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It isn’t about guns, it’s abut control. Always has been, always will be.

Such facts might lead town hall participants to ask Democratic presidential candidates how many law-abiding citizens they are prepared to criminalize and demean in their pursuit of gun control? Do they seriously intend to make felons of millions of residents of the Republic?

How many casualties are they prepared to inflict on ordinary folks (and law enforcement) who would see themselves as standing up for their constitutional rights and might forcibly resist any attempts at confiscation? How many criminals (or criminally insane) would such legislation deter? And, perhaps most importantly, what benefit would actually derive from a ban on assault firearms?

It might be that what these politicians truly fear themselves is encapsulated in these questions. It may be symptomatic that Gov. Northam’s declaration of a state of emergency to ban guns around the Virginia Capitol on Lobby Day the other week (thus statistically increasing the risks to the crowds and despite much historical evidence of peaceful gun lobbying to the contrary) was because of his own fear of guns in the hands of angry citizens who might refuse to submit to his agenda.

It could be that what politicians who advocate gun control truly fear is not violent crime or mass shootings but a future well-armed rejection of their own legislative over-reach.

– Tim Wilson in Why Democratic presidential candidates’ obsession with banning guns is not the answer

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  1. They fear the same things we do. In this case a bunch of dudes with guns showing up to kill them and their families.

    • There is really no correlation here.

      We may fear criminals showing up to kill us and our families, or government thugs, same thing, without our having done ANYTHING to deserve to live in such fear.

      Politicians fear the righteous indignation of free people suddenly finding their necks under the hob-nailed boots of government tyrants. In that case the politicians have brought the fear on themselves and deserve every paranoia-filled second of it.

      • Have you noticed there aren’t many lamp posts in central Florida?

        Unless they won’t mind the people using the ones on the county roads and interstates for that form of ‘justice’… 🙂

          • Actually there are TOO many large “old” Live Oaks down here, but there are also PLENTY (way more than enough) of lamp posts in central Fl. Never heard of Orlando, Sanford, Deltona/Deland/Orange City, Daytona Beach, Ocala, Gainesville, DISNEY, pretty much all of north western Polk county and the hundreds of adequately lighted smaller towns in Central Fl.??? Of course if you are considering like Sebring as Cental (It’s more in the southern third) then yeah there is a distinct darkness down there, more than just a lack of lamp posts, but who needs lamp posts when you’ve got 14 foot gators and thousands of hungry crabs and millions of insects.. Light polution is a serious problem in central Fl. and grows worse daily…

        • Who needs lamp posts? Any equipment rental yard has boom lifts and bucket lifters. Delivered wherever needed if you get my drift.

        • “Never heard of Orlando, Sanford, Deltona/Deland/Orange City, Daytona Beach, Ocala, Gainesville, DISNEY, pretty much all of north western Polk county and the hundreds of adequately lighted smaller towns in Central Fl.???”

          Never heard of them?

          I’ve only been down here over 30 years, dude… 😉

          • Then you must be aware that there are these things called streetlights all over this shithole, yeah I.ve been in South Volusia since 82, 6 years to my wifes retirement from her RN job at an Orlando hospital and I’m heading to the mountains for good….

        • After the end of Spartacus, the Romans crucified the remainder of the revolt on trees lining the way to Rome. It is said that they were burned to light the way, thus becoming the first street lights.

      • Already here. They were bought, and sent by gay fraud obunghole to military installations, for the fema “reeducation” drive for people that don’t agree with the “new world order”, one world government” crowd of DEMOCOMMUNIST/RINO “representatives”. like ‘bernie’ was talking about. There is one located at Fort drum N.Y. where I was employed. Caskets and a guillotine brought in by tractor-trailer. A soldier friend informed me they are still there ready to be used. Don’t believe it? Type in fema camps and guillotines and prepare to be “enlightened”.

        • Cliff, you said, “Type in fema camps and guillotines and prepare to be “enlightened”.”

          See Snopes article at https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/head-of-purchasing/
          “Did the U.S. Government Purchase 30,000 Guillotines?
          Some conspiracy theories are so far-fetched that they don’t even have the tiniest amount of evidence behind them…
          An item about the U.S. government’s supposedly having purchased 30,000 guillotines after receiving Congressional approval to do so was circulated widely in mid-June 2013 on various online sites, apparently originating with a blog that traffics in anti-Muslim articles and familiar conspiracy rumors such as the alleged existence of “FEMA concentration camps.”

