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Baltimore burning (courtesy

Alan Korwin writes:

“We are deploying every resource possible to gain control of the situation and ensure peace moving forward,” Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said, on page one of USA Today. Two images in the Arizona edition showed heavily uniformed riot police tussling with a few individuals in the street. The national edition had a different calm image. While USA Today would, if asked, insist that they accurately quoted the mayor (I asked, they did), the mayor’s statement is false, an outright lie, which anyone watching witnessed on live TV, as hundreds of heavily uniformed riot-equipped police officers stood in lines . . .

They calmly watched rioters and looters setting fires, driving stolen cars into fires and creating general mayhem easily within reach, while they had obvious orders to stand around and do absolutely nothing.

Baltimore Murder Stats Maps
Baltimore Murder Stats Maps

No reporters from USA Today asked the mayor about her obviously false statement, or if they did, editors at the paper refused to use her response. The image in the national edition of USA Today on the same day shows a single evidence-quality photo of a black male suspect carrying what appears to be stolen contraband past a background of fire, smoke and police vehicles. No images of hundreds of armed police standing around doing nothing were run, for reasons that were unclear at press time.

Despite the mayor’s inaccurate statement of doing everything possible, she decided to enact a curfew the day after the riots, which allowed the riots to take place, 200 businesses to be destroyed, and her black brethren to load up on stolen goods, an unpopular commentary to make. Mr. Obama blamed the media, the police, hopelessness and said we need to do “soul searching.” Searching some of the “soul brothers” might turn up some of the stolen loot. No searches are planned.

Despite wall-to-wall coverage of the one black man who died, igniting the black riots, black mea culpas, white guilt and conservative and liberal talk shows, more than 70 blacks have been murdered in Baltimore this year alone, with no news coverage, no mea culpas and no talk shows, causing cynical observers to suggest black lives don’t matter. Who are these people? No one is saying publicly. The cause of death for the one black whose death ignited the riots is not known, though six people are being charged with his murder.


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      • When things got bad enough NYC stopped electing the same people for awhile. They’re back to it now but, hey, it just shows there is a limit.

    • Wrong conclusion. So few white people are living there, so few whites get murdered there. Very simple.

  1. Yep. Saw on three different live feeds that the police abandoned the riot area and redeployed to the affluent neighborhood nearby and also to the downtown waterfront area. They just stood in those locations while the riot progressed and the looting started.

    The amazing thing is that the police started the riot by using a bogus intelligence report that two rival gangs were going to kill cops. In reality, the two gangs planned to meet and agree to peace. The police shutdown all the transportation systems near the mall, leaving hundreds of secondary school kids stranded while facing a huge militarized police force calling them out. The kids had enough of being pushed around. The conditions were perfect for civil unrest. To this day, no one has called out the media on their version of the story. To this day, no one has called the media out on all the race baiting that was sent over the airwaves and on the Internet and to this day, no one cares about the blacks killing blacks or that whites kill each other more than black on black crime. We do know why and how one black life in Baltimore happened yet some racists don’t want to accept what even the Baltimore chief of police has said about the murder and false imprisonment of (say the name…he has a name…because he was human).

    • “The kids had enough of being pushed around.”

      Really? I’m pretty sure that at 15 you haven’t lived long enough to be sick of being pushed around.

      Why don’t you go make excuses somewhere else?

      • Fifteen-year-olds can definitely get tired of being pushed around. Not all, certainly, but a serious portion.

    • Continuing down the path like the criminal thug Freddie Grey leads to a defensive gun use of the day on this website. The race baiting as you labeled it, was telling the truth about guns of how America’s inner cities and the culture it breeds is what separates us from other civilized nations in gun violence. The tribal warfare that goes on in the ghetto is the same that is going on in the middle east, only without suicide bombers.

    • ” In reality, the two gangs planned to meet and agree to peace…”

      haha wow, there are actually people out there that believe the drivel they see in the media!

      Hey, how are things doing in Bmore right now with all that peace?

      Oh, damn, murders up 100%? Peace is dangerous!

  2. We could always ignore facts…can’t we? So, there seems to be certain locations and demographic where gun violence is a real problem….interesting.

  3. So , far left-wing politicians lie and left leaning media helps? I’m shocked. As many on this site have stated before, You’re on your own in times of crisis, whether for 90seconds or 72 hours.

    • This issue goes beyond left or right politics. It’s about justice and in the case of trigger happy cops it affects all of us.

  4. Sometimes I wonder if it’s time to disarm the police until such time they can prove the decision-making skills to carry a lethal weapon. I feel safer carrying my weapon under a stand your ground regime than relying on a bunch of trigger happy cops.

    • Stand your Ground laws are proven to be racist by the liberal media because of the disproportionate use upon black perpetrators(victims) by black citizens defending themselves.

