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Former Vice President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Meg Kinnard)
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Former Vice President Joe Biden is widely known for his gaffes, but his claim during Tuesday evening’s chaotic Democratic debate that “150 million people have been killed since 2007” was simply outrageous, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said in response.

“We saw Joe Biden lose his cool a couple of times on that stage,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “but when he blurted that ridiculous claim about gun-related deaths, we wondered if he had lost his mind. His statement is so demonstrably wrong that it ranks right up there with saying the moon is made of bleu cheese.”

After the debate, Biden’s campaign scrambled to repair the damage by telling the Washington Examiner that Biden meant to say 150K.

“It might be excusable if this were a one-time event,” Gottlieb observed, “but Biden has been bragging for years about his gun control record, claiming he knows this subject well enough to have defeated the gun lobby, so he ought to know the data reflexively. He just told the country that nearly half of the population has been killed by gunfire over the past 13 years. Nobody can make such a preposterous claim and get away with it.

“Biden has been in government for decades,” Gottlieb added, “and he must be familiar with the annual FBI Crime Reports and estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If Biden was Pinocchio, right now his nose would be about the size of a California Redwood.”


With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.


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  1. the 13 years (2007 thru 2019) saw approximately 430,000 gun related deaths 2/3rds of which were suicides, so Creepy Uncle Joe missed this one by about 149 million 570 thousand.. One excuse maker said he probably meant 150 thousand (still way off) another just said he “misspoke” AGAIN?……

    • So, let’s break down old uncle Joe’s numbers:

      • That’s ~32,000 people a day (or 11.5 million a year) over a 13 year period.
      • A tad less than half of the current population of the US, in total for the period.

      Not sure where they’ve been hiding all the bodies, and the roving murder gangs who must be perpetrating these heinous killing sprees. Maybe they haven’t made it to my neighborhood yet.

      • 2003 42,884 2,890 1.48 290,796,023 14.75 Positive decrease-1.8%
        2004 42,836 2,965 1.44 293,638,158 14.59 Positive decrease-0.5%
        2005 43,510 2,989 1.46 296,507,061 14.67 Negative increase0.4%
        2006 42,708 3,014 1.42 299,398,484 14.27 Positive decrease-2.8%
        2007 41,259 3,031 1.36 301,139,947 13.70 Positive decrease-3.9%
        2008 37,423 2,977 1.26 303,824,640 12.32 Positive decrease-11.0%
        2009 33,883 2,957 1.15 306,700,000 11.05 Positive decrease-9.7%
        2010[2] 32,999 2,967 1.11 309,326,000 10.67 Positive decrease-3.5%
        2011[6] 32,479 2,950 1.10 311,588,000 10.42 Positive decrease-2.3%
        2012[7] 33,782 2,969 1.14 313,914,000 10.75 Negative increase2.6%
        2013 32,893 2,988 1.10 316,129,000 10.40 Positive decrease-3.3%
        2014 32,744 3,026 1.08 318,860,000 10.28 Positive decrease-1.2%
        2015 35,485 3,095 1.15 321,370,000 11.06 Negative increase7.6%
        2016[8] 37,806 3,174 1.19 323,121,000 11.59 Negative increase4.8%
        2017[8] 37,133 3,213 1.16 326,213,213 11.40 Positive decrease-1.6%
        2018[9][10] 36,560 3,223 1.13 327,096,265 11.18 Positive decrease-1.9%

      • If you think that’s bad MADD Mothers simular “stats” claim the entire population is killed off every few years. – Listen to the smoking related deaths claimed by the anti smoking crowd. Between the bunch of them the entire population of the plannet is long extinct.

        The Nanny State will stop at nothing when it comes to scare tactics to put the K-Bash on the American way of life and put you under their boots. .

    • Dems: Gun violence claims lives.
      Also Dems: We need to reduce the population to save the planet.

      Maybe Saint Greta should start a ‘Go Fund Me’ to buy everyone a gun.

      • It is all about total control of the population nothing ,more and nothing less. Take away all the guns and they will be safe to do whatever they want without any kind of armed resistance. Just look it up in all the Communist countries and dictatorship countries.