          As usual with such types of rumors, none of those sites offered any evidence documenting that Congress had approved the purchase of guillotines, that the U.S. government had actually bought tens of thousands of those instruments, or that such machines were stored in stockpiles in Georgia and Montana, as claimed — all that information was simply repetition of rumor asserted as fact (i.e., “information we received”) with no proof whatsoever behind it…An indication of the credibility of this form of rumor can be gauged by noting that the illustration used to accompany one outbreak of it wasn’t a photograph of a real guillotine at all, but rather a picture of a satirical “Chanel guillotine” sculpture by artist Tom Sachs.”

          • Why would the govt spend thousands of dollars each on thousands of guillotines when they already have stockpiles of ropes and bullets… Hanging and firing squads are far less messy and way cheaper than an old French museum piece that was intended to instill mass fear in the peasants….

  2. “It could be that what politicians who advocate gun control truly fear is not violent crime or mass shootings but a future well-armed rejection of their own legislative over-reach.”

    Could be? Abolutely is. Consider this timeline.

    Of course, as part of that drive for control, they have to protect their core constituency. Please note that the Virginia Assembly is simultaneously pushing victim disarmament for honest people, while reenfranchising felons and killing bills that toughened penalties for criminal firearm use.

    • But… they just want more safety and protection of lifes! At least that’s what gun grabbers always proclaimed as the reason for public disarmament.

      • The progressives ALWAYS claim it is for public safety. They did so to bring about Prohibition and the National Firearms Act (1934). They’re doing it again today. The difference is the Prohibition was enacted by the will of the people using the amendment process (18A) ascribed by the Constitution… which was again used to end prohibition (21A). In present day progressivism, the idea is to bypass the amendment process and the will of the people, and legislate their goals, because it would never pass the judgement of We the People. We recognize that alcohol was never included as a right, while firearms are a right of the people. Should firearms, a right, be treated any less seriously that alcohol, a privilege?

  3. Do they seriously intend to make felons of millions of residents of the Republic?

    They do NOT intend to make felons of 100 million (give or take a few tens of millions) otherwise law abiding citizens, they do not intend to visit catastrophic injury upon ordinary folks (or law enforcement) by enforcing confiscation of all the SUDDENLY illegal firearms… What they EXPECT (and firmly believe will occur) is complete, unquestioning compliance as these are “law abiding” Americans after all… “NEWSFLASH”… This just in….. 100 million plus American citizens can be heard shouting in unison “GO FUCK YOURSELVES”

    • Exactly Max,
      Politicians, and the such that say there is a new Civil War coming, have NO clue what gun bans and
      confiscation will create. In addition to the legal ramifications/constitutionally of it, they don’t realize that
      some of us actually have quite a bit invested in our training and collecting of firearms. So it’s a money loss as well. Someone said lawmakers need to address the first amendment and the interstate commerce act in support of the 2nd. All that involved would certainly kill the whole damn thing. Convoluting the entire banning of firearms idea. Amen, done deal. Have a Coke and a smile and shut the fuck up about it. Thanks. Sorry for the language but like most of us,I’m really tired of this issue. Move on to something more productive.

    • Watch Kitty Werthmann Youtube video (“No More Gun Control – Kitty Werthmann) explaining how German Jews were disarmed…shocking parallel to America today…..for their own good and safety….incremental steps always needing more control….being good citizens they marched right down and turned in their guns. She admonishes Americans never to give up your guns. History…learn from it or be doomed to re-live it.

      • . She admonishes Americans never to give up your guns. History…learn from it or be doomed to re-live it.
        I said:
        What they EXPECT (and firmly believe will occur) is complete, unquestioning compliance as these are “law abiding” Americans after all… “NEWSFLASH”… This just in….. 100 million plus American citizens can be heard shouting in unison “GO FUCK YOURSELVES”..
        Perhaps you misconstrued the intent of my post, perhaps you were responding to another, but I am not some brainwashed millennial who was denied an education in actual history and I don’t need Kitty whoever or anyone else to explain to me how the pre WWII Jews fucked themselves and I really don’t need admonishments from her on how to conduct myself… I believe the 2nd half of my post (reposted above) pretty much clarifies my position on the matter of bans and confiscations or registration and “voluntary” turn in.. Ain’t going to happen in my world, if the government wants to make retroactive unconstitutional laws that include me in a class of felons then by God a “proud” felon I will be.. After that the only thing left would be for them to come and get my stuff… Might be the death penalty for me, but I WILL have company…

  4. They fear that they can not continue with their tyrannous plans with armed residents.

    When the people fear the government there is tyranny
    When the governed fear the people there is freedom.

