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Vintage Photos of Girl with Pistol (8)

Last week Hoplopfheil took top honors with “Say ‘fur is murder’ one more time, I dare you.” If you’d like a new Black Arch holster too, enter the best caption for this pic by midnight Sunday. Good luck.


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  1. They talk about the A-10 Warthog’s 30mm GAU Gatling machine gun having about half the thrust as engines so firing the Gatling gun actually slows down the Warthog in flight. The .303 Vickers machine gun had about the same impact on motorcycles.

  2. Standing on a corner on Winslow, Arizona and such a fine sight to see…

    Three girls my lord, with a Lewis Gun onboard slowin’ down to take a look at me…

  3. “See? This what happens when we let women vote!”
    “They end up enjoying shooting guns on a autotrike?”

  4. The truth behind the Hindenburg disaster finally revealed. Susan Eastman, eager to surprise her husband, George, with what was later infamously described as a “Kodak moment” sadly confused what she thought was his new camera with what he called “his lil friend.”

  5. Introducing the newest members of the Stormtrooper Corps: the all female mobile anti-air battery. Smugglers and rebel scum had best watch out!

  6. Yes, the earmuffs are unfashionable….. simply dont accessorize with the Lewis Gun.

    Oh, is that a Lewis Gun in your sidecar, or are you just happy to see me?

  7. Mildred: Third Sopwith left of the lead.

    Ethel: You sure that’s him?

    Mildred: Mmmhmm.

    Florence: Down that cheatin’ bastard already, Ethel!

  8. “Depiction of early Anti-Trump, Hillary Supporters, seen here ready to take down any plane with orders from Hillary’s private email server”

  9. The moment when a great idea was born — “If we could just get this machine gun closer to that enemy airplane up there, it would be much easier to shoot it down.”

  10. The lengendary First polish Armored Cavalry about to engage the German blitzkrieg for the first time.

    There would be no second time.

  11. Before the NFA commuting was a much more polite and civilized event. Not a single curse word was heard or middle finger seen.

  12. This is what comes of women getting in touch with their inner male.

    If you want to see what comes of men getting in touch with their inner female, visit San Francisco.

  13. When I say that My aunt Izzy, aunt Gladys and my grandmother were tough old broads, I wasn’t kidding, here is the proof!

  14. “Francis. That seam on that zeppelin is crooked. Be a dear and unstitch it for me. I can’t stand such sloppy workmanship.


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