Joe Biden
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“My legislation says there can be no more than eight bullets in a round.”

Joe Biden

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      • Wait a minute…

        Aren’t there usually 9 pellets (bullets) in 00 Buck?

        That would mean with his favorite double-barrel shotgun that Dr. Jill has been taught to use she would have fired 18 “bullets” in a single “round” (both barrels).

        Which would now be a federal offense!

        • To be fair we are playing a fools game in applying logic to Delaware’s village idiot. (Yes yes he started in Scranton)

        • There are usually 18, .33 caliber, 00 buckshot projectiles in a 12 gauge, 3&1/2 chamber length round or 54, .25 caliber, #4 buckshot. Although these rounds might be survivable for a sporting lady from Fort Smith, for any ordinary person they’ll give good service.

    • Perhaps there is a number 8 controlling the speech center of Jim Crow Gun Control democRat joe’s mind…November 8.

  1. Yeah, everybody knows how much more deadly those H&R .22 revolvers are with a 9 shot cylinder topped off. Or maybe he heard about the 9th pellet flyer phenomenon, and wants to limit us to 8 pellet FliteControl.

    Stop the world; I wanna get off.

  2. “From the mouths of senile old fools shall ye know them…”

    -from the Gospel of St. Jill of Biden

    “And in those days all reigned in confusion…fish was not fish, fowl was not fowl…Man was Woman and Woman was Man. Evil ruled the land.”

    – from the Limbaugh Chronicles

    “Miner Halls spread hate and discontent amongst the good citizens. Their Cryllic Masters issuing their trollish agendas…and they followed the paths of hate and divisiveness to the end of their daze”.

    -as written by OGiM

  3. He’s thinking about the eight pellets in a 00 Buck for his Double Barrel Shotgun. Ya know, the one that he shoots through doors.

  4. I’ve found that the MIRV bullets for my AR are a bit inaccurate but they look really neat when they hit the atmosphere.

      • MADDMAXX October 25, 2022 At 11:27
        Your comment is awaiting moderation ??? WTF?
        the student loan debacle

        Apparently, his handlers told him that was ACTUAL legislation that passed the House and Senate by “one or two votes” Braindead fuck has no clue about what is going on around him, even the Ritalin “cocktail” they inject in his ass every time he appears in public is starting to fail. He will not survive another two years and not even the “legacy” media can continue to cover for him. If we actually get through this without global thermonuclear destruction every American should get down on their knees and thank whatever god they may or may not believe in…

  5. This old man who continues to pretend to be president needs some serious help. Perhaps a nice progressive prison mental ward would be a good start. I’m sure they can find a “Club Fed” with a squash court, where he gets a nice room with a view, but not near a school or anything.

  6. Don’t get me wrong here. He wants magazines to be round. LOL. And I thought Trump, was an Authoritarian. Please stop the train, I want to get off.

    • Of COURSE!!! Drum mags…that’s where he’s taking us. Unless he starts wandering off of stage again. Or shaking hands with ghosts? Halloween, All Saints’ Day, and All Souls’ Day are just around the corner.

    • In the shuffling madness
      Of the locomotive breath
      Runs the all time loser
      Headlong to his death
      Well the did make him a president
      Catching him when he falls

      • Aqualung my friend Don’t you start away uneasy You poor old sot, you see, it’s only me. Sitting on the park bench Eyeing little girls with bad intent. Snot is running down his nose Greasy fingers smearing shabby clothes. Hey Aqualung Drying in the cold sun Watching as the frilly panties run. Hey Aqualung Feeling like a dead duck Spitting out pieces of his broken luck. Hey Aqualung Whoa,

  7. I’d really be in trouble with my TS-12. It’s already banned in a few States, and if this bill passes it would be banned nationwide. Guess I’ll just have to buy more ammo.

    • You and I both. I have exactly five words for these fcktards. Send bachelors. Also, you’re next.

      Be proud to have “Sacrificed in the Fight for Freedom for all” inscribed as my epitaph.

        • *You’re* btw. And you’re welcome to climb back into your pouch and hide when they come for you. I won’t.

          Someone want to tell me when this country turned all pansified?

        • Someone want to tell me when this country turned all pansified?

          Sometime in the late seventies early eighties (I blame disco)

        • If any time, I’d say the early 90’s when it was suddenly popular to declare being gay or bi, just as I 214’d.

          (For the record, I don’t care the orientation one way or the other. Not my business unless it affects me directly).

          Disco, could’ve been worse. Evolved into my favorite genre.

        • No going down like a coward however I doubt anyone is going to chisel “Hero” on my grave marker when I have a shootout with an alphabet agency. We’ll all just be the nut jobs with gunms the good government had to dispose of.

        • Defeatist attitude is no kind of perspective to be had, and it is out & out wrong.

          Even if the (dot)mil sides with, and they won’t, because they as a whole are largely conservative and hate the woke far left driving this. Historically, 3% of the population will actively resist. Three percent of 350M = 10.5M vs. 2-2.5M. Even if we draw conclusions from voting lines which really isn’t applicable to those serving, ~50% of the Mil will leave to fight with the people, a large portion bringing their equipment with them.

