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Joe Biden doesn’t take defeat well (unless, of course, it’s in Afghanistan, and then he declares it a historic victory). The White House announced earlier today through state media that they’re finally euthanizing the David Chipman nomination to head the ATF. In a just-released statement from the White House, Old Joe blames Republicans for Chipman’s stinging defeat.

It’s strange that he makes no mention of the lies Chipman told about the ATF’s Waco debacle. Or the allegedly racist remarks Chippy made about fellow ATF agents (which no one has bothered to refute).

It’s also curious that the Oval Office occupant doesn’t mention the bipartisan nature of the opposition to his nominee. The reason the Democrats don’t have the votes needed to install a registered gun control lobbyist in the top seat at ATF is because as many as four non-Republicans couldn’t stomach the thought of voting for Chipman either.

At least three Democrats (Manchin, Sinema, and Tester) and one independent (King, who caucuses with the Dems) have either quietly opposed the nomination or signaled that they do with their silence when asked. Schumer’s known for weeks that he didn’t have the votes despite having effective control of the Senate. Someone on the hill finally impressed that fact on the White House.

Here’s what is ostensibly the President’s delusional statement on the defeat. Enjoy.

David Chipman spent 25 years in distinguished service to our country as an ATF agent. He’s a gun owner himself, and someone who has the backing of law enforcement groups. And, he’s spent most of last decade as a leading voice for commonsense gun violence prevention legislation that will save lives. He would have been an exemplary Director of the ATF and would have redoubled its efforts to crack down on illegal firearms traffickers and help keep our communities safe from gun violence.

Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress have made clear that they intend to use gun crime as a political talking point instead of taking serious steps to address it. That’s why they’ve moved in lockstep to block David Chipman’s confirmation, and it’s why they side with gun manufacturers over the overwhelming majority of the American people in opposing commonsense measures like universal background checks.

They even unanimously opposed the Rescue Plan, which has given cities and states $350 billion that they can use to put more cops on the beat so that they can really know the neighborhoods they patrol, and invest in proven community anti-violence programs – among other uses. While my administration has worked to strengthen law enforcement and crack down on gun crime, Republicans have opposed us at every turn.

We knew this wouldn’t be easy – there’s only been one Senate-confirmed ATF Director in the Bureau’s history – but I have spent my entire career working to combat the scourge of gun violence, and I remain deeply committed to that work. Since taking office, my Administration has taken numerous steps to combat gun violence, and we’ll continue to use every tool at our disposal to fight gun violence and keep Americans safe. I am grateful for Mr. Chipman’s service and for his work.  

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  1. It was me, Mr. President. And lots of other Americans who opposed your candidate, and you as well. It isn’t just the NRA or gun manufacturers who opposed him. It’s everyday people who value our rights, who called senators, wrote comments on the ATF rule changes, sent money to various gun rights groups, and bought lots of firearms. We will likely oppose your next candidate as well, so expect our calls. You’re welcome.

    • But to be fair, most everyday people really do not want Biden as our president. At least we get our way with Dave Chipman.

  2. They even unanimously opposed the Rescue Plan, which has given cities and states $350 billion that they can use to put more cops on the beat ….

    In other words, raise my federal taxes in red states to backfill woke blue cities and states who defunded their police departments. Uhhh…NO!

    • When they defunded the police, did they give the local tax payers their money back? It almost looks like a scheme to fund their pet projects.

  3. Biden Admin going down in flames. I love it. It’s funny how the 81 million people that supposedly voted for Uncle Joe didn’t likewise vote for more Dems in the House and Senate.

    Weird, donchya think??

    • “Biden Admin going down in flames.”

      Not by a longshot. They’re still very dangerous to freedom.

      I’ll breath a sigh of relief in about 13 months (after the mid-terms) if we retake the House and Senate by a comfortable margin.

      Of course, I’ll giggle like an 8 year-old school girl if California kicks Newsom to the curb and installs Larry Elder in his place… 😉

    • 81 million didn’t vote FOR Biden; probably about 80.99 million voted to get Trump out. Many also voted for Republicans to provide a check on how much damage Biden could do.

  4. Chipman beat Chipman
    Biden and his advisers made a bad choice but will never admit it nor any other wrongdoing.

    • “Chipman beat Chipman”

      True, that guy almost makes Cackling Kamala seem charming by comparison.

  5. I will be curious what the MSM says about this.
    Had it been Trump making the statement that the other party was blocking the $350B anti-crime boondoggle, there would be a fact checking frenzy.

    Wanna bet there will be nary a peep about this?

