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Taliban fighters stand guard at a checkpoint that was previously manned by American troops near the US embassy, in Kabul. (AP Photo)
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By Larry Keane

The devastating visuals of Taliban fighters sweeping through Afghanistan that led to the fall of the Afghan government and evacuation of the U.S. Embassy revealed a disturbing reality. President Joe Biden was willing to leave billions of dollars’ worth of high-tech weapons in the hands of the Taliban but is determined to strip law-abiding U.S. citizens of their God-given right to keep and bear arms.

One media outlet described the Taliban seizure of U.S. weapons as the motherlode.” The equipment was supplied by the United States to the Afghan National Army. That included mine-resistant vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and Humvees. One report described the seizure of U.S.-supplied guns as enormous.” Taliban fighters are swapping worn AK-47s for U.S.-made M-4s and M-16s.

Another report detailed that containers full of small arms were seized, including one instance in which 900 guns were seized. Taliban commanders bragged to reporters they had new weapons that could be used on the battlefield.


Press photos circulated of Taliban forces carrying near-new M-4 rifles, topped with thermal imagers. This was just days before Taliban forces released Al Qaeda prisoners from their cells as they entered Kabul.

‘Nobody Needs That…’

These arms are all in the hands of the Taliban now, and it must be assumed by Al Qaeda as well. There are already reports of Taliban fighters rounding up weapons from Afghans.

“We understand people kept weapons for personal safety. They can now feel safe. We are not here to harm innocent civilians,” a Taliban official told Reuters.

That’s eerily similar to the rhetoric President Biden has been telling the American public.

“There’s no reason someone needs a weapon of war with 100 rounds, 100 bullets, that can be fired from that weapon. Nobody needs that, nobody needs that,” President Biden said from the White House Rose Garden in April. He tweeted the same claim in February, throughout his presidential campaign and even going back to his term as vice president.

He later upped the ante mocking gun owners who said they need firearms as a check against a tyrannical government. President Biden said that they’d need jet fighters and made a thinly-veiled reference to using nuclear weapons against U.S. citizens.

President Biden nominated David Chipman to run the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Chipman also mocked gun buyers and would ban the Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR), which he refers to as an “assault rifle,” but couldn’t define it to senators. All the gun control cards are still yet to be played. President Biden might be eyeing more gun control bids and doing so on the international stage.

Global Gun Control

The Seventh Conference of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty will meet in Geneva at the end of the month. This is the same group which then-Secretary of State John Kerry signed onto a treaty in 2013 that would have made U.S. firearm manufacturing and American gun ownership subject to international oversight. The treaty was never ratified by the U.S. Senate.

President Donald Trump announced in 2019, “We’re taking our signature back.” That officially ended the U.S. involvement in the United Nations meddling in U.S. firearm manufacturing and gun rights of American citizens. NSSF praised the decision.

All eyes will be on the Biden administration and what moves will be made to subjugate God-given rights, protected by the Constitution, to international gun control. President Biden has made no secret of his intent to whittle away America’s gun rights.

His respect for international arms control, though, is duplicitous. It stretches from the notorious and illegal Operation Fast and Furious gun-walking scheme while he was vice president. That operation sent untraced guns across the U.S-Mexico border that ended up in the hands of cartels and even used to murder Brian Terry, a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

It wasn’t the last time. The bungled Benghazi operation that happened under then-Vice President Biden’s watch that left four dead, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, was tied to illegal weapons trafficking.

The Obama National Security Council refused a U.S. House of Representatives’ Oversight Committee investigation into information of covert weapons trafficking to Libyan rebels. The Obama administration’s Department of Justice later dropped charges against an arms dealer for his part in the scheme. Now, he’s left billions in military weapons in the hands of known terrorists.

That’s the pattern for President Biden. He has overseen bungled operations that put guns into the hands of America’s enemies. Yet, he vilifies the firearm industry as the enemy.” This is the industry that provides law-abiding Americans the means to exercise their Second Amendment rights, the tools for law enforcement to keep communities safe and the small arms for our military to protect America.

President Biden’s gun policies are making Americans vulnerable and emboldening America’s enemies.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.



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  1. Biden: “The Afghan military has 300,000 troops. All well-trained, all well-equipped.”

    Afghan military: loses their entire country to guys in sandals who don’t know how to hold dumbbells

    • Somebody commented on one of the earlier posts about this shitstorm that the afghan army folded because we pulled out their air support.

