In this Dec. 4, 2020, photo, President-elect Joe Biden speaks about jobs at The Queen theater in Wilmington, Del. Other than Wisconsin, every state appears to have met a deadline in federal law that essentially means Congress has to accept the electoral votes that will be cast next week and sent to the Capitol for counting on Jan. 6. Those votes will elect Joe Biden as the country's next president. It's called a safe harbor provision because it’s a kind of insurance policy by which a state can lock in its electoral votes by finishing up certification of the results and any state court legal challenges by a congressionally imposed deadline, which this year is Tuesday, Dec. 8. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
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Although it should come as no surprise that Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. plans to blaze a new and bad-news gun control path if he’s inaugurated in January, it’s worth paying close attention to how he’s preparing to make that happen. The most current indicators we have are Biden’s picks for his Health Care Policy posts, as reported by The Washington Times:

Presumptive President-elect Joseph R. Biden sent a clear signal about his gun control agenda as he named his picks for top health care policy posts Monday….

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, Mr. Biden’s pick to lead the Department of Health and Human Services, has spent the past several years defending his state’s strict gun laws in court and has championed tighter restrictions for much of his lengthy career in public office.

Over the years Becerra has vigorously fought to maintain California’s gun control laws restricting magazine capacity and “assault weapons“, among others.

Biden’s Surgeon General pick is a retread and a longtime gun control crusader.

Dr. Vivek Murthy…made the case during the Obama administration that gun violence should be treated as a public health issue as Mr. Biden helped lead the charge for stricter controls.

Murthy has been clear he feels COVID and gun violence are “two intertwined crises.” Because of course they are.

So is anyone surprised by the picks? No. This is exactly what we’ve expected a Biden administration would be.

It also shows why it’s so important to keep an eye on what the anti-gun side is up to and how they intend to make their anti-gun dreams come true. Like rust, they never sleep.

Who all do you guys expect Biden to appoint to push gun control?

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  1. Looks like we’re going to get to see whether the money and time we spent on a Trump-based Supreme Court was money well spent. A quick move to toss some CA (and other) unconstitutional laws will toss this effort into the crapper before June.

    • “The Supreme Court on Tuesday denied a request from Pennsylvania Republicans to block certification of the commonwealth’s election results, delivering a near fatal blow to the GOP’s long-shot bid to invalidate President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

      The Supreme Court’s action is a crushing loss for Trump, who suggested as late as Tuesday that he thought the justices — including three of his nominees — might step in and take his side as he has continually and falsely suggested there was massive voter fraud during the election.
      The one-line order was issued with no noted dissents. The court is made up of six conservative justices and three liberals.“

      • Trump’s “favors” seem to have failed him. One thing is for certain, “Your Fired!!” isn’t going to work for him this time.

        • minor 49 I’Q…Never mind a handful of nitpicking judges who have nothing to gain or lose it’s the millions who legitimately voted to reelect the POTUS and got screwed out of their votes that you need to be worried about. That’s a big enough problem that if joe “wins” he “loses.” That means the only way for joe to win is for joe to lose. If I were joe I’d be hoping the kind of judges your giddy behind is so eager to cite could save my bacon..

          The vast majority of us who voted for the POTUS knows there was election fraud. Recounts don’t count when the fraud has been hidden and the results are always the same. The Rats behind the schemes to simultaneously shut down the vote counts managed to mysteriously get votes needed for biden to be called the winner. Excuses like a broken water pipe were proven to be false. Not allowing others to verify votes happened…why? If it looks and smells like Rat sht then it’s democRat sht.

          C’mon man….4 years worth of the media and the democRat Party attempting to overthrow a duly elected POTUS with concocted diabolical libel and slander and we are to ignore mountains of suspicious activity in key areas of certain democRat Party strongholds and believe a no count like biden caused a stampeded of voters to vote for his lily white cracker behind?

          Many other states including mine have more Blacks, Browns, etc. and went for the POTUS. Are you saying a voting block that can take or leave a food stamp b. h. obama could magically cast millions more votes for biden over what b. h. obama received?

          49…You are buried under tons of slander, libel and concocted schemes to overthrow a duly eleced POTUS and now you are even deeper in election fraud and condoning it all…Sucks to be you.

