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By Olivia Rondeau

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has followed through on their plan to turn millions of lawful gun owners into felons in the name of “public safety” by reclassifying pistols with stabilizing braces as short-barreled rifles, effectively expanding the unconstitutional national gun registry.

Stabilizing braces are devices that can be attached to pistols to aid the user in balancing their arm. Originally created to help people with disabilities, the accessory is now more popular amongst mainstream shooters who use them to adapt pistols into guns that can be shot from the shoulder, which has been legal to do in the past. Now, there’s a big hoop to jump through if you don’t want to be hit with fines and/or jail time.

As the Department of Justice first proposed on June 7, 2021 and put into practice on January 13, 2023, those who wish to add stabilizers to their pistols “must comply with the heightened regulations on those dangerous and easily concealable weapons.”

Under the new rules, any pistol modified with such a brace is now considered to be a short-barreled rifle. As the DOJ explained themselves, the National Firearms Act (NFA) has, since the 1930s, “imposed requirements on short-barreled rifles because they are more easily concealable than long-barreled rifles but have more destructive power than traditional handguns.”

“Beyond background checks and serial numbers, those heightened requirements include taxation and registration requirements that include background checks for all transfers including private transfers,” the statement reads. The tax required for anyone making or buying a short-barreled rifle is $200.

The Biden administration has generously granted all of the impacted manufacturers, dealers, and individuals a 120-day period to comply—by registering the firearm, removing the brace, surrendering the firearm to ATF, or destroying it.

SB Tactical pistol stabilizing brace
Travis Pike for TTAG

Attorney General Merrick Garland “directed” the ATF to “address the issue of stabilizing braces” within 60 days at an April, 2021 event with President Joe Biden, prompting the swift action taken by the DOJ in announcing the proposed rule the next month.

Biden had also previously selected former Obama advisor Steven Dettelbach to serve as the head of the ATF, who helped the administration reach their goal of passing yet another gun control law.

While the bureau claims the new rule won’t impact stabilizing braces “that are objectively designed and intended as a ‘stabilizing brace’ for use by individuals with disabilities, and not for shouldering the weapon as a rifle,” there is no “objective” standard listed for what disabled people are allowed to carry, or what is “intended” as an aid.

The history of tyrannical politicians attempting to force every gun owner to register their weapons with the government is long. In 1934, President Franklin D. Roosevelt considered implementing a ban on fully-automatic firearms, but was faced with pushback from the DOJ, which argued that it would violate the Second Amendment.

To compromise, the administration instead pushed for legislation to require the registration of fully-automatic firearms, short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, and firearm sound suppressors. This idea became law in the form of the National Firearms Act of 1934, which is what the current-day DOJ and ATF have used to justify their expansion of the national gun registry for law-abiding citizens.

Roosevelt was set on creating a national firearm registry for every gun, demonstrated by his appointment of Homer Cummings to the position of Attorney General, who helped draft the NFA.

Wikimedia Commons

“Show me the man who doesn’t want his gun registered and I will show you a man who shouldn’t have a gun,” Cummings wrote in 1938, the year he pushed for separate handgun registration legislation.

Fast forward by approximately 50 years, and then-President Ronald Reagan signs the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act, which federally prohibits national gun registries. Though Reagan faltered on the Second Amendment at times (see: the Mulford Act), this was a good policy that was unfortunately ignored by anti-gun politicians.

Experts have been warning about the dystopian consequences of criminalizing stabilizing braces, which are used by disabled and able-bodied individuals alike to increase balance and accuracy.

Dr. John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, wrote for Real Clear Politics: “Few seem to realize that stabilizing braces for pistols were originally designed to allow wounded and disabled veterans who may have lost the use of part of their hand to hold handguns. They are essentially a strap attached to the gun. Disabled individuals are often viewed as easy targets by criminals, and stabilizers make it easier to defend themselves.”

He cites Rick Cicero, a disabled veteran who lost his right arm and leg in an explosion while serving in Afghanistan 13 years ago.

“If they take this away, they’re violating their own law because this is designed and employed for people like me,” Cicero told Spectrum News 9 after the DOJ proposed the rule in 2021.

SB15- AR-15 Pistol Forearm Stabilizing Brace close-up (courtesy Alex Bsoco)
The original pistol stabilizing brace design (courtesy SB Tactical)

Cicero, who teaches fellow injured veterans on how to shoot again, added that “the most important thing to me about this brace, this whole aspect, is another avenue of getting injured veterans out of the house.”

