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I officially pronounce the “debate” over. You’re free to believe California gun owners should leave the state to avoid the unconstitutional, indeed tyrannical after-effects of the Gunpocalypse gun control bills. You’re equally free to believe they should stay and fight.

Truth be told, there are tens of thousands of Golden State gun owners who can’t or won’t leave. They deserve the support of every American who cherishes their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

The obvious thing out-of-staters can do to help: donate money to the California gun groups continuing to battle the forces of civilian disarmament. Even if they only manage to hold the line of further infringements — and even if they don’t — they deserve our financial support. Which one or ones? Your choice. Google is your friend.

The less obvious thing? Who knows? Time will tell. But right now I invite TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia to show their support for California gun owners by sending them a simple message of support. Take a picture of yourself and your pistol or modern sporting rifle with these words on a piece of paper: “#StandStrongCalifornia” and your home state.

We’ll post the pics here and in a Facebook gallery. The images will let our fellow Americans know you’re with them in spirit. As Benjamin Franklin said at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” Word.

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  1. How about sending them free pmags from out of state? But really anyone know if that would be illegal for the person out of state?

    • It’s illegal to import standard capacity magazines into CA. You also aren’t allowed to give or lend them. I think shipping them into the state would be illegal under all of this, yes. Whether or not CA could successfully prosecute non-CA-residents and get their states to effectively extradite them, etc, I have no idea. It’s punishable by up to a year in jail.

      Receiving standard capacity magazines is definitely, explicitly illegal.

      • Thank you for the response.

        I am down with the civil disobedience of some type for our brothers behind enemy lines.

      • Hmm. Receiving a normal capacity magazine is strictly illegal? Instead of sending some to gun owners, how about sending them to the idiots at the state capitol? Put them all behind bars for a year!! 😛
        Ok, ok! I know that wouldn’t work, but the thought…couldn’t resist!

        • Lord, that would be fun, though. Tip off law enforcement to the arrival date, be there with cameras, then DARE the law not to prosecute every legislator! Of course they would turn out to be above the law as per Hllary, but it would still be fun.

      • But we can still air drop them yeah? Just fly over with the leer jet and dump hundreds of mags with little parachutes. It would be hilarious over LA.

        • They could get you on the gun charges or even worse littering charges a far greater crime in California.

    • Here’s an example for us all:

      “My name is Mike Vanderboegh and I’m a smuggler.”

      On Thursday I smuggled a half-dozen 30 round AR-15 standard capacity magazines into Connecticut in deliberate disobedience of the new state diktat.

      So to Martin Looney, Mike Williams, Larry Cafarro and John McKinney I’d like to say this:


      And I’ll tell you something else. When the new ammo restrictions go into effect the first week of July, I’ll be back — with two full crates of 7.62×39 ball ammunition and I will transfer said ammunition into the hands of a Connecticut citizen without the state’s permission or paperwork.

    • I sent 9 loaded PMAGS to a friend in California yesterday. Free of charge. AR and AK. Every time I buy a big block of ammo or PMAGS I’m going to do this.

    • It may be, but it could easily be done untraceably. And its currently not illegal for the Californian to receive the anonymous gift. If only we all had pmag fairy secret admirers!

  2. You lost me at “Google is your friend.”

    I make a counter-plea.

    Stand against Californians.

    They’ve all, for too long, worn our bones with their B.S., and foisted upon us with the scourge of their liberal garbage. They’ve voted for the people that voted for the people that voted for this cr_p and they’ve been doing it for a long time. Joe McCarthy had it right about the lot of you, he was just a little late.

    Granted, It might be that some of the Californians are “new” to the state, and some under the age of 18 have not had their “voices heard”.

    BUT I DAMN EVERY ONE OF THEM. (It’s a minor matter when you view the scope of eternity and it likely offends my GOD, but I do.)


    Do not help CA. Cover it with concrete by helicopter, and we will bestow upon your ruined carcass the Anatoly Grishchenko award with struck (D) device for bravery against an interminable enemy.