        • The lady has not sung yet.

          The Texas case is the one to watch.

          It is a direct Constitutional question of yes or no.

        • “The vast majority of us who voted for the POTUS knows there was election fraud.”

          Please, share with us the evidence you have that gives you the certainty to state that you “knows there was election fraud”.

          Is vitally important that you turn it over to Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis as soon as possible… Oh wait, they’re both Covid positive so I would stay away from them if you value your life.

        • Epoch times?

          The infographics you link to doesn’t have any sources or citations for their allegations.

          Could you please refer me to a specific court filing and any of the almost 50 lawsuits that is been filed by Trump and his supporters that shows a specific, detailed allegation of fraud.

      • THUNDER CLAP… I say again: THUNDER CLAP!!! Miner49er, the FBI is right behind me!! My cover’s been blown!!!! Get out NOW! We’ll regroup in Myanmar and cross the border north through Cambodia!! Our cell’s been compromised!! Me, Nancy, and Gavin are flying out tonight!!

        Eric Swalwell 2020

      • Really the make up of the SCOTUS is five conservatives, three leftist and one loose canon that will vote whatever will enhance his standing with the elite.

        • The “Three leftists” on the court be broken down further… leftist and two incompetents that shouldn’t be allowed to sit on night traffic court.

      • Yeah the article here is discussing Biden’s anti gun cabinet.

        Perhaps you ignored the article and went straight to the comments to spew your paid leftist propaganda like you normally do?

        Tell General Mchrystal I said hi, and that he’s a sack of shit.

        • Ronnie, I was responding to Larry above, who stated:

          “Looks like we’re going to get to see whether the money and time we spent on a Trump-based Supreme Court was money well spent.“

          I posted a news item that seems to indicate that trumps hopes for exercising undue influence upon the Supreme Court have been dashed, and along with them his attempts to overthrow our free and fair election.

          I know it’s hard for you to keep up, what with the time difference and translation errors, but we enjoy your efforts because frankly, you’re just so darn entertaining!

        • Miner, even you can’t be that stupid. Then again, maybe you can, since you left out the second part of Larry’s comment.
          You probably didn’t even recognize your mistake though. I too often forget, you are incapable of seeing the truth.

        • Jwt, I was responding to Larry above, who stated:

          “Looks like we’re going to get to see whether the money and time we spent on a Trump-based Supreme Court was money well spent.“

          Given the fact that the Supreme Court just smacked down the Republicans attempts to overturn the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision, I’d say the ‘money and time you spent on a trump-based Supreme Court’ was money wasted.

          Of course, only conservatives like yourselves would think that money would buy judicial decisions, in point of fact most judges at both state and federal level have much more integrity.

          That’s why your attempts at sedition will fall flat, but please, carry-on!

          We progressives really enjoy watching Trump lose over and over and over again.

  2. How about we enforce the laws already on the books?
    Arrest straw purchasers…prosecute prohibited persons…extend sentences for gun crimes…actually prosecute gang members that use guns in crimes (even if they are black or brown).
    Put back 10/20/life laws.
    So…actually arrest and jail/imprison illegal gun users…rather than criminalize legal gun owners.

    • There won’t be any guns, gangs, police, or jail. Instead people will hang out in the urban center, painting a racial justice mural, tending the organic garden, indulging in street conversations on what pronouns to describe their current gender identity, enjoying any of a buffet of legalized drugs, and holding Ted talks on socialism in the digital age. With free university, free health, and a guaranteed living wage, not to mention the government subsidised tiny houses that come outfitted in preassembled IKEA furniture, no one will have any worries. And the Monday night “fascist patrol” will allow everyone to get out any remaining outrage and anger, smashing windows of non-ally businesses who don’t display appropriate signs of accepted social causes, and beating up any facists or racists who might be found disturbing unity. Thursday nights will have a Facebook live public session to express outrage and cancel any organizations or people guilty of professing unacceptable narratives. With the Resistance and Revolution complete, the Evolution of society can begin!

    • “Arrest straw purchasers…prosecute prohibited persons…extend sentences for gun crimes“

      Arrested Kyle Rittenhouse, check.