According to Dr. Lott, the two instances that Biden cited to garner support for the new ATF policy weren’t even valid examples of braces being used to better commit a crime.

“All this started after President Biden cited a crime in 2021 in Colorado – where a shooter used a pistol stabilizing brace when attacking shoppers in a grocery store – to justify calling for classifying such brace-affixed pistols as machine guns,” Lott wrote. “Ahmed Al Alwi murdered 10 people at close range in a Boulder, Colo. grocery store. A previous shooting in 2019 by Connor Betts, in Dayton, Ohio, also involved a pistol brace. These are the only two cases of their kind and, more importantly, neither of them had any difficulty holding their guns and all their shots were fired at a short distance. There is no evidence that the brace made any difference in their ability to carry out the attacks. And there has been no surge in crime by the disabled or others using these braces.”

Joe Biden
(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

This all stems back to the inherent right that Americans have to self-protection through gun ownership. As FEE’s Brett Cooper wrote at the time of the rule proposal, James Madison condemned a governmental structure in which overarching entities can rewrite the law as they see fit.

In Federalist No. 48, the founding father warned that “the accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.”

“This is exactly what is happening today,” Cooper wrote. “This stealth power grab should concern all Americans, even if they are outside the immediately-impacted gun community.”


Olivia Rondeau is a 21-year-old political commentator, strategist, and journalist hailing from the Washington, DC area, and currently based in Los Angeles.

This article was originally published on Read the original article.

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  1. Maybe they ought to go after the ATF on the basis of violating the Americans With Disabilities Act.

    • “Show me the man who doesn’t want his gun registered and I will show you a man who shouldn’t have a gun.”

      /Homer Cummings (Attorney General)

      “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”
      /Lavrentiy Beria (Stalin’s NKVD Chief)

      Socialists have a lot in common.

      • RE: “Show me the man who doesn’t want his gun registered and I will show you a man who shouldn’t have a gun,”

        My response to the above lunacy is…”Show me men who demand citizens register their firearms and History will show you Jim Crow, Adolph Hitler and every other Gun Control tyrant throughout History.”

        The garbage from biden/doodlebug will not hold up in court where it is headed. In the meantime those concerned about the number of women who vote democRat should open their pieholes for once and Define Gun Control just like History Defines Gun Control. That way everyone can weigh their 2A Right against Gun Control which History confirms is, in any shape, matter or form, an agenda rooted in racism and genocide.

        • RE: “While the bureau claims the new rule won’t impact stabilizing braces “that are objectively designed and intended as a ‘stabilizing brace’ for use by individuals with disabilities, and not for shouldering the weapon as a rifle,” there is no “objective” standard listed for what disabled people are allowed to carry, or what is “intended” as an aid.”

          How nice for Jim Crow Gun Control democRat joe and his ilk to comply with the Disabilites Act. Along with providing mandated wheelchair ramps perhaps firearms with Braces should be provided at the entrance of every business and government facility across America. This “he can have it and you cannot” is as sick as it sounds. That’s right because you broke your arm you can have a brace, when your arm heals you must surrender your brace or you’ll arrested, beaten, thrown in jail, spit upon, your dog and loved ones will be shot and your home burned to the ground…All a part of Gun Control…Abolish it before its inherent evil starts a war.

        • safe…Beyond any court is you. From what I’ve seen when it comes to opening your piehole to define Gun Control according to its history it appears you are missing in action.
          Some people find enjoyment in going tit for tat with Gun Control zealots but there comes a point where the road ends…History, not me, tells us Gun Control ends in something really bad…If Gun Control zealots who sre not playing games ever have it their way you could find yourself sitting alongside a row of prisioners in a concentrstion camp pooping in a trough or you could be skinned and used a lampshade. Just a sampling of what History tells us rode along and rides along with Gun Control…I suggest you open your piehole and allow History to speak on the behalf of the 2A and on the behalf of those who never had it under tyranny.

        • Yawn bleating on about genocide to the choir again. The ones that would disarm use will never care how you define it only what it will cost them to do it. Possession of arms, vibrant gun culture, and established legal safeguards are the way forward as millions dead in the past will unfortunately only ever be a statistic.

      • Show me a man who does not want his gun registered, and I will show you a man who has read up on history, and knows better than to trust a crooked government. Even ours.

      • ==
        BREAKING NEWS………………..
        Los Angeles cops have their work photos/ID blasted all over the internet.
        In a constitutional Republic the public servants have limited delegated privileges on what their powers are.
        The 1776 Patriots did not NEED a license to RKBA and REVOLT against the king.
        Can anyone tell me how the NO LICENSE RKBA……… CEASED TO EXIST?

