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Murph, a machinist, is the first of our Everyday Carry toters to show a Colt 1911 he packs in a Galco Combat Master, a classic pairing that will no doubt please the traditionalists around these parts. Check out the rest of his gear and a whole lot more here.

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    • The only people I ever see carry them are gang bangers or people who blow their nose in them and the shove them back I’m their pocket – both are disgust behaviors.

      • Damn straight. While I cringe when I see someone pull one out, that is slightly better than those that do the tactical nose pinch/blow and end up having to digitally assist the 6 inch hanging snot to leave their nostril.

    • I have a couple spare mags in my GoRuck GR1 that I always have around. I don’t carry any on me though. I’ve never felt it necessary to carry more than the single mag on my person.

  1. I don’t think I’ve seen one of these pocket dumps yet that has an extra mag or two, I won’t leave the house unless I have a speed loader or at least one extra mag.


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