    • This and they have forgotten that We The People are their masters and they are but creatures of our creation and like Frankenstine have gotten out of control.

      Benjamin Franklin, was asked”Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

      We have done a rather poor job of keeping our creature and now the creature is treating it’s master.

  5. The campaign managers of each party will deliver targeted ads to either get you to either vote for their candidate, or or not vote (suppressing support) .

    They can tell if you are pro or anti gun just based on your browsing history. They can tell what makes you happy, sad or angry. They line up ads that trigger one of these emotions (usually anger) so that you take a stand.

    The really terrifying thing is that the ad you see may only be seen by a group of just 20 people. Usually it is sent to a Facebook Group in order to let them spread the word. It is a form of subliminal advertising by playing on your emotions without you even realizing it. Ain’t Big Tech and social media great?

    • I suppose since it wasn’t available for sale initially in the first place without government ‘permission’, that that would be their claim upon it.

      Kinda like how you don’t own the music on a commercial CD, you simply have a ‘license’ (that can be revoked) to listen to it…

  6. Pols fear folks who won’t bend the knee…I need surgery so I WON’T. “Extremism in the pursuit of Liberty is NO vice”!

  7. “It could be that what politicians who advocate gun control truly fear is not violent crime or mass shootings but a future well-armed rejection of their own legislative over-reach.”

    Uh … duh!

  8. As free men and women, we consent to be governed. We can withdraw that consent, by force if necessary (some may say “when” is more appropriate.) It is one of the foundational elements of this nation. Without the ability to do so, we cease to be free.

  9. Just as the Left never wanted to say, in public, they supported gun confiscation. The Right never wants to say, in public, that the government, really wants to kill you. If it’s necessary to achieve control over the population.

    The Democrats historically used the Klu Klux Klan. A civilian organization that worked for the government to keep blacks in line. Killing them if necessary. A government never has to do the murdering. It can always hire killers to do the work

    And they is why we have the Second Amendment.

      • That’s correct. And they are controlled by the Democrat Party. The president is going to California soon. I wonder what will happen? Will the California or local government tell the police to stand down? As they did 130 years ago. Before the KKK attacked a black home. Or when trump supporters couldn’t rely on the police for protection? And where attacked in California cities, during the 2016 campaign.

  10. How many law abiding citizens are they willing to turn into felons? They literally view gun owners as a subhuman savages and want to make sure that we don’t have any power political or otherwise. They want to make every single gun owner an instant felon. How many casualties do they want? They hate guns and hate gun owners to such a extreme they celebrate when we get killed or die. They literally do not view us as human beings. I go so far as saying they want to every gun owner dead. The complete and total extermination of every single gun owner in the country. Not only that but ur families and children as well. Sure that sounds hyperbolic but there’s a small voice inside of your mind that actually knows I’m right to at least some degree. That should frighten the hell out of you.Will it ever happen? Probably not. Would the far left gleefully drop hundreds if not thousands of nuclear bombs on the United States population to kill every gun owner? Well they’ve already brought up doing it multiple times so I think the answer is yes.

    • ” They want to make every single gun owner an instant felon. ”

      Well, actually, I think it’s more like they want to make every citizen an instant felon. It’s not just us they want to control, it’s everybody.

  11. History clearly shows the connection Gun Control has with racism and genocide. Tit for tat gun control threats will continue until history illiterate knee jerk gun control useful idiots finally realize they are the KKK.

  12. Just a little reminder about the coming revolution……

    Waco, Ruby Ridge, Bundy I/II.

    Armed federal police attacked, or attempted to attack American citizens. Where were the patriots. If one considers these episodes as dry runs, the feds have ample reason to believe law abiding residents will just shrug and carry on. Remember….Waco was about safety of the (burned alive) children who were living where guns were present. It was not about violent felons, fugitives or active shooters.