    • Why would the simple use of a firearm in a murder, as opposed to a machete for instance, deserve a longer sentence for the same crime?

    • For the love of God, STOP SAYING “enforce the laws we have”! The laws we have suck and mainly entrap innocent people.

      In PA in 2014 the state police began “enforcing the laws we have”. Now we have a bunch of people who had insignificant issues with the law, often over marijuana, or encounters with the mental health system, in their youth, often in their teenage years, who are prohibited for life. And they don’t even know it until they find out the hard way later in life by trying to buy a gun or applying for a license to carry.

      When their background check is denied, and they don’t appeal they get arrested, charged, booked, and railroaded through a system that is designed to force them to plead to 1 federal felony and possibly 1 state felony cementing their previously unknown prohibited status.

      Oddly enough, real criminals seem to be smart enough to avoid gun shops. Plus they almost universally get their gun charges dropped in plea deals.

    • Or we could stuff the gun laws entirely and actually incarcerate criminals for criminal activity, rather than playing catch and release and then telling them we’ll lock them up for good if they dare to posess a gun. Longer paroles, harsher sentences for parole violators and repeat offenders. There is literally only one reason this isn’t already done, and that’s because leftists actually want more criminals on the streets, because they get to use them as an excuse to control law abiding citizens. Which is exactly how we got the “gun laws already on the books” in the first place.

  3. #DEMENTIAJOE and his vomitous crew of gun grabbers and prohibitionists. The struggle will continue until SCOTUS starts slapping down 2A infringements. We all knew that this was coming if this clown stole the race. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

  4. Apparently, the Bill of Rights isn’t worth the parchment it’s written on. It was meant to put hard limits on the powers exercised by the government but nobody in power takes those limits seriously, and the general public doesn’t seem to care enough to hold them accountable.

    I don’t know what it was I spent 25 years in the military defending. A Constitutional Republic? It’s dead.

    • I put the blame on the American citizens. The government no longer works for us but we for them.
      Infringements on anything it chooses, and We vote, hoping that vote will change something. When Our only choices are venomous snakes it’s difficult to expect a vote that prevents being bitten.
      Paradise lost.

  5. He’s going to have to pump up the police to levels exceeding the post-9/11 boost if he expects any compliance.

    I really can’t wait to see what happens to all the Burn Loot Murder rioters when Biden and his cabinet of Bush/Obama neo-cons pick up right where they left off.

    The expectation is they fade away just like the Code Pink and anti-war protestors did but those anti-war protesters were never burning down cities and looting with reckless abandon.

    • Get ready for “shock and awe” law enforcement. Actions specifically timed the make the evening news. Cameras will be rolling before the action starts.

      • Well-publicized crackdowns would backfire. Radical elements (of all political extremes) willing to use violence against law enforcement would be more than happy to respond by targeting not just officers when they’re alone and going about their so-called “civilian” lives, but the families of those officers as well. The same goes for national guard troops if they’re used in the same way.

        Bottom line, the people that are really dangerous? They’d take fear tactics like that as a cue to get violent, and they don’t intend to play fair. Not saying this will stop it from happening in the first place (in fact it makes it all the more likely,) but the result will be mass desertion when it becomes clear that simply being a cop or a soldier puts your family in danger every time you go to work.

        I feel I should emphasize that I’m not encouraging such violence, but it absolutely will take place if door-kicking becomes a regular feature on the evening news, and unfortunately I don’t think the officers who would be doing the door-kicking understand that.

        • To SC
          Not really because the media made it look like the cops atf etc.were the “good guys ” there to save the day. Now we know the truth.

        • @Southern Cross.
          Absolutely not, most Americans talk big and walk small. It’s the “glad it wasn’t me” unity in the united States that makes that country great.
          Actually the majority of Americans are a posers.
          Speaking of posers, the *Star* of Demolition Ranch is now selling Skif knives, the box has a facsimile of an American flag, in God we trust inside and you even get a set of dog tags with Skif US emblazoned on it. Ironically these are assembled in Bulgaria made with Chinese materials.

