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From the “I’ve got a bridge to sell you” department comes another interesting Gunbroker post that could either be a wonderful business opportunity or a straight-up scam.

Silencers are big business these days. Everyone and their brother seems to be interested in getting their gun as quiet as possible and so what was once a niche business has been booming (pun intended). There’s money to be made for those who find the sweet spot of suppression and cost effectiveness, and one Gunbroker seller claims to have the Holy Grail of silencer designs on the auction block.

From the listing:

I invented this silencer when I was a top physics student in a top engineering school 30 years ago. This design can achieve 22 long rifle ammo sound intensity of 97 db with a 6″ barrel. (Intensity; the lower the better). Till today; even 113 db will cause some manufacturer claiming “Top dog of the hill”. They don’t even believe 107db is possible. Not to mention 97 or 99 db. It is beyond imagination. The size of the can is only 1.2″ x6.6″. The ammo is a 1070f/s standard 40 grain or green tag Minimag by CCI. This involved 3 or 4 principles never been used in silencer technology. This design will make all the silencer designs and products in the world obsolete immediately. I never contact or explose this design to anyone besides myself in the last 30 years. I am only one knows its existence. The automobile and military will be very interested in its existence since silencer uses to be very troublesome and expensive. This is very cheap and good in term of performance and price. I did not even try to improve this design. It may get better if you optimize it components like changing the dimensions of the parts after a series or serious testing, or using steel instead of aluminium. The manufacturing cost is only 1/4 of the regular silencers. In some case, only about 1/10 of others because it is so light it may not need buffler to connected to a Browning design. The buffler connector alone usually cost $50. Once you receive the design paper, you should have your patent lawyer ready and wait no time. The patent will make huge profit for a long time. The world manufactures did not invent this in last 100 years. They wont outsmart me in next 100 years.

The Gunbroker user in question is also offering for sale a cheap 10/22 folding stock as well as a West German P228, among other items.

So the question is this: is this legit? I have my doubts. If someone really did have the Holy Grail of silencer designs, wouldn’t they patent it and take it to a silencer manufacturer themselves? There’s much more money to be made from licensing deals than could possibly be made from a lump sum payment like this guy is looking for. Then again, I’ve learned to never underestimate the laziness of the average American.

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    • I hadn’t even read what Nick post and that was all I could see before I decided ‘scam.’

    • Possibly.

      That’s a Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro model number RT9420 from circa 2001-2002.

  1. judge by word pattern use.
    this made by Chinese or other type person, should be best great design ever, you need do work.
    I smart and no.

    • Where shall I send the monies? Please send me you’re bank account number and social security number so I can send you the monies to your bank acount.

    • SCAM: Possibly used Google translate feature.
      “This involved 3 or 4 principles never been used in silencer technology.” Which is it? 3 or 4? A real inventor would know. Especially a “a top physics student”

      • Eh. He doesn’t want to give away the farm in his comments. Keep competitors guessing. Might actually be 6 or 10 secrets for all we (and his competitors) know.

  2. I thought it was going to end with p.s., I’m BATMAN, or “I’m Spartacus”. But, sounds reasonable, hell if Hillary doesn’t need to prosecuted their are no non-flying pigs. Whatsoever.

    • After another comment on the keyboard, I had to scroll back up.
      I don’t want to touch my phone now AND I threw up in my mouth a little…

  3. He’s a top physics student that designed this 30 years ago and sat on it til now. Oh, and he doesn’t know proper grammar and natural sentence structure.

    Seems legit. I think I might hook him up with that Nigerian prince I met on yahoo messenger the other day. I think they could help each other out.

    • “He’s a top physics student that designed this 30 years ago and sat on it til now. ”

      He’s been a fugitive from justice (like every gun-owning Californian) up until now.

      • “He’s a top physics student that designed this 30 years ago and has been sitting on it til now. ”

        From the looks of it, he may have been speaking of the keyboard and ‘sitting’ may be missing an ‘h’.

  4. Like a van pulling up to a playground with the words “Free Candy” scrawled down the side of it, this silencer claim can only be described by two words: Seems Legit.

    • I don’t know what’s funnier: item description, the $500k price or the fact that he actually has an A+ rating.

      I’ll make him a low-ball offer of $250k, see if he falls for it. Joke’s gonna be on him once I make huge profit for a long time!