          15’s and newkes? Don’t make me laugh. Impossible to deploy Double U-MD’s without massive collateral damage against otherwise friendlies. That is a fools errand.

          Safe bet that many of those watching their friends and relatives dying from rad poisoning are going to become radicalized against the party who ordered it whose sole purpose is but vengeance. You want to turn your supporters into suicide b0mb3rs determined to take your own life? That’s a good way to get them.

          Air power threatened? Methinks the establishment forgets most mil bases reside in cities and towns that deeply resent their presence, bordering on a deep seated hate. Love/hate affair. Don’t take an awful lot of redneck sn1per rifles, as they like to disparage them (you have a couple at least, I know), to decimate a flight line’s crew. Incendiary or tracers into the fuel bowser’s or tanks, and that base is effectively neutralized. And air base security is a joke anywhere that doesn’t house newklear weaponz. 15-20 can lay down a world of hurt on the collaborators there. Stateside bases are for the most part not setup nor equipped to defend against even a light attack. Security theater is in play at the majority. The few that do get airborne will be neutralized when they return.

          And that is strictly the only areas that you’ll take on the mil in a head to head engagement. Asymmetric all the way anywhere else, which all classic mil establishments have a horrid track record of failure against. Worth noting, in none of those failures were they outnumbered like this either. And they occurred in lands where the populations looked significantly different than those they were fighting. American’s blend in well in America.

          Dunno about you, but I have plenty of people who care enough and agree with my sentiments to erect a memorial for me. Even if they don’t manage to, remembered in reverence by those who know me is all that matters.

          See my namesake for detail.

      • Hey, WilliamLottaWordsWallaceDaThird, are you wally beverly da thirds son? Possum is quite correct and I’m willing to bet he opens or returns fire before you do. You’ll be too busy talking. “If yer gonna shoot, shoot. Don’t talk”.

        • Dig up the one from three years back and ask his dead ass.

          So, you moving to overthrow Justine yet, or turning yours in and complying like a bitch?

          Thought so.

        • And smooth brain, you don’t take on a premier military without a solid plan, so do try and keep up.

  8. From shoulder things that go up to fully semi automatic just when you think you’ve heard it all along comes this gem.

  9. There are ~3,500 victims of criminal attacks with non-firearm ‘blunt’ objects daily across the United States. ~78% of the victims are not armed with a firearm and are seriously injured or killed – ~20% of the victims are armed with a firearm employing DGU and are not seriously injured or killed. ~65% of the victims are women of which ~8% of that ~65% women are armed with a firearm employing DGU and are not seriously injured or killed.

    For example; FL Man Beaten To Death With Tire Iron In Random Attack >

  10. well I take it we ammo reloaders can now legally put 8 bullets in a single brass cartridge.
    All we need is a new reloading press to do it………….ROFLMAO.
    The POTUS doesn’t know a round, from a clip from a magazine. What a dumbass.

  11. 25th amendment? Anyone? Biden has no idea what he is doing. Hell, a drunk 18 year old could do a better job. I digress, maybe an english speaking 18 Y.O.A. I doubt he could have a job raking leaves for a yard service, after 1/2 hour, you would have to show him which end of the rake to use. Yet, dems are fine with him.

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  13. I need to load me up some 12 gauge shotgun rounds with 7, 5.56mm bullets in them. Guaranteed to tumble before they impact the target to inflict a horrendous, keyhole wound.

  14. if Joe really means eight “bullets in a magazine” then he’ll be happy when we’re all shooting standard .45acp John Browning 1911’s. None of this 17+1 9mm stuff. That could be dangerous!

  15. So, the new “assault weapons” ban will allow eight bullets in a round, and ten rounds in a magazine? That’s 80 bullets, which is quite an improvement on today’s 30-round magazines. I just wonder how they’ll get the technology for eight bullets in a round, unless every cartridge is a CCI shot shell.

    More words of gun wisdom from Joe Biden:
    “Damn right I’m going to take your AR-14.”
    “The 9mm blows the lungs right out of the body.”
    “Do you think deer are wearing Kevlar vests?”
    “My legislation says there can be no more than eight bullets in a round.”

  16. In the words of a great American – Buggs Bunny – “What a Maroon!” – ” (“Moron” for those of you in Rio Linda).

  17. “I dont know, can you say it.”
    You mean without laughing?
    I dont know but I’ll try.
    Ladys and Gentlemen please rise for the President of The United States of Ameri,,,,Bbbwhahahahahahahahahahaa

  18. Still looking for that 9mm lung blowing out ammo. Now I have to hunt down the 8 bullet in a single round stuff? Can’t find that fully semi-auto rifle either.

  19. For some reason everytime Joe Biden talks I always here the Scarecrow of Wizard of Oz singing, ” If I only had a brain.”

  20. Joe Biden isn’t the problem. The typical American Voter is the problem. We live in dangerous times and yet the typical American Voter doesn’t have a clue.


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