        • totally agree with you there. Now if UNCA JOE was talking about the years that Lenin and Stalin were in power in the soviet union and how many of the population of the soviet union those governments killed off then according to Alexander Solzhenitsyn he might be very much in the ball park of accurate figures…. But that does not play into his agenda because those figures give people very great reason to hold onto their guns not surrender them to the govt…. in fact it give the people reason to not only hold onto their guns but forcibly remove any and all politicians such as UNCA JOE from office post haste

      • The CDC, which is responsible for maintaining the statistics for deaths in the US, lists suicides seperate from other forms like firearms.

  2. So the point he was trying to make is that it’s been really bad since 2007. You know, the year him and his great friend Barack were elected to the White House. Even if he had the correct number, the point he was making was stupid. Slow Joe is going from funny to sad.

  3. “If the opposition disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.”

    • The Opposition – “It’s time to follow the Marxist playbook and assassinate those trying to disarm us, while we still have guns hidden away…”

      Two can play at that game, boy.

      Would you like to play that game? 😉

      • Hahaha. Yea. Sayings like THAT are exactly why we have the second amendment. When THE GOVERNMENT says we don’t need them WE NEED THEM MORE THAN EVER.

  4. “Crazy, creepy, sleepy, fire two blasts in the air” Uncle Joe is not only anti-Second Amendment, he is also senile. And, sadly, he is still with us.

  5. Notice how Der Bidengroper went all gun control after that girl n her A R hit the media?

    (OK, that’s way creepy, but come on. It’s not like he’s subtle.)

  6. That’s a pretty high death toll. And when you consider that he and obama were in control for 8 of those years?
    Just proves how ineffective they were at their “jobs”.

  7. Wonder what color the sky is in Joe’s world! My personal belief is that the deep state is desperate to get the old fool elected, then when he dies or gets committed they slide their hand picked VP into the seat of power. What do ya think?

  8. I’m buying S L O W Joe a rocking chair. And a comfy blanket. And a strait jacket. And a sunset…

  9. So, as long as you have a bunch of money you get to stand up in front of the entire country and spout out whatever crazy crap you can come up with and everyone just lets it happen.

    People running for office should be cream of the crop, top of the pile, best of the best, We have a giant pile of dumb showing the world the best the US has to offer is a senile old man and a few ditsy rich lazy people.

    Even with Bloomberg any idiot can see every ad he runs is just based off a snippet of what people dislike about Trump.
    I’m waiting for one that shows how much better at Twitter Mike is than Trump. Last night I caught the one where he lines up women to give testimony about how Mike puts women first and promoted them through the system and how much he cares about women.

    Well…. shouldn’t every candidate?

    Thats like running on a campaign promise that you’re a big fan of food and air.

    • The best of the best have more important things to do than compete in the clown show that our presidential elections have become. For that matter, so do the “middle of the middle” and even the “lowest of the not quite bottom.” I say we wall off Washington D.C., Snake Plissken style, and let the true basement dwellers fight it out to be king of the trash heap. The rest of America would be better off.

    • And it could still be Sleepy Joe. The DNC really, really doesn’t want Bern to be their nominee. I think the odds are about even between Sanders being the nominee, or a brokered convention.

      • “I think the odds are about even between Sanders being the nominee, or a brokered convention.”

        Every presidential election year, there is talk about a “brokered convention” for one party or the other. The Republicrats may one day get there, but the Dims have a mechanism to prevent it: Super Delegates. If no nominee is elected on the first ballot (i.e. doesn’t have the delegates to win a majority), then the Super Delegates are added to the mix for the second round of delegate balloting. The Super Delegates control the outcome. The Super Delegates will have already picked their winner. No brokering required.

        • “The Bern” is likely to sweep the first ballot, at the rate he’s going. The votes of the super delegates will be irrelevant.

          I suffer no illusion that Trump will win in November, it’s gonna be a tough slog, and the hatred of “Mr. ‘T'” still burns hot with them…

          • “The Bern” is likely to sweep the first ballot, at the rate he’s going. ”

            It would seem the Dims grand plan is to have the nominees other than Bernie have enough delegates so that the best Bernie can do is a plurality. That would send the balloting into the second round. All that is needed is to keep Bernie from amassing 1990 delegates. There is no requirement that all the nominees with pledged delegates must surrender those delegates to the nominee with the most delegates, prior to the balloting at the convention.

