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Assault musket (courtesy Operators Operating Operationaly via Facebook)

Courtesy Operators Operating Operationally at Facebook.

[h/t DrVino]

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    • I find the title of this post compelling , King George declared the rifled barrels in the Revolutionary war
      ‘ Assault weapons ‘ .
      Coined the term , I believe .

  1. As a blackpowder guy, I must say that is a little less than traditional. But it is pretty awsome looking. 🙂 I the muzzle break adds a little more focus to the loading process.

  2. They’d be even more upset when you told them it wasn’t even legally considered a firearm in most of the country. Illinois would considered it a modern firearm though.

    • In Washington state (and some others) it would be considered a modern firearm for hunting purposes… because of the Sightmark. Throw a See All Sight on there and you’d be good to go, though, and it’d still have that whole “Operational” look to it.

  3. This was in the thread – had me in tears. Tally Ho, Lads:

    > Buy musket for home defense.
    > Finally, one night I hear a crash.
    > Dawn my powered wig and petticoat.
    > Musket at the ready.
    > My surround sound system is primed and ready to play “The Royal Hussars.”
    > Push “play.”
    > “TALLY HO, LADS!”
    > Run to my living room.
    > See two men carrying my TV.
    > Put a basketball size hole in one of them.
    > The other drops my TV and attempts to run.
    > Charge after him.
    > Jam my bayonet into his anus as he escapes out the broken window.
    > Call police.
    > Have tea ready for them.
    > “JOLLY GOOD!”

  4. Sweet looking gun. Only concern is cleaning the corrosive black powder residue out of the muzzle break, but it can be done.

    All it needs is a place to put the cartridge box.

    It looks like an SBR, which I’m pretty sure doesn’t need NFA stamps with black powder.

    I still prefer my Thompson Center Hawken though.

  5. I believe every American has the right to keep and bear any arms.

    ….But deep down I wouldn’t mind if we all had to carry six shot revolvers..

    • I really, really love my revolvers. I believe the old police standby of a .38 revolver and a shotgun covers 100% of a citizens self defense needs. I have next to no use for a semi auto anything.

      But. I also believe Glock 18’s and AK’s etc. should be sold in blister packs already loaded in vending machines every where except grade schools.

      Have nice day.

      • “I also believe Glock 18’s and AK’s etc. should be sold in blister packs already loaded in vending machines every where except grade schools.”

        I have seen the promised land!

  6. So it occurs to me “dangerous military grade rifles” could have been an argument raised as the bill of rights was being drafted. I think the response then would’ve been a healthy derisive laugh. Methinks that’s all I’ll be employing presently. :p

  7. Muzzle B R A K E
    Say it with me.. sounds the same, spelled differently.. B R A K E as in “slow down”
    You want to “slow down” the recoil force not blow your barrel apart aka BREAK it

    When you are approaching a stop sign do you want the middle pedal to BREAK the car or slow it down (BRAKE) it?

    Sorry, spelling and meaning of words does actually count so if you’re going to use BIG words like BRAKE, better know what they mean. My God, people.

    Yes I also launch a tirade against there/their/they’re, to/two/too, and especially loser/looser because I have nothing better to do. 🙂

    BTW that is a sweet looking olde tyme round ball shooter.

  8. Has anyone thought of using these as 2nd amendment court case exhibits?

    For example, if some crappy state has a law against muzzle devices and collapsible stocks, and the assault musket EXISTS, shouldn’t it be exhibit 1? It won’t make a statist love freedom, but it can destroy common usage precedents if you’re dealing with a judge that hasn’t fallen from grace completely.

    As a metaphor, say a town has a tax that must be paid on owned property or rent, and to vote in the local election one has to show residency in the locality. The only documents they accept are lease agreements and property deeds. This is a poll tax right? You can’t vote without paying a tax. Poll Tax = unconstitutional.

    So in our 2nd A. court case, you could literally ask the judge if “arms” includes muskets, and show the musket with the stock on it. With the pistol grip. It’s still a musket, and even Michael Bloomberg has to admit it is the “arms.” It seems the mental gymnastics would be harder than just saying “Ok, no more feature bans” if the judge was not already ideologically lost.

  9. Soooo…. It’s not a musket. Muskets sorta have long barrels by definition. I’m kinda doubting that it’s a smooth bore as well due to the cap-lock. Looks like a cut down T/C Hawken RIFLE that’s had a back woods coat hanger abortion done to it after being repeatedly raped by Larry the Cable Guy.

    What you have there is a bubba’d black powder, muzzle loading short barreled cap-lock rifle with a muzzle BRAKE. A muzzle BRAKE that will, BTW, only make shooting the thing a horrifying experience that you’d need a gas mask to deal with.

  10. This is so cool! Especially here in California where if I buy one within the next 23 minutes I might actually be able to own it before this too is quickly legislated away from me like so so many other perfectly legal firearms in every other state.

    I might as well kit up with some pirate gear or go the whole Revenant look to keep from looking a complete idgit.

    Almost funny that this will become the norm here once dragon lady clinton is elected. *shudders*


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