beto o'rourke gun licensing conversion change mind
Democratic presidential candidate and former Texas Congressman Beto O'Rourke (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)
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Robert Francis O’Rourke’s presidential campaign has gotten off to a less-than-rousing start. But when you don’t really believe in anything except continuing to fail upwards, it’s easy to change your mind overnight.

Democratic 2020 hopeful Beto O’Rourke changed his position on whether gun licensing is a good idea overnight.

The former Texas congressman told reporters at a Salem, N.H., campaign stop Thursday night that he thought Democratic rival Sen. Cory Booker’s plan to create a federal gun licensing program “might be too far.” The next morning, he told Manchester, N.H., television station WMUR in an interview that “we should explore that idea.”

O’Rourke explained his overnight change in position on gun licensing to reporters at a campaign stop in New London, N.H.

“As I’ve thought about it, I really think we should be looking at everything,” O’Rourke said. “If it is not politically feasible today, that should not disqualify it from consideration. And so you ask between last night and today — just some time, some reflection, and a desire to better understand his proposal and to see how we can work together to save the lives of the people we care about in this country.”

– Emily Larsen in Overnight conversion: Beto O’Rourke changes view on gun licensing after sleeping on it

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  1. what a jackass….he couldn’t lead a parched horse to water. go away you pest!

    • Isn’t that convenient, just as he’s running for president and just as his poll numbers continue to nose dive?

      I’m sure it’s coincidental he’s now sprinting left to keep up with the radicals in his party.

      In this case, it’s to bad the Earth isn’t flat, they might just run out of real estate.

    • …………………./´¯/)

      ………………..,/¯../ Here ya go Beto!
      ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ……….\ ……………./

    • I just love how they all keep tacking to the left.
      The winner of the DNC primary is going to king of the scorched earth.
      Plenty of video being captured by the RNC for playback in the general.

      • I would not survive having that job, I’d spend a few weeks laughing so hard I didn’t have time to eat, and I’d starve to death. Hell, it’s already fun calling up clips from years ago, and they are doubling down every day, now.


      • AGREED…So maybe we can get off our ass and vote to keep these ass clowns from being elected In the first place.

        • Yep. Being so morally superior that you feel the need to vote for a third party candidate or stay at home won’t do the trick.

  2. In other words:
    Self-hating white man realized he still needs other white males as a voting constituency.

  3. “Check back in another few weeks after my campaign consultants have had a chance to review the polling data and tell me what to say.”

  4. Unbuttoned shirt to look like fellow-communist traveler/Mexican folk hero Cesar Chavez

  5. Lying out of both sides of his mouth. Just like all politicians, will say anything to get elected! All I want to hear is “I’m dropping out of the race”….

      • Actually, what you really want to hear, and I know this goes doubly for barnbwt, is President Donald J. Trump reelected in 2020 to a second term.

        • I’d rather hear Trump say “I very nearly lost it, and it’s all because I went soft on gun issues. I will never go wrong on you guys again, not even if the NRA does. Starting monday, I will be demanding Senate Republicans put both Democrats and their own membership on record regarding gun rights issues, and see if we can make progress for you guys from there.”

          He won’t, but it’s nice to dream.

        • “Beto” O’Rourke is entirely besides the point. A meaningless also ran who hasn’t figured out yet that he already lost.

          Biden is the early front runner but that sort of thing is no assurance of a win in the end. Besides, he has a lot of flipping and flopping in his history. No need to look up dirt,invent dirt or spin the truth into a useful lie. Just use the actual public record. That includes support of Border Security and a sea to sea fence, among other actions that are today seen by his side as transgressions.

          But that’s not the real problem for American voters. The real problem is this insane drive of our two major political parties to foist a utopian vision that is strongly one sided. Both parties do it, though they never admit it or call it that.

          Nothing in our politics worries me more than one party having a solid majority from the House of Representatives, thru the Senate and up to the Presidency. Add in a firm ideological vote count among the Supreme Court justices and life gets very ugly. With one party control in an era where utopian perfection guides the platform, that is a road to tyranny. A time when our system of checks and balances can be broken.

          Worries me more than a little some days.

  6. This clown lost against Cruz because of his open border and gun control platforms and now he’s trying to back track hoping it’ll get him elected.

      • Not nearly as affable, I would say … having never met either of them, that’s just a guess, but Carter at least was a southern gentleman and embraced his heritage. Beto, to me, seems more ashamed of who he is and where he came from than anything else.

        • had a few pops with billy in terre haute years back. my brain kept shifting between “pretty alright guy” to “your brother is the leader of the free world?”
          come to think of it, the tony hulman classic is comin’ up…

      • Anyone from ILLinois remember Gov. Dan Walker?!? Yeah he went to prison after leaving his 1 term. At least he didn’t eff up the whole world like the peanut puzzy. Beta is a clone of those putz boyz…

      • Jimmy Carter was possibly the most decent, moral and ethical President we have ever had. Very admirable qualities for most men.