    CA, you have been the Balaam of the masses, and when the World is said to “hate” “US” it is your face presented that has been the largest contributor. You need to be banned and banished from the land you soil. You need to be permitted to run wild and dash yourselves, squealing, off a cliff.

    When all of the guns are gone (from those ignorantly compliant) then people can donate to the ~500 or so crack whores needed to subdue the state (and remainder, from Mexico to Canada).

    After that, mandatory abortions should keep the population in-check.

    • And what justification do you have to lump every Californian in the same category and seek to punish the faithful minority that has fought for years and endured tyranny?

      • If it were not for all the Californian’s that have been migrating to Oregon, we would likely be a red state and not be struggling with a housing crisis that is putting our locals out of homes because of the massive inflation which also caused our moron leadership to throw in a free minimum wage bill to supposedly help the folks continue to keep their homes and afford things like basic food items from regular grocery stores.

        I do not have sympathy, the only Californians I’ve met, including the mass of them that have been replacing workforce from the locals in my industry, come here and bring all the things that destroyed their state with them. Everyone one of them has these socialist and progressive ideas that clash with the local culture and destroy our loved “grown and sold local” economies. I’d rather build a wall and let nature run it’s course

        • Gun owning conservative Californians have been and are moving to AZ., TX., ID. etc. The Marxists and Hippies move to Oregon and Washington ’cause they feel right at home in Portland and Seattle.

          Before you blame Californians for everything, tell me what, if anything, your Congressman and two U.S. Senators have done about the never ending flow of millions and millions of third world immigrants who have completed or are on the five year path to full welfare benefits and a Democratic Party voter registration card.

          It’s the reason California has become a one party, anti-gun, third world society.

    • Californians have lost their 2A rights because demography is destiny. The only slices of the American demographic to vote 50%+1 or more for pro Constitution, pro 2A politicians are Cuban-Americans and non-Hispanic, non-Jewish whites. A few decades ago that was 80%+ of California’s population. Now it’s less than 40%.

      California Americans haven’t “gone liberal”, they’re simply being replaced. Fundamental transformation. If you think it can’t happen in other states, maybe your state and the entire country, you don’t have a clue what is going on.

  3. #bringbackourguns for all the good it’ll do you…

    Why is the guy sitting? REAL enthusiastic, there, La-Z-boy

  4. No worries California. Once Leland Yee gets out of jail, you’ll be able buy all of the weapons you need to take that state back from King Jerry Brown and his Parliament.

  5. Blaming gun owners in California for the elected Government isn’t much different than blaming every American for Obama and soon Hillary. So you can shove that up your ass Joe R.

    With regards to helping support and fund litigation in CA… would be a good start.

    • I blame all but 8-10% of Americans that A) don’t support Hillary/dems, and B) didn’t support Trump in the primary at any point

      So yeah, odds are it’s your fault, too

      • “Didn’t support Trump in the primary”. That’s why there is a primary to see what candidate gets the most support. I question your understanding of the process.

    • Blaming everyone, except a blood red state.

      Yes, I blame CA for Ohole, Hillopoo, I blame C.Shumer, C.Rengel, . . . Lotta Lib_prog-comm (D).

      We could talk about guns more here if we didn’t have to waste so much time having to defend them. We cannot even talk about how jacked up the rest of the world is because we have too many problems here with Lib_prog-comm (D)’s, rinos, etc., etc., and it’s funny how long ago (and up until today) THAT THESE GROUPS HAVE BEEN CALLING THE REST OF US “THE PROBLEM”.

      I’m just calling it like it is. You want support for a natural disaster, I’m saying that’s like feeding China’s army with bags of rice we’ve flown in to feed their starving communist peasants.
      Too far an example? I could’ve said communist Venezuela, or communist California.

      • I never buy this argument, there’s more than one/place way to make a living. You’re just valuing your current job over the other negatives of California. I’m not saying you shouldn’t or that you’re wrong, just that I don’t buy your excuse…

      • The answer is NOT moving, it’s making THEM move. It’s just also the answer that this is not a problem that the rest of us created for the good people of CA, it’s one that’s created there. And AGAIN, the problem AIN’T JUST GUNS.