            Just hoping the DNC steal the nomination from Bernie again. What great entertainment that would be.

  10. To paraphrase Stalin, “When one person dies it’s a tragedy. When thousands die, it is a statistic. ”
    Be warned 2A people. Socialism will not tolerate millions of guns in the hands of its populace. Be reasonable and get your shit together or else be a statistic. Bernie has the right idea.

      • Is it the one about children going to school naked and touching one another to defeat the porn industry? Or the one about women and too many orgasms?

    • ‘Kimber’, you can consider what’s coming in the month of June from the Supreme Court to be an excellent opportunity to work on your coping skills.

      Gun owners are gonna be winning so bigly, you’re gonna be crying bitter tears of disappointment… 🙂

      • ” ‘Kimber’, you can consider what’s coming in the month of June from the Supreme Court to be an excellent opportunity to work on your coping skills.”

        What we have here, is failure to communicate: looks more like Kimber had a misfired attempt at ridicule, parody, irony, sarcasm.

    • On the contrary!
      Be warned, Democrats. The populace armed with millions of guns will not tolerate socialism. Get your shit together or become a statistic.

  11. Biden may actually be losing his mind. In the last week, he declared he was running for the Senate, that if he couldn’t earn your vote you should vote for the other Biden, and his now-dead son Beau was once elected to be AG of the US.

  12. Everyone knows Biden is senile, so this is no surprise.

    Watch him get the nomination anyway, just to spite us. And why not? We have an Orange Mophead as President, why not someone with Alzheimer’s? After all, the President is just a figurehead, now that the intelligence community is actually running things (at the behest of the military-industrial complex, the oil companies and the banks).

  13. “Hi, I am @JoeBiden and I just did pretty good in Nevada! Now let’s go on to South Korea and let’s win there too!”

    Rob Schneider on twitter.

  14. America where are you now, don’t you know we can’t fight alone against this monster..Well that was in the sixties, when long haired hippies, degenerates of society tried to march for freedom only to be beaten and mailed by police dogs, Heil Hitler

  15. He got it confused with the time Thanos snapped his fingers and killed half of the population. Easy mistake.

  16. The more Biden speaks the more we scratch our heads, while liberals scratch their asses in amazement. It reminds when I once heard President Obama speak telling us about our 52 states, and then after words listening to propaganda news telling us he is the greatest Harvard Scholar? Which was a funny as the Black Congressional Caucus crying the GOP were delaying AG Lynch’s appointment when she was one of the world’s greatest legal minds? You cannot make this shit up, but 98% of the media, press, magazines, radio hosts, and entertainment can cover it up. Biden does not qualify as president, he could not qualify to get into a nursing home where patients are dementia free, and living without assistance. He needs to retire and go count the money he helped steal.

  17. “ ‘Biden has been in government for decades,’ Gottlieb added.” Well, that’s the problem: Shotgun Joe has been in government for way too long. Time to hope his Altzheimers manifests itself so he can go have a nice rest with those men in the clean white coats.

  18. NO, it’s true!

    I personally know 5,687 people killed by gun violence!

    47 of my grandparents were killed!

    • Firearms didn’t pull the trigger assholes did…when you come up with a better gun control plan that gets the guns from the criminals instead of responsible gun owners I might listen

      • “…when you come up with a better gun control plan that gets the guns from the criminals instead of responsible gun owners I might listen”

        Criminals (and gangers) are not the problem. It is the normal looking person who goes where the snowflakes gather, and might just snap and start shooting everyone. Besides, criminals and gang members are victims of an unjust society, and lash out in desperation to obtain the fairness they seek. Given enough tolerance and free stuff, we could eliminate gangs and criminals. Make love, not war.

          • “Fancy talk like that could get you elected in certain areas.”

            Yeah, that’s a danger because if elected, I would have to live is some pretty crummy places; no thanks.

  19. We need to respect the fact that Uncle Joe is past his prime and overdue for the pasture. Just add it to his growing gaff’s list. Americans are smart enough to know that…. I hope!

