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The new 9mm GLOCK 45 was leaked by the German gun magazine ‘Caliber’ in their online edition for October. A new GLOCK release is rumored to be announced on September 24th. Could this be the gun that is to be announced? I know there are a ton of potential buyers that would love to see a black GLOCK 19X.

The new pistol was reported by Firearm Rack earlier today along with other models that appear to have been leaked before the release date like a MOS capable Gen5 GLOCK 17.

GLOCK appears to have taken the GLOCK 19X that was released earlier this year and applied all of the Gen5 GLOCK features to it for the new GLOCK 45. For those of you that speak German, you won’t need a translation, but for folks like myself who don’t sprechen, here is what the text in the box says.

The G45 in 9×19, like the G19X, specially developed for military requests, combines the compact closure of a G19 with the full size grip of a G17. The G45 features the features of a Gen5 pistol model and the proven GLOCK Safe Action System. More information can be found at

Not only has GLOCK added forward serrations to the GLOCK 45, but they also have apparently used a Picatinny compliant accessory rail, a departure from the rest of the Gen5 lineup. The slide is finished in a nDLC finish like the rest of the Gen5 guns and it also wears the same bevel on the slide. The frame is also beveled to match the slide like the GLOCK 19X unlike the rest of the Gen5 lineup.

GLOCK even added the Gen5 flared magwell to the pistol, removing the toe present on the 19X. Magazine capacity is presumed to be 17 since the grip should be GLOCK 17 length.

Strangely, GLOCK introduced this one as a non-MOS model at introduction. Of course, there is a possibility that we will see a MOS version at some point, this might have been a decision made for the European market.



There is no indication when the GLOCK 45 will reach dealers or if it’s the pistol that GLOCK intends on releasing tomorrow.

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  1. I’m guessing it’s a rotating barrel version of the 19X like the 46 is a rotating barrel version of the 19.

  2. “9mm GLOCK 45”

    That’s not confusing at all.

    “combines the compact closure of a G19 with the full size grip of a G17”

    Why? Shouldn’t this be the other way around?

    • You are correct. It should be the other way around. Put a G17 slide on a G19 frame, or a G19 slide on a G26 frame. Either way you increase concealability and increase accuracy potential.

      Kahr made the P9 Covert for a few years. People who own them love them. Same idea. Longer slide on a shorter frame. Best of both worlds. Didn’t sell.

        • They are reporting large sales numbers, and when I talk to retailers they are saying the same thing.
          It’s certainly the version I’m more interested in. But nowadays, if I’m buying a Glock, it’s strictly for a project gun.

        • Clearly, civilians aren’t buying G19X to carry concealed. Therefore, it’s bought by people who want a toy, but don’t know any better.

        • ++Clearly++ I’m planning to buy a 19x and wear it concealed in my shorts in the summer, with jeans and sweater in colder times, under a suit jacket at work or in the nude at home….. I DO WHAT I WAAAANT!

    • My new 19 Gen 5, has a belveled frame to match the slide. It is my understanding they started doing this a while ago.

      A popular mod on th 17’s is to cut down the grip to 19 size. There are even after market frames for the 17 to do this. I never understood the 19x??

      The front of slide serrations are tactical YouTube peer pressure and not needed IMHO.

      Big fan of Glock but this is the gun that know one asked for.

      • Been that way for a couple “gens” now… if it’s “Glock Perfection” why do they keep trying to make it better? Seems to me it just gets more fanboyish like an apple refresh.

      • ++cue spinning hypno circles++

        innovation = BAD!,
        same old-same old = goooood

        Gen 5 = BAAAD
        Gen 3 & 4 = goooooood

        G19 grip = gooooooooood,
        G17 grip = BAAAAAAAAAAD!

        “OBEY MY DOG!!!!”

        FFS guys…..
        too many dudes with 1st world problems here. in lieu of 1911 supporters, grizzly old school/old hand Gen 3 purists will devour their young.

      • Do you even press check to maintain the utmost situational awareness while in your tactical workspace, bro?

    • Front serrations are good for collecting dust that would otherwise wind up in the action. You can go three days longer between cleanings on guns with front serrations.

      • Ooh good point… I’m gonna cut it so there is EXTRA front serrations. Double down on the dust collection. Like a stipple for the front of the gun too. Oh man… If I could, I’d stipple the ENTIRE thing. That would be AWESOME! 13/10 would stipple again.

