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In his opening statement, DOJ Assistant AG Ronald Weich told the Congressional investigation into the ATF Gunwalker scandal said that they have as much information as they’re gonna get, in deference to the DOJ’s criminal investigation into Border Agent Terry’s murder. Senator Issa: “How DARE you make this opening statement? . . . What executive privilege are you claiming? . . . Was this a good idea? Who authorized this program that was so felony stupid that it got people killed?” After much back-and-forth, Weich: “I don’t know.” Can you say “spear-catcher”? No? Try “designated stonewaller.”

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  1. Tar. Feathers. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    I’m involved in high-power rocketry (like the stuff you might have played with in high-school science class, but sized for grownups). The two national organizations for this activity spent years and several hundred thousand bucks suing ATF because they had illegally classified our propellants as explosives. It required anyone involved in the hobby to get a low-explosives permit which also meant complicated storage and essentially waiving your 4th amendment rights. It damn near killed the hobby (it certainly priced me out of it for a long time).

    We eventually won after a long, hard slog. They could not scientifically justify their position and there appeared to be no length to which they wouldn’t go to prevaricate and confuse. Unverifiable test data, evidence of tests that were rigged, etc…a long series of moving goal posts.

    Nothing that is going on with this scandal is surprising.

  2. What a bunch of crap when the gun-grabber Senators get on there and ask questions about do you think we should log information on how many guns people buy, etc. Hey, Massachusetts, keep your gun-grabbing in your own state, you tards.

  3. I watched the entire hearing and was truly shocked by the response from the DOJ representative. For those of you too young to remember the Watergate hearings the tone set by the DOJ is hauntingly familiar. I trust they too will remember how that famous coverup ended for the President, his council and staff. Mister Weich may want to review what happened to Hunt, Liddy, Mitchell and Dean before he decides to “take one for the team”.

  4. Is it a good thing when a Senator uses the words ‘Felony Stupid’ to describe a government operation on the record?

    Groupthink scares the hell out of me!

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