    Vote NO to Uncle Joe!

  20. So, “I should be in charge of this, too, because I can’t count.”

    Compelling argument, that.

  21. What Foggy Joe was trying to say is : and the democrats will be sure all of those 150,000 dead people vote in 2020 elections……………………..

  22. What K-9 Joe needs is a person with a
    remote control, so when he is ready to commit
    a gaffe his dentures come flying out.

    Poor old plugs.

  23. it is still less than the amount of money he stole for the USA and UKRAINE. Joe has forget the old saying, FIGURES NEVER LIE, but LIARS FIGURE . Hang it up joe, you have lost.

  24. Really beyond tired of the general acceptance of his ‘gaffes’. Is he just ‘making up stuff’ or is someone feeding him misinformation deliberately to make him look foolish. (rhetorical).

  25. Needless to say, Creepy, Sleazy, Corrupt Uncle Joe is math challenged.

    Joe, from me to you – there are less than 25,000 deaths in the United States each year from ALL causes. The number of ‘long guns’ used in murders is less than 450 deaths including those nasty AR-15’s you worry so much about.

    MOST murders are drug deals gone south where one homie kills another homie. Thinning the herd. Is that a bad thing?

  26. Let’s all pray for Biden the Boob. It is sad to see someone with his gravitas slip so far into dementia.

  27. Well, that`s what you get for selling guns across the border Fast & Furious. $700,000 000.00 in equipment Bolton & Obama let the forking Iranians have? They had our troops walk away and leave it. I have had enough of this scheit why isn`t this monkey behind bars? I`m ready for the civil war you Democrats are pushing for. Pablo Escobar all the way to the middle east is where the Fast & Furious guns ended up. The war Hitler-y & Obama started and killed Quadaffi in Lybia was illegal? They sold surface to air shoulder launch missiles to both sides of that war. Our government is corrupt and there are some world players involved. Biden your head smells like scheit because you have had it so far up your backside for so long we should nickname you the sphincter. As the saying goes clean up your own backyard. Take the guns away from the criminal element and help the American citizen protect themselves. You won`t do that because there is no money in it. You and the Democratic party are no longer relevent. It amazes me since April 1861 the Republican party has tried to put a stop to slavery and if you want to win back the black mans vote you should use your own money for reparations.
    The rest of us gave our blood and loved ones so the black man would be free. When the war starts make sure you are on the right side of this conflict. To you Democrats the free stuff they are promising you? You are going to pay for it.

  28. Would you care to compare the length of Joe Biden’s nose with that of President Trump’s? I wonder if you will have the honesty to print this question?

    • “Would you care to compare the length of Joe Biden’s nose with that of President Trump’s? I wonder if you will have the honesty to print this question?”

      Are you implying there are national politicians who never lie, never distort, never dissemble, never exaggerate?

      One might find virtue personified in church, but never in politics.

  29. According to most guesstimates, there are at least 450 million guns in the USA. So you have to ask yourself, “Do you feel lucky, punk”? When you put your guns away, please realize that statistically, according to Mr. Biden, one out of every three guns will kill someone, often without the knowledge or permission (or desire) of the gun owner.
    If you use a gun safe, DO NOT put the keys or combination inside the safe. If you store them safely (apparently, there may be no such thing), please place them in individual Baggies, and suck all the air out. THEY CANNOT FIRE WITHOUT AIR! DO THE SAME WITH YOUR AMMO. At this point, we simply do not know which is the instigator of these heinous crimes. It seems logical to assume though, that since the ammo has the most to lose in an un-authorized firing, it’s unlikely that it would be the ammo’s idea.
    PLAY IT SAFE! Suck the air out of both, Say NO to keys, NO to combinations, NO to air.
    Sound about what we want to say to politicians, don’t it? LOCK THEM UP! LOCK THEM UP! LOCK THEM UP! LOCK THEM UP!

  30. You can do that with high capacity magazines. He thinks he’s currently running for Senator, so I just kind of ignore him like I would any village idiot.

  31. I love everything that has been said about Biden……he is an idiot! Get rid of him! I’m so sick of the dems!


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