        A President needs to be someplace lower on those scales. Or like Carter, he rises to the height of ineffectiveness.

        On the other hand he did push for a lot of money to go into military weapons development. Which Ronald Reagan then funded the results of.

        • Jimmy Carter was/is pro palistinian anti Israel. Jimmy also wanted to scrap the Electoral college. He was a weak, self righteous beta male. Other than that, he was a great guy! Shoulda stuck to goober peas.

  7. Beto (like many of the other current crop of candidates is little more than a weather vane. Don’t expect consistent, long term philosophically oriented answers no matter how good or bad they are.

  8. this is the same guy that just recently said
    >im not kiddingits called welfare
    its tantamount to saying that america should have a retirement system for senior citizens that they pay into while theyre working and then sends them a monthly check when theyre retired
    to call him a dumbass would be an insult to dumbasses the world over

    • thats only somewhat close to what i actually typed in the comment window lets try that again

      this is the same guy that just recently said
      >im not kidding<
      that america should begin a system of wealth transfer from whites to blacks
      weve been doing that for 50 years now
      its called welfare
      its tantamount to saying that america should have a retirement system for senior citizens that they pay into while theyre working and then sends them a monthly check when theyre retired
      to call him a dumbass would be an insult to dumbasses the world over

  9. And therein you have an admission from a leading democrat never to be forgotten. ” “If it is not politically feasible today, that should not disqualify it from consideration.” It’s not about principles, it’s all about expediency.

  10. Like a fish out of water, flippidy-flop, flippidy-flop!! And this clown wants us to trust him as president? He can’t have a policy of his own, steals one from another candidate? He makes Alfred E. look like a genius!

  11. Biden’s at 41% last time I saw a poll.

    The other 21 candidates are just squawking trying to get anyone to care that they even exist.

    Hell 3 of the candidates’ primary qualification was that they couldn’t even get elected in their home state for lesser job.

    This isn’t even a clown show. Its a media trying to drive up viewship by telling us that there is actually IS a race.

    • Same thing with Bernie, only they underestimated how stupid & easily led the primary voters were.

      I’ll rest happily knowing we’ll at least get to see a debate between Trump & Biden that ends with the two wrestling on live TV.

      • And bring the scissors because somebody’s getting a haircut

        • So that’s why WWE is hosting a presidential debate to be moderated by Brutus the Barber Beefcake.

    • The real issue there is that at this point the polls are all name recognition. Biden and Sanders have it and no one else does.

      Just look at Obama. He was at the back of the pack when he announced his candidacy in late 2007. HRC and Bill Richardson were considered the front runners. Everyone else had a ton more notoriety than the junior senator from Illinois. Dodd, Biden, Edwards, Gravel and Kucinich all were better known and had lengthy careers at that point. Obama got little attention and was basically an afterthought, if not a joke.

      Then he managed to raise about $20 million in campaign contributions and he becomes a front runner with HRC and Edwards, the previous “serious candidate” Gravel is basically forgotten.

      Then Obama links up with Oprah, but he’s still 19 points behind HRC who’s leading in all the polls with an average of 42% to Obama’s 23% to Edwards’ 16%.

      This turns into a horse race following an unexpected Obama win in Iowa, which all the polls said was unpossible.

      Anyway, we all know who wins. Suffice to say I wouldn’t count out any of these people at this point. If one gets a big injection of campaign funds, their name recognition can pop quickly thanks to the ability to put out ads that get their name out there.

  12. We already have a ‘gun licensing program’ in effect…it’s called the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

  13. Beto is nothing to worry about. The trash that would vote for him IS something to worry about.

  14. If words were feces politicians would need a scoop shovel and rubber boots.

  15. As a TX I have not changed my mind…
    Shall not be infringed
    Shall not vote for any democrat… ever

    • There’s 3 remedies for that. Exlax, ennama, or just stomping the sht out of them. Stomping is cheaper.

  16. Texas is absolutely NOT the state in which you might want to continue to be eligible for election to public office to be recommending licensing of guns. For that matter, it’s not a good place to advocate tearing down the border barriers to illegal immigrants.

    He’s looking to be elected again at some time in the future. But I think he’s toast for all his anti-Texan rhetoric.

    • He will move to another state and run for governor and wait to be called by the leadership to run against a democrat planted as a republican for a state senate and hope to become corrupt enough to seek the presidency around 2050, by then the communists will have complete control and he will no longer be an useful idiot and probably commit suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head with two different caliber pistol’s.

  17. So we went from second place getting a trophy to now being able to run for highest honors? He is so full of crap..

  18. “the lives of the people we care about in this country.”

    I have to wonder, just who these lives are that he refers to.
    I’m quite certain that “it’s a big club, and I ain’t in it…….”

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