    Waco was essentially our second “Lexington Green”. And the nation yawned.

    Politicians do not fear the public; don’t flatter yourselves. Politicians fear disappointing their donors and masters. The public are merely a nuisance to be endured as part of the privilege of ruling.

    • Remember the Bundy’s won, both at the ranch and won in federal court. They even won in federal court after the fiasco in Oregon somehow.

      • “Remember the Bundy’s won,…”

        Where was the uprising? The revolution? The hordes of patriots (militia) from the state, and surrounding states?

        • Really doing your best to deny the feds backed down and the objectives were achieved without needless bloodshed aren’t we?

          • “Really doing your best to deny the feds backed down and the objectives were achieved without needless bloodshed aren’t we?”

            Really missing the point, aren’t we?

            Sorry, you threw the puffball.

            The feds did not back down in Waco, or Ruby Ridge, or Bundy 2. But backing down is irrelevant to the proposition (a tactical retreat when out gunned is not “backing down”, besides, dry runs can be useful), which is that some day the government will “go too far”, and the disorganized militia will rise up and overthrow the tyrants (necessary bloodshed).

            If government forcefully attacking its citizens is not “too far”, what is? Nobody seems to know where/what the “bright red line” is, but somehow everyone is supposed to know it when they see it.

            Civil War 3.0? Not bloody likely. The founders were of a different sort, as were the men of Civil War 2.0. The militias were such a different sort that we have nothing approaching them, today. The jury box and the ballot box are the only weapons that will actually change the direction of the country. We win, or lose there.

            • The founders were of a different sort, as were the men of Civil War 2.0. The militias were such a different sort that we have nothing approaching them, today.

              Don’t get out much do you… There are Militia groups out there today that are just as well armed, organized and trained as any government agency that can lawfully be sent against them (no, Swallwells nuke cannot be legally deployed against American citizens) and most of these men and women are just as dedicated and equally as determined to hold on to their freedom and defend their individual rights as any of the founders….

              • The militias of old were hardened men, accustomed to hardship, experienced in skills the vast majority of gun owners (including modern “militia”) cannot imagine a need for. What kind of people were they to walk in a straight line into canister and grape shot? Men who kept walking, kept fighting barefoot? Men who knew they were bullet magnets designed to force the opponent into a reload sequence that would be overcome by the second, third, fourth rank of similarly determined soldiers?

                Look at what the guerillas of Vietnam and the Middle East manage. They are not first-world nations, swamped with comforts our forefathers could not even image as luxuries. The guerillas we keep point to as taking on a modern, mechanized army (and winning) are closer to the men who fought the British and each other. One of the serious failings of the culture of the Confederacy (and later the Japanese), was the idea that being “right”, and imbued with superior fighting spirit, could defeat any opponent.

                To borrow from Mao, do you really think insurgent “militia” can swim in the sea of the population? Do you think there is, in being, a large component of civilians who would tolerate their neighbors hiding out in their garages, or sheds while police sweep the area? These are the same neighbors who would initiate a fake incident in order to have your guns taken because someone feels unsafe that you have them.

                Cultural conditions today do not mirror any time past for this country, and certainly do not mirror cultural conditions in today’s third world insurgencies.

          Men calling themselves Oath Keepers had come from Arizona and New Hampshire, joining a militia group from Montana, Operation Mutual Aid; and members of the Three Percenters from Idaho and Oregon. This was the first time these self-styled “patriots” had come together in one place, to confront what they all believed was the growing tyranny of the federal government.
          Brandon Rapolla, a Marine veteran from Oregon, was one of them. “I’m a devout Christian,” he said. “I prayed upon it very heavily. And within less than a 24-hour period, I got my gear ready and headed down there.”
          They had come to defend Cliven Bundy, a longtime Nevada rancher who had declared a “range war” against the federal government. Bundy’s cattle had grazed freely across public lands near the town of Bunkerville for more than 20 years, in defiance of orders from the federal Bureau of Land Management. Bundy had ignored penalty fees and three court orders requiring him to remove the animals. Now, the bureau had begun impounding the cattle to auction them off.
          The bureau had expected resistance from Cliven and his sons, who had vowed to defend a livelihood their family had maintained for generations. They even thought there might be protests from local friends and family.
          “What we really did not anticipate is hundreds of militia members, many of them armed, coming from around the country,” said Steve Ellis, then the BLM’s deputy director of operations, who was watching the situation unfold from his office in Washington, D.C.