      The only reason why people can’t go into some white neighborhoods is because they don’t know the gate combination, not because they could be shot in the head and car-jacked, like in Baltimore, Chicago,D.C.

      Cops are citizens as much as anybody and deserve the right to self-defense from the criminals they work amongst. Killers behind a badge need to be punished to ensure public trust, and are starting to be treated like some of the killers they meet everyday while putting in work.

  5. Would also like to note that crime stats lately are misleading. There is a net disincentive for a police division capt to report all the crime in affluent communities as full reporting could impact promotion opportunities for the capt./major (particularly reports about violence). In minority communities, the opposite is sometimes true. All you have to do there is arrest as many people as possible. Given their socioeconomic status, it is unlikely those arrested will have the legal resources for justice and you still get to have the stats for promotion. There have been many articles on this subject, but no one of power cares what happens to the poor in today’s America. Sad.

  6. Controlled media is just that. Same with FOX/CNN. All disseminated garbage. Glad im no longer in big city.

  7. Using the same map, 109 people have been murdered in Baltimore this year. All but 24 of those were under the age of 35. We have to do something about all of these youngsters destroying our neighborhoods. Police should target anyone under the age of 35, stop them more, search them more, arrest them more and give them harsher prison sentences. Surely that will make young people respect police and their community.

    • I get the sarcasm towards racial profiling and the attempt at trying to place the blame off of the criminals on something other than themselves choosing to break the law. I bet the thug that shot a four year old sitting in a car on the southside of Chiraq over the weekend will blame the police for him pulling the trigger on an inanimate object.

      Racial Profiling will not cease to be an effective Situational Awareness tool until the demographic group you mentioned, which is 3% of the black population, and they are responsible for 33% of society wide violence upon innocents.

      Young men, more like insurgents. These savages are just like what you faced in the sand box, only not as dangerous for armed American Citizens as the ones you were up against.

      • GreatPlainsSower, thanks for getting my sarcasm, but I must have failed in the delivery of my point. I certainly have no intention of deflecting anything from the criminals, and by picking out one characteristic of many of the criminals rioting, and ignoring the characteristics that are even more common among them, the original poster indicts a broad section of that society, instead of narrowly focusing on the people who actually commited a crime.
        Focus on the criminal. Focus on people who attempt to commit and who actually do commit commit crimes.

        • Seems that GPS would rather focus on the race of individuals than more complex concepts. And his use of racial profiling to justify his racism isn’t even thinly veiled.

    • Sir, you’re basically saying, frack the US Constitution. I’m not in agreement with that approach.

      • If your interpretation of the Constitution is that criminals can break laws at will and not get punished for that willful act, then Atlas definitely shrugged and dropped you on your head.

        The Second Amendment is for Citizens to be able to have the best tools to defend themselves from imminent threats from other occupants of America, like the thugs in Baltimore or any major city, and of course the government.

        I don’t believe in stop and frisk because that is a violation of the fourth, but that is how you secure war zones, while trying to appease the hostile population, that is self-destructive.

  8. Back in 2013 the Baltimore Chief of police testified before the Senate committee regarding the proposed 2013 gun bans that went down in flames. Wayne La Pierre was there too. Dick Durbin (if I remember correctly) opted to be a dick and asked La Pierre if he felt the 2nd amendment was for shooting cops. Wayne said that be believed that back in the day that was basically what it was about, as the people who wrote the 2nd amendment has just over thrown their government. Then he said that, he believes, that today it is more about fear of being abandoned by the government when things go bad and you need them most. Like during a big riot and 911 stops taking calls. Dick than turned to the chief of police from Baltimore and said, basically “See they are all about shooting cops. What do you think about that?” Baltimore chief said, basically, that could never happen in Baltimore because they are ready for anything. Oh the irony…

  9. “A person will support the concept of law in support of a societal agreement inasmuch as the law supports the societal agreement. When a law binds the hands of the lawful against the attacks of those who ignore the law, the law becomes ignored. A person, or societal agreement, cannot endure the possibility of attack from a foe that hides behind the compulsory legalities that prevent defense or limit preemption. An, albeit weak, example of such a threat would be a thief who perpetrates violent theft or battery in airport terminal where nearly the entire population is completely disarmed and incapable (handicapped) of an equal and overwhelming defense. Even more egregious is such an attack when it comes from a compulsorily supported collective defense, i.e. a corrupt government; a crooked police officer; a rogue military; an abusive teacher or cleric; a biased mass media, etc. It is especially so, because these groups not only require greater subjugation of personal needs [not “will”] in deference to common authority, they also, often, require considerable outlay of personal resources in their continuance (Bis interimitur qui suis armis perit) [7].” [TERMS, J.M. Thomas R., 2012 Pgs. 36-37]

  10. I think Shannon should show her commitment to reducing gun violence in inner city America by moving to B’More. After all, the Wire was just a tv show

    • She can just go to 34th street in Indy; it is close to her house. Shannon can be assured of action in that location.

