Former BATFE Phoenix office group supervisor Peter Forcelli testified before the House oversight committee that the US Attorney’s office in Phoenix refused to prosecute what he called clear cases of straw purchasing. He specifically fingered Assistant US Attorney Emory Hurley and US Attorney Dennis Burke. Because of this inaction, Forcelli had to turn to the Arizona State Attorney General to prosecute firearms law violations. The Justice Department has blamed the general ‘gun culture’ in Arizona for making it difficult to tell a straw purchaser from anyone else in the Grand Canyon state. BATFE agent Lee Casa refuted that assertion with extreme prejudice, saying that when you see someone purchasing hundreds of guns over time, there’s very little ambiguity as to what’s going on.


  1. Our illustrious President needs to fire his clown AG, Eric Holder. Holder’s office has now armed Mexican drug cartels with advanced weapons, that led to the death of a Border Agent. Any justice lawyer that was involved in approving this ridiculous decison to let these guns “walk” should be fire for incompetency. When will the American public wakeup and demand Holder’s resignation.


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