          • An isolated incident is not a movement. Why was there no general uprising of the patriots? We read time and again that the revolution will come, and teach those tyrants a lesson in limited government. Where was the lesson in Bundy? The “lesson” was intel gathering by the feds, gauging public response to provocation. The lessons from Waco, Ruby Ridge and Bundy I/II were important in the flourishing of Red Flag laws. How many hundreds of confiscations have already taken place? Where is the resistance?

            The two Bundy incidents were not really egregious use of police power, but Waco was a full-fledged armed attack on peaceful citizens. Think Boston Massacre, and Lexington Green. In neither incident did the government forces bring the array of weaponry to approximate that which was used against the Branch Davidians. After the site was bulldozed, the response from all the American Patriots was essentially crickets.

            Chest-thumping does not impress tyrants. We should stop looking and sounding silly.

            • Where was the uprising? The revolution? The hordes of patriots (militia) from the state, and surrounding states? your question was where were all the militias from other states, I think NEW HAMPSHIRE among others qualify yet when I show you where they were and where they came from you just change the parameters of the argument and continue like the facts are just a minor annoyance in the path of YOUR truth.. You have outed yourself, you are not interested in the truth, facts do not exist in your world unless they are in agreement with your off the wall arguements and you know absolutely nothing about those men who stood up to the crown and you damn sure don’t know anything about the Viet Nam conflict, you can quote Giap and Minh till you run out of breath but the real truth is that we kicked their ass at every turn and if those cocksuckers in charge had unleashed us not only would Viet Nam be a whole different place but so would Laos, Cambodia and China… So take the time to get some kind of grasp on the facts or just shut the fuck up about stuff you know nothing about…. And not only did the government back down in both Bundy standoffs the courts ultimately threw everything out in 2018…. On January 8, 2018, U.S. District Court Judge Gloria Navarro dismissed with prejudice the criminal charges against Cliven Bundy, his sons Ammon and Ryan, and co-defendant Ryan Payne regarding the standoff. At that time she also scheduled a February 26, 2018 trial date for “Tier 3” defendants Melvin Bundy, Dave Bundy, Jason Woods and Joseph O’Shaughnessy. On February 7, 2018, the federal government moved to dismiss with prejudice the indictments against the remaining defendants “in the interests of justice. Sounds like a chicken shit back down move to me…. The Oklahoma City truck bomb was a pretty loud fucking “cricket” right wrong or otherwise…

              • Back to Bundy, again? An incident, not an uprising. Not a revolution. Always the sliding “red line”. Go back to Waco, and explain why that massacre did not ignite a new civil war, new revolution. The founders revolted over less slaughter by the ruling government.

                There ain’t gonna be no third civil war, no third revolution. The jury box and the ballot box are the “weapons” that will be used to try to reverse the slide of this nation; not guns. It is time for POTG to understand that the Second Amendment does not scare the ruling class. It is the mall shootings they actually fear…because they go to malls and just might be affected. The ruling class does not fear the modern. disorganized militia. The ruling class already proved they can defeat a gathering of gun owners (Waco).

                Vietnam: winning every battle, and losing the war is, well, losing. Tet ’68 destroyed the Viet Cong (much to the delight of the government in N. Vietnam). Giap and Ho understood that a political victory is a victory; they were proven correct. And even when N. Viet regulars invaded the South, they were able to control the populace, while the US and S. Vietnamese military were isolated from that same populace. In general, the peasants (what we call citizens in the US) just wanted to be left alone, and live their lives under whichever government had the most power. People are generally the same everywhere.

                Turning to Afghanistan, we see that the insurgents have reached a political victory, and the US once again retreats (not saying we should or should not be in Afghanistan after 19yrs, but if we go to war we should go to conquer). So, the politics of the citizens of the US is important, because to launch a successful revolution, the insurgents need either the actual approval of the actions of the insurgents, or the fearful acquiescence.

                At least half the voting population opposes a return to the first principles of the founders. And there is a not insignificant number of people apathetic to the idea that government cannot rest until it owns everything, and all the people.