    • We need a Marshall plan for the inner cities consisting of trillions of dollars. I am sure that would be as effective as it has been in the past.

    • You can’t actually believe any of that money went to the poor neighberhoods, can you? Billions of dollars and they’re still poverty stricken? If that money isn’t in offshore accounts for jessie and al and barry and hundreds or thousands of hucksters I’ll eat my hat.(figuretively speaking of course. Been a long time since my hat was washed.)

  11. Well yeah…+1 Ralph. But if I was a Baltimore po-leeceman I wouldn’t try too hard either. Damned if you do/don’t and all that goes with it. For the # of folks who live in Baltimore the crime rate is stunningly high-and I live near Chiraq and have been in EVERY neighborhood in the city. And it’s some scary shite…

  12. Based on the evidence of those homicide maps, I can only conclude that the powers-that-be in Baltimore hate black people and want them to die.

  13. If we stay on the path that is being proposed by some, we will get to the point where the police have no reason for even doing anything to proactively stop crime. We will have a world where citizens will just have to give up their property and take the beating (or killing) that is being given out that day. The idea of “stand your ground” or keep your stuff, or your life, will be left entirely up to whichever tough guy or mob that comes along. The police will have no incentive for fear of being jailed. The law abiding, hard working person will have to just behave like a rabbit in a hawk cage. Just run and hide and hope for the best. Don’t get out of the car. Or your house!

    After all, we should probably give back to the black community (and the poor) everything we have because everything we have achieved has been at their expense. (sarc)

    Nobody wants a gang of trigger happy murderous cops but if we keep going the way that is being proposed we can only have anarchy.
    Who votes for anarchy?

    • The idea of “stand your ground” or keep your stuff, or your life, will be left entirely up to whichever tough guy or mob that comes along. Such as some alphabet soup government agency.

  14. It’s not about lying…I’ll say what everyone will not. Poor people are stupid. The reason they are poor is because they cannot think or act in a way to get out of their circumstance. Smart people (city leadership and city services) have conversations with poor people but neither groups can or will focus on actionable results that does not violate citizens rights.

    Baltimore shows its government is willing to chuck its citizens (poor people), businesses (serving the poor) and the police (keeping poor contained) under the bus. Meaning poor people need to be managed up to the point of insurrection and then call the national guard to cover poor decision in managing a crisis, however I will argue given the circumstance, arresting the officers did effectively end the lawlessness.

    Poor stuipid people are an economic drain on taxpayers and will see this behavior repeat itself.

    2A is the ONLY bulwark against poor people rioting because the city nor police are there to help smart or average intelligent citizens.

    • It is a little deeper than just stupid poor people. Actually it is more about lazy and greedy people who want and demand entitlements so they can sleep, snooze, and screw all day. This is about an underclass that is content to live off the government dole and see it as natural right to their base existence and a way of life.

      • No…it’s mostly poor stupid men. Fun Fact 1.5 million poor black men are missing from communities. Either dead or in jail. Think about that. Poor black women must settle for poor black men who have no interest in being a responsible father when the pool of black women is large. State governments make payments to non married women with children, more children more payments. So the state is now the “the daddy” providing money without any moral guidance. One can blame politics, but it really the responsibility of individuals to have a reason to succeed not just exist.

    • Ah, if only we could just euthanize everyone with an IQ below average, that would instantly solve poverty!

      Or do you prefer some old-fashioned eugenics? Slower, but less messy.

      • Everyone knows that if you’re poor you brought it upon yourself, that no external factors whatsoever could have an effect on your financial status. Layoffs, hospital bills, etc just don’t exist.

      • Why suggest killing innocent stupid poor people? Without them cities like Baltimore or Detroit would not exist. There are jobs that pay 75-100k managing poor stupid people benefits.

        Smart people who lose their jobs get another one. Poor stupid people don’t get hired. Poor stupid people find reasons not to work. Poor illegal immigrants, who don’t speak English get jobs because they go where work is and at least 50% of them show up for work.

        Smart stupid people (high school grads) think they’re worth 15 dollars an hour, they are not unless they complete the electron microscope course in a community college.

  15. I think the Baltimore protesters should have room to exercise their rights and have freedom of action to display their message. Baltimore is a good place for the protestors to display their emotions and feelings. These people can do the right thing. Such wonderful people.

    • If the Baltimore Police try and do work (catch criminals) they’re oppressing and harassing the underclass. If they don’t they’re “on a work slowdown.” Can’t win…


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