      What air support did the taliban have?

      • I voted for Harris and biden. He does not want to take anyones guns, Rump is the real danger to the democracy.

        Look at Rump’s tweets!

        • OK, enuf, you are either a pathological liar, or a brainless POS (but embrace the healing power of ‘and’!).

          Biden has said, TIME AFTER TIME, that he wants to take out guns, so . . . are YOU the liar, or is Gropey Joe the Senile Pedophile?????

          Inquiring minds want to know.

          Trump was a dumpster fire . . . and he was/is 1,000,000X better then the current Faux Occupier-of-the-Executive Mansion.

          You INTENTIONALLY voted for Senile Joe the Kid-Groper and ‘Heel-Up’ Harris?? And you’re BRAGGING about it?

          And you think Donny the Dork is worse than Joe the Schmoe, the Butcher of Afghanistan? . . . hmmmm . . . just out of curiosity, what color is the sky in your universe??

        • There is something telling that you listed the vice president first. Like he is a vegetable and she is pulling the strings or something.

        • Enuf, go play with the Communists and sexual deviates on Salon. You aren’t welcome here among patriotic Americans.

        • Enuf, I can’t believe you would admit that. 🤣 At least Trump didn’t destroy our oil independence (along with many American jobs) while at the same time, giving our enemy (Russia… which btw, they claim collusion against Trump, but who is it that is benefitting Russia the most? None other then Biden) a pipeline into Europe. How about wanting to try and destroy our constitution, oh yeah, Biden as well. How about taking credit for what Trump put into place. Yep, because Biden claims he got so many vaccines out, yet there is no way he had any control of that only being in office for a month or two. That was warp speed by Trump. Now we have dementia Joe giving up military grade weapons and vehicles to the Taliban. So again, how are you not embarrassed to claim you voted for Biden?

      • I made reference to air support as being one of the many reasons they folded so quick. Air support is a pretty minor issue when compared to the rest. No pay, no morale, lack of intestinal fortitude and a greater loyalty to their local Immans than to their Country are just a small sample of the reaons for defeat.

        Of course the Taliban didn’t have air support. With all of the deficiencies of the Afghani Army they were able to succeed. The next conflict they will have some air support thanks to this charlie foxtrot. Iran, NK and other actors will step in and provide they support for the equipment we left behind.

        Yet our AR is dangerous, anything holding 10 rounds or more is beyond dangerous, but leaving drones and jdams to the Taliban is not.

        • Yes—direct air support, intelligence, and C2 were provided for years to keep the TB at bay. That’s all gone now. The fat lady sang and then quickly donned a burka.
          Afghanistan isn’t really a country—it’s more of a territory consisting of 14 or more ethnic tribes all fighting one another for resources. They never really had a national identity…just constantly struggling not to die…and usually trying to survive at the expense of the other tribes. Because. Centuries of blood feuds don’t get paid overnight.

        • Julio – Let me FTFY

          America Afghanistan isn’t really a country—it’s more of a territory consisting of 84 14 or more identity ethnic tribes all fighting one another for resources.

      • It’s not about Taliban air support. The US military strategy and capability requires on strong and consistent air support operations. The Afghans didn’t have their own. Therefore, their version of the US military strategy failed without the air support previously provided by the US.

        • Actually the NVA did have an air force that gave our pilots a hard time until top gun was developed.

    • C’Mon Man…The writing about Jim Crow Gun Control joe has been on the wall for 47 years. The writing about the democRat Party has been on the wall for centuries. Everything those Ratbassturds touch, say or do turns to poo. Out of the gate biden throws thousands of pipeline workers under the bus and now he begs opec for help. Nothing new there.

      And now we witness 800 people packed like sardines in a cargo jet trying to escape the Taliban. Those that did not fit either were squashed in the wheel compartments or fell to their deaths. But never mind all of that filth, some pompous clowns on this forum are much more upset over bump stocks, the NRA or me purchasing firearms made in Turkey. You know who you are and you can eat sht.

      POTUS DJT was slandered and libeled by democRats and their useful idiots throughout his 4 years and the Rats still had the nerve to say this was a POTUS DJT Afghanistan exit plan. Unlike the cargo jet that was overloaded with people who were clearly overloaded with fear demoCrap is not flying in America. And that means touch the Second Amendment and touch off a hornet’s nest…democRat.

