Gadsden flag shirt - American Viking
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You won’t need to be a student of the Hávamál, nor a constitutional scholar, to appreciate the latest Anachrobellum design: but it might help. The newest in their line of Norse shirts is a Gadsden (as in the flag) berserkr. The design itself is Til Valhalla III, Don’t Tread On Me. And while the Norseman’s shield bears the World Serpent upon it instead of a rattlesnake, but the symbolism is pretty clear.

Gadsden Berserker

In addition to his (presumably ballistic) shield, the Viking is armed with a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) and a lineup of suitably anachronistic accessories. Among those:

PMAGs of course
Magpul Ranger Plates
a MOE Mid-Length Furniture Kit
a light/laser combo
a red dot sight
an RDS magnifier in one of his mag pouches
some sort of silencer

Similar accouterments mostly likely adorn his helmet and ear pro, his loadbearing gear, and assault pack. There’s also the obligatory fighting ax (bearded, not lever action).

Those juxtapositions make sense when you consider the name. The name of the designers, Anachrobellum, is an amalgam (-ish) of anachronism and the Latin word for war: BellumAnachrobellum’s designs typically focus on a mish-mash (kitbash?) of gear from historical warrior archetypes and modern special operations personnel. You can follow them on Insta, @anachrobellum. They’re online at

This particular shirt can be found online here.

Vápnum sínum…skal-a maðr velli á…feti ganga framar…

“From his weapons on the open road, no man should step one pace away…”

That’s sound advice from the old days and old ways!

Viking shield Gadsden flag

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    • Sadly there is already some actual W.S. that have tried to appropriate some viking imagery. Of course everytime one a-hole post something spicy on 4Chan groups like SPLC and ACLU claim that it’s a huge problem and a sign of W.S. See the whole ‘Pepe the Frog’ controversy.

      Anyway… yeah, that design is pretty awesome.

  1. But how will they ever see it under my tacticool kit of no action? I’ve no tats nor beard oil to meet the prerequisites of such a manly purchase. What will happen to the Spartan molon labe or is this a compliment?

    Not sold in Viginia, DC, kommiefornia, Seattle or Portland. Must be purchased before date in kolorado.

  2. But all those Nordic countries are evil socialists with EVIL universal health care and HORRIBLE social safety nets where they don’t let their citizens starve. We can’t support their horrific culture (and we’re culturally appropriating their heritage anyways – where’s the outrage at that?).

    Oh, and they can have suppressors and short barrels and have no magazine capacity limits either. Heathens! Communists!

  3. Viking, Norsemen….Settled Normandy, The Templars Were From Norman Knights. Viking descendants. Nothing pisses off snowflakes like a Templar Image. Was wearing a shirt with a Templar and their motto, “Do your duty, come what may.” and I got mean looks, and a lot of opinions I never asked for. The word, Crusades, was used a lot. HEHE.


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