              • And you continue to expose your ignorance you can’t win a fight with your hands tied and no bullets in your gun, Afghanistan has been a practice in stupidity, how the hell do you fight a war that is divided into fighting seasons… If you are going to win a war you have to fight YOUR war not your enemies…. I will not engage you any further, you just spew the same ignorant shit over and over trying to sound knowledgeable about something you know nothing about… So Troll your heart out, I know where the delete button is, now go tell your mommy it’s nite nite time

              • “The jury box and the ballot box are the “weapons” that will be used to try to reverse the slide of this nation; not guns. ” If we are relying on these boxes to save America, all is lost. Freedom is never won at the ballot box…only lost. Freedom is only won…or preserved…..with the cartridge box….or the presence of the cartridge. That’s why the Libtard/Socialists hate the Second Amendment and Americans who believe in it.

              • “Freedom is only won…or preserved…..with the cartridge box….or the presence of the cartridge. ”

                Reversing the political slide is, indeed, the goal. Reversing is actually preserving what was given us. Our freedoms have been shrunken, but not lost. If our freedoms have actually already been lost, we are way beyond where a revolt should have happened (which has been my thesis all along).

                On the whole, it seems so many people have abandoned the political tools, and are logged out, waiting until some point in the future where a revolt is necessary. That point is fuzzy, at best. By waiting, would we not be complicit in our loss? Obviously, we are not looking at a fragile tripwire to start the revolution. Politics remains a viable tool. But when we see so little actual support for our rights (mass demonstrations), one wonders who will bear hardship of revolt, when hardship of demonstrating is too much to deal with.

                We have watched government encroach on our individual rights since at least 1910, over a hundred years. The men who fought the first two civil wars did not wait that long. Would the founders have permitted “stop and frisk”? “Hate speech” laws? Use of federal power to force individuals to do business they choose not to do? Political entities to steal the property of citizens, and give it to another who will pay more taxes, all in the name of the public interest? The open suppression of thought?

                What is it we expect will trigger the revolt? Without knowing that, we just puff ourselves up. without knowing that, we cannot put government on notice.

        • Look up what actually happened at the bundy ranch. The Feds actually did back down due to overwhelming numbers and firepower. Bundy then went on to win in court.

          • “Feds actually did back down due to overwhelming numbers and firepower.”

            A tactical retreat in the face of superior force is not “backing-down”. Backing-down is about acknowledging unforced error. Dying in a fight in which you are over-matched is all macho and stuff, but a useless, pointless exercise in futility.

            We gun owners, we 2A defenders, we are the ones backing-down. When so few show up at pro-2A events (the recent Virginia episode not withstanding), we who are convinced of our righteousness, but fail to show are the ones backing-down; too much trouble to demonstrate for our right to self-defense. If we don’t show at 2A support events because we are too busy having a life, why do we think we will show up in force when the government begins rounding up gun owners? If we aren’t there for the easy stuff……

            The battle is political (and in the courts). The weapons are speech and voting. With 110 million gun owners, there should not be even a single gun control law in existence. But such is not the case. Why?

            Because we are failing ourselves, and each other.

            And again….

            Where was the revolt of “the militia” after Waco? The voters did not remove those responsible via the franchise, and “the militia” was nowhere to be found (including me). Waco was a real gun fight between citizens and the government. Real bullets, real deaths, real life example of government tyranny. Where were all the armed patriots?

        • Maddmax, keep in mind “Sam I Am” is a liberal troll. If you read enough of his posts you realize he’s just another shill, just like Chief Sensor or Vlad. The only difference is Sam is educated to a degree and better spoken then those other shills. But make no mistake, his job is just the same as theirs. Many here are confident he also used to be “2ASux”.

          Dodge, deflect, deny, lie, and when all else fails, scream racism. The liberal way.

          • THEY serve their purpose, like an old movie that you’ve seen way too many times but can’t help yourself when you have an opportunity to watch it again then 30 minutes or so in the ending comes back to you and you quickly grow bored and move on… I’ve reached that point with this idiot It bores me now, the repetitive bullshit it constantly spews out has become tiring so yes I agree it’s time to cut that turd loose….

            • “THEY serve their purpose, like an old movie that you’ve seen way too many times but can’t help yourself when you have an opportunity to watch it again then 30 minutes or so in the ending comes back to you and you quickly grow bored and move on… I’ve reached that point with this idiot It bores me now, the repetitive bullshit it constantly spews out has become tiring so yes I agree it’s time to cut that turd loose….”

