this country, just as ANY black person with that same mindset is a “Black” Nationalist yet that is looked upon as a bad thing…

    • Manse Jolly says:
      “……..Just because a Caucasian fundamentally disagrees with your Marxist nonsense does not make them a White Supremacist….. ”
      Ohhhhhhh snap!
      MJ just dropped the hard truth.
      Here comes the leashed monkey trolls to tell everyone that reality is NOT real!
      Well said MJ.
      Trump/Pence 2020

      Pull trolls, PULL. Get my rotting corpse of a campaign across the finish line -slowjoe-

      • Wow. You can tell the group home accidentally gave Cames the caffeinated coffee again.

        He’s going to be doing the caffeinated 🚩 🐵 dance all day.

        Trump/Pence 2020

    • when you listen to the talk, they are… Black Supremacists.

      even the white guys and gals with them who drink the kool aid.

  14. Definition of a white supremacist is anyone who doesn’t support their causes. It’s easier to move on people you’ve dehumanized.

  15. One quick way to spot someone who’s completely out of touch with reality is when they use the term ‘white supremacist’

    • I think it’s a tactic. they want to tear down American culture and American values and take over. now, most of Americans are white…

      so, you stand up for American culture and American values? you don’t want to give them up? you’re a white supremacist! especially if you’re white! see, we knew it! and you’re the enemy according to all this [complete bullshit] we’ve been saying!

      the answer is, FUCK YOU, BLM, and fuck you if you don’t like it.

      there will be no apologies for who we are, no matter what color of skin, white, black, red, yellow or brown, we can melt together or some of us can immerse themselves in their own culture, but we can live together and together we are one people, that’s how America works. if you can’t live with that then just go fucking die.

  16. Definition of a white supremacist is anyone who doesn’t support their causes. It’s easier to move on people you’ve dehumanized.

  17. Claiming to have 2a rights and then voting for biden is just idiotic. The democratic party is the birth place of white supremacists. And that is still true today.

  18. Every white person they lay eyes on is a white supremacist in their opinion.

    What about the young white folks who are “protesting” with BLM? Even BLM recognizes them as “useful fools” to be used now and disposed of later.

  19. Let me get this straight. The Marxists are holding out their hands out, begging for money (from white people?) so they can be, as she says, “independent from the system.” And that’s so they can protect themselves from these white supremacists because somehow she thinks that’s how black people are being killed? I suppose next you’re going to tell me she votes for the people that want to take her guns away?

    • Didn’t the CIA train and equip the Muhjideen in Afghanistan for years during Russian occupation? That worked out well.

      I’m all for upright citizens exercising their rights. Insurrection it’s and criminals don’t fit that category.

      • “Didn’t the CIA train and equip the Muhjideen in Afghanistan for years during Russian occupation? That worked out well.”
        Those arid caves in the mountains provided perfect conditions for long term storage of the weapons and ammo too.
        When the time came, all the hardware and ammo WE provided was pulled out and used against OUR troops.
        Trump/Pence 2020…… Because competent POTUSes kick the “war hawks” to the curb!
        Dance monkeys, I COMMAND YOU!

        • So you claim Trump ‘kicked the Warhawks to the curb‘?

          First, Republican president Ronald Reagan provided hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons to Iran, now we have Republican president Donald Trump providing billions in modern weapons to Saudi Arabia, those wonderful folks who brought you 9/11.

          “On May 20, 2017, U.S. President Trump and Saudi Arabia’s Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud signed a series of letters of intent for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to purchase arms from the United States totaling US$110 billion immediately,[1][2] and $350 billion over 10 years.[3][4] The intended purchases include tanks, combat ships, missile defense systems, as well as radar, communications and cybersecurity technology. The transfer was widely seen as a counterbalance against the influence of Iran in the region[5][6] and a “significant” and “historic” expansion of United States relations with Saudi Arabia.[7][8][9][3][10]”

          Hypocrisy, thy name is conservative Republican.

  20. Just wait until they infiltrate all the gun rights orgs and every class, training or membership comes with mandatory diversity, inclusion and white privilege/supremacy/intersectionality struggle session.

  21. “””FREE KYLE””” & give him back his black gun,
    Us white folks will need another shooter when the 13%ers come a knocking…🔫

  22. I support their right to keep and bear. It does disappoint me that the only threat they feel the need to protect against is white supremacists and not the other blacks that are the main source of violence to them.

  23. I find it ironic that a bunch of Marxist pieces of human filth are talking about their human rights. It’s kind of like a member of the SS talking about their support for Israel.