  6. Geez slow Joe is soooo fos…went to my new Medicare group yesterday. Pleasantly surprised my doctor Mohammed(seriously) didn’t lecture or ask about guns or “are you depressed or sad” diatribe. As it should be. Black Lies Murdering is bad for my health too!

  7. Biden was head of the Senate Judiciary Committee and instrumental in the creation and passing of the ‘94 Crime Bill/Law. The AWB part of that law expired in 2004. To him, the AWB should have stayed and grown into more “progressive” gun laws. All of his appointees will be anti-gun or Fudds. The Senate is what matters. Speaking of anti-gun Fudds…Giuliani, Reagan, Bush 1 etc. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    • I’m all for “Progressive” gun laws, mandatory with stinging penalties! Here’s a for example; Let’s say you own an AR and a pistol. I believe the law should state that, say, 2 years from now, you should (must) have progressed to *2* ARs, and *2* pistols! Or the government will come to your home and FORCE you to accept additional arms, possibly even with a penalty attached, like an NAA revolver thrown in. Don’t even try to argue, my mind is made up!

      • Along with mandatory firearm training with .22 bolt & 5.56 semi-auto in high school.
        Right there with you. Moved to this country 20 years ago and have been voting since 2009.
        The third line of my oath of citizenship was ” I swear to take up arms in defense of my country” and, by God, I’ve become competent across a range of arms.

  8. Well…considering how hard it has been just to get people to cover their mouth and nose during a pandemic, I can’t imagine his gun control schemes will bear any more fruit.

  9. When you mention Gun Control not once but 3 or 4 times in an article and you do not define Gun Control as being an agenda rooted in racism and genocide you give Gun Control standing.
    On the other hand Gun Owners are fed up with receiving daily threats from Gun Control perverts. So with threats comes a promise for Jim Crow Gun Control joe et al…America does not cater to racists and nazis and you can take your racist and nazi based Gun Control Filth and shove it up your deranged democRat behinds or America will do it for you. Capice?

      • says twerp…Since you are too stupid to know what America I suggest you go get a box and go door to door in your neighborhood and demand residents put their guns in your box. Don’t be surprised when someone plants a frying pan on top of that ignorant head of yours. That’s the America I am talking about. Any more questions you pathetic pos?

        • Many talk the talk, few walk it. Those that do are condemned by the same people talking the talk.
          Antifascist or Antifa, right or wrong do go out and actually do something about the cause they believe in.
          The OMG Black hoodlem that has said “Fck the system, screw the law.” He doesn’t care whether the government gives him permission to carry a gun or not.
          The same law that someday may come for you, is the same law these people reject. The same law you threaten to stand up to, these people do it.
          The majority of Americans WILL COMPLY, they will comply with what ever keeps them on the good side of the law.

  10. Trust no man to grant you rights he can take away. Trust no court touched by communists. Trust no communists. Never surrender to a communist. Never surrender your arms. Trust no one. No one.

    Americans have become soft, complacent, lacking in morals, bearing, character, religion, and are easily brainwashed. These are the characteristics communists exploit. And have exploited. It will take great strength to resist the coming communist tyranny.

  11. All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray…
    Biden’s assembling his California Dream Team…
    On such a winter’s day…

    Can’t you just imagine how wonderful an administration would be, if it featured both Kamala and Xavier in prominent posts?

  12. If any of you are expecting mercy from the Biden/Harris Administration or Commissar Miner49er, think again. The only way we will keep our weapons is through marked, civil disobedience. A law that no one is willing to follow is a law that will have to be repealed; or it will be the law that will spark the next American Civil War.

    A Government that lacks the consent of the Governed is not legitimate.

    Following orders is not an excuse.

    Better to die on your feet than your knees.