      • Dear Mr. Pierogie:
        I would advise against that! PayPal recently upheld a video-game contributor’s $50,000 in contributions to a pay-for support website intended to support budding video channel contributors that he had intended to withdraw within the last days of the 30-day deadline to retract contributions, citing his intentions to build up an enthusiastic response of gratitude by the author, only to be followed by the depths of despair when learning that his patron had evaporated. The kid is on the hook for the $50K. So don’t joke around unless the bid automatically doesn’t count because it is under the minimum.

        Just my $.02 from experiences learned from the errors of others.

        • Mark, I was just kidding. I wasn’t going to give him $250k. I was thinking more like $100k.

        • You wish! Do you take me for some kind of idiot? Why would I cut you in on MY unlimited earning potential for ever? FLAME DELETED

        • Good thing paypal for gubrokering is no bueno.

          And good lord dat keyboard. Sadly not the worst I’ve seen…

  5. “So the question is this: is this legit? ”

    There’s an easy way to find out.

    Offer to go to his location with your SPL gear, gun and ammunition.

    If it’s legit, he’ll have no problem with that.

    The numbers won’t lie.

    I can potentially see one of the major companies making the trip to see it…

  6. Getting a patent is expensive, even if it doesn’t need any revisions and sails right through. So I can sort of see a reason for doing it this way, from a developmental standpoint.

    However …

    The claims and boasting are a little, how shall I put this, over the the top for a Western educated inventor and audience. And test and measurement results are conspicuous by their absence.

  7. Geoff – “offer to go to his location”..

    With a keyboard that looks like that, I’m not going anywhere near this guy without a full hazmat suit.

    Methinks this fellow may be a bit, uh, “eccentric” – just a wild guess.

  8. It doesn’t matter what the decibel reduction is if the maximum range can be reduced to zero. If you put a potato on the end of your barrel and shoot point-blank, through a loaf of bread wrapped in 20 layers of fork-perforated Press-n-Seal with a large couch cushion duct taped around it you could get down to ~49dB.

    If you buckwheated your target, then you might see a reduction to ~ perhaps 30ishdB.

  9. That keyboard tho.
    How many hamsters did he bludgeon to death with his silencer to get that much splatter on the keys?

    Which begs the question: why are so many of these GB, Armslist, GA, and FB pics one of two types: the filthy and cluttered desk type or the “I’m sitting in traffic” behind the wheel type?

    I guess because of the new American economy everyone is either living is squalor or in their car?

  10. Who knows, I wouldn’t exactly give the man the benefit of the doubt, the burden of proof is on him after all and how simple is it for him to just make some comparison videos?

    “…unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.” – Coolidge

    He’s not wrong. I have met so many incredibly intelligent people that are capable of a great many things, some whom I would even call “genius”, yet many of them so little, if anything at all (and those that do nothing tend to be pompous assholes). Who is to say this man isn’t another one of those? Maybe he did create the world’s greatest silencer, and it’s collecting dust next to an old keyboard. Maybe I’m too optimistic and have too much faith in humanity though, I tend to do that.

    • Agreed. Especially when you delve into the world of actual inventors. From Nikola Tesla on, people’s inventions are ripped-off, riffed-on, worked-around, and now that the ChiComs have been allowed to enter the 20th Century, anything of any interest or usefulness to China will simply be stolen and there isn’t a goddamned thing you can do about it legally.

      The general public has been brainwashed to think that somehow there is a meritocracy at work, and all you have to do is come up with a great idea for a product and the world is your oyster. Which is kind of true, but only if you have a pile of cash, and a staff of lawyers on retainer. Dean Kamen once said that you get screwed on the first one, just try to get out with enough money so that you can afford to do the second one and keep some more.

      Philo T Farsworth figured out CRT television.

      There are incredibly few truly original ideas. The conditions become ‘right’, and the same thing is almost simultaneously “thought of” by a dozen disparate people across the country. Half dismiss it out of hand, a few pursue it until they learn it ain’t $250 to file your patent, maybe one will have the means and the time to follow it through.

  11. Qualification – he was a top engineering student at the top engineering school in South Africa or somewhere, where perhaps he can’t get a patent, and of course he will sell this 100x because “hurry up” before someone else patents the same thing. And… Sorry, your patent is rejected, product has a fatal flaw… Blah blah blah

  12. No the real scam is selling a piece of pipe with some washers in it for $1000. I was in the wrong business for the last 30 years.

  13. Yeah this is the real deal. Please send $1299.99 on a preloaded green dot VISA card to Nigeria(boss man?)…

  14. His next invention: water injection for Holley carburetor that increases gas mileage to 200 mpg. Last one of these he did was instantly bought up by Exxon and GM, so they could continue to sell lots of fuel.

    • Fwiw….while not used as the actual fuel, water injection is not an unusual method to prevent detonation aka pinging in high compression engines…… basically the water atomizes in with the intake charge cooling it and this creates more even burn.

  15. If its legit I bet its just a tube that you stuff a water balloon into and then thread the cap back on. I’ve never done that but I’m thinking it would get pretty quiet.

  16. What is up with that keyboard? How much and how old does cum have to be to achieve that color and that coverage. I think I will pass if he mentions a new alternative to Cerakote.

  17. First, it isn’t very expensive to file a patent or trademark application – only $250 the last time I checked; it used to only cost $50, and at the time if you claimed poverty they’d let you file applications for free.

    Second, the first thing that everyone has to do is due diligence patent searches to make sure that your concept/name/product or process hasn’t already be done by someone else before you realized you were a genius above all others. This is costly when performed by attorneys and their staff. It is actually an art, mixing & matching technical criteria terms and language uses. Sometimes only part of a patented item is used in another device, and it has to be cited and explained how your device is materially different and unique in its use and application; the term “prior art” is used often in most applications.

    Third is that the item shown is doubtfully 30 years old by virtue of its lack of noticeable wear, oxidation of the finish or any use at all judging by the looks of the business end – it looks as though it has never been fired (whether it is the “in” end or the “out” end). It doesn’t look anything like its owner is the same person who owns the computer keyboard.

    Last of all, the seller makes no mention of the legality of said suppressor; and we must assume that it was never manufactured or registered legally. In addition, the type of firearm, barrel length, action and cartridge loading all have to factor in to achieve consistent suppression and that kind of detail is suspiciously lacking citations for these claims. Overall, who has time to pursue this fool’s errand when there are plenty of viable solutions out there on dealer shelves?

    For the past 20+ years I have read every book and examined every picture of 100’s of suppressor designs and fired half as many in different calibers in different regions of the world. Before the minimalist profile of the “monocore” variety came into play, I found that the best performers were “telescopic” types found in Finland that were made from stamped steel sections that interlocked with each successive section with a main expansion chamber that extended backwards away from the muzzle. This design created one large expansion chamber and several smaller ones all the way forward to the muzzle (see from ( Excerpt
    “Cut-away suppressor model for Valmet M62 assault rifle: BR-Tuote suppressors were invented by Finn Juha Hartikka and are welded together of tough steel. The primary expansion chamber is huge, and almost 2″ in diameter. The gas generated during the firing sequence is dumped into and trapped within the huge rear chamber, which acts like a reservoir. Here, the gas lessens in pressure considerably, and slowly leaks out the front, past the compact baffle stack. The can is a deceptively simple design that has metal only where it is needed, and not where it isn’t. Mounting is typically a two-point system.”
    Note that the link provided immediately following that excerpt is a dead URL.
    Interesting x-ray image of several types in a lineup:

    • If you like to perform your own surgery, I’ve got a book for you. You can save thousands.

      Unless you are compete whiz at patent law (you may be, but 99.999% aren’t) one is going to drop a minimum of $5K and generally more like $15K filing a patent – if everything goes swimmingly. You’re out almost all of that budget if it’s not granted. And that’s cheaper and easier than it used to be.

      Scroll down, there’s a handy table. It pretty much matches reality as I know it. .

      I’m sitting on 2 firearms related ideas because I currently don’t have an extra $10K I can afford to lose if I get denied, let alone the $100K+ to defend them, if they were granted.

  18. You can actually build you own suppressor fairly easy. The machine work you see here is nothing fancy. In fact there are kits you buy to get your started. The only thing I see that the creator of the add may have done is drill out the titanium end cap. Not that drilling titanium is easy. I know several guys who have built these and filed form 1’s.

  19. This looks like a screw-on axle peg on my kids motocross trick bicycle……

    This could work…..I’ve got four to practice on my design. Footage call my patent attorney again.

  20. I call BS on the first sentence. If he was from a top engineering school, he is going to tell you the name of the school. For example, a person who god to Harvard will always find a way to inject that in a conversation.

  21. Anybody look at his P228 ad? Holy crap. He squeezed more punctuation in there than the entire Game of Thrones book series. Also, one of the photos has a pile of ripped off car emblems beside the gun. Best part was the “Ruger Ramline” magazine he will sell you for the P228 for only $60. You can show it to people, and it holds more bullets, with a lifetime warranty.

    Got us a candidate for no gun ownership here.

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