    • “Afghan military: loses their entire country to guys in sandals who don’t know how to hold dumbbells”

      In 72 hours, no less… 🙁

      • Those guys in sandals with ancient AKs and Lee Enfields have successfully been fighting the largest, best equipped, supposedly best trained mitary in the world and made that military turn tail and run like a scalded dog.

        • No, the US military did not turn tail and run, did not get beat. The politicians turned tail and ran. Politicians’ imposed Rules of Engagement handcuffed the military. Same as Viet Nam.

  2. Yeah, as I said somewhere else, the only people they don’t want to have weapons are American conservatives! You don’t always get what ya want.

  3. I’m converting and claiming Taliban membership. Why the hell not? It would imbue me with super powers apparently. The woke will ignore me, the law will clear a path for me, the military will give me anything I want, rich white people will make excuses for me no matter how bad my behavior is, I get 5 mandatory breaks a day, I get to wear my pajamas everywhere.

    I only see upsides to this.

  4. Obama/Biden/Hillary armed Al Qaeda and ISIS as well. Their hypocrisy goes back to prehistoric days.

    • True. They called them “freedom fighters” because they were fighting our “enemies,” Russia in the first case, and Assad in the latter case. Obviously this was done intentionally. So the question is, can they excuse these misbegotten adventures as “being mislead,” and “utter foolishness,” or will they admit that they knowingly and intentionally supported international terrorist groups because they supported the goals of those organizations? Don’t forget that Obama also supported the Arab Spring in Libya and Egypt, the latter of which was the only one to successfully defend against the overthrow of their government by the Muslim Brotherhood, forefather of Al Queda.

  5. So that terrorist A-hole gets an M-16 A1 and I don’t. Ok. Ok. I get it. It’s ON now.

    • Theres a double barrel duck gunm at my gunmshop.
      28 inch , full and modified barrels, single select trigger, chambered 3jnch. Made in Turkey, dont worry about the price it’s worth it.
      Would like like for me to pick it up for you?

  6. Wonder how many of those weapons will come back home? People on the terrorists watch list have been caught at our southern border, and by a conservative estimate at least a few have made it undetected.

    • Don’t forget that Biden is closing down Gitmo and releasing all the prisioners back to their home country. Who wants to bet that they will re group, and get revenge on us? I foresee future terror incidents rising domestically.

      • He will empty Gitmo. Just like the Libertarians Liberals and the Left, had the jails in the USA emptied.

        • What will you do Chris T, without Big Daddy government to take care of you?

          Your safety is your responsibility, not the government.

        • Wasting your time, everything is everyone else’s fault except Republicans. Chris is a true statist and believes Governement should control every aspect of your life as long as he agrees with what is being controlled. There is seriously no helping the guy, also like all Republicans he is obsessed with sex toys and homosexuals.

  7. Does anyone know how readily available 5.56 NATO will be to these guys compared to the usual commie ammo?

    • They make megatons of our ammo over there just like we make theirs over here. I always find it hilarious to see things like Hornady Texas Whitetail 7.62×39 loads. I’m sure they work fine, but… it’s like a cowboy on a skateboard.

      • My 7.62 x 39 is a hog killing round and runs very clean. Works fantastic on the A R platform.

    • Something tells me they’ll be able to get all the steel cased lacquer coated ammo they can handle.

    • They have taken possession of a couple hundred million rounds, theyll be stocked for a long while.

      • But when the A R’s begin to jam because they need cleaning, they will throw it down and get another until there is not another to get.

  8. They are not going to harm innocent people? Who decides what is ‘innocent’. Will they start executing women in the soccer stadiums again?

  9. But you don’t need a machine gun. Because it’s just a waste of ammo???
    I wonder how many grenades and grenade launchers the taliban have now? But you have to pay that tax stamp.

  10. Taqiya…all you need to know about the conquerors of planet fitness. Their word means NOTHING.

  11. RE: The UN ATT. We’re already 99% there with what the UN wants. About the only thing left is to pass along all that 4473 info the ATF has to them. And if the current proposed ATF regulations are implemented, (UBC’s, marking of privately built firearms, redefining receiver, etc., etc.) we would be in full compliance with the ITI and the rest of the ATT. Enforcement would not be blue helmets landing on US shores. Enforcement would be handled by ATF, and other US agencies, because it would OUR laws that are being enforced. I strongly advise reading the document at the below link. It’s only a few pages.