    • Sad part is: Fudds all over this website already accepting the biden administration “struggles”. It’s the reason republicans are just as much a failed party as the democrats. More so even, the democrats are very successful. We know that much because, well, 2020. Fact of the matter is this: In 2021, if Trump lays down, it proves everything we already knew about his politics. We know he is not a friend of actual freedom and the violent action required to keep it. Civil disobedience is putting it nicely. All over this forum they mocked the group who “plotted to kidnap a governor” when in reality – they were willing to do what needed to be done. Hold tyrants accountable because NOTHING ELSE WILL. They called them leftists and anarchist because of some dumb shit a media outlet reported based on ZERO factual evidence. At least some people knew the truth – like the sheriff Dar Leaf. Of course they are extremists. They are fucking patriots. I don’t care about anything else beyond that. They were willing to do what needs to be done. We all saw how successful Virginia was, and they still pat themselves on the back everytime a peaceful protest from the right takes place. Saying “see, not one building burned”. That’s great. Mission accomplished? lol, no. It’s hardcore larping with ZERO results. SO which is it, do we value actual freedom, or will we back down when the enforcers try to arrest us for gathering in public without masks? This forum is full of people who won’t even show up. They’ll just sit back and hope for the best.

  13. Oh wow, you stable geniuses managed to sus out the nefarious plan he had until now safely hidden on his campaign website.

    Instead of expecting handouts from the other side, you should concern yourselves with the politicians you give money and votes to. But you’re going to play Sherlock instead, because 1. you have a raging, unhinged sense of entitlement and 2. deep down don’t want to look at team R because even they know you’re a joke and no matter what you’re going to keep proving them right.

    • Biggest proof of this will come in 2021, when they roll over and play dead acting like their other roles will “keep the freedom”. Both sides are full of shit and they just keep voting for them.

    • Joe has played the role of “fool-tool”… that his usefulness is at an end it will be interesting to see how long they keep him around…

      • Listen up Jack! Like I told…um…the senator from Chicago when they said I could be president, as soon as my usefulness is up, I’ll develop some disease and say I have to resign.

        • At a year and a half, he’ll be so obvious he’ll be costing house seats every time he speaks, he will have to go.

    • You people are so shallow and clueless, I’m constantly amazed at the superficiality of your thought patterns.

      Joe Biden overcame a significant stuttering problem as a youth, and he has inspired many young people who suffer from similar problems to overcome and achieve success.

      • This is hilarious Miner. Look in the mirror as you read your own comment. Talk about a sucker born every minute. I thought you were going to show me a video of Joe stuttering when he was younger. Where’s that video Miner? Go listen to young Joe Biden in the Senate. He doesn’t have a stuttering problem. He never did. His PR team came up with this idea to fool people like you, and they put together a video of Joe “helping” some kid that stutters. Look at Joe! He cares! He’s fighting for the soul of the nation!

        Let’s say Joe DID actually have a stuttering problem when he was young. Why is it suddenly showing back up with a vengeance now? Think on that for awhile and report back with the answer.

        • Also Creepy Joe and Jill’s made up story about how they met as told by the ex-husband, or rather the affair they were having.

          Lies told to fit a narrative just as with the stuttering story and ‘Cornbread’.

        • Dude, what are you, 12?

          “I thought you were going to show me a video of Joe stuttering when he was younger. Where’s that video Miner?”

          Yeah, just where is that video? Could it be that Joe Biden was born in 1942 and video cameras weren’t invented until 30 years later?

          What an idiot you are, I’m sorry, I’ve just got to say it.

          Dude, history didn’t start 10 years ago when you joined Facebook, things have been rolling for much much longer than that.

          Once again, the shallow mind of the typical conservative continues to amaze me.

        • I’m pretty sure video cameras were around before the early to mid 70s. Biden would have been a teen in the late 50s. We had film and audio capabilities back then too. Are we really having this conversation? Of course I didn’t think there would be any actual evidence of Joe stuttering as a kid because it’s such a transparent lie. That’s how the lie works on a select few people. (Trust us he used to stutter!) Was Joe talking about overcoming his stuttering problem back when he was bragging that he was the first person in his family to go to college? You better believe he would have. Nope. No one ever heard about it until exactly one year ago. Timing is everything.

        • Miner69er, I’d bet you have a bunch of 8mm film in your attic involving small children from back in the 50s and 60s.

          Well, normal people use to use that for recoding family moments. The wealthy Biden family could surely have recorded a few reels of sniffin’ Joe st, st, st, stuttering.

          8mm was released to public in 1932

          It replaced 16 mm which was released 1923

          Prior to that 35mm was the standard and was typically too expensive for home use.