      • Don’t forget, it wasn’t socialists who engineered the Holocaust.
        It was avowed Christian Adolf Hitler, who followed the Jewhating teachings of the Catholic Church and reformer Martin Luther when he conceived his final solution:

        “And the founder of Christianity made no secret indeed of his estimation of the Jewish people. When He found it necessary, He drove those enemies of the human race out of the Temple of God; because then, as always, they used religion as a means of advancing their commercial interests. But at that time Christ was nailed to the Cross for his attitude towards the Jews; whereas our modern Christians enter into party politics and when elections are being held they debase themselves to beg for Jewish votes. They even enter into political intrigues with the atheistic Jewish parties against the interests of their own Christian nation.
– Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Vol. 1 Chapter 11“

        Here’s an interesting account of how one individual survived religious genocide:

        “My grandfather survived KZ Dachau from late 1943 to liberation in 1945. The former inmates beat some of the SS guards and Kapos severely and lynched a couple as well.
        He didn’t speak much about it but he mentioned ripping into a couple of SS goons with a brick.
        The Americans couldn’t transport the former inmates home so after getting some medical help he started walking back to Slovenia. We have a photo of him on arrival. You could see every bone, count every rib.
        He had an MP40 he acquired along the way because some of the German population were extremely abusive. He told me he shot at a German farmer who came after him with an axe. Probably killed him.
        When I was 10 he taught me how to use it. I remember my mother was absolutely livid at us shooting apples off the trees at the back of the house.
        It was some good times for us. He was a very severe, unemotional man and I can’t blame him but he cared a lot for me. He taught me fishing, hunting and how to care for farm animals. I still miss him.“

        • MINOR Miner49er, I have a RED HOT NEWS FLASH for you. Hitler was not “right wing” as you Lefties claim. He was a socialist. It seems that you have forgotten that it was Giovanni Gentile who ghost wrote Mussolini’s Manefesto? And good ole Giovani was a favorite of Adolf. Nazism and Socialism are bedfellows.
          My, how quickly you Leftists forget…

        • You fascists will deflect your responsibility for the murders by .gov.

          hitler was a Christian like you’re a human being. In name only. You believe, have faith, in .gov just like him and stalin and mao. You’re a genocide supporter looking to put it on some one else.

  2. “…have more destructive power than traditional handguns.”
    up until this moment i had no interest in a pistol brace. but this seems like the cheapest way to increase my pistols destructive power.

  3. A pistol bullet fired from the normal barrel length of that pistol is no more deadly when used with or without a stock. You still get 400ft.lbs, the stock accurizes your pistol making it more safe as its accuracy is improved. A rifle caliber in a short barrel is inefficient as most of its powder gets blown from the muzzle.
    None of this makes any sense to me however I’m not an educated human either. Like Bettleback or President Joseph Robinett Biden, those guys are smart. They really are, they act stupid but look what they are getting done.

    • Some of the modern rifle cartridges in the last 10 – 20 years, were engineered to function better in shorter barrels at the request of the Specoal Operations groups. .300 AAC or Blackout burns its powder charge in 9 inches and in a barrel beyond 12″ there’s only negligible gain in velocity and accuracy. Next to 5.56, .300 AAC is the next most popular cartridge in the AR Platform. There’s a few others designed similarly.

    • possum – I have limited experience with braces, either used as designed or ‘gasp’ shouldering them to turn an otherwise (more or less) harmless pistol into some sort of evil ‘assault weapon’ by PFM. That being said, even my admittedly limited experience with the device is a quantum, leap over and above that of those two ‘smart people’.

    • Yes, and while that was still in the legislation there was concerns people would get around it by putting stocks on their handguns. So they added SBRs to the legislation. When handguns were removed from the proposal, SBRs remained

    • And the rules regarding SBR and SBS was stop people making ersatz handguns by shortening longarms.

      When handguns were no longer going to be regulated by the NFA, the reason behind the SBR and SBS was now irrelevant but the rules were never removed from the NFA.

  4. FDR also rounded up American citizens based solely on race at gun point and put them in camps.

    No wonder dacian and miner49er idolize him.

    • Don’t forget the United States Gold Reserve Act of 1934 too.

      Turn in your guns, your gold and go to the camps.

      FDR was a right-ol’ authoritarian. Add a funny little mustache and you’d have had a problem.

      And, he’s like herpes, he keeps on giving. We’re still living in the shadow of Wickard.

