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At $150 a pop, it’s good business to print up some barely functional (if that) plastic guns and sell them to The City of Houston. Second Amendment advocates, trolls, pranksters, and other entrepreneurs lined up and sold worthless junk to the city. Hilarious.

It costs under $5 to print one of those Harlot derringers. Want the files? HERE ya go. They’re available all over. Worried the 3D printer is too expensive? How about an Ender 3 for $189? These things are legit. I’ve used an Ender 3 Pro ($239) fairly extensively and it’s great. Sell a B.S. “ghost gun” and pay it off immediately.

Maybe you can sell a baker’s dozen at your local gun buyback like in the video above. At $150 a pop this was pretty good business for some! I could have financed a weekend with the girlfriend in Houston under this business plan. Hmmmm…next time.


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  1. That right there is good business. For the guy selling the product.

    The Fascist Left will continue to trip over their own dicks.

      • They are using the tax dollars of Houston city residents. If Houston residents think they are voting for the right people implementing these ridiculous policies, then they should not mind how the money is being spent.

      • At $150 a pop, it’s good business to print up some barely functional…

        Damn! Thanks taxpayers. I’m going to print me out some right now! Keep voting for gun buybacks, retards! Me like!

        • I’ve got an RG that I was given because I told the guy who wanted to sell it that it wasn’t worth the $10 that he asked for it. I am just waiting for a “buy back” It’s better than what Houston bought because it works with certain precautions. It’s sort of a zip gun on steroids. It has to be manually indexed to fire but it holds 6 .22 shorts. The zip guns we made only held one .22 short.

      • Those tax dollars being put back into the peoples pockets leaves them with less to abrogate your Civil Rights too.

        Worth bearing in mind.

    • So…the comment I just posted a moment ago and was visible…where did it go, and why was it removed?

      I had two more comments held for moderation again yesterday, and now the first comment of today has been ghosted. This is absurd.

      • I’ve seen nearly all my comments held for moderation.
        Some are held, get posted, then disappear a day or two later.

        • Me too…especially commenting on my wife on the female black gun owners. I wonder who deletes all the trolls & spam here???

        • I actually had a “held for moderation” comment approved. Ducky, lucky, little ole me. Responded back to the “approved” email……and just exactly what is the difference between TTAG moderation and China’s speech control????? Shocked….no reply. At least they didn’t break down my door and shoot my dog. Guess that is the main difference.

          How about an article from TTAG on their “moderation” approve/disapprove criteria and agenda????

          Crickets…..crickets……crickets…..the silence is deafening.

        • it’s annoying.
          but not as bad as entire articles vanishing, while the prone shooting mat review that doesn’t suck stays up for a year.

        • ice cream social.
          i suggest the entire thread of posters enters s’ist and s’ism just to clog it up. maybe they’ll relax some filters. i mean, is there really anything that can be written here that would be so offensive? might be the second thousand post section. and some poor botnik has to release them all.
          this may be beyond the pale.

        • Or just get rid of this s#it entirely.

          Vigorous debate harms no one, even when it gets really heated. Even the trolls serve the beneficial function of proving the idiocy of their side.

          The only thing that has zero place in the comments is off-topic spam, and the filter has proven its utter worthlessness in catching that. Just turn the damned thing off.

      • It’s as if an invisible hand is running this site🙄 It’s been a LOT worse…

        • Okay, so I *just* posted another comment here in reply to you, and now it’s gone, too. I was making a reference to the alleged admin scandal from 2019, and *poof!* it’s taken down. Methinks there might be something rotten in Denmark…

      • It’s why I rarely post anymore.

        Every comment is held and then may or may not disappear later.

        Why bother?

        But the SPAMMERs don’t seem to mind.

        I guess revenue is not affect for the site… Dan?

      • Never ascribe to malice what can be explained by incompetence. The comment moderation software is… not good. Bad code rather than censorship.


        I hope.

  2. Hmmm…I can do 3D printing at our local library for the cost of materials – all I need is a “sales rep” in Texas…😆

  3. Love the positive spin on the turnout.
    Like it’s a great thing hundreds of people came out to rip you off.

    • It is quite possible that people who think these “buy-backs” are a good idea do not realize that what they got was worthless junk that people generated specifically for their brainless program.

      • Taxpayers voted for this, and apparently the majority won. So why not waste their money, like the morons they are? Capitalize on their idiocy. Some of that tax money is yours too! Time to get it back.

        • I’m sure some did, but Democrats aren’t elected by taxpayers. They’re elected by trash bought with taxpayers’ money. Yay dumbocracy!

    • “buy backs” are a rip off anyway, based on the idea that guns are automatically bad so destroying or removing any of them from future use is a good thing.