          Hell, that’s long enough ago that there might even be film up in your attic of your grand pappy molesting your daddy.

        • Again, the first consumer video cameras were not available until the 1970s, so your comments demanding video of Joe Biden stuttering as a youth are absolutely incorrect.

          And any attempt to move the goalposts by claiming now that it’s not video, but rather 8 mm film is just a typical bullshit tactic.

          Really, do you think a family would film their young son stuttering and keep it for posterity?
          Fascinating, your home life sure must’ve been challenging.

          So let’s see, on one hand we have many individuals who knew Joe Biden as a youth stating that he stuttered, but overcame that issue to become a successful congressman.

          On the other hand, we have a group of conservative conspiracy theorists who claim Joe Biden never stuttered and it’s all a big lie, based upon absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

          Not only are you people mentally challenged, you are just pathetic.

          Hey, how are you peoples efforts at sedition going, did you ever manage to overturn the will of the people and install your New York City con man as president again?

          How about that Hunter Biden, did I miss the charging documents regarding his pedo and money laundering indictments?

          And you wouldn’t happen to know, exactly what federal incarceration facility has Hillary Clinton been sent to, is it the same one that you guys sent Obama to for treason?

          You know, Americans and the rest of the world will be laughing at you rubes for decades.

        • “No one ever heard about it until exactly one year ago.”

          More lies from the habitual liar, I’m hoping you are familiar with this year, word up, it’s 2020.

          Here’s a detailed article about Joe Biden‘s history of stuttering, published in 2015.

          Now, I know you conservatives have issues with being adept at mathematical calculations, the recent vote tallies are a good example of the computational deficit suffered by many conservatives.

          But by anyone’s mathematical models, this article from 2015 is a full five years before now, and discusses clearly Joe Biden‘s history of stuttering and how he overcame the challenge.

          You people are pathetic losers.

        • So I’ll ask you again Miner. Since Biden overcame his stuttering problem as a child, then why is it resurfacing with a vengeance now? Go listen to Joe Biden when he was in the senate. Heck, go listen to him in 2016. He sounds like a completely different person. To not acknowledge that is to not acknowledge reality. By the way, it isn’t just his stuttering. He also has trouble finding the words he wants. Did he overcome that problem as a child as well?

        • I have a movie of my bride taken on her third birthday, and she was born in 1946. No sound, though, but I’m pretty sure tape recorders were available then, too. Minor, think you bit it.

        • “1946. No sound, though, but I’m pretty sure tape recorders were available then, too.”

          Interesting that you think tape recorders were available in 1946, considering only Nazis had tape recorders in the 40s.

          It amazes me that most posters on this forum spout this drivel without making any attempt to research the facts.

        • “By the way, it isn’t just his stuttering. He also has trouble finding the words he wants.”

          Clearly, you know little to nothing about stuttering and apparently unwilling to do the most basic of research to educate yourself.

          Stuttering never goes away completely, it can often arise during moments of stress or fatigue.
          Like during a political campaign.

          Those who stutter often have problems with particular words, they will look for other words with similar meanings in order to avoid using the trigger words.

          Dude, I would like to be kind but your posts are so full of anger that it’s difficult to respond politely.

          And you are so factually wrong that I feel sorry for you. For instance, you claimed this stuttering story did not exist before one year ago, then I posted a publicly available news story from 2015 with details about Joe’s early history of stuttering.

          From you we get no admission that you were wrong, much less an apology.

          And you still believe video cameras were available to consumers before the early 70s, are you not familiar with Google?

  14. It’s all bullshit. Republican, Democrat a monarchy portraying to be separated when in fact they work to the same goal. What is that goal? Helping China become the New World Order.
    The future, North Korea declares war on the U.S., landing troops on American soil.
    In interest to national security the United States prohibits ownership of civilian firearms, no knock raids and confiscation are carried out by our own military.
    Once they’ve gained control the U.S. petitions China , which steps in, sends NK home and the take over is completed.
    Climate change is real no matter what Trump says, when the Himalayan ice caps melt and they are, billions of people will starve. China has a better grasp of the future then most other countries and they are planning accordingly. … . .. ..
    Whiskey helps a toothache but makes a fool of me on blogs. Peace to All

    • FYI a-hole…I am a Republican and you are a dumbazz. Do I sound like someone in camp with democRats, China? There are indeed RINOs and after President Donald John Trump RINOs are as popular as a turd in a punch bowl. Hearing me mitt romney et al?