  3. I’m sorry, but it’s a 9mm that’s called the 45. It’s like naming a flash drive C, or naming a new brand of tire ‘The Wheel!’ I think a little bit of confusion is going to result from this.

    Also, Glock should change their motto. Maybe ‘Glock: Strive For Perfection!’ or ‘Glock: The Best Is Yet To Come’ or possibly ‘Glock: We Never Stop Improving’ or more accurately ‘Glock: Don’t like our product? Just wait a model year.’

  4. Well LA DE DA….guess I’ll just sit here with my stone knives and bear skins and my G4 19, may as well finish my cave painting while I’m at It….Poor me my Glock Is so old.
    Seriously I’ve just not seen enough Improvements to get me spend the money on a new Glock yet.

    • I held a g5 when I was deciding on a new Glock 19. I couldn’t stand the little cutout thing in the grip. It felt like I was not only holding a brick like any Glock, but a brick with a chip taken out of the bottom. I’m more than happy with my g4 mos thank you very much. The front bevel on the slide would have been nice though. I can have the slide milled, but I can’t have the grip filled in. Or at least not and look factory.

    • Still waiting for Glock to do “Something” that could impress me enough to make me upgrade my G19 gen 3 that I’ve been carrying the last 11 yrs……Oh wait Sig did with the P320 Rx1 compact (3.9″)

    • This one has a bigger grip and bigger magazine, so it will go bang more.

      I dunno. They say military units want this. I can see the advantage of a bigger grip than the 19, for big gloved hands and more ammo capacity. I just don’t know what good it would do to make a slide/barrel shorter than a G17.

  5. looks like it is missing the stupid cut out on the front of the grip, but I am no fan of the 19x! All in all, I have yet to see a Glock that is better than my old, well broken in Gen 3, but it’s your money, spend it however you see fit.

  6. And here I was, reading the headline, thinking maybe Glock was doing something interesting. Instead we get a standard color on a “special” pistol. Maybe in a couple years they will grace us with a G26 slide on a G17 frame. Only then will Glock truly achieve perfection.

    One more thought, the G17/26 could use a quad stack magazine. Its all about the big grip with a little slide, maximum control and it would look wicked tactical.

  7. If you want something like a 17 slide on a 19 frame buy a polymer 80 frame measure the frame and cut it don’t wait for glock you could die from old age first

  8. They heard everyone complaining that the concept of the 19x was the exact opposite of what they wanted. So they decide to double down on that concept but with front slide serrations and a different rail? Why Glock why?

    • Sounds like something a politician would do. “These people voted in a guy that shouted about all the things we haven’t been doing…We better do even less of the things the people voted for and we should do more of the things he railed against”. Yes because that’s a winner in bizaro land.

    • “They heard everyone complaining that the concept of the 19x was the exact opposite of what they wanted. ”

      Yup, you heard a lot of people complaining. But you saw experienced shooters, as well as the military and law enforcement agencies looking for a compact slide and a full grip. The sales numbers back this up, at least so far.
      In this striker fired world, this is a little new, but it’s been a common refrain in 1911s and other platforms for a long time.

      A full grip to control the gun, as well as capacity, and a shorter slide for comfort and speed of draw-to-fire time, usually in 9mm, is a great combination.

      • But the military rejected the 19x with its full grip and compact slide in favor of the compact and full size P320. I think it makes more sense to just have the compact grip and extended magazines with extended baseplate if you want a fuller grip and more capacity. That’s the way the military chose to go with the M17. I think the main purchasers of the 19x has been the civilian market. I’m not sure if police agencies will want a FDE colored gun. I haven’t seen any anyways.

        • The 19X wasn’t chosen by the US military, but that’s what it was made for. It didn’t even come close to what the US military actually asked for. Glock is pitching the 19X other militaries outside of the US. After all, for all of its vaunted claims, the biggest military to field the Glock to it’s regular army is, I believe, Great Britain, and less than 10 years ago at that.

          “I think it makes more sense to just have the compact grip and extended magazines with extended baseplate if you want a fuller grip and more capacity.”

          I completely agree. A 19 with an extended magazine and baseplate always made more sense.

    • quite a few ackshually. they’re quite aesthetically minimalist and clinical compared to here, but German gun ownership is within the top 3 in Europe, i believe (totally biased and anecdotal fact asserted here….).

