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Adam Savage handling blaster from Blade Runner 2049

I’m totally stoked to see Blade Runner 2049. One problem: my eldest daughter’s in town. My UK-based operatic sprog’s promised her boyfriend she’d wait to see the movie with him. I told her to watch BR 2049 with me and then feign ignorance with her Norse-named Significant Other. This post pretty much torpedoes that idea. Anyway, here’s Adam Savage’s take on the new Blade Runner blaster . . .

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  1. Adam’s love for the details is infectious. His one day builds on his YouTube channel are amazing to watch, and are chock full of information that was gleaned from experience.

    PS would love to see Dyseptic Gunsmith do a show like that. Jet get a guy with a camera to film him work while he drops knowledge nuggets along the way.

  2. Awesome movie, if your a fan of Blade Runner (not the theatrical release). It’s a bit long, and in the theater I was in, they had the volume turned up to 357 snubbie, actually painful, but I had my ear plugs in my pocket as normal, mainly the Vangelis light mood music.

    I was in high school when the original came out, and it is the thing that piqued my interest in scifi and futurism; changed my career focus from going to law school to mathematics and computer science, not that 80’s computer science actually apply today.

    • I’m of two minds on the interim shorts they made, BR 2022… I watched them after, but I’d probably like to watch them, then go directly to the theater, a bit of a spoiler, but not much, and a decent background on some things that are mentioned but not elaborated on. I think the live action ones were meant to be in the movie, but its already an 2:43 plus previews.

      • I’ll have to look for them, as I was disappointed in the movie’s incoherence and inconsistency starting about 1/2 – 2/3 of the way through.

        Still, though … Zero reason to make a movie that doesn’t stand on its own, and very arrogant if the director and writers simply assume everyone will both know about the extra material and review it ahead of time.

  3. Re the movie: meh. Spoilers…

    The story seemed nice and tight right up to the beehives. Then it started to decohere increasingly fast after they left Vegas. Far too many loose ends at the end, not the “I wonder how that turned out” kind, but rather the “given that X happened (or never happened) then Y makes no sense at all” unless there’s an explanation on the cutting room floor.

    There were many places where the characters acted inconsistently, especially the chief minionette, again more prevalent in the final 1/3 of the movie. Yeah I get interior conflict and all, but still … Plus the whole “Terminator vs Terminator” scene near the end seemed … trite, I suppose.

    • “…“given that X happened (or never happened) then Y makes no sense at all” unless there’s an explanation on the cutting room floor.”

      I have full confidence in a plethora of ‘Director’s Cut’ versions clocking in at 4-5 hours in length showing up in the next few months to years.

      After all, it’s pretty much BR canon at this point.

      (How many BR re-cut versions are there by now, at least 4?)

      • Perhaps, but look at Lord of the Rings.

        The movies made sense in original theatrical form. The additional material that made them much longer, enhanced the stories, but I don’t recall they made major changes to the plot.

        • They had 4 sequels in planning, but with the less than stellar box office, who knows.

          It was a bit like they hedged, because if the sequels greenlit, the movie could have been tightened up quite a bit. That was sort of the issue with the original too, but there’s so much visual porn they just couldn’t cut some of that, plus its really expensive.

          Still, loved it.

  4. I’d actually love a true replica – one with a working Bulldog inside the Steyr receiver, like the original prop guns.

    A range toy, sure, but man, what a cool one. That’s my dream “BBQ gun” right there.

  5. I really want this movie to be good, but I have not seen a good movie re-make yet, so I am skeptical….but I really hope it is good.

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