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President Trump (whose 71st birthday is today) spoke in response to the shooting earlier this morning, which appears to have specifically targeted Republican representatives. Relevant comments from his speech follow . . .

“…the assailant has now died from his injuries. The FBI is leading the investigation…”

“Many lives would have been lost if not for the heroic actions of the two Capitol Police officers, who took down the gunman despite sustaining gunshot wounds during a very, very brutal assault.”

“Our brave Capitol Police performed a challenging job with incredible skill, and their sacrifice makes democracy possible.”

“Everyone who serves in our nation’s capitol is here because, above all, they love our country.”

“Our children deserve to grow up in a nation of safety and peace.”

“…always remember those who serve and keep us safe.”

President Trump confirmed that the shooter, James T. Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Illinois, has died. Trump did not discuss policy or a planned response to this event, if any, in his brief speech. Rather, he commended the first responders and expressed sympathy, concern, and prayers for those who were injured, and encouraged Americans to band together.

Senator Rand Paul (R), who was playing the outfield, said “I think with absolute certainty, nobody would have survived without Capitol Hill Police.”…”nobody else had a weapon, so he was just killing everyone.”…”it would have been a massacre without them [the police].”

Trump’s ¬†approximately four-minute speech can be seen in its entirety in the following video (starting at 17:37):

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  1. Shooter’s dead! Good job, security detail.

    Just another “poor victim of gun violence,” weeps the left. (/eyeroll)

    • We need Gun Control by Liberals/Socialists/Democrats. they are the ones that need to be controlled because they are brain dead.

  2. I think Rand Paul made a great point, not that the anti’s will notice it. Unless you happen to have police around during an attack like this and you are unarmed, you’re basically dead.

    • “When seconds count, the police will arrive in minutes”

      This time the police WERE THERE and the Leftist Democrat voter shooter asshole Hodgkinson still managed to wound four people.

      This is why Congress & Senate needs to pass nationwide law making CCL a SHALL ISSUE status. They also need to pass the Hearing Protection Act and other pro-gun rights laws.

    • I just learned on Fox news that the police were there only because they we Scalise’s security detail. If he wasn’t there there would have been no armed response AT ALL! Maybe thats something the Republicans should address legislatively, instead of over reacting the wrong way.

      Its insane to me that congressmen can’t carry a gun in DC or in their offices or while at work.

      • Why just “congressmen”???

        Is it a “Some animals are more equal than others” thing, or an oversight?

    • There was congressional armed security present at the shooting so I presume, it being DC and all, that every congress critter most likely had armed security. If that’s the case we can speculate there there was a pretty high concentration of guns and armed and trailed shooters present at the point of attack, but the shooter was still able to make his attack. It goes without saying what would have happened at one of our municipal ball-diamonds. And gun controllers continue to demand that we disarm ourselves.

      • It’s already been reported that the only reason those 2 armed guys were there was because they were Scalise’s security detail, because he is a Congressional leader. Normal congress-people don’t get private security.

    • Another point he made was that the 2A is for protecting against a tyrannical government. Government already outguns citizens. You want the playing field to be even more unlevel?

  3. Trump is a leader.
    Obama was not. His first comments after the Ft Hood mass shooting. Two minutes pass then he talks about the shooting.

  4. The first rule of a gunfight is to bring a gun. A possible second rule, or maybe a corrolary, would be if at all possible, make sure you’re rich, famous, and/or a powerful elected official for whose security the taxpayer readily provides armed officers. The rest of you, just tough it out.

  5. Can you imagine Hillary’s reaction to this?
    Hint: sends police to your house to seize all handguns and long guns. Well the hunting guns would be over ridden by Bill.
    Anyone with an ounce of sense knows easily the best way to piss off a Presidential Election is deep six 2nd amendment.

  6. When I heard about the Congressional Baseball game this morning, the reporter noted the 100 year tradition is a way Washington politicians build comradery with politicians on the other side of the isle. All I could think of as I heard that is what I’ve read here so many times. Stay away from places with stupid people doing stupid things.

  7. Speaking of sports and carrying, just this month I sewed pockets on to my historical fencing armor sets and got a Bond Arms and sticky holster to slip in there. I never liked being in class or sparing in the park unarmed. Takes a second or two to get the gloves off though.

  8. Dang…I promised the wife I wouldn’t buy another gun this summer-wait it’s technically SPRING?

    • I’m just trying to get through June without buying another gu..

      Oooh, shiny!

      I’m just trying to get through the rest of June without buying another.

  9. I’m sure they will find that this guy was a very left leaning individual and thought he was helping the cause. I’m sure the press will pick up on most of these nut cases vote D.

    • Please provide some examples of “Pro-Government” comments.

      Your glasses are much different than mine.

  10. I’m not sure what the rules are for Senators and Congressmen (or their aides) to be armed – but I suspect the rules are rather more permissive than for us ordinary folk, even in DC. I suspect the Congressional ball-players were unarmed (if they went armed at all) because they were in their athletic outfits to practice some baseball – carrying a gat on one’s waistband doesn’t make it easy for a player to lay out full-length to snag a screaming line drive or grounder. Based on the results of this incident and because ordinary Congressmen and Senators don’t rate police security details, I would expect to see more armed Congressmen and Senators when they go out and about, or more armed private security (maybe on the taxpayers’ dime) for them.

    I just noted a story saying Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe made an appearance in Alexandria a couple hours after the shooting incident and called for more gun control. Talk about somebody jumping right into the puddle and waving the bloody shirt! This carpetbagger has probably been thinking about his nearly four years in office without him being able to advance his “commonsense” gun control agenda. Look forward to a lot more shirt-waving by the Brady Bunch, Bloomberg and his bought-and-paid for minions, and others of similar ilk. I’ll be watching our RINO friends in Congress (in addition to the usual suspects) to see what, if anything, they try to do about this.

    • Hey Ogre, did you see where he said 93 million Americans die EVERY DAY from gun violence. I guess you and I and all the posters here don’t have very long to live.

    • Seeing as Constitutionally Congress essentially OWNS Washington D.C. it is likely that they would cut a lot of slack to a Congressman or Senator violating their unconstitutional concealed carry laws. What I would like to see is a couple of Republican Representatives open carrying in D.C.

  11. It’s a good thing that Steve Scalise was there, having protection and all.

    Perfect time to start talking about Constitutional Carry. Give Congress men & women and their bosses (constituents) the right outlined in the 2A.


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