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And these are dangerous because . . . ?

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  1. That 10/22 would have been even more impressive with subsonic rounds. You could hear the crack echoing off the trees.

  2. So, the adapter (which is merely a piece of plastic with both male and female threads, cut to fit an oil filter and barrel threading) is the suppressor!? Who could ever doubt the infinite wisdom of the ATF or the benevolence of the state it serves?

    • So if I make a round aluminum “thingy” with both male and female treads on it, that just so happened to fit my AR-15 and an oil can as well as other things it would be considered a silencer?

      • so if I carry around a pillow or soda bottles with my gun can I be prosecuted for carrying around “silencers”? bah, TY U.S. Government…

    • That’s exactly what I thought. In fact, I thought he was posting the Purolator commercial or something.

      • Let me add that I’m driving a Camry that’s past its Bar Mitvah, despite never once worrying if my oil filter had a cardboard thingy or a metal thingy.

        I suppose the first shot with the silencer attachment would work better with the cardboard?

        • Bar mitzvah? Hell, the Corolla I drive is almost old enough to by guns and booze, and I’ve never had that worry either.

  3. “And these are dangerous because . . . ?”

    …because when when a gun is fired with a suppressor on it, a child dies.

  4. How do you aim? You can get tall sights to aim over a regular silencer, but you’d have to get, like, two inch-tall sights!

  5. ATF will not see this as lightly as we do. If anyone gets caught with an oil filter at the end of a barrel they are looking at 10 years….federal

        • Not well enough to catch where they said it’s an NFA item registered with the BATFE and a tax stamp is required.

          Or to put it another way:

          Umm…no you weren’t.

          • Uh…That was like the first words out of their mouth on the video.

            Do you not understand I was referring to some idiot at home attempting to make something like this….Basically reinforcing the idea for the third time.

            I feel sorry for your poor wife.

    • While I don’t necessarily disagree with much of your statement, it sounds like you are making an incorrect assumption, namely that there is no registered item.

      On the contrary: there IS a registered item, namely the adapter to which both the firearm and the oil filter mount.

      Thus, the actual concern is that the BATFE will make some kind of administrative ruling that effectively makes the device itself illegal, or otherwise impractical. I can think of at least two ways they can do this that fit with past rulings on silencers, but both amount to ruling that changing the filter amounts to some degree of manufacturing which requires an FFL+SOT and/or another tax stamp.

      • Shhh…don’t give them any ideas. Right now it seems this is a great way to have one registered item and a ton of different “caliber adapters.”

      • Nope…I know what it is. Your scenario is the one that the ATF would like to implement.

        Bubba watching the video and deciding to do this himself is what I was pointing out.

      • They used a machinegun though, so reduced performance is to be expected. The reason it worked so well with .22lr seemed to be mostly due to volume, and firing bursts of full auto in an intermediate caliber totally overwhelmed its capacity.

        It would be interesting to see how it does for similar calibers on semi-auto only.

  6. Illegal in MA with or without the Federal tax, but awesome.

    If it saves just one child’s hearing . . . .

  7. Many AKs have dodgy threading that is off-center of the barrel, which means baffle strikes are likely. Seeing as this jobby uses an oil filter without metal baffles, this would seem to be just the thing for AK users wanting a cheap and effective suppressor without having to get their barrel re-crowned and re-threaded.

    Of course, there is the problem of heat buildup and a fire inside the can…in which case you’ll need another oil filter.

    • Heh, on the Cadiz Gun Works site they call it a “Solvent Trap” to catch the cleaning fluids coming out of the barrel when you put in a brush for cleaning from the breach.

      Good luck with that.

  8. I could be way off but I remember reading somewhere (on this site maybe) about how if you need to replace the “packing” or “baffles” or whatever it’s called inside of a suppressor and it’s not under warranty (ie, you do it yourself), that ever part you buy for the suppressor is subject to the $200 tax and regulation. If I’m recalling correctly, does this mean that with this adapter, the stockpile of oil filters you bought last time NAPA had a sale would be considered unlicensed parts?

    Edit: I did some googling and found this: (scroll down to section 24)

    (24) The terms “firearm silencer” and “firearm muffler” mean any device for silencing, muffling, or diminishing the report of a portable firearm, including any combination of parts, designed or redesigned, and intended for use in assembling or fabricating a firearm silencer or firearm muffler, and any part intended only for use in such assembly or fabrication.

    It sounds like they could indeed think that extra oil filters are suppressor parts.

    • “and any part intended only for use in such assembly or fabrication.”

      This might get you out of the every-part thing, because the oil filter has another legitimate purpose. Since you are registering the adapter, that would be the “only for use” part. There’s not a lot of call for wipes other than for suppressors.

      Now if you built a frame that used, say, condoms as the replaceable wipes…could the ATF argue that a pack of Trojans is a suppressor? It would not surprise me if they did.

      • I followed some of the discussions on the Saiga12 forums and they are in the NFA registry per the owner of the company. I think the solvent trap may have just been an attempt at humor.

  9. I kinda want one, but I can’t stomach the idea of waiting 6+ months on a tax stamp for that thing.

    • Depending on the state, $200 to register your car as a suppressor accessory with the BATFE might be cheaper than registering it with the state.

  10. So who’s gonna be the first to make Tactical Black oil filters? Preferably with skulls or that Arabic Infidel symbol. “Endorsed by SEAL Team 6” maybe, even, possibly.

  11. Excellent. So after I do an oil change on my car, I use re-use the filter as a suppressor.

    That’ll work… right??

    • It might. It could be more or less effective, depending on how intact the internals are when combined with the potential additional mass of accumulated sludge. It would also likely get your gun much dirtier, and contaminate the area you are shooting.

  12. You know,,well at least in my state I can pay a fee and can leagally use supressors and automatic weapons. I forget which FFL it is, but here the average Joe, after the proper background checks and the $250.00 fee (that is annual I believe) and then registration with the Sherriff’s department you can suppress your weapons.

    • The federal process requires a one-time payment of 200 dollars, which buys you the tax stamp that makes possession legal.

      The NFA is, according to the courts, a legal tax code, and it is based on taxing the transfer of certain items. Theis, the approved form 4 with stamp affixed is proof positive that the tax has been paid.

  13. … so, 5W-30 in the summer, 10W-40 in winter? -or do I have that backward.

    maybe .38 in the summer and .45 in the winter…. hmm, I’m confused.

    If I use synthetic, can I safely run another 100 rounds through before a filter change is required?

  14. Go with the K&N Gold filters!!! K&N warranties all their air filters for a million miles so maybe the oil filter will last at least a few hundred!!!????
    Would definitely go with new ones tho’, I don’t think the xtra lube from used ones would do much good!!!!

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