  6. Joe Braindead is under the impression that he is the Dictator in Chief instead of POTUS… He truly believes that everything he says and does is absolute and no one has the right to question his authoritahh…

    • Considering the number of people who have gone along with him, is he wrong?

      An EO instructing the DoL to force every business over 100 employees to follow Joe’s demonstrably irrational dictates? What will be the non-compliance rate? Probably low, because the IRS ultimately will enforce this and they’re the most feared agency in government.

      At this point your best case is a choice between Argentina and Algeria. The question is the timeline. I don’t see a way around this and I’ve spent the last year looking for it.

      • , is he wrong?

        Yes he is… Just because a bunch of suck ups buy his shit does not make him right nor his authority absolute… He was allegedly “elected” president for four years NOT “RULER” for life… His Executive Orders will be challenged and overturned, he has overstepped his self determined authority on Constitutional grounds, his premise that the unvaccinated MUST get the shot to PROTECT the vaccinated is one of the most moronic statements I’ve heard in the last day or two, I thought the vaccination was supposed to protect against the virus and if it does not then why get it… The most important point that Braindead has missed is the fact that the virus we’re looking at today is NOT the virus we were looking at 8/9 months ago, a virus is constantly mutating to counteract any threat to it’s survival but these vaccines are still targeting the same old virus… I always thought Belize would be my go to, then Hollywood discovered it and turned it into one of those “playgrounds of the rich and famous”

      • WOW, “moderated” twice in the same day am I a baddass or what? I see at least one post with the “F” word, I didn’t use that, if you want me to go away just say so, I’m not far from it any way… Spend a shtload of time to post this stuff to be arbitrarily Censored? REALLY? And without explanation? Hmmmm.

        • Moderation is mostly a WordPress issue here, not a TTAG issue.

          WordPress is squirrely with its moderation.

      • “At this point your best case is a choice between Argentina and Algeria.”

        Voter rolls are public records, and I’m glad I’m listed as an independent, if some leftist scum ever decided to make their ‘shopping list’…

      • Eh, I don’t think we’re going fully down either of those roads. We’ll probably see a certain amount of both flavors, but even if for a time it does get as bad as you think it will, we won’t end up like them. We’re not immune to chaos or catastrophe, but we are different.

        • I can’t tell if your clearly abundant overuse of hopium is admirable or not.

          Given the government’s batshit crazy behavior of late, complete lack of competence at anything other than going full tyrant at press conferences I’m gonna go with what the CDC director recently asked; “Do we have data or hope?”.

          But hey, maybe I’ll get some faith back when someone answers that question I’ve asked a bunch of times about the relationship between your 2A rights and international ocean shipping.

        • May or may not be admirable, and we can argue about overuse, but if you can’t find at least a little bit of it somewhere, you might as well Jim Jones yourself and your loved ones right now. I’m not going down that road.

  7. It’s always someone else’s fault with brain dead Joe. In addition to being wrong on every decision he has made as POTUS, he is also a sick and demented liar.

  8. “He’s a gun owner himself”

    Oh, well if he also owns guns he must be my friend and ally!

    Fuck that noise.

    • Yeah, but they are unloaded and hiding behind the tuna cans in the kitchen cabinets. Also, he was a LEO, so that makes it all ok. He isn’t a common citizen or anything like that, you know.

  9. Rules you will find are consistent with politicians:

    1) There is no problem.
    2) If there is a problem it’s not my fault.
    3) Any problems are to be blamed on someone [who I claim to be] within my political opposition.

    This applies to any problem a politician may face. It doesn’t depend on party either, it’s a timeless game played by the vast, vast majority of them throughout history.

    I have to admit, I find discussions of the 2A, at this point, really rather pointless given everything else that’s going on. What’s the point of the 2A if you’re going to willingly live in an openly corrupt technocratic police state?

    It’s not like, once that edifice is erected, that you’re going to get to keep your guns. LOL. They’ll have built the best system ever for compliance and you’ll have given in to that system to the point that you cannot back out.

    • 3 responses to political crisis.

      1. Blame previous administration.
      2. Blame the markets.
      3. Call an election.

      • Unfortunately, the US, for the most part, doesn’t have the ability to pull a “no confidence” vote or call a snap election. (We’ll see how the latter works out for the Canadian PM here, people are throwing rocks at that guy when he’s out in public.)

        As such, we ride it out until the next election or until the country collapses or kicks off a civil war.

        The second option is already happening by most metrics. The latter option is an open question at this point.