  12. Because Creepy Joe doesn’t care about a bunch of sand ******* over there. He’s more concerned about potential resistance back home.

    Progressives make the fundamental mistake of taking the world as they wish it to be and not as it actually is. Reality often bites hard.

  13. heres the deal:
    take a look at a 2020 presidential election results by county map
    the vast majority of people that occupy 80-90 percent of the land mass of the united states voted for trump
    and they are sick sick sick and tired tired tired of the democrat party and washington dc and everything they stand for and its been that way for a long time the loathing and contempt they have for the current situation is palpable and “actionable”
    steins law: “that which cannot continue…wont…”
    one way or another…like it or not…change is coming

  14. The United Nations wants to regulate my gunms. I dont live in the United Nations, I live in the United States.
    A country that supposedly gives me the right to have firegunms.
    I’m beginning to distrust theBiden, and We all had such high hopes and expectations.
    Well at least he opened the borders thank god, that’s one promise its kept.

    • If the US Senate ratifies the UN ATT, it becomes as much a part of the Constitution as the Constitution itself. The relevant portion of Article VI of the Constitution:

      “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding. “

      • It would require SCOTUS to evaluate the UN ATT against the 2A. I don’t look forward to that fight.

    • There is one other promise he kept: He promised to unite the country. Well, in the space of only seven months he’s managed to piss off everyone for one reason or another. I call that a job well done.

      • That’s kind of like the level playing field that they talk about. Everyone equally starving.

  15. Wait, so if I understand this article correctly…Biden is actually working for the Taliban! And he’s inside the Oval Office!

    That explains so much! No wonder everything his administration does is anti-American!

  16. After 9/11 the Taliban offered to arrest Bin Laden, but Bush turned them down because he wanted to be a “wartime president” to have a “successful presidency.”

    The Washington Post headline weeks after 9/11 put it succinctly: “Bush Rejects Taliban Offer On Bin Laden.” With that decision not to arrest and try Bin Laden for his crime but instead to go to war George W. Bush set the US and Afghanistan on a direct path to today.

    More recently, Trump and Pompeo gave the Taliban everything they wanted — power, legitimacy and the release of 5000 of their worst war criminals — over the strong objections of the Afghan government in 2019 so Trump could falsely claim, heading into the 2020 election, that he’d “negotiated peace” in Afghanistan when in fact he’d set up this week’s debacle.

    “The relationship I have with the Mullah is very good,” Trump proclaimed after ordering the mullah who yesterday named himself President freed from prison over the furious objection of Afghan’s government, who Trump had cut out of the negotiations.

    Now Trump and the GOP are scrubbing the record of that betrayal of both America and Afghanistan and embrace of the Taliban from their websites, as noted here and here.

    And the UK is coming right out and saying that Trump’s “rushed” deal with the Taliban — without involvement of the Afghan government or the international community — set up this disaster. “The die was cast,” Defense Minister Ben Wallace told the BBC, “when the deal was done by Donald Trump, if you want my observation.”

    Trump’s sabotage notwithstanding, President Biden, the State Department and the Pentagon should have anticipated this week’s debacle in Afghanistan. The fact that they didn’t speaks volumes about how four administrations, the Pentagon and our defense contractors covered up how poorly the Ashraf Ghani government was doing there. Just like they did with Vietnam. It’s on all of them.

    • As you usual, you omitted the facts and put your spin on it:

      “If the Taliban is given evidence that Osama bin Laden is involved” and the bombing campaign stopped, “we would be ready to hand him over to a third country but it would have to be a state that would never “come under pressure from the United States”. The offer came a day after the Taliban’s supreme leader rebuffed Bush’s “second chance” for the Islamic militia to surrender Bin Laden to the US.
      Mullah Mohammed Omar said there was no move to “hand anyone over”.

      To sum this up the USA bombed Afghanistan for 8 days and the Taliban would consider turning Osama bin Laden over to a 3rd country which had no extradition policy with the USA. Mullah Mohammed Omar who was the ruler of the Taliban at the time said no and became wanted by the United States government after being accused of harboring Osama bin Laden and other al-Qaeda militants after the September 11 attacks against the US. He died of TB in 2013.

      While all this is interesting history, the fact is what happened in 2001 is of no relevance now. After we get our people out of Afghanistan it’s up to Biden to carpet bomb that hole onto pea gravel. Given the fact that his popularity has taken a huge hit even within his own party he had better retaliate for his mistake. The it’s Trumps fault BS doesn’t cut it anymore, he has been out of office for 7 months, this debacle is squarely on Biden’s shoulders.