      • How fascinating that today many Trump-loving Republicans support the internment of Japanese American citizens during World War II:

        “According to a Public Policy Polling survey of usual Republican primary voters in Iowa, 48% of Trump voters say they support the use of Japanese internment during World War II, while only 21% oppose it. That’s a departure from Republicans overall in the state, among whom 29% support it and 39% are opposed. The poll found that supporters of Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas), Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Ben Carson all opposed the policy in greater numbers than supported it — in the latter case, by a margin of 4 to 1.“

        • MINOR Miner49er There you go again. Citing a “poll” promulgated by a Leftist run “polling” company. One has to wonder why a polling company would conjure up a question that would have been pertinent over 60 yrs ago? At best this “poll” is suspect.

        • Deflection again. Who of these ‘Trump lovers’ actually committed this atrocity?

    • A lot of them japs looked like injuns. America just cant have a bunch of savages running around loose. This is The United States of America after all,
      you know Freedom, Liberty Justice, and lawyers. Cant have one without the other.
      When worlds collide I’m sure I can find a lawyer who can sue me some food.

    • “FDR also rounded up American citizens based solely on race“

      FDR did not specifically order Japanese American citizens interned:

      “Roosevelt authorized Executive Order 9066, issued two months after Pearl Harbor, which allowed regional military commanders to designate “military areas” from which “any or all persons may be excluded.”[14] Although the executive order did not mention Japanese Americans, this authority was used to declare that all people of Japanese ancestry were required to leave Alaska“

      Sadly, just after Pearl Harbor a few Japanese Americans collaborated with an IJN pilot, killing American citizens.

      The forced internment of thousands of Japanese American citizens was an overreaction, but America had been viciously attacked and there was no patience for the possibility of collaborators causing further damage.

      To our credit, America recognized the injustice and paid reparations:

      “By 1992, the U.S. government eventually disbursed more than $1.6 billion (equivalent to $3.67 billion in 2021) in reparations to 82,219 Japanese Americans who had been incarcerated.“

      • MINOR Miner49er, there is an rule in Mathematics. “Things equal to the same thing are equal to each other.” Believe it or not, it surely applies here.

      • Where’s my reparations for the violations of my human and civil rights, ongoing violations committed by the democratic party and their fascists minions like miner?

        • “Where’s my reparations for the violations of my human and civil rights“

          I’m glad to inform you that here in America, we have the right to “petition our government for a re-dress of grievances” enshrined in our United States Constitution.

          If you lived here in America, you could simply petition a court to conduct a hearing with regards to your claim for reparations, just as these folks did.

        • MINOR Miner49er, for your edification for there to be “reparations” there needs to be some offense against these Black people who are CURRENTLY alive. These “reparations” are for slavery before any of these Black folks were even a twinkle in daddy’s eye. They should not get the sweat off an ice pitcher.

      • nice try minor iq, you really should read the links you post and the source they used, that website is trying to say that because Trump and his supporters support a ban on Muslims from overseas that equates to the same on internment camps, they also use gotchas trick questions.

  5. Question, was this based on some high profile incident in which a pistol with a brace was used in a shooting spree? I can’t recall such an incident off hand. Are they used often in crimes in general?

    • I think it is probably based in the same media that allows mushrooms to grow nicely. As far as crimes, Giffords and the Trace just speculate about use in crimes.

    • Technically, it’s a suspension. Peanut butter consists of solid particles of ground peanut floating in liquid oil, which is a suspension. If left sitting long enough, it will eventually separate. It is definitely not a solid, which is likely TSA’s point.

  6. next they will ban having sights on pistols, rifles and shotguns. we will all have to shoot Elmer Fudd style.

  7. The government has absolutely neither right nor reason to regulate guns. Period. If guns were a problem we would have had “cannon control” before the 1934 gun control act. I’ve not read of any criminal use of cannons in the first 150 years of the Republic, or ever for that matter.

  8. And if the Supreme Court would actually finish a job that they began, then they would rule the obvious – all gun control / bans or laws are unconstitutional and therefore null and void. This would include the 1934 gun control infringement.

  9. Take note that the web page where the original article is posted, allows for comments. No surprise that conservative writers are not afraid to have a conversation, while their leftist, (erp, I almost wrote colleagues, but that wouldn’t be correct), that is, while the leftist shills disdain and hide from any opportunity for someone to disagree with their point of view.

    • “erp, I almost wrote colleagues, but that wouldn’t be correct”

      Depends on the “Conservative”. For a shockingly large number of them, “colleague” is exactly the right word.