      I think they are hoping that it’s criminals and gang members unloading crime guns with amnesty (or so they would say), but it’s more likely poor people giving old or junk guns, or examples like this where people are turning the tables to profit. It’s sad when it’s some widow bringing some heirloom gun that could be worth many times the “buy back” rate and it gets destroyed.

      • Kind of a ripoff, kind of an opportunity.

        If you live in a non-UBC state (or have an FFL), set up a booth up the line from the destroyers. If they’re paying $150, offer $160-$170. A really enterprising gun guy could print / sell ten “pistols” like those described in the article, buy nine real guns with the proceeds, keep what he likes and sell the rest at a handsome profit.

        • and that’s basically what a lot of people are doing with the money they got for the non functional junk they ‘sold’ to these idiots, they use it to buy real guns. Basically this buy back buys real guns for people with tax payer dollars. Ok, you anti-gun idiots keep financing gun purchases of real guns for people.

        • Right, but most of them are probably buying them from dealers for fair market value. You could save yourself a trip AND save guns from destruction by intercepting them right at the “buyback”

  4. Yeah.. this is happening all over…people 3D printing non functional guns, hunting down junk guns, and these anti-gun fools are eating it up and spending good tax payer dollars buying it. $5.00 for them to 3D print a non functional gun and get $150.00 for it is a pretty good troll.

    • Back in the Aussie 1990s buybacks, I knew someone who was press fitting SMLE barrels into Garand receivers and handing them in as barrelled actions. I think he was getting $500+ each for junk barely worth a tenth of that.

  5. Such a phukin joke, but they’ll puff out their chests and say “we saved countless lives”!!

  6. I think rather foolish to publicize the “goose that laid the golden egg”. Likely won’t happen again because of this article.

    • Nah, after getting pwned at the event, the Mayor announced that any future city buybacks wouldn’t be open to 3D printed guns. Article just added to the embarrassment.

      • Just start turning in zip guns. Pipes strapped to boards with a spring or rubber band operated firing pin makes a real cheap shotgun. You can make them faster than those printed Derringers.

  7. The thing is, it takes days to print a complex decide like that. He either has a bunch of printers or has been planning this for months if not more than a year.

    Still though… good on him for taking these leftoids for every dime he can.

  8. Well it’s a half full, half empty situation. The cost of buybacks increases and this hopefully deters future buybacks but they get press that they use against the uneducated. They can say “look at how may “ghost” guns were turned in. This is a major problem and we must stop these dangerous weapons.”

  9. Almost anyone who’s serious into 3D printing guns will have a huge amount of “drafts” that would be perfect for this. Just turn in the prototypes to bankroll future projects.

    As was said on MST3K “From now on I’m playing the ponies on some well meaning meaning liberal’s coin.”

  10. The 3D printers need better files to work from. That is one box of UGLY in the photo. Surely someone can design a more appealing weapon, using the same amount of resources?

    • The problem is the material needs to be thicker to give it the strength needed in some areas.

  11. Our local PD held a gun buyback. The incentive? A $50 Applebee’s gift card for each gun. Some of the guns that were to be turned in were pretty nice and there were people waiting outside to pay real money for the firearms being brought in. I heard of someone buying an M1 Garand tanker off one woman who was taking her husband’s gun in. She got a helluva lot more than a measly Applebee’s gift card for it. The police weren’t happy about it, but it’s not illegal to do that here so they shut the event down.

    • YeH we had one of those here while back in a neighboring community. Giving $50.00 gift cards for any firearm. A lot of local gun owners were outside the event boundary offering $200.00 per fire arm if in usable shape.

      Really po’d the local anti-gun freaks there with an anti-gun organization. Tried to get the cops to run us off but nothing could be done, its perfectly legal and the cops were just patronizing the anti-gun idiots anyway.. About 75 people showed up with junk guns, non functional, rusted out, we passed on those. They got their $50.00 gift cards.. One guy showed up with three AR-15’s, I got one of them. Another guy showed up with a Remington 700, I got that too. No one else showed up with any guns that could be functional.

      The anti-gun got 0 actually capable of function, not even guns really anymore, ‘paper weights’ that day.

  12. I have the remnants of a coupla of squirt guns that I created using a 3d printer, promise. I call them “ghost guns”. Wonder if I can mail them to Houston, and get the $150? Wonder if I should go to Wally World, and buy up the inventory of plastic squirt guns?

  13. ” I could have financed a weekend with the girlfriend in Houston under this business plan. Hmmmm…next time”

    You could have financed a weekend in Houston with a new girlfriend…Hmmmm …next time”

    • He probably does have a new one now, if the one at “home” found out about the one in Houston, or vice versa.

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