    Of course I’m probably just being a bit too hard on these morons. Most of the boots on the ground type don’t realize what they’re being used for.

  24. Just the fact that they want to train people in safe gun handling makes them somewhat responsible. Did any of you think that the proper training these 10 people will receive might just change them a bit?

    Based on what was said, the training will be paid for so that 10 people that are legal to have firearms will be chosen. People that are willing to learn proper procedure can be won over(or, at least, will be able to see the other side more clearly). Kudos to them for wanting to be responsible.

  25. ““I want us to be independent from the system and I want us to be educated and informed on what we are doing,” she explained.”

    If a group of Whites said that, they’d be called Nazis and White Supremacists, arrested by the FBI, prosecuted by the DOJ, given lengthy federal prison sentences, scorned in the media, and held up as an example to be abhorred.

    So, who has the “privilege” in this country??

    • I want us to be independent from the system

      So, I’ve been doing it wrong my whole life… Apparently you have to engage in the rules and regulations OF the system in order to be independent FROM the system… Got it…

    • You should research what the government did to black Americans who stood up to the white man’s corrupt governance. The government (essentially all white men) made it hard for black Americans to exercise their human rights, they beat them, framed them, imprisoned them, hung them, shot them, etc. All because they wanted to be treated equal to white men. That’s what happened to black Americans that wanted to arm up. The peaceful resistors were treated no different.

      Then there was the natives who went through a bunch of genocides; resulting in their population being less than 2 percent after the Europeans finished their crusades.

      If criminal white men get called names and arrested for being terrorists, that would be an easy road in comparison to how everyone else was treated for hundreds of years.

      Doesn’t feel good when your privilege starts running out after the wealthy decide you are no longer useful idiots. All the corporations, politicians and bankers did the math again and made their choices for the future.

      The smart thing for you to do is stop trying to retain control over people and teach them liberty and justice for all before you learn what it is to be a white South African.

      • Ashamed of your white privilege, chief? Easy enuf to make real amends. Arrange for a poc to take your job. I’m sure you didn’t earn it, you just took advantage of your whiteness.

        Also, sign over you house to a needy family of poc. Reparations start with the individual.

      • It asn’t all white men who were committing those atrocities against black people. They were for the most part DEMOCRATS.

  26. All of a sudden they’ve discovered the U.S. Constitution? The very document they’ve been trying to destroy since their inception? All the training on the planet won’t change the fact that they are in Kommiefornia the land of no guns for thee and prohibitive ammo prices AND why do they need to “train” anyone? Just grab a handful of military Vets, no training required (already done for free).. surely there are a few out there that believe in the Marxist line of crap from the “real” BLM.. It’s a bullshit story, maybe trying to get some sympathy from true 2nd Amendment (and Constitution) supporters… The Constitution is NOT compatible with (we want to rule you all) Marxism, too many individual rights AND government “shall not’s”…

  27. Let them have their guns. They’ll just use them to kill each other, which is what has been destroying the “black community” for generations.

  28. BLM will ‘use’ the technical side of this just as they do with other laws and freedoms. The person defending themselves against them with a gun is a criminal that should be behind bars. These people are not interested in the spirit of second amendment freedom, only that it allows them to have guns.

  29. Commie terrorists (BLM) believe in second amendment rights when it is useful for them, them proceed to deny them to others when they have the power.

  30. It is simple. Train 10 to train 20. Train 20 to train 40. And so on. You can create an Army over time to do your bidding. A small Army at the start, but an Army none the less of like minded individuals willing to do things like we have seen all summer and part of the fall, but worse.

  31. So this means the have a conceal carry license so they shoot a white person if they deem them to be white supremacists they feel it’s legal to shoot them?

  32. I will point out that the National African American Gun Association is working on a safety training programme.

    To ensure our rights as gun owners, we need to think in terms of a big tent.

  33. Soros will pay for their guns and their training. He will get them ammo. But it wont make them marksman, tacticians, or riflemen. Punching holes in paper on a square range is not going to prepare these communist monkeys for the day of reckoning.

  34. I see a lot of people here are anti 2nd Amendment for black Americans. The NRA and Republican party has done well training you.

    • The Republican Party and the NRA? Been a member of both most my life. You are either misinformed or simply an impulsive liar. The record is clear for those looking for the truth. The Republicans put rifles in the hands of tens of thousands of black patriots who became Union soldiers to fight the murderous Democratic traitors in the civil war. They knew who the enemy was. It wasn’t Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans. Go ahead. Try to make me out to be some sort of white supremacist for saying that.