      (Lookin’ at you establishment GOP.)

        • To be entirely fair, I’ve sort of played a semantic game here by making an uncommon, though I’d argue correct, distinction between actual conservatives and people falsely claiming the title but who are commonly thought of as conservatives.

          As your nick name suggests, the hard definitions of words often matter less than the common use of the term and the muddy of waters where they meet is often fertile ground for fuckery. Something our trolls demonstrate fairly regularly.

  10. Defund the ATF. Repeal all the laws that brought it into existence. And then also repeal all the laws, that prevent the law abiding, from being able to kill criminals dead on site. And then our country will become an even more civilized nation overnight.

    • Don’t forget the Peanut Farmer, or W. They were pretty much authoritarian creeps, too.

  11. Seems like a great opportunity to run the Cloward & Piven strategy right back at them and shove it down their throats until you prevail in court.

    Tranches of individual lawsuits, organized behind the scenes by a group like FPC. Every time the manage to consolidate 25K, launch another 10K. With the number of braces out there you can do this for a long time.

  12. Any article that takes a swipe at FDR gets a thumbs up from me.

    FDR’s legend bears little resemblance to his actual presidency. He was about as much for “The Forgotten Man” as Attila the Hun.

    • It is interesting how many Republicans these days support FDR and America’s actions to intern Japanese American citizens:

      “According to a Public Policy Polling survey of usual Republican primary voters in Iowa, 48% of Trump voters say they support the use of Japanese internment during World War II, while only 21% oppose it. That’s a departure from Republicans overall in the state, among whom 29% support it and 39% are opposed. The poll found that supporters of Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas), Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Ben Carson all opposed the policy in greater numbers than supported it — in the latter case, by a margin of 4 to 1.“

      • “According to a Public Policy Polling survey of usual Republican primary voters in Iowa, 48% of Trump voters say they support the use of Japanese internment during World War II, while only 21% oppose it.”

        oh for cripes sakes.

        not that the Japanese internment wasn’t wrong because it was. but because you ‘survey’ included people who are not old enough to even consider that WWII happened and the 21% that opposed it lived through those times.

        context is important, learn what it means.

        • “context is important, learn what it means.”

          Not for a one trick pony, it isn’t. Especially if the one trick happens to be ignoring context, as is miner’s wont.

      • MINOR Miner49er, As usual, you come up with the most ridiculous polls conducted by a Leftist polling company that one can image. I would like to ask, why would such a poling company come up with a question which was germine back in the 1940’s in today’s day and age.
        I would not be surprised if the “pollsters” conjured up the the entire so called poll.

    • Anyone else notice the sudden resurrection of Smedley Butler of the last couple weeks. Almost like there was a prog broadcast alert went out.

      • Good, USMC General Smedley Butler needs more recognition, he is the very definition of a patriot.

        One of the few American soldiers who won 2! MOH, he had a long and distinguished career fighting for our country but realized how he had been a just a pawn of big business.

        I imagine many of you right wing authoritarians don’t like Smedley, after all he did expose the big business attempted coup to take power from the duly elected president, just like the right wing treasonous Trump supporters attempted in 2021.

        It seems there’s always a true patriotic American willing to step forward and stop the traitors, Smedley butler in the ‘30s and SAC pilot Adam Kinzinger almost 100 years later.

        • butler did not speak out until he had decades in service to secure his paycheck and bennies. He could have legally resigned his commission earlier to show his patriotism. He could have chosen to not support the ‘corrupt’ system sooner.

          But he waited til he got his. Doesn’t qualify as a patriot in a thinking mans book.

        • Doesn’t qualify as a patriot in a thinking mans book.

          “It can get you in a lot of trouble, thinking, Errol, I shouldn’t do so much of it.” – Brick Top

  13. This could go very very sideways if the ATF decides to go all Rambo on a real Rambo who won’t go quietly. This should get escalated to SCOTUS in short order I hope.

  14. Please remember we can thank Trump for setting the precedence on allowing the DOJ to make up new laws…

  15. This is the Commie Left Ignoring the Constitution and the New GOP House, who Are The Law Makers, Not Biden or ATF, DOJ, FBI, DIA, CIA and ALL the other 3 letter a$$holes!! The 2nd Ammendment IS Freedom In The USA!!!!

  16. One of the biggest problems we have today is politicians writing and passing gun control legislation who know diddly squat about guns and how they work.

  17. EXCUSE ME!!! Why does the ATF agents jackets also have POLICE on them? They are NOT POLICE!!!

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