        Say we came to save you, what are we saving? Are we propping up another #nutshot ?

        If so, fdat. But I only have one policy on the whole matter and it’s simple, and that is:


  6. No pic for me, but I stand with our people in CA. Just not sure what that really means anymore.

    My thought is that we put this back on the antis – if they hate guns and feel sooo scared, THEY should be the ones to move, not us. CA is the place for you. I am willing to concede the state to save the union.

  7. This from “Reality Check”

    If we cured this latest batch of CA-CA, the next one’s already half-done on the stove.

    This is MY Country, uphold the Constitution or DE-RATIFY IT, then succeed, and we’ll come get our real estate back.

    If we’re going to do anything goes, we’re going to do my version.

    CA is giving us little bits of “Zoro” circa Anthony Hopkins/Antonio Banderas. They’re trying to drive the good people out of their state so they can do an easier hostile takeover, and then move east to link up with Chicago and parts N. East.

    The heck with that.

  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if you’re one of those gun owners who lives in a “free state” and enjoy browbeating your fellow patriots who are opting to stay in California and fight, I say enjoy your freedom, for it is fleeting. If Hillary wins, and she most likely will, the entire country will be worse off than California. It won’t happen immediately, but before her 8 year reign is over, it will happen. Think she can’t do it? Think again. The Imperial Presidency will only grow in power as time drags on. These are dark days we are living in.

    • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, you can’t white wash a black wall and get anything but gray. How many times are you going to make the problem that YOU’VE tolerated “our problem”.

      Plus, you’re probably a supporter of some liberal issues. Like, ‘I’m conservative, but I’m for pot, or abortion, or I don’t care what they teach kids in school, or protecting all the things that have till now supported Society aren’t really that great, we should try some new fangled crap my yoga instructor put on his pamphlets. . .’

      Holy cr_p.

      Bottom line, if it came down to Civil War, we wouldn’t (couldn’t) expend a whole lot of time “sorting” it out. you owe us big, just decide now what you think you us. But if you ask us, we’d say Fix your cr_p, or it’s ALL ON YOU.

      • Dear Joe:

        You seem to be implying that I’m from California. I’m not. You’ve also come to several bizarre conclusions based on what, I’m not exactly sure. Maybe you’ve been drinking or maybe you’re just extra upset that Hillary wasn’t indicted, I don’t know. I’m also not sure who this “us” is you’re referring to, or what you think myself or anyone else owes you. Maybe sort your thoughts out a little better before you hit reply next time, or at the very least try not to jump to any conclusions. It makes you sound like a liberal when you do that.

  9. I’m a Californian and Joe R is correct. The vote does not matter, it’s rigged by redrawn democrat districts supported by Republicans. This state is awash with illegals giving the vote with the sole purpose of keeping democrats in office. Off all the problems in this state, gun control is not one of them. Yet every legislative session anti gun bills are passed, supported by the courts and law enforcement.

    • Appreciate the support, like you said, the problem isn’t only “guns”, and it’s a very old problem. There’s some one-worlder crap going on that we just have to survive (get over the hump) generationally, or else we’re just going to have to have-at. It might sound like inflammatory speech, but that would only be because you played sports in grammar and high school and they passed you through without your realizing that books open.

      It happens every hundred and a half to a few hundred years, and it’s mostly the same (type) of progenitors.

      If you bottom line it for people, we only have a few inviolate things that keep us from going at it day to day. You don’t have to believe me, read Clausewitz, we only all get-along by rules of armed conflict. You cannot feel the burgeoning weight of it because you live in a place that has provided marginally more slack than in other parts of the world. But you woke up today, sh-t, showered, and shaved, and bought a donut and fresh paper on the way to work. Instead you could wake up under a tree, and, after surviving the natural elements of the night before, and waking to the concern over whether or not armed conflict will be required to maintain the possession of a rudimentary shelter, and the proceeds of the days’ forage and hunt. Not to mention, the prospect of protecting the ‘possession’ of a desired mate, and resultant offspring.
      The exact distance, between those two possibilities, is often called “society.”

