Bianchi Introduces the Old Tuscany Line of Leather Holsters

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Bianchi Leather has a new line of premium leather holsters with a European flair. Their Old Tuscany holsters are made from Italian leathers and built with old world style and quality.They’re available for a variety of carry and duty firearms from all of the major players, and range in price from $84 to $144 bucks. Check out the release and a little about the holsters below.

Here’s their press release . . .

New from Bianchi Leather, four holsters that bring the warmth of old-world craftsmanship to modern revolver and pistol fits. The Old Tuscany line is crafted from premium Italian leathers, giving these classic designs new functionality. For the perfect blend of quality, craftmanship, and durability — nothing beats the feel of leather.

Fucecchio Deep Cant Belt Slide Holster

The Fucecchio provides a deep cant angle in a full-grain leather outside the waistband holster designed for small-of-back concealment. The open-top design allows for fast time-to-target, making this an ideal OWB holster for EDC. $94.00

Cortona Inside-the-Waistband Holster

The Cortona is a refined in-waistband design that bring aesthetic sophistication to a class of holsters that aren’t meant to be seen. With its full grain leather construction, the Cortona is a durable as it is attractive. The Cortona is the perfect complement for large semi-automatics.  $84.00

Lajatico Thumbsnap Belt Slide Holster

The Lajatico provides secure thumb-strap retention in a classic full-grain leather outside the waistband design. The dual front belt loop options allow for a range of cant angles for an efficient draw.$92.00

Vicopisano Thumbsnap Belt Slide Holster

The Vicopisano provides secure thumb-strap retention in a full-grain leather outside the waistband holster with a refined aesthetic. The contrast stitching accents make this holster as visually appealing as it is functional, and the dual front belt loop options allow for a range of cant angles for an efficient draw. $144.00

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    • It’s like those ugly patchwork leather coats and handbags: they’re made from scraps but sold at full price.

    • I think maybe the stitching acts like sort of a hinge to allow the thumb snap upper portion of the holster to swing a little away and decrease the friction of the draw stroke to be more like an open-mouth holster once the snap is released.

  1. It’s hard to find a thumb break holster in S&W 627 N-frame 8 shot 4″ bbl for a south paw. Well DeSantis Leather makes one. Bianchi probably for the more common pistols, the stitches, meh.

  2. …available for a variety of carry and duty firearms from all of the major players…

    Evidently, Bianchi doesn’t consider Beretta a major player, nor FN, H&K, or any number of other major players. In fact, for one of these holsters, you’re not a major player unless you’re Glock or S&W. Too bad because I wouldn’t mind having that IWB for my FN Hi-Power.

      • Or Kirkpatrick Leather. Wide variety, quality leather and workmanship. For the Wrights, consider only the molded holsters. There are other famous makes as well, including Mitch Rosen and Cross Breed.

        • TT Gunleather, Milt Sparks, and a fella named Paul Tripodi who crafts holsters with the brand name Warbird. The latter doesn’t have a website, there are photos on the web, a pretty good turn around time.

  3. Snap holsters add another step to the draw. Not cool.

    Go to Same price point for almost every model out there. I have a Sourdough Pancake holster for each of my revolvers. These holsters have good retention without the need for a snap.

    • Absolutely. Unless job required I’ll skip the snap every time. DeSantis speed scabbards have excellent adjustable retention. Haven’t had any iron fall out yet. Oh, and they look classy AF too.

  4. Bianchi has always made good leather. When I was 19-20 yoa I owned a 3 1/2″ S&W model 27. I bought a Bianchi holster for it. Unfortunately the revolver is long gone, but I still have the holster and it is perfectly serviceable today. Oh, I kinda like the Frankenstein stitches. No different than dressing up a holster with floral carving.

  5. These are something I have to see and touch before dropping a note on. Oh wait, no Beretta! Oh well. Truth be told I’ve been buying DeSantis leather holsters for about as long as I can remember. Ever since some PD plainclothes buddies showed me theirs I was hooked. And their gun belts are outstandingly tough and reliable. Takes me a good two years for my gut to warp one. That’s saying something.

  6. Other than a Milt Sparks and a DeSantis, most of my holsters have been custom built by Dave Workman, the originator of the tuckable CCR inside the belt holster. I have a bunch of them and they’ll outlast me. I tried to find his website (used to be his webmaster, years ago) but looks like he may have retired. He’s still an active writer in the gun field, however.

  7. What is “Italian leather”? – Is this a tanning process or is it leather from a Eurp socialist cow?

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