      For a Republican to be elected he or she better be along the lines of a Donald John Trump. Someone who sees the SWAMP for the sewer it is and has been all at the expense of average working Americans. Jim Crow Gun Control joe is the opposite of DJT and he has a snowball’s chance in hell of being acknowledged as a legitimate POTUS. Turn out the lights.

      Climate Change? First it’s Global Cooling then it’s Global Warming and then it’s clowns cooking the books to get what they wanted so today it’s Climate Change. And there is not one damned thing any twerp like you or any nation can do about it. What they want to do is shut off the fuel needed to develop alternate, cleaner fuels. Just think…there is some kid out there tinkering around with motors and the like and he may not be able to get to the next step in his life needed to get that one brainstorm that leads him to discover a clean fuel far beyond our imagination because suckers like you fell for Climate Change and placed regulations that ended his creativity. Take a bow bozo.

      • when it comes to gun control…look for them to be very creative…they’ve just lit the fire under that pot of water that contains the frog…

      • Fun fact: a couple of republicans came up with the term Climate Change because they thought Global Warming sounded too scary.

        • Republicans came up with the term climate change because they thought global warming was too scary?

          WTH are you talking about?

          I thought the Republican party line was there weren’t no such animal as global warming or climate change, have you guys flip-flopped on that now?

        • “have you guys flip-flopped on that now?”

          I’m not a partisan. Stop projecting. And I haven’t flip-flopped on anything. This was discussed on NPR years ago. Yes, I used to listen to NPR daily. I’m not sure I could find the names involved even if I tried. Searching for anything related to those two terms results in a crazy amount of articles. As best I remember it, they were concerned about the implications for the oil industry. They thought Global Warming would terrify people, but Climate Change wouldn’t be too bad.

        • “The idea of climate change, actually, was introduced by conservatives, by Frank Luntz in the 2004 campaign. He found that global warming alarmed people whereas climate change sounded fine. It was just change, as if it just happened, and people weren’t responsible. And climate is a nice word. It sort of gives an image of palm trees and nice climate, as opposed to hurricanes and, you know, and huge snowstorms and floods.”

        • Frank Luntz is no scientist, and he, like you, does not understand that climate change and global warming describe two completely different phenomena.

          Really, one might want to ascertain exactly how real climate scientists employ these terms.

          And the term climate change was being used at least 30 years before Frank adopted the term.

          “To a scientist, global warming describes the average global surface temperature increase from human emissions of greenhouse gases. Its first use was in a 1975 Science article by geochemist Wallace Broecker of Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory: “Climatic Change: Are We on the Brink of a Pronounced Global Warming?”1
          Broecker’s term was a break with tradition. Earlier studies of human impact on climate had called it “inadvertent climate modification.”2 This was because while many scientists accepted that human activities could cause climate change, they did not know what the direction of change might be. Industrial emissions of tiny airborne particles called aerosols might cause cooling, while greenhouse gas emissions would cause warming. Which effect would dominate?
          For most of the 1970s, nobody knew. So “inadvertent climate modification,” while clunky and dull, was an accurate reflection of the state of knowledge.
          The first decisive National Academy of Science study of carbon dioxide’s impact on climate, published in 1979, abandoned “inadvertent climate modification.” Often called the Charney Report for its chairman, Jule Charney of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, declared: “if carbon dioxide continues to increase, [we find] no reason to doubt that climate changes will result and no reason to believe that these changes will be negligible.”3
          In place of inadvertent climate modification, Charney adopted Broecker’s usage. When referring to surface temperature change, Charney used “global warming.” When discussing the many other changes that would be induced by increasing carbon dioxide, Charney used “climate change.”
          Global warming: the increase in Earth’s average surface temperature due to rising levels of greenhouse gases.
          Climate change: a long-term change in the Earth’s climate, or of a region on Earth.
          Within scientific journals, this is still how the two terms are used. Global warming refers to surface temperature increases, while climate change includes global warming and everything else that increasing greenhouse gas amounts will affect.”