      • “The Republicans put rifles in the hands of tens of thousands of black patriots who became Union soldiers”

        Didn’t you read above where jwn said the Civil War was ancient history, not relevant today?

        Oh, I see, it’s relevant when y’all want to use it as an example but if others point out the racial injustice in the United States then that’s different. OK, got it

        • No answer to my above comment, miner? What have you done to redress these racial injustices? Have you offered to give up your white privilege job to a deserving POC? Sign over your house to an underprivileged POC family?

          Of course not. You’re not a believer. You’re a user. Just another evil white man trying to use POC to elevate himself to power.

        • Jaybird, you’re beating a strawman, I’ve never advocated for reparations.

          I think you were speaking of your fears rather than my comments.

          I am discussing the continued and systemic racism against minorities in the United States, from our president Donald Trump, right down to the patrolman in the cruisers.

          I’m discussing the systemic prejudice against minorities in receipt of government support and programs in the United States, from the farmers home administration to the veterans administration.

          The problem isn’t only in, as you put it ‘ancient history‘, it’s a continuing problem that we see every day.

          You’ve articulated it yourself, when you tell the stories of being pulled over by law-enforcement and not receiving a ticket because you were white.

          How is it that you do not see that is systemic racism? If one receives special treatment from the armed agents of the authorities because they are white, it is the very definition of systemic racism.

        • Systemic racism? Barack Obama. Maxine Waters. The list of POC in .gov and business leadership positions is too long to place here.

          Your white savior routine is simply racism at its finest. “poor poc can’t function without a woke white man showing them the way.”

          You don’t want to end racism or balance the system. You wouldn’t have anything to bitch about.

        • “Barack Obama. Maxine Waters”

          Do you really think that electing a black president suddenly erased racism in the mind of every American?
          Your reliance on magical thinking is sadly amusing.

        • Or maybe that ‘systemic racism’ no longer exists and you just can’t move on and find any meaning in your life without a phony narrative to divide folks and give yourself a sense of power.

        • Jay, you are the one who tells the story of police officers not arresting you even though you had committed a crime, all because you were white.

          When armed agents of the authorities allow you to commit crimes without consequence because you are white, that is the very definition of systemic racism.

          Sadly, you seem oblivious to this simple truth.

  35. Everytime I see “BLM” I think, wow the Bureau of Land Management must be mighty pissed off about Black Lives Matter stealing their acronym.

  36. Good news everyone, the violent black supremacist group that hates you and wants to destroy America is arming itself.

  37. Another perspective to consider:

    “ … post-Civil Rights Era racism has operated primarily through the framework of colorblindness 2 —a racial ideology premised on the refusal to “see” race as meaningful in contemporary contexts. 3 Within this framework, racism is equated with its most explicit manifestations (e.g., slavery, Jim Crow, and widespread public lynching) and imagined as a historical aberration that has been largely overcome by treating all people as equal individuals rather than members of racial groups. 4 In turn, contemporary racism is (mis)understood as an individual vice that manifests rarely through interpersonal (inter)actions, where racial hatred is expressed explicitly. 5 Rhetorically, colorblindness circulates via coded discourse that denies the significance of race and racism while rationalizing persisting racial inequalities through deracialized frames. 6 Therefore, what some see as a progressive perspective actually bolsters racism by obscuring the material realities of racial injustice and (re)framing antiracist efforts as unwarranted and/or discriminatory. 7 Colorblindness thus provides the comfort of ideological shelter from the uncomfortable realities of racial injustice for those with the privilege to keep their eyes closed.”

    • Non hacker. Not willing to sacrifice for his ’cause’. Riding his white privilege to a position of power over POC.

      • “Riding his white privilege to a position of power over POC.”

        Respectfully, WTH are you talking about?

        I’m an old hillbilly at the head of the holler, I’m not seeking a position of power over anyone, much less some minority.

        I am using my first amendment rights to call out injustice where I see it, and to advocate for true equality under the law for all Americans.

        I freely admit that I have benefited from white privilege, just as you have.

        And I plan to use that white privilege to encourage others to treat all peoples with equality.

        BTW, when you were at HPD did you work under Cpt Bowen?

        • Bullshit. And I was never with HPD or any other PD.

          And you lack any real commitment to your ’cause’. If you’re ashamed of your ‘white privilege’ step and do something about it. Start with paying reparations for your whiteness. Your house and job would do as a start.