      Society takes work, effort, diligence, sacrifice, and demand for others to uphold it, and too many people in CA ain’t been bringing it.

    • Every abuse is likewise supported & legitmized by gun owners’ continued presence, and tax dollars, and congressional/electoral apportionment.

  10. Bullshit. When you are outnumbered, surrounded, and taking casualties every single election, it becomes time to make a tactical withdrawl to a more defensible position…another State. Staying is suicide – they aren’t taking prisoners.

    • God dam right. This latest round of gun bills ram rodded up CA lawful gun owners proves elected representatives do not give a rats ass about its citizens.

      Next session or next year new bills will dispersed by Senate pro Tempore Leon to democratic stronghold districts covering more anti gun bills in a systematic, ram rod through the legislature, making law abiding citizen felons deconstruction of citizens 2A rights, while stealing their property.

      • CA’s government consists of CA’s neighbors who needed a job. These people asked for work, assumed power, now they are attempting to usurp power. Where does this go next, well let’s see. . . how did America come to pass? Simple, some gave all, all gave some, some of the mf’s left bred to form the turds that we’ll have to do it again against.

  11. CA, grow a set of balls, and a brain, and help the citizens lawsuit against SB277, which was just filed The vast majority of people questioning vaccines value individual liberty and are gun owning 2nd Amendment supporters. The state is dividing people, and the tactic has worked well with gun owners.

    • Its really easy for people who live out of the state, like you, to be assholes and tell us how we should do things. The state is 49.6% Democrat, and 28,5% Republican. The fact that we are allowed any guns with odds like that is amazing. If you dont have anything helpful or productive to add to the conversation. Dont say anything. We dont want to hear it.

      • It has nothing to do with party, in case you didn’t notice. At least some CA citizens are showing some balls by challenging SB277, will gun owners have the same balls? It’s a valid question, sorry it upsets you.

      • Your CA state crap is spilling over your borders. Of course it affects the test of MY COUNTRY.
        ALL OF YOU CA IDIOTS HIRES THE FING AHOLES THAT ARE GIVING DRIVER’S LICENSES TO ILLEGAL ALIENS. They use those licenses to get licenses AND FING VOTE IN OUR STATES. If AMERICA is yours to give away, then it is mine to take away from you. We’re all contributing to a fire-hydrant water distribution system, but you want to let the kids in your neighborhood knock the caps off and use it like a sprinklerand your telling us not to b1tch if we don’t have enough water pressure to fight a fire. fdat.

  12. I stand with commiefornia. They won’t get my $ but they have my good wishes. Joe R sounds like one of the azzwholes who damned Illinois-right before we became a shall issue CC state.And continues to lump all of IL with Chiraq. I got tired of hearing”just move to Indiana-IL will NEVER get better”! After today’s FBI/Hildebeast collusion we are ALL in the same boat-and it’s sinking fast. Thanks for the Illinois good wishes of a few years ago. Cali’s woes MAY be solved by the courts too…

    • Guns aint the only problem with IL, it’s another liberal anus, and chicrap aint the only canker. But it’s a similar problem. Regardless of how crappy their govt reps are (and they are fing criminal) they are nowhere near 1/100th as bad as all the aholes that voted for them.

      AGAIN!!! We’re not now (NOR HAVE WE EVER) Argued about/over a true Conservative taking away your rights, but history (including ours) is rife with the opposite, and that crap has’t ever been cured with a beer summit.

      • Dude have an Ambian…lots of good folks in Illinois. You’re drifting into troll territory.

  13. THE FUNNIEST PART OF THIS WHOLE CA THING. . . (and there’s not but a smidgeon). . .

    is that the gun-control measures are your stupid neighbors who needed a job (a/k/a: CA gov’t)


    Don’t b1tch at us if we agree. Cr-p, wake up people.