          NASA (.gov) › gpm › articles › wha…Whats in a Name? Global Warming vs. Climate Change | Precipitation …

        • Dude, you might be interested in the abstract from the 45 year old study on climate change:

          If man-made dust is unimportant as a major cause of climatic change, then a strong case can be made that the present cooling trend will, within a decade or so, give way to a pronounced warming induced by carbon dioxide. By analogy with similar events in the past, the natural climatic cooling which, since 1940, has more than compensated for the carbon dioxide effect, will soon bottom out. Once this happens, the exponential rise in the atmospheric carbon dioxide content will tend to become a significant factor and by early in the next century will have driven the mean planetary temperature beyond the limits experienced during the last 1000 years.”

          Gosh darn, them there fellers seem pretty smart!

        • What are you carrying on about? It was generally referred to as Global Warming until some republican operatives started calling it Climate Change in the mid 2000s. That doesn’t mean no one ever used the term Climate Change before that. Go back and read some old articles and watch some old videos. Authors, talking heads, and pols called it global warming. This is indisputable. Plus, are you trying to say that NPR was pushing fake news?

        • To miner49.- – – It’s no use bringing facts to the table, most that frequent TTAG are stuck in a box repeating echoes.

        • @ “.”
          I’m referring to how narratives are crafted and presented. News and political speech overwhelmingly presented the topic as global warming, then climate change, then climate crisis. That actually happened.

        • The common term for climate change is “weather”. The climate changes several times every year, and no matter how much taxpayer money you steal, it will still change several times every year. All the panic is due to a hoax.

        • “Authors, talking heads, and pols called it global warming.”

          Unlike you, I don’t look to “authors, Talking Heads or politicians” to ascertain the scientific facts of the situation.

          I prefer to research what actual scientists in the field we’re discussing have discovered.

          And regarding climate versus weather, please, utilize a dictionary to determine the difference rather than just guessing.

          Your reliance on ‘authors, Talking Heads and politicians” for your facts may be the root cause of your misunderstanding of the world around you.

    • Probably because most red-state conservatives just love that gay porn.

      “Mississippi and North Carolina recently passed some of the harshest laws in the nation targeting the LGBT community. As statistics from PornHub show, congressmen might be legislating against queer and trans people, but their constituencies sure do love to watch them have sex. The Daily Dot reports that Mississippi ranked third (behind Washington, D.C., and New York) in a recent PornHub survey on the amount of porn consumed by state. The Magnolia State, in particular, shows a disproportionate preference for black gay porn, while the South boasted three of the top five stateswith the highest rate of gay porn viewership.”

      • There you go again implying that there’s something wrong with being gay. Why do you keep doing that? And since when is D.C. and New York full of conservatives?

        • There’s certainly nothing wrong with being gay, and that’s not the point of my comment.

          The fault lies with those who claim to be the party of ‘family values’ and oppose same-sex marriage and other freedoms for the LGBTQ community, while at the same time thrilling in private to pictures of naked men having sex with one another.

          And the point of the report I cited is that, even with a much larger population, New York City has about the same number of gay porn searches that Mississippi and other red states have.

          Dude, we don’t mind if you enjoy looking at gay sex, but you really shouldn’t be lying about it because it’s not psychologically healthy for you.

        • “Dude, we don’t mind if you enjoy looking at gay sex, but you really shouldn’t be lying about it because it’s not psychologically healthy for you.”

          And there you go once again implying that it’s wrong with your snarky comment. You just can’t help yourself.

        • Dude, it is unfortunate that your reading comprehension skills are rather limited, it probably causes a lot of confusion for you in your daily life.

          The problem is not with a persons sexuality, the issue is about deceiving yourself and others:

          “you really shouldn’t be lying about it because it’s not psychologically healthy for you.”

          Perhaps a period of reflection and self examination would be beneficial for you, sitting quietly and thinking about your attitudes and responses could reveal much about your inner motivations.


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