          Or do you think there’s no POC that could do your job?

        • I understand you focus on reparations because you are afraid of losing what little you have.

          I’m not really in favor of reparations necessarily, where does one begin, the invasion by the Mongols across the Bering land bridge?

          It is all about the here and now, and the continuing systemic racism against Americas minorities, that you yourself have encountered.

          You stated that you had been pulled over by law-enforcement, and you were allowed to go free even though you had been breaking the law, because you were white.

          I assume that happened well after the Civil War, right?

        • miner. How can you point out ‘systemic racism’ from a position of white privilege and not see the need for reparations? You should lead by example. Or am I correct in stating that ‘systemic racism’ is just an excuse for you to play at white savior. Like a hobby.

          Or are you saying that you believe there are no POC qualified to do your job as well as you. Why not?

        • Jaybird, your weak arguments and diversions are meaningless.

          The very situation you speak of, being pulled over for breaking the law by a police officer and then being let go free because you’re white, clearly indicates systemic racism.

          In that situation there’s no need for ‘reparations‘, we just need to have the situation corrected by making sure all law-enforcement officers enforce all laws equally, without regard to race, religion, ethnicity or gender.

          I agree, minorities have been abused, maimed, had their property stolen and been killed by the United States government in a systematic manner designed to keep them subjugated and steal from them the fruits of their labor.

          Here’s an example that illustrates the abject disregard and desecration against black folks committed by the authorities, all in the interest of ‘commercial development‘. And note, this didn’t happen during the Civil War, this happened in 1960, just a few decades past.

          “KING GEORGE COUNTY, Va. — Richard and Lisa Stuart were walking beside the Potomac River when they noticed an odd rock in the riprap on the water’s edge.
          “I think that’s a headstone,” Richard Stuart remembers saying to his wife that day four years ago.
          Once they started looking, they saw another. And another. With horror, Stuart discovered that a two-mile stretch of erosion control along the riverfront farm he had just purchased was full of grave markers.
          A state senator, Stuart enlisted Virginia historians to figure out where they came from. The trail led upriver to the nation’s capital, and illuminated a dark truth about how Washington became the city it is today: The headstones were from Columbian Harmony Cemetery, a historic African American burial ground that was dug up and relocated in 1960 to make way for commercial development.”

          Let me ask, do you remember the scene from ‘Schindler‘s List’ where the Nazis were using the headstones from the Jewish cemetery to pave the road into the death camp?

          How is this different?

          Well, that was the Nazis in 1944 and the situation above was the Nazis in 1960.

          ‘Nope, ain’t no systemic racism here, boss!’

        • miner. I was given a traffic ticket by a female cop.

          Does that mean systemic sexism is a thing in our .gov?

          An event that happened in 1960. A whole lot has changed since then. Is our system perfect? No. If it was the biden crime family would be in jail.

        • “miner. I was given a traffic ticket by a female cop.”

          Were you deserving of a traffic ticket because you had committed an in fraction?

          Then no, you were not a victim of sexism.

          In any case, men are rarely victims of sexism, it’s generally women who suffer from that sort of discrimination.

          And regarding your need for the so-called Biden ‘crime family‘ to go to prison, one would need actual evidence of wrongdoing in order to prefer charges against anyone and that is sorely lacking in this instance.

          For more information you might talk with President trumps campaign manager or assistant campaign manager or personal attorney or national security advisor, etc.

          Or you may be interested in chatting with long-time republican speaker of the house of representatives of the United States of America and convicted pedophile, Dennis Hastert, he might be able to offer you a unique perspective on prison life.

          Frankly jaybird, I’m surprised you would cleave unto the party of pedophiles, you seem like a regular Joe but one can never tell…

  38. She outta check the statistics: blacks are
    FAR more likely to be victimized by other blacks than they are by the imagined MAGA hat wearing “white supremacists”. Oh wait, math is racist. How silly of me to have forgotten. Can’t expect black people to have even a cursory understating of statistics since they are a tool of the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy

  39. The more people who own guns and respect guns, the more likely they will vote in favor of gun rights.
    This is a win in my book.

    On a side note, this comments section gave me AIDS, and then gave my AIDS viruses cancer.

  40. BLM I am sure has a higher than normal amount of members that are ‘Prohibited Persons’ than most other organizations. So not so much.

  41. I’m proud of the growing number of people interested in the Socialist Rifle Association, check em out 🙂 there is also a bunch of black led gun clubs growing.

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