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Earlier this month, a Mexican bus driver murdered a famous Canadian photographer. The Daily Mail gives us the 411:

– Barbara McClatchie Andrews [above] was found dead near Merida, Mexico, on Friday
– The state attorney general’s office believes the 74-year-old was killed by the bus driver taking her from the airport in Cancun to her home
– She was the sole passenger on the bus after the other travelers got off
– Her body was found, strangled and beaten, by the roadside close to her destination
Andrews was a respected artist and photographer with work published in the likes of National Geographic
– Trilingual, she traveled round the world to find subjects for her work
–  Friends and colleagues described her as a talented and vibrant person
– Andrews is survived by son Julian Andrews and brother Sam McClatchie

As reports, Ms. McClathie’s bereaved brother Sam failed to grasp the concept of self-defense.

Friends and family of McClatchie gathered Wednesday at her Mérida gallery where her brother, Samuel McClatchie, said his sister lost her life for $500. When someone attempted to rob her, he said, she fought to keep her belongings.

He lamented that she had forgotten the rules of a traveler: don’t travel alone if you’re a senior, don’t travel at night, avoid remote routes and if you’re attacked don’t fight back.

Wrong. If you’re attacked, fight back with every ounce of strength in your mind and body. Better still, carry a gun. Void where prohibited by law?

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  1. to bad, so sad…what cheese do you want with your white wine?

    A client wanted me to travel deep into Mexico to inventory a pack line. Because of this site and Mexico reporting, I declined. They sent pictures and was able in 30 seconds determine it was wasn’t worth bringing to the US.

  2. That sucks. However, there are certain places you just don’t go under certain circumstances. As a senior citizen she would likely have needed a weapon to defend herself and that would have created it’s own set of legal issues which could well have resulted in her death as well. I don’t see her doing too well in a Mexican prison.

    This is a case of wrong place, wrong time that cost this lady her life.

  3. In her socialist mind, it was only humane to equate her life to that of a criminal. They are both worth the same, so all is good.

  4. …and if you’re attacked don’t fight back.

    That’s got to be the dumbest statement I’ve ever heard. Definitely! Do nothing while they stab or beat you to death. Excellent conclusion! Sam fails to grasp that you dying is sometimes their goal.

    • But if you fight back, you’re no better than they are. Better to be pure and dead than to live forever soiled by violence.

    • I think it is supposed to say “If you’re ROBBED in a foreign country, don’t fight back.” Or “don’t resist.” At least that’s the way I have heard it.

      The only ones I am aware of that preach, and live, literally turning the other cheek in a straight up attack, are way off mainstream fundamentalist Christians and Mormons.

      • No. Mormons are not pacifists. Mormon doctrine strongly supports self-defence. Utah, according to this site, has the 2nd place in most guns per capita. I’m sure doing my part.

    • Tourists are warned in Germany NOT to do anything to their attackers or they WILL be arrested & jailed & their attacker sent free–no wonder some countries are awash in violence–oh that’s right, things are SO much better there

      • Then you do what your attacker plans. Shoot the mofo dead as a post, then walk away and forget it happened. You might even want to lift his wallet, just to let the authorities know that no responsible citizens were involved.

  5. Fighting back and giving them your money are not mutually exclusive. Give them what they want AND then fight/run whatever it takes to save your own life. It’s like Johnny Cash said, “I knew that I’d have to get tough or die!”

    • Accidentally drop the money, when they bend over to get it shoot them in the back of the head. Then forget it happened. Are we even listening to ourselves? Most likely none of these things will ever happen to any of us. But, if it does, are we going to voluntarily put ourselves into the hands of the morons who cannot get anything right, desperate to have a conviction of *somebody*?

  6. Seems to me she had lots of experience travelling and came to a different conclusion in this instance than her brother. He has no idea what transpired during this attack. She obviously realized fighting back was the best or probably only course of action. It is a shame she was not prepared or even permitted to adequately defend herself. It sounds like she led an interesting life without fear. She didn’t deserve this.

    • Nobody deserves what happen to her. In our culture of democracy, murder is shunned and justice is warranted. In Mexico, murder is just business and a way of life.

  7. Fight over $500? Would I fight a criminal felon if someone offered to give me $500? Toss them your wallet and take off if you don’t have a drawn gun on them

    • Like I said her brother and now you as well have no idea what transpired and led to this murder, she may have very well offered up the $500 dollars and it made no difference.

  8. We used to vacation to Mexico every other year, we have not been back in 15 years, much less imagine living there. We should have invaded Mexico instead of Iraq, it would have done both countries a favor.

    Narcoterrorism is more evil than ideological terrorism.

  9. Since Ms. McClatchie wasn’t shot, she is the shining example for gungrabbers everywhere. Because without guns, everything will be wonderful and all people will join together in peace and harmony.

  10. Mrs. Andrews was a seasoned traveler and an empowered woman who obviously was well aware of the risks she took traveling to a 3rd World Country as an unaccompanied female senior citizen.

    Perhaps there’s a lesson or two here?

  11. So this senior upper middle class white woman thought she could travel to a 3rd world hell hole with gun toting criminals and she would be ok??

    The darwin award goes to…..

    • At 74 years old, sometimes you just don’t give a shit. She’s already done with reproduction so that disqualifies her for a Darwin.

  12. Not all muggers are also killers
    I agree with the consensus here to fight back
    They call the revolver the great equalizer as it would have made her the equal of this criminal
    In Mexico only criminals and cops have guns
    You never want the decision of your living or dying to in the hands of a criminal
    However, many people have been robbed, handed over the valuables and have survived
    So, for liberals and the disarmed it is one logical choice

  13. the mexican constitution gaurantees the use of arms for self defense, but the enacted laws effectively deny that right for most people.

    The strict gun laws don’t do a damn thing, of course, to disarm the mexican mafia. and the murder rate in mexico is 4-5 times the US national average.

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