  9. Perhaps in another 10 years they will come out with features found in todays models by other manufacturers. Sigh, but in ten years they will still be behind whats offered in 2028. Maybe by then they will be offering a grip thats not modeled after a 2X4…

  10. The other Gen 5 Glock’s also use a Pic rail slot instead of the proprietary Glock rail used on the Gen 4 and earlier pistols.

  11. Got a 26 and a 19, both about 15 years old. Both shoot when I want them to, never a glich. Why buy a new one?

      • heaven forbid one actually like innovation and improvement. i mean why ever buy any car past 1950? i mean, like, my Cadillac still starts and the tires roll. why would i need a Gen 5?!?

  12. Yawn.

    Compare their “upgrades” with the S&W m2.0 lineup, and there is no reason to buy a Glock at all. I have used them for years but recently made the switch to S&W because I see so much more forward progress on their line-up than on these bland glocks with a new fanboy ‘improvement’ every year to the same bland designs that only suit modders and people who waste money. Look at the m2.0 line and tell me the grip, slide, trigger, and everything else about them is not what you aim to achieve when modding Glocks… I dare you. And, they are cheaper. Why buy a Glock when you could get a S&W that has all that already done to it, looks better stock, and also functions the same for $100 or more less? It’s not like I am telling you to switch to a hi-tec… just look at the new m2.0’s and compare them to this constant so called upgrade Glock keeps trying to sell you since Gen 3 then tell me it’s not a waste of money. Also, the m2.0 are reinforced frames all the way around… Glocks, are not.

    • Why, Sir, would I attempt to make my Glock look and work like an S&W, when I bought a Glock because of the way it looked and worked? Why would I try to make an original design more like its patent-infringing copycat second cousin by sticking other people’s parts onto it, for no real benefit?
      OK, that was cruel. I apologize.
      I suspect that relatively few people purchase a Glock and then spend good money to get a Rhodium-plated titanium-palladium trigger, Gold-pressed Latinum pins, and a new slide and barrel and frame and. . . because you’re right: Anything spent to ‘modify’ a Glock is just wasted money, money that will not make the gun ‘more shootier,’ or more accurate at combat distances, or make the bullets fly farther and faster and with more energy. Sure, it will be ‘prettier,’ and maybe the trigger won’t feel QUITE like a Bostitch staplegun, but the bullets will come out at exactly the same rate as an unmodified one, punching the same-sized holes at the same distances and causing the same damage, all for only a few hundred dollars over the purchase price of a standard pistol.

      Frankly, those who tart up basic ‘working’ military-style combat pistols are those who probably should’ve bought something else, but Glock doesn’t mind, and aftermarket parts sellers have to eat, too.

      • I have to agree, but at the same time I enjoy working on things too. Cars, projects around the house, building furniture until I curse and the whole family leaves because of it… but when it comes to the Glock market and the modding community that it has bred, it’s to the point where you want to throw up every time someone shows you a Glock or Glock releases something ‘new and innovative’. I’ve felt the same way about Apple for years, and now NVIDIA as well… only makes sense my other hobby has to be ruined by the idiots flocking from marketing done on instagram…

  13. I have a 19x. I love it. I will be buying a g45 as soon as available. All this talk talk talk about what glock should have built is clearly “expert” advice. If only they had listened to what the experts have to say. No wonder glock is not doing well.

    • I hope they die in a pit of burning polymer from all the shavings those tacticool modders collected over the years of wasting money making a gun more shootier.


  15. anyone here who tells you that its only the 19 or nothing for EDC or concealed carry and the 19x or the G45 are as guns nothing but toys, etc….. are basically just 1 trick ponies without imagination themselves. gun carry choice is not a prescriptive science but rather a subjective practice. id rather run a VP9 or a 1911 in my shorts than a G19, because of the shitty grip size and shape.
    Alas, for now, Suck it, Trebek!

  16. In the near future, Glock will have put more Glocks in service than the 6 Miliion M1 Garands in WWII! They must be doing something right, so much so as to have so many “copy cats”.

  17. I bought a Glock 45 recently. Seems like a nice pistol to me.No big deal one way or the other. I understand the features and differences from other Glocks. I don’t regret buying it. I don’t understand all the whiners.

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