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Chihuahua, Mexico (courtesy

Republished with permission from Borderland Beat:

Buenaventura, Chihuahua— A large presence of “authorities” was reported on by residents of the municipality of Buenaventura, with the control that an armed group carries out in the area, stealing livestock, crops, agricultural machinery, and hydrocarbons to support their drug smuggling activities . . .

Furthermore, residents of Flores Magón, Namiquipa and Ahumada, say they are threatened, as a criminal cell calling itself “Los Linces” (The Lynxes) maintain an active presence and the lack of vigilance keeps the villagers vulnerable.  “Los Linces”, is presumably the same group consisting of mostly members of the Mexican Army who have deserted, who on February 10, faced against a dozen members of the only preventative state police division.

The same agents had arrested one of the leaders of “Los Lines” in Flores Magón for the bearing of a high-powered rifle and his followers were able to rescue him after a shootout.  Following this incident, the attackers were attacked by state agents and a large operation was carried out to capture them; however, due to the visit of Pope Francis to Juárez, the search was suspended because agents were moved to the border as part of the operation of the papal visit.

Residents of Buenaventura, Ahumada and Namiquipa, mostly peasants, farmers, and ranchers, say that they are virtually at the mercy of the criminals who keep them threatened with death if they try to organize themselves.  The criminal cell is composed of about 150 people, who travel in convoys of at least 50 trucks, according to the residents.

The same versions indicate that the men use paramilitary uniforms and are heavily armed with .50 caliber Barrett rifles.  This criminal group arose from a dispute that the leaders of the Juarez Cartel had.  Gonzalo García, “El Chalo” died on March 16, 2015, and his successor, Jesús Salas Aguayo, “El Chuyín”, was arrested by the army a month later, in his ranch in Villa Ahumada.

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    • It is great when people advocate violence to “solve” a problem that the US government has not been able to solve with with violence for two decades.

      Remember, the Mexican drug war is deliberately instigated and perpetuated by the US government and the DEA. War is the health of the state, and the leviathan thrives in crisis (whether it is natural or manufactured).

  1. A-10s would be overkill. Mexico has Pilatus turboprop light attack aircraft. A couple of them should be enough once the convoy is located.

    • A-10’s would be much more effective. It’s too many targets for a couple turbo props. That many vehicles would scatter once the attack started and would be too dispersed too quickly for the aircraft to destroy. A-10’s on the other hand, would make one pass each with guns and bombs and that would be it. I doubt the Mexican pilots experience in ground attack. USAF pilots, on the other hand…

  2. When Hilloraly Clitnon wears the Crown of Supreme Overlord, all our fears will be gone. No more arms………, or legs for the bad people,

    • Hillary has an excellent chance to become President because Trump, who is the probable Republican candidate, has alienated too many voters. If Congress can’t stop her from Australian style firearms confiscation, I expect crime to skyrocket. It will be politically dangerous for law enforcement to go after the bad guys who will no longer have to fear armed victims. The mass media will pretty much ignore it because the publicity would embarrass Hillary. I seem to remember that the prosecutor in the Bernhard Goetz case told the jury in his closing statement that getting mugged was a small price to pay for the privilege of living in a great city like New York. (The jury must not have agreed since they acquitted Goetz of all but the gun charge.) For all that Democrats carp about income inequality, they appear to want a society, like that in Latin America, ruled by a small, rich, politically connected minority while the rest of the population is poor, helpless and subservient.

      • If Hitlary wins, it will be because two generations of Americans have been stupefied beyond the point of critical thought by socialist educrats and a complicit media establishment. Trump might be a flawed standard-bearer, but exposing political correctness as the existential threat it truly represents is meritorious service to the nation.

        • I think Bernie is getting the young vote. I would blame Hillary on the baby-boomer generation Libs.

          The younger people like the Bern because he is playing the you’re entitled to “free” things because it’s a human right card.

      • “Trump, who is the probable Republican candidate, has alienated too many voters.”

        No need to blame Trump, the R’s preform that feat on their own.

  3. You kind of want to take out the whole convoy all at once rather than letting it scatter, so about a half-dozen Reapers could be deployed, target it all, fire-and-forget from fifty thousand feet.

  4. Twenty five years ago, I made a few business trips to Hermosillo and Monterrey. The country between them and the US was pretty empty. The towns mentioned are about 200 miles east of Hermosillo. It doesn’t surprise me that there isn’t much law enforcement in the area.

    I have never understood why the cartels mistreat the local people. It profits them nothing and makes unnecessary, if mostly helpless, enemies. They would be far wiser to spread a few pesos around and leave everyone in peace as long as they don’t interfere with cartel business. The locals would decide that drugs are the Yanquis’ problem and that they have no reason to fight our battles for us. Win-win for everyone south of the border.

  5. 150 guys traveling in convoys of at least 50 trucks…… Do they lack crew cabs down there?

    And Barrets 🙂 Just say boooo to them a few times a day, and they’ll be out of ammo in no time. As well as strength and stamina to carry their rifles around.

    Seriously, none of this would be much of an issue if it wasn’t for the problems regular citizens have with obtaining and using guns. The Mexican one is just another government running interference for criminals, just like they do here, and almost everywhere else.

  6. This saddens me. We use to visit family in those parts as a child I remember the freindly people nice public parks on mountains and rivers and the trust you had in your neighbor. At that time the worst crime was official coruption etc. Now you could not pay me to visit BuenaVentura (GoodVenture). Why are some liberals so blind to south of the border to see exactly what happens when you disarm a nation. Bloodthirsty Badguys and Uniforms thats it. But if You get caught with a gun 10 year minimum. The media turns away from whats happening to our neighbors with an agenda for shure.

    • Disarmed is one component of the violence in that country, as is the exploding population which went from 80mil to 140 mil in just 30 years, now taking off exponentially, with not enough jobs and money to be earned to give people a certain “modern” standard of living many now crave. Add the possibility of legitimate work and the “easy” money to be had via criminal endeavors, massive politics-for-hire with a horrible criminal justice system, and the mess south of our border is only set to get worse, and fast.

    • That was the first picture to pop into my head. What would a .50 BMG round do to a 2 pound dog? Not pretty.

  7. It is amazing to me that the instability and lawlessness in Mexico it isn’t more widely recognized as a National Security problem for the US. I have to think that our dear leader wants it that way. WTF.

    I was hoping that Cruz would be the nominee but I am switching to Trump. The dude is a complete buffoon but he may actually have the balls to secure the border.

  8. The criminals oppress the people just because they can and they are criminals
    that is what happens when you disarm the people
    The only hope for these local people is to form a “rural guard ” under the new law allowing them in rural zones
    They are then armed with M 4 carbines and are a part of the Mexican Army
    Most regularized auto defensas then proceed to seize the Baretts and armored vehicles from the cartels.
    Since the rural guards live in the area, they know who the criminals are.
    The indigenous Indian rural guards also attack the illegal loggers


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