              Not a single word of coherent response to ideas (facts, even) that run counter to a myopic focus on insults, slogans, defamation. You won’t entertain difficult conversations, there is no doubt you will be watching “the revolution” on your iPhone.

              But, whenever the moniker pops up, please avail yourself to the DELETE button. I will not be offended.

          • “Maddmax, keep in mind “Sam I Am” is a liberal troll.”

            Either your reading comprehension is severely lacking, or you have no intellectual capacity to pursue a subject through debate.

            Deflect? No one yet has answered the question about the lack of patriot response (revolt) to the slaughter at Waco.

            From Wikipedia: “The Waco siege was the siege of a compound belonging to the religious sect Branch Davidians, carried out by American federal and Texas state law enforcement, as well as the U.S. military, between February 28 and April 19, 1993.”

            Please note from the quote above: state, federal and US military (some of those guys we like to believe wouldn’t turn guns on US citizens) forces attacked a civilian compound whose occupants had broken no laws. Where was the revolution, the uprising, the people taking up arms to overthrow a tyrannical government.

            Is the question just too difficult to face?

        • Sam you are delusional. You don’t refute me, you simply keep regurgitating your confused talking points. The Bundys won, and they won big. What part of that don’t you understand. Why would the militias in turn attack LE after such a PR victory? That would be political suicide. That’s why the Oregon standoff never gained traction, while the Nevada stand off succeeded. And hell, somehow the Bundys even won in court after the Oregon fiasco.

          If you’re not a troll, I think you seem bound and determined by defeatism. The thought of being helpless, like “we’ve already lost so why fight”, is more comfortable to you then the fact that we’re still in this fight. You’d rather live in comfortable submission then risk it all for what’s right. That’s ok if you want to be like that, but don’t deride the brave men and women who fight in your stead.

          Your personal mental issues aren’t enough to justify your judgement of the entire 2A movement.

          • “The Bundys won, and they won big. ”

            Yes. The Bundys “won”. But government overreach continues with a vengence. A Bundy “win” was not the issue; not the point. The point remains that the federal government used agents (and the military) to attack private citizens, any there was no uprising. An uprising that so many here keep saying they are preparing for. That is the issue. The examples I used indicate that there will be no revolution. That is because no one can identify the catalyst. And given incidents of greater government than the founders first endured, there was essentially zero response from the patriots. No marches on Austin. No marches on D.C. No supporting rallies across all the states. Points you refuse to address.

            History show us that we are too far along the societal curve to return to the days of the founding (as in armed revolt). And that message needs repeating, because courts and voting are the only means of resistance that we have, or will see. If the attacks on Waco, the Weavers, the Bundys aren’t sufficient to rouse the populace. What will? I submit that nothing will, and bumping our gums about “Come and Take It” just makes gun owners look silly at best, and threats to the general welfare at worst. Not to mention all the bluster is a complete waste of energy that could be used for productive activity. Instead of waiting for “the moment”, spend time trying to convert millions of gun owners, who should be our allies, into active POTG. Build the voter base, not fortifications.

            But, hey, if all you want is an echo chamber, you’ll not get it on this blog. Name calling is the last refuge of the intellectually bankrupt.

  13. “To disarm the people…[i]s the most effectual way to enslave them.”
    – George Mason

    That’s really all there is to it.

  14. What Liberal Socialist Democrats fear most is not being able to fabricate Fear. The Democrat party has for decades relied of Fear as the motivator for people to vote for them. In that way they can pretend to show They care and come up with a feel good solution. While never really doing anything positive. Without the Fear Factor they have show who they truly are by relying on their agenda of outright socialism. Which the Bernie Youth follow much like the Hitler Youth of 1930’s &1940’s followed Fascism. It is all they’ve known since beginning school. Yet there are still member of the Democrat who understand the disastrous effects of socialism and will not follow that path. Unfortunately they are slowly dying off. This may be the last opportunity We have to put socialism to death in Our Generation. Make no mistake though unless completely destroyed. As was done to Fascism. It will rear it’s evil again. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Darkman

      You used the word liberal among others referring to today’s democrat party. I hope everyone will quit referring to democrats as liberals, it no longer fits.