  10. Lol

    Just like Hillary Clinton. Biden can blame who ever he likes. Chapman’s defeat is a result of what Chipman is. This is NOT a GOP thing. It’s a Chipman thing. Just like Clinton’s defeat was a result of what she is. If she wouldn’t have been running her email server, she would have like been elected.

    Chipmans defeat is Chipmans fault.

  11. “…They even unanimously opposed the Rescue Plan, which has given cities and states $350 billion that they can use to put more cops on the beat…”

    Biden conveniently forgets to mention that the total package costs $6 TRILLION – all borrowed or printed out of thin air – and it goes to fund democrat graft and corruption. The $350 billion this douchebag is talking about WASN’T specified for law enforcement and he only mentions it as cover to deflect away from any criticism of that crap show.

    This MF’er and his handlers are evil.

    • Oh yeah, I forgot…It pisses me off to hear these Democrat extremists all of a sudden holding law enforcement up for sanctification when they’ve been braying for the last year to “Defund the Police.”

      F’ing hypocrites.

      • The reason they’re so brazen is because they know the media is on their side. They were trying to say that Republicans were the ones defunding the police because they weren’t going along with all of the insane spending.

        I say all because the Republicans went along with plenty of insane spending both this year and last year. Gotta make those deals so the people that really profit from these spending packages will make donations to your ongoing election campaigns.

    • It’s interesting to note how large parts of the “Defund the Police” movement were actually funded. It’s very similar to Mexico and probably has the same people behind it (cartels).

      Essentially when you look at a place like Portland you find that this whole thing is mostly funded by NGOs and *charity* groups that all take a huge percentage (if not all) of their funding from a select group of private businesses.

      Those businesses are owned, partly or wholly, by lawyers in L.A. who have known, deep, cartel connections.

      Because I’m lazy I’ll just repost the following, a transcript of an interview with a guy who spent years on the front line of the narco war in Mexico and was born there (Ed Calderon):

      “So, the way it usually happens, and this is, you know, just for people to keep an eye on for some of these things, the way corrosion worked in Mexico this: Cartels started getting involved in legal operations and legal money intermingling with members of industry and members of well off families. It started recruiting and bringing in some of the sons and kids of these industries to kinda basically meld themselves into the legal side of the money in some environments.

      Then they started putting people into police academies at a young age and paying for people who are already on the force. To basically begin developing interests within police forces. Um, then they started investing in the career paths of lawyers, doctors. People who would have a immigration process stateside. So, now they had distribution people catching them on the other side of the border that had a vested interest in keeping, because they paid for my immigration process so now I need to work with these people.

      So, they started building a, a, a, they start spreading out an influence in a, a region, right? And, eventually, you know, they gained control over politics as well. You start seeing some of their tendrils go into politics as well. And, you’ll see a corrosion and usually that corrosion leads into a distrust or a corrosion of confidence in police forces.

      Guess where we are here in the States? I lived through that down there and I know where it leads.”

      He goes on to talk specifics but I’m not typing that shit out. He talks about this in a number of places, the best recent place is probably the Vigilance Elite YouTube Channel. It’s a bit short for a long-form interview but he covers a lot of ground.

  12. Biden doesn’t care about violence. If he did, “gun” would not be added to his comments.

    Common sense violence prevention means keeping violent recidivists away from civilization.

    They can be imprisoned all their life or executed.

    That would actually reduce crime apart from violating the Constitution and that’s not acceptable to liberals.

  13. I contacted both of my senators, (who are both flaming liberal women) and complained about Chipman’s incompetence and his views on the second amendment. Don’t know if it did any good. But if you don’t express concerns or views, nothing gets done.

  14. The next nominee will be at least as anti-gun, but will know how to get through hearings, and probably pull a Garland and avoid answering questions.
    SEN CRUZ: On August 4, you tweeted that all gun owners should be drown in their own feces.
    NOMINEE: I said that as a private citizen. As Director of a law enforcement organization, I would fight to ensure that all accused are treated as innocent until proven guilty and free from cruel and unusual punishment.
    SEN CRUZ: Are you in favor of an assault weapons ban?
    NOMINEE: As Director, I plan to weigh the evidence presented by advocates and opponents before coming to a conclusion. [While inwardly thinking- Of course, my conclusion will be for a ban, with the owners being drown in their own feces.]

  15. Honesty imo if the Cowboys keep playing like last night they going to win games. Dak is the real deal get over it haters.

  16. Anytime you read the term “commonsense” you can bet your bottom dollar it’s anything but commonsense. Biden is talking smack with the normal BS catch phrases trying to elicit a collective approving nod and harumph from folks.
    HEY, I didn’t get a harumph from that guy!!!!

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