      Even you try and put the spin on it that is was Trumps fault but this time the American people aren’t going to listen to that. They see what is going on and “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” is playing nice right now. The reason they are is because Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in an interview that the United States will not recognize any government that harbors terrorist groups or does not uphold basic human rights. IOWs when we have all the US citizens out of Afghanistan something very bad is going to happen over there.

      If Biden wants to save the Democrats then we have to retaliate harshly. Even MSM is putting the blame squarely on Biden, they know the whole Trump did it nonsense isn’t going to work anymore.

      “It’s on all of them.” – That’s not how the USA sees it, right now it’s on Biden and even Jen Psaki cant dodge bricks forever.

      “Biggest U.S. event in Afghanistan since the invasion. Americans in danger, billions at stake. Massive evacuation debacle. Joe comes off vacation, blames everyone else, goes back on vacation. This is our leader America.” That’s the sentiment of both parties and most citizens right now so if you are trolling just stop. The US populace will settle for nothing less then a full retaliation. The reason? Because 20 years, two trillion dollars and thousands of Americans dead and wounded is stuck in their heads. Nobody wants to hear about Bush, Trump and Pompeo.
      Right now this is ALL on Biden and Antony Blinken.
      Even CNN has turned on Blinken.

      If you are serious and not trolling then keep it civil, if you start like Biden and blame it on Trump or the Afghanistan people then that’s the same nonsense that Biden’s trying to use. It’s going to get worse when the Taliban starts chopping off peoples heads and Biden knows that.

      • After you long rant the facts are that Busch could have found Bin Laden and sent in long range stealth fighters and taken him out. He did not because he wanted a war and an invasion. Be assured Busch knew where Obama was ,even the previous president Clinton knew were he was before 9/11

        And in fact Trumps fk ups put Biden between a rock and a hard place and yes if Trump had not been such a Moron the withdrawal would not have been near the disaster it was so yes Trump does not get off the hook just because you love him.

        The real facts are as Jimmy Carter said “We are the most war like nation on earth”. And I might add there is a price in money and lives to pay when we try and Nation Build just as the German Nazi’s did when they started WWII. At least the Germans for the past 76 years have seemed to have learned their lesson about wars of rape, pillage and conquest while we on the other hand have not as is evident on this forum with all the finger pointing and politicking about how we could have won if only we would have spent more money and killed more people if our political party was still in power or had been in power.

        Lets face facts we are lousy at being a Colonial Power and at Nation Building. The arrogant Americans love to denigrate the French but they kept a lid on Vietnam unrest for 85 years and raped the country dry of its rice and natural rubber products while we destroyed the Vietnam economy in only a few short years and even had to import rice to feed the people when under French Rule they exported 1/3 of the worlds rice supply and 2/3 of the Natural Rubber.

        Our Moron Generals did no better in Afghanistan as they shelled out money like it was water and never monitored where it was going. Infrastructure projects were started and never finish, retraining of the military repair technicians never happened, paying the police and military were totally ignored while the Afghan corrupt government stole it all and then asked for more money and got it.

        I might add failure to train Afghan technicians to take over after our private contractors left was a major moral killer because now there was no one to service and maintain the often complicated and heavy firepower that the Afghan military relied on such as helicopter gun ships, planes and even artillery maintenance. Really did the Moron U.S. Generals not expect that ill equipped troops because of broken down equipment and troops that had not been paid in months would fight for a corrupt government that disserted them in the middle of a war. There certainly was no Chinese Gordon of British fame that stayed behind to fight the bitter end.

        Even the Moron Generals should have known that in war you do not push a string of men you lead them and the Afghan leaders simply fled the country.

        Quote—————–The US populace will settle for nothing less then a full retaliation. ————-quote

        Oh brilliant idea Herr Hauptman, now after killing thousands of Afghan civilians in another war that never should have been you are advocating bombing and killing thousands more civilians. The real facts are that surveys show the majority of Americans are glad we are finally getting out and the last thing they want to do is spend trillions more bombing a 3rd world country that is of no strategic value to us at all.

        Get over it we lost do both the last colonial wars to the incompetence of both the U.S. Military Leaders and the Civilian Leaders of both political parties. We should finally learn from two botched and unnecessary wars that we do not have the right to rule the world and try to create another Roman Empire because unlike the Romans 1,000 year reign we are collapsing internally after only 245 years.

        Let us concentrate on cleaning up the mess in our own country because the real enemies at the present are ourselves. As President Lincoln once said “We will never be conquered from without but we will destroy ourselves from within”.

        • Douchian says “..Busch… could have found Bin Laden and sent in long range stealth fighters..”

          Busch? Anheuser-Busch? Look who is wasted on Budweiser. Douchian, we took you more as a Boone’s Farm, mixed with turpentine over some meth. (Still do actually)

          Anheuser-Busch, must store those stealth fighters in the barns next to the Clydesdales.

          At least it’s confirmed now why your posts are so insane.

        • dacian proved to me that he cannot do two things:
          One: Keep it civil
          Two: Don’t go strawman.
          The French, Vietnam, Nazi’s, spend trillions, Trump, Roman Empire, Lincoln in no particular order.

          I will never respond to another post he makes, he has proven that there is something seriously wrong with his mental state.

          Oh I forgot: dacian never cites anything, most of it is opinion or partial citations.

          Trillions only comes up when anyone mentions Biden, It would take billions with a B to carpet bomb where “our” planes are, the IFF system might lead our bombs and cruise missiles right to them.

          This fell into Bidens lap, he ignored the intel and it has blown up in his face.
          Trump is playing golf and laughing.

          dacian I will ignore you from now on, please return the favor.

  17. Bush’s lies that took us into Afghanistan and, a bit over a year later into Iraq, are particularly egregious, however, given his and Cheney’s apparent reasons for those lies.

    In 1999, when George W. Bush decided he was going to run for president in the 2000 election, his family hired Mickey Herskowitz to write the first draft of Bush’s autobiography, A Charge To Keep.

    Although Bush had gone AWOL for about a year during the Vietnam war and was thus apparently no fan of combat, he’d concluded (from watching his father’s “little 3- day war” with Iraq) that being a “wartime president” was the most consistently surefire way to get reelected and have a two-term presidency.

    • High there Dacian:
      Are you a fan of combat?
      I am not a fan of combat.
      Well, maybe I am, it does leave a lot of leftovers.
      My mistake.
      Semper FIESTA

    • dacian just stop, nobody cares what Bush did in 1999.

      The USA population DOES care about what happened in the last week.

      If you aren’t trolling then do you have any ideas what we should do after we evacuate ALL the citizens of the USA? Come 9/1 it’s going to be a whole different game and right now our citizens see this falling all on Biden. He has fallen out of favor with MSM and even CNN.
      What’s the USA’s next move?

      • Jimmy Carter owned the Tehran crisis and now joe xiden owns Afghanistan. Carters bumbling brought Reagan to office.

        I wonder who xidens bumbling will bring in next?

  18. “Press photos circulated of Taliban forces carrying near-new M-4 rifles, topped with thermal imagers.” US no longer “owns the night.” Wonder how Sleazy/Senile Joe squares this mother lode of arms for Taliban with ITAR regulations??? Probably OBummer planned this mother lode for his Islam buddies. Similar to plane load of money pallets landing in Iran under cover of night……ala OBummer/Biden treasonous act. Aiding/abetting enemies.

  19. Taliban fighters in the Afghan capital, Kabul, started collecting weapons from civilians on Monday because people no longer need them for personal protection, a Taliban official said.
    “We understand people kept weapons for personal safety. They can now feel safe. We are not here to harm innocent civilians,” the official told Reuters.

    Reuters (Aug 16, 2021)

    Where have we heard that before? Oh yeah:

    “At Concord we took all possible pains to convince​ them​ that we meant them no injury, and that if they opened their doors when required to search for military stores, not the slightest mischief would be done. We had opportunities of convincing them of our good intentions, but they were sulky…

    Lt Col Francis Smith, 10th Regiment of Foot, after-action report to General Thomas Gage (April 22, 1775)

    • It would be difficult to believe soldiers at your door would not harm you after finding a catche of weapons.
      I do believe they’d hit me in the guts with a buttstock before dragging me off for tea and a visit about my other friends.

  20. The Taliban are a bunch boy rapists that torture animals and women. Cowards of the highest order.

  21. You have to ignore 20 years of fuckups to claim that all of a sudden Biden armed the Taliban.

    First, The Pakistan intelligence service founded, financed and armed the Taliban.

    Second, the Taliban have long been financing themselves via the heroin business. Something the Russians stomped down on hard when they were there but our side failed to do anything about.

    Third the Afghan National Army armed the Taliban. Beginning with corruption, American supplied arms and ammunition have been reaching the Taliban from the ANA for the last two decades. No American President gave this hardware to the bad guys, the corrupt Afghans did it. Hardly anything new in that country.

    Finally the Afghan National Army gave up, ran way, got slaughtered, or defected to the enemy. All adding up to the Afghans arming the Taliban.

    Biden’s failure isn’t in the weapons the Taliban have long been getting via corruption and other means. His failure was first sticking with Trumps plan to run away and then ignoring the ongoing changes in the situation on the ground. The Taliban had been winning for weeks. The ANA had been collapsing for weeks. Bidens failure was to adapt to how the plan he inherited, and stupidly stuck with, was never going to work and was falling apart from the beginning.

    The only thing I don’t get is why anybody thought the Afghan government and it’s army would take longer to collapse? It’s always been a paper tiger, a army built of lies by bureaucrats. Sure, there were some good, solid units in the army, but far too few and never well equipped like our people are.

    “Biden” did not arm the Taliban. That was Pakistan, GW Bush, B. Obama, D. Trump, and in this latest chapter of our long history of fucking up in Afghanistan, Biden merely joins the club.

    • Biden said the buck stops with him, so he has currently armed the Taliban due to his inept handling of the situation. Not originally though.

      Actually the CIA and Saudi Arabian General Intelligence Directorate (GID) funnelled funding and equipment through the Pakistani Inter-Service Intelligence Agency (ISI) to the Afghan mujahideen (what is now the Taliban). In the 1980’s around 90,000 Afghan mujahideen were trained by Pakistan’s ISI during the 1980s using equipment and arms and money supplied by the the CIA and Saudi Arabian General Intelligence Directorate (GID) which began under the watch of President Ronald Reagan.

      • Just a note. The Mujahideen and Taliban are two separate things although they have some common ground. The Mujahideen I refer to in the above was that which broke off to join the Taliban. The mujahideen shared their supplied equipment, money, and arms from the CIA and Saudi Arabian General Intelligence Directorate (GID) channeled through Pakistan with the Taliban. That path later supplied the Taliban directly which is why it looks like Pakistan was supplying, in reality is was the CIA and Saudi Arabian General Intelligence Directorate (GID). That supply channel started under the watch of Ronald Regan.

      • Regardless of this dribble, whats out next step?
        Biden screwed the pooch when had no real withdrawal plan.
        Intelligence told him that the the ANA would fold and yet he ignored it.
        “We trained and equipped an Afghan military force of some 300,000 strong — incredibly well equipped — a force larger in size than the militaries of many of our NATO allies.” which he was told was BS and yet he ignored it.
        The Taliban wasn’t running around with our new equipment 3 weeks ago.
        They had old AKs from the war with the USSR.
        Biden did screw up because he didn’t think anything through.
        Going back to the Mujahideen isn’t helping the PRESENT situation.
        The Taliban is already flogging women for not wearing burkas.
        Lets put the screw-ups on both sides aside and answer this question.
        Whats our next move now that Biden has royally screwed up?

        • Our next move is preventing any President from starting a war like Bush did just to stay in power. That would be a good first start.

          The second would be to quit trying to establish another Roman empire by invading the entire world. The Romans by the way went bankrupt doing it and history has certainly repeated itself.

          Trump after he lied his way into power was astonished at how many foreign countries had U.S. troops in them and the billions it takes to keep them there. Between that expense (54 cents of every tax dollar) and giving the rest of our tax dollars to the Capitalvanians in the form of Corporate subsidies it leaves no money for health care or affordable drugs or the retraining of our workers or the education of our children.

          We got our asses beat again, learn from it this time and do not ignore the original lessons never learned from the Vietnam tragedy that also spent more money than we spent on all of WWII. And we spent another 2 trillion down the shit hole of an unnecessary war in Afghanistan. Remember that when you go bankrupt over your health care bills.

      • Why would any of us suddenly just accept whatever Biden has to say about anything?

        The “Buck” has been stopping at the President’s desk for generations. Failures do not just evaporate when the next guy comes along to take up that dubious title.

        The previous idiots do not get their infamy washed away just because Biden spoke some empty and meaningless phrase. He is responsible for his part. The others are responsible for their parts.

        Wish it could be simpler, but it isn’t.

    • To Watch your doors and corners

      You are a rare commodity on this forum. You are intelligent and you are perfectly sane. I found absolutely nothing to disagree with you on. You hit the nail on the head. Thanks for not playing the usual game other people play which is the propaganda of right wing politics.

      • I read, what I could, of your posts.

        You are an unstable moronic propagandist, that has no reality to other people, or the truth.

        Very ironic you think you are the arbitrator of who is “perfectly sane”.

        So don’t agree with me, I don’t want your filth anywhere near me, mudding me, or what I said.

        • Well I guess trying to be civil to an asshole was a lost cause. You turned out to be just like all the other Far Right fanatics that refuse to accept both sides of controversial issues. I am one of the few that is not afraid to present them and defend my point of view which often quotes the experts in all fields. Rejecting everything but Right Wing politics only hurts your own credibility. Learning is a life long experience something you now have admitted you cannot participate in. Rejecting everything I have posted by calling it lies because it did not reinforce your politics is the height of stupidity and arrogance. Perhaps your last post (when I agreed with you) was just a temporary period of sanity on your part or just your blind dumb luck.

          Be rest assured I will agree with you when you are correct and jump down your throat when you are wrong. This is something you just admitted you cannot do because of your immaturity. If anything you are the one that is unhinged by refusing to accept any political viewpoint but your own. Touché you did temporarily fool me but no more. And by the way I am used to guys like you trying to kick my teeth in but you will find I kick twice as hard and after that diatribe you are in for some good replies. I look forward to it.

  22. Fast and Furious was the test case; Afghanistan is the proof of concept: FEDGOV handing guns out to bad guys.

    But, since I voted for Trump, disbelieve the 2020 “election” results, refuse to take the voodoo vax “jab”, won’t wear a face diaper, and believe that this regime is 100% criminal, corrupt and illegitimate; and that Americans have a DUTY to put off this government by any means necessary & set future guards for liberty… doesn’t that make me a terrorist too??

    I’d like to place an order for a dozen Blackhawk helos, 300 up-armored humvees, 150 MRAPs, 50 A-10 warthogs, 15 F-35 fighter jets, 100 M1A2 Abrams tanks, 2000 ‘Stinger’ MANPADS, and 80,000 assorted M16A3, M-4, and M24 rifles…

    Oh yeah, and some F-15’s and nukes, please.

    • Henry B, you may want to add a few GE M134 Electric Miniguns to that list. Also a few truckloads of 7.62×51.👍
      Nothing quite like 4000rpm of 7.62mm suppressive fire to take control of a battle space.

  23. Don’t worry. Whoever runs Afghanistan will make sure that the Libertarians who want to make heroin legal will be able to get it. Since Afghanistan is a major source for the worlds heroin. And since Libertarians Liberals and the Left want the police defunded. I will be able to go out and shoot on sight, drug users and drug dealers. When they rob, rape, steal, break into, or vandalize private property. When conducting their legal business.

    And if anybody doesn’t like that then I suggest that you advertised in your white suburban or rural neighborhood. For the drug dealers and drug addicts to go where you live and work. This way they can sell to the local children. Or give the white children free samples. Like they do in the inner cities.

    It is possible to have a “Drug free zone” in your community. Just like they have in Mexico.

    From 2011

    “The Mexican women who kicked the cartels out of Cherán”. video 6 min long

  24. Question: If Taliban fighters are swapping out their old AKs for US rifles, could they possibly get those AKs to the surplus markets in the US? Maybe just send them over the southern border through our quick, no-search checkpoints? I might be among the first to consider purchasing one of the small arms that brought the mighty US military to ignoble defeat and defenestration. The current administration would be enormously pleased that I was not buying American. And the refugees bringing their surplus arms here would profit handsomely. Win-win-win!

  25. I have to give credit where credit is due. That jihadi piece of shit in the foreground has a magnificent head of hair.

  26. The Afghans have been at war for what, 40 years? Between us and the Russians.

    I wonder if they can handle peace?

  27. F–k Biden, he can’t have my AR, my AK and any other letters of the alphabet I may or may not have and I don’t give a rats ass what he signs or who he tries to let enforce his BS.

  28. Biden – you sex addict, law & USA constitution violator – your ass needs IMPEACHMENT FINED REMOVED FROM ALL $Govt$ and ALL $govt retirement$ asap

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