      Going by the traditional meaning of “liberal”, it has nothing to do with the democrat party, they are more accurately labeled as socialists, one small step removed from communism.

      “Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on liberty, consent of the governed and equality before the law. Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, but they generally support free market, free trade, limited government, individual rights, capitalism, democracy, secularism, gender equality, racial equality, internationalism, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion.” Wikipedia

      I am not fond of Wikipedia but this comes close.

      I remember the Hildabeast saying “We are all progressives now.”

      Today there is a fundamental difference between liberal and progressive when it comes to core economic issues. Traditional “liberals” in our current parlance are those who focus on using taxpayer money to help better society. “Progressives” are those who focus on using government power to make everyone play by rules that are decreed and ever changing. Written law only applies to the serfs.

      They are focused on government power, with them being in charge.

      POG stand in the way of their goals so they must be eliminated in one way or another. Right now they are doing so by passing laws because they don’t YET have the power to do what they really desire…..eliminate POG in fact.

      Be Prepared !

      • American English language is a sloppy form of communication; imprecision is preferred (think of how much information can be transmitted by use of a single word describing a sex act).

        Since at least 1960, “Liberal” describes/labels anyone who believes “big government” is the source of all wisdom, wealth, protection, fairness, refuge for the “victims”, solutions to every imaginable problem humans can claim to suffer. The “classical” definition/use of “Liberal” was abandoned long ago. Even “Conservative” has an effective definition 180deg out from its “classic” understanding.

  15. Do politicians really fear the gun vote? How many people own guns, how many people vote, how many people will vote for a gun control politician. ,,, Well sure it’s about control, that’s what the Illuminati does, Governments under its control, country’s, and when they have it all they will blow it up.,

    • Quote: “If I am made a felon, by the passing of laws, then I will have nothing left to lose…..”

      I suspect politicians have never thought about the ramification of their laws in these terms.

      Do they really want to create millions of felons who are angry about it and armed.

      Anyone with a brain would avoid that….oh, never mind.

  16. Why is it that we allow elected politicians to have armed security? Can’t they defend themselves? Why can’t they just call 911 like we have too?

    And yet we have schools that don’t have resource officers. Kids can’t protect themselves, but politicians can. Aren’t our priorities screwed up?

    Maybe we should have politicians that can. Maybe some veterans that have truly served our country and know what it takes.

  17. It was a lovely comment. Flowing, evocative, lyrical, even. Really, a formation of big ideas, and little ones, orchestrated together.

    Would that y’all could have seen it.

    tl:dr (and thanks for the help with that…)

    They aren’t anti-gun, they’re anti-gun for you. They fear a population…

    — Able to care for itself without them.

    — Able to resist their agents and instruments gone rogue.

    — Able to assess:
    —- Hey, that, there isn’t magically hard. Is it the Gendarmes can’t, won’t or both?
    —- Hey, that, there isn’t magically hard. Better perhaps if we do that for ourselves?
    —- Hey, that, there happens soone if the response is at hand, and we’re always there.

    — Able to ask: Cui bono? And cui bono … how? and cui bono … why?

    Anti-gun politicians are terrified that you’ll realize: the anti-gunners aren’t anti-gun; they’re anti-people, and the people they’re anti is you.

  18. It’s not about 2A or Control. Denying a citizen the natural and constitutionally protected right of lawful self defense by the most cost effective tool shows they are unworthy of governance.

  19. The anti-people fear citizens’ arms most, because they are the symbol and the thing. You exist, too, with value and the means to make your own life. They can’t have that. Or people reminded of that.

    Citizens’ arms are agency people wield on their own behalf. Obvious, direct, and powerful. People are the value, the discretion, and the means. They can’t have you thinking that way; can’t have you reminded by the thing you carry.

    People with arms the overlords want to take away might ask: But what does this do to me: Less secure and having less fun? Who are you to decide: whether I’m safer, worth it, or how to serve me? What protects me, now that I cannot?

    Arms for personal defense are extraordinary symbols because they are direct, and explicit. “You may not take from me. I am not required to let myself be eaten, just because you want to… or some speechifying overlord proclaims it. Try, and it is mine to stop you, because I’m here too.”

    • No thanks, I don’t… Although we use a slightly different acronym, you’re quite obviously the biggest POS around here – at least since Vlad’s sudden disappearance!

      Hmmm, coincidence? I wonder.

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