  14. I have an idea to solve some of the problem. The CA laws state it is illegal to possess this stuff IN CALIFORNIA. No law prohibits you from OWNING THEM. Just send it to us here in the “Blood Red States” and we will hold it for you until the revolution starts. It will still belong to you and you’re welcome to come get it any time you’re ready. But be forewarned, you might just decide to stay in Texas, or Alabama, or Arkansas, or wherever your stuff is being held.

  15. For those that think we should “let it burn,” words from a man who’s been there:

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me. – Martin Niemöller

    Whether you like it or not it is a WE problem, not a them problem.

    • E X A C T L Y
      M Y
      P O I N T

      Thanks for making it a WE problem. I’m not Superman, I was not able, the day I was born, to beat all of this sh_t back, how dare you CA, and all your lib POSs, to even threaten my great country with your proven evil sh_t. How dare you even force me to consume my energy arguing about it here. Your liberal_progressive_communist cr_p is permanently broken, and you need a diversion of your attention equal to the ones you’ve provided us.

  16. Dear California freedom lovers,

    Please take all the money that you would have spent on the fun and enjoyment of shooting and donate it to second amendment supporting groups!!! If you speak with your dollars and get some quality 2A politicians elected.

  17. Speaking as a one behind enemy lines, I find the dissension amongst gun owners to be rather disconcerting. If we intend, on any level, to win our freedoms back we must stop the needless bickering and UNITE! This legislation was passed as we prepared to celebrate our nation’s independence, a celebration of rebellion, revolt and non-compliance at the most fundamental level. We as people who respect freedom and the responsibility that it entails must band together. Not to the benefit of one small group or those in one certain state, but to the benefit of all people.

    Would you watch and condemn your neighbor if his house were on fire? Tell him all the reasons it’s his fault, or would you help put the fire out? California is currently on fire so to speak, and we must all act as the “fire brigade” if any success is to be had. Not because you have to, but because helping others IS helping yourself.

    Having signed more petitions in the past few weeks regarding this legislation than I can recall, I sense that the Soap box has failed. Recognizing that gerrymandering has made many votes worthless, I sense that the ballot box has failed. Seeing the decisions made by the 9th circuit and the lack of decisions by the SCOTUS I sense that the Jury box has failed. Have we come so far as to need the ammo box? Would you stand with us then? Or would you sit in the comfort of you remoteness and condemn us for being radicals?

    Many here speak of a coming Civil War, but will you truly stand for freedom? Will you risk your life, your families lives, your creature comforts? Will you march with us to take back California? Or any state that has fallen to such tyranny?

    It’s easy to say you will, not so easy to do. For those of you willing to stand together, make good on your words.

    Yours in Liberty

    Silence Dogood

  18. I have lived in California nearly my entire life. I am so settled here that moving would be extremely difficult and costly. But news of governor Moonbeam signing all these treasonous bills made me research the most free states. That made it plain just radical these treasonous bills are. Most of the states are free, and there is a strong trend in less free states toward greater freedom.

    California is a physically beautiful and very diverse place, and it wasn’t always run by traitors in the pay of the elite bent on globalism (one world government, NWO, world domination). The democratic party as a whole has clearly kissed the elite’s ring and vowed to crush this last bastion of freedom on the planet.

    I don’t know that it is true, but there is a saying, “As California goes, so goes the nation.” I suspect that is why the elite have chosen California for this battle. You are of course correct, that if they can get away with this in California they won’t stop here. So California is the Lexington/Concord of this war on all American’s freedom. It’s not an accident that both wars were started by the elite in both time periods seeking confiscation and disarmament of the people. A number of prominent Democrats have flat out stated that they want total disarmament. Why do they want to disarm us? Because the elite and their democratic minions know what’s best for us and they want to give it to us good and hard. But an armed people won’t put up with that, and they know it.

    This tyranny is currently aimed at Americans in California, but it is every freedom loving American’s fight because it is our freedom they are after. The natural right to keep and bear arms is the keystone of freedom. The elite’s strategy has been incremental encroachment on this natural right. Criminalizing this and that hoping the frog won’t jump out of the pot. They are counting on us rolling over and taking it because we are so comfortable. But people of the gun are a vigilant and fit lot, and I don’t think they are going to roll over. Everyone I know has said, “Let them come and take it”, and I have been impressed by their conviction. ARs are also flying off the shelves in record shattering numbers. I deeply appreciate your support for the freedom fighters in California. We really need it. It’s all too easy to feel like the Lone Ranger.

    Two good organizations fighting for freedom in California are the California Rifle and Pistol Association, and the Firearms Policy Coalition Second Amendment Defense Committee. The FPC is focused on fighting Newsom’s treason. The NRA has not been much help here, and at times their actions have made me wonder whose side they are on. They seem way to interested in compromising with the traitors in Sacramento. The NRA is the 500 pound gorilla in the room, but they often just talk tough. If the NRA wants to fight with us without compromise we welcome them. We welcome all freedom loving people who understand that the tree of liberty must periodically be refreshed with the blood of tyrants and true patriots.

    • Publius,

      See my comment below. I believe we have one more strategy available to us. A similar and MUCH smaller implementation worked in Illinois. I cannot imagine why it would not work in California.

  19. “The obvious thing out-of-staters can do to help: donate money to the California gun groups continuing to battle the forces of civilian disarmament.”

    Wrong. Sorry. That has not worked. The California Legislature, Governor, the federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the California Supreme Court do not adhere to the rule of law. They are all of the same political party operating in lock-step and there are no “checks and balances”. They are immune to lobbying and campaign money from gun-rights groups.

    I have already stated a non-violent and HIGHLY effective strategy to persuade California’s politicians to reverse all infringements on our natural right to keep and bear arms. And no one responds.

    If we organize just 1 out of 10 firearm owners in California (about 800,000 people) and 1 out of 50 firearms owners in the rest of the United States (about 1.8 million people) to send a shoe box with our letter requesting that they redress our grievances — ALL AT THE SAME TIME — to 20 California Senators, they will be unable to conduct business. They will have no idea what to do with 2.6 million shoe boxes at their 10 offices.

    Think about it: if we cannot be bothered to send a simple box with a letter, why would we be willing to take up arms?

      A FU@king shoebox????????? .CA Senators laugh and happily send, unopened, all to the recycle bin

      The only long range strategic weapon required, which doesn’t house a bullet, is a GOD DAM PEN.
      Get up off your asses, register to vote, make your mark, sending CA democrats to the unemployment line.

      You don’t need the Fu@king NRA, GOA, SAF or any other pro gun organization that wipes their asses with your money.

      • Mk10108,

        Please explain how 10 Senator’s offices are going to casually transport 2.8 MILLION boxes to a recycle location. Remember, all 2.8 MILLION boxes will be arriving on the same one or two days.

        Please explain how a recycle station is going to accept 2.8 MILLION boxes at one time.

        Please explain how 10 Senator’s offices are going to discriminate legitimate packages and correspondence among 2.8 MILLION boxes that arrive at their office on the same one or two days.

        Please explain how 2.8 MILLION boxes arriving at the California Senate office building on the same one or two days is not going to bring operations at the California Senate to a screeching halt. (Hint: how many trucks does it take to bring 2.8 MILLION boxes to the Senate building? Where will the stacks and stacks and piles and piles and piles of those boxes be unloaded?)

        Alternatively, please explain how 2.8 MILLION boxes arriving at the homes of those 10 California Senators is going to be a trivial matter for those 10 Senators.

        Finally, please explain how voting is going to repeal infringements to our right to keep and bear arms when a commanding super-majority of voters in California SUPPORT those infringements.

        • Explanation?

          Ok, try this.

          During the Iraq war, the exact same tactic was tried, with bricks.

          Diane Feinstein, the California senator, was receiving bricks from an anti-war organization- code pink? to protest the Iraq War and to get them to vote against it.

          The SENATORS receive NO mail, ESPECIALLY after the 2001 anthrax mailings.

          Interns do.

          And when a large amount of “protest mail” arrives- like bricks- the interns figure out what is going on, and will divert shipments to a large enough facility, or only open to receive the letter and send the mail back with the bricks, or just tabulate the boxes as “no war” votes and not open them.

          And if it WAS as large a logistical nightmare as you’re proposing, then the senators would never receive the mail in the first place.

  20. Honestly, the longer taxpayers stay in CA, the more screwed they are.

    History proves that the only way to stop a Stalinist state is for it to collapse under its own weight.

    If just 10% of the productive people left the state, it would be all over in a year.

    If you are one and you choose to stay, the BEST case is that you are playing a game of musical chairs that will not end before you can exit.

    Notice I didn’t even mention gun rights.

    • If our current federal system won’t allow a private company to collapse under its own weight, why would they allow a state?

      Sure, California will run out of other people’s money. Then .gov will ball them out, at which point we all foot the bill anyway.

  21. As David Codrea says, the Cultural terra forming is nearly complete here. In your state, it is underway. Make no mistake, it is happening in your state

    Support CRPA or Gun Owners of California. The NRA does not advocate against the type of “immigration” that has fundamentally transformed California, and you see what that gets you

  22. There are some real angry people on these comments. If you live in California and are unable or unwilling to move, you have my sympathy and support. Hell, I even have some pmags I’ll give up when the revolution starts. (Seems like something that could be 3D printed?)

    If you want to move to a different state, you’re welcome where I live (Rural KY) Even liberals might find they love and respect theirs and others Liberties and are willing to be independent and take responsibility when they break out of big cities.

    • That’s the kind of support we need. Some of us already own a spot out of state but we’re locked in by industry. We all hope we can make it out before it all comes to a head but for all of us to just flee right now though would be fatalist and cowardly and would spell the same doom for the rest of the country. We need to win this fight here. Kill the cancer before the spread passes the tipping point. The solution is for gunnies all over the country to move here to our urban centers, shift the demographic and help us squash the socialist idiocy that our state government has become.

  23. This comment thread reminds me of the many heated arguments and heroic rhetoric prior to the decision to declare independence in 1776.
    The situation is much worse today than it was then. While there are a few good men and women in office, most who have sworn to uphold the constitution are tyrants and prostitutes. We are well into the economic crisis engineered by the elite as a device for seizing power. They have been using their riches for over a hundred years to achieve world domination, and everything is going according to plan. The elite are evil geniuses, but they aren’t very smart. They invariably shoot themselves in the foot. Their standard device is to declare anyone who opposes them a terrorist. They have an alphabet soup of agencies whose primary purpose is identifying “terrorists” and eliminating them. Many of the mass shootings, and of course 9/11 were false flag operations orchestrated and paid for by the elite in order to terrify the people into surrendering their freedom, and it’s been working. What will it take to wake up all these terrified people? In the colonies during the Revolution the population was divided roughly into thirds. A third believed that independence was the right course, a third were loyal to the Empire, and a third just wanted to be left alone. A much smaller group actually did the fighting. Economically things are already pretty bad for a lot of people. An honest figure for the number of people who can not find any kind of work is 20+% of the population. At the height of the Great Depression there was 25% unemployment. But 20% of today’s vastly larger population is a lot more people than the 25% in 1936. This 20+% is not happy about having lost their jobs and homes and being forced to live on the edge of destitution. The elite have a rather shop worn approach to dealing with the disaffected: create an enemy and use it as a distraction and excuse for ignoring the real problems. Now with the blatant attack on the Constitution with these CA gun laws, gun owners and real patriots in America are taking notice. What percentage of the US population are gun owners? I suspect it is at least 30%. This is the stuff revolutions are made of. These are the unintended consequences the elite don’t take into account in their clever schemes. How will all this play out? I have no idea. But a pot of very hot water is perfectly calm right up to the point that it boils.

    • Please don’t lump politicians in with prostitutes. One you pay to screw, the other you pay to get screwed.

    • Hey zorro 9/11 was no false flag-the gubmint really IS that inept. “Let’s go to war over moose-lim towelheads with box-cutters”…


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