Black Friday Gun Sales Surge Portends Class-Based Civil War. Or Not.

“Data derived from the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) shows that November 25, 2011, Black Friday, had the most background checks for firearm purchases in a single day (129,166) with a 32 percent increase over the previous NICS high (November 28, 2008),” the NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) reports. Ryan Dube [above] wonders what that means, exactly. “Increased sales may represent is a national gear-up toward class warfare,”‘s editor-in-chief writes, “a potential civil war between the haves and the have-nots . . .

The Middle Class continues to shrink, and the gap between the wealthy and the poor continues to grow wider. Meanwhile, the animosity between each side continues to grow – as the wealthy blame the poor for being lazy and inept, and the poor blame the wealthy for corruption and unfair distribution of profits and wealth . . .

In 2010, the Department of Homeland Security issued a warning that authorities recognized an increasing threat from “right-wing extremist groups” in the United States. According to a Politico report, the DHS recognized this increase immediately following the election of President Obama . . .

The release of this DHS report, timed specifically at a time when firearm and ammunition sales began to surge dramatically in the United States, paints a very scary picture for the country if the gap between the rich and the poor continues on its current path, and if some major event sparks the increasing fuel of anger that is evident at both ends of the spectrum.

See how that works? Gun sales are a danger to democracy and social order. In fact, the opposite is true. Go figure.

And while you’re doing that, riddle me this Batman: why would a site called Top Secret Writers list their writers, complete with mug shots? Thank God Second Amendment opponents specialize in personal foot shots. Metaphorically speaking.


  1. avatar scott says:

    IMHO the reason sales of guns were so huge on ‘Black Friday’ was because there were some FANTASTIC sales. Nothing more sinister than that. Some local retailers were hitting pretty close to internet prices.

  2. avatar matt says:

    Whats wrong with extremist groups again? And its not like class warfare doesn’t all ready take place. Thousands of arrest warrants this year have been issued on debtors who didn’t show up for a civil case, on contempt charges. I wonder how many of those people didnt show up because they couldnt afford an attorney, and just assumed that a default judgement and lien would be granted to the plaintiff?

    Or Ms. Nowlin, a homeless woman in Michigan, who a court ordered to pay ~$100 for the cost of imprisoning her minor son. When she couldnt pay, she too was jailed. She was allowed to leave to pick up a paycheck to pay for her sons incarceration. But when she returned, the jailers forced her to sign over her check to them for the costs of her incarceration, and threw her back in jail because she still couldnt pay for her sons incarceration!

  3. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

    sounds like all these guys are good for is stirring the pot and seeing what floats…

  4. avatar Silver says:

    In a year that’s seen the vast majority of America support gun rights, the one day that’s notorious for mass amounts of spending concludes with the most NICS checks? Wow, what a friggin stretch.

    I was at Cabelas for their 10/22 sale and it was massively crowded. I guarantee no one there was gearing up for a revolution with their Ruger 10/22.

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    the wealthy blame the poor for being lazy and inept, and the poor blame the wealthy for corruption and unfair distribution of profits and wealth . . .

    I just love it when some schmuck with a word processor knows what everyone in the world is thinking. Hey Dube, if you can really read minds, you’ll be completely pissed off when you get around to mine. What an a$$hole.

    1. avatar sdog says:

      +1 what an idiot.

  6. avatar Joe nobody says:

    Its when there is an increase in picket sign materials that you can expect to see an increase of class “warfare” mentality.

  7. avatar Ando says:

    I don’t understand….. Are the rich buying the guns for the coming class war? Don’t they already own the levers of power, the police, the congressional-military-industrial complex? Or are the poor buying the guns to fight their oppressors? Aren’t they too poor to buy guns? Maybe the reasoning is also Top Secret?

  8. avatar Tim McNabb says:

    Mid America Arms is having a hella sale on Smith and Wesson –

    A nice M&P 1522 can be had for $409

      1. avatar pcamper says:

        True, but at least it’s topical spam.

  9. avatar O.N. says:

    We live in interesting times. We also dwell in a rabid consumer society. Guns are getting more popular and Black Friday sales took advantage of that. As much as I’d love the System to crumble, this isn’t it.

  10. avatar Colin says:

    Heh. Well, this particular Berkeley CA left leaning citizen who cheers for the 49ers while drinking chardonnay got an AMAZING deal on a Mossberg 500 security model on Black Friday. Which, by the way, I get to pick up today thanks to my state’s 10 day waiting period. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

  11. avatar "Dr."Dave says:

    I call bullshit. I work at a major gun store in Washington state. I sell firearms almost exclusively to the middle class. Then I sell cheap guns to people who don’t have a lot of money and really spend guns to people who have a lot of cash.

    The cheap guns and the expensive guns don’t count for a lot of sales for me. The middle priced firearms that offer good value are bought the most by middle class people living middle class lives.

    Dont trust those lies.

  12. avatar pcamper says:

    “And while you’re doing that, riddle me this Batman: why would a site called Top Secret Writers list their writers, complete with mug shots? “

    Because perhaps, when you’re at the absolute bottom rung of credibility, even on the interwebpipenetthingy — which says a lot — any publicity is good publicity?

  13. avatar Tom says:

    People at work are buying guns because they are afraid of the Obama Administration.
    On a more mundane level, good deals do abound.
    I thought it was interesting that all the gun buyers are right wing nut groups after a left wing nut group took power.

  14. avatar John Ortmann says:

    “the DHS recognized this increase immediately following the election of President Obama” No kidding. What a coincidence.
    Blather about “class warfare?” Another odd coincidence. Nobody gave it a thought until, oh, about 3 years ago

  15. avatar DrDave....really says:

    I buy guns regularly. The ones I buy are pretty much never on sale. I don’t care. I buy what I want, and what I think I need. Cost/price are secondary. I’ve worked hard to have earned that freedom.

    Gun sales increase for myriad reasons, but fear, on some level, drives the majority. Fear of scarcity, fear of one’s neighbors, fear of loss of freedom or threat to freedom.

    We do indeed live in interesting times.

    A civil war is inevitable, on some level. I’m picturing something more like numerous, smaller-scaled civil skirmishes. A class based attack; disorganized but visceous. Followed by a repelling counter attack; more organized, well-funded and even more visceous. The poor will always lose…even if they “win”.

    Just random and disorganized thoughts at the end of a very long day. No offense intended.

  16. avatar DrDave....really says:

    Maybe it’s not driven by fear at all. Perhaps these numerous guns are being purchased by ordinary men and women who simply wish to reassert a sense of control over their respective destinies? Call it a renaissance of personal responsibility and self-determinism